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Age 35
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 214 lbs (97 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
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  1. United Kingdom, South Kesteven

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights

Specific wrestling styles: Folkstyle, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping

Fetishes: Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, CBT, Trampling, Rip and strip

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Resently moved to the Peterborough area. Looking for new and tough challenges.
Have been grappling for a few years now and have met some great guys along the way.
Open to most styles of matches. Mainly looking for competitive submissions.

Always up for a good match, to meet new people and to learn more on the way.


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toetotoe is recommended by yadlb

for any first timer out there, would fully recommend a match with him, had fun and he really knows his shit! I was super nervous at first but he put me at ease right away and hopefully looking to meet again soon!



yadlb is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking for awhile. Managed to finally meet up and was definitely worth the wait.
Maybe a novice but that didn't stop him. Very strong and determined. Put up a tough fight and learned very quickly making each round more and more competitive.
Definitely look forward to a rematch and hang out again soon.



toetotoe is recommended by Traveller

A wonderful guy, strong, competent but also safe and sane. Arranging a meeting was super easy and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together. Definitely one of the nicest persons I have met through this site!



Traveller is recommended by toetotoe

Met a few years back while he was in the UK. Very strong for his size. Enjoyed a good submission, test of strength and lift and carry match. Very much enjoyed our bout. Also a great guy to spend time with.

Hope to meet up again in the future even if just for a drink.



toetotoe is recommended by Captain

Toetotoe is a very nice guy, I met him for a roll today. His pressure from the top is intense and he knows how to get you on your back from any position. And in toe wrestling, sole to sole, he beat me fair and square. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.



toetotoe is recommended by Alex boxingfan

Chatted for years and met together boxing quite a few times...easy to get on with and had a good time boxing for a few hours.



Alex boxingfan is recommended by toetotoe

Met many times over the years. Always had some good boxing matches some going on for hours.
Enjoyed trading blows with him
A nice guy off the mat and easy too get alone with. Look forward to catching up in the future.



toetotoe is recommended by Fightlad19

Met during my starting out wrestling days and had a good match with him along with some good conversations and wrestling tips to help out what was a a fresh out rookie at the time. I would recommend match with him.



Fightlad19 is recommended by toetotoe

Met this guy when he had just started wrestling. Even as a beginner he was a tough grapple. Strong and determined we had some good battles.
Look forward to a rematch,especially as he has more experience now. Great guy to meet and highly recommended.



toetotoe is recommended by dan9692

Met while I was on my way up North for the weekend. Very short meet, but an enjoyable one. Strong and energetic, I can't wait for round 2 when we can have a longer rougher match



dan9692 is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking for a while. Managed to meet up last minute for a short match. Dan is really nice guy and even though it was a short roll around could tell he knows how to wrestle.
Definitely up for a much longer round 2



toetotoe is recommended by Adam J

I've had two matches with Toe 2 Toe, he's a nice dude all round, very good opponent and is a very good test of strength.



Adam J is recommended by toetotoe

Last minute meet up after work. Adam was a great host. We only had time for a short match but had some intense grapples and test of strengths. Very even strength wise.

Look forward to round 2



toetotoe is recommended by mwalker3

Toetotoe is a really friendly guy and a great wrestler. He took the time to show me some holds and was a patient coach. He is a strong guy with great technique but don’t let this put you off. He is a safe and sane wrestler.
We got on really well and had a great time chatting over a pint down the pub afterwards.
I highly recommend meeting this chap if you get the chance.



mwalker3 is recommended by toetotoe

Chance meet as in the area. Really welcoming host. Great body and strong. Enjoyed some back and forth test of strengths and had a fun wrestling match. Still learning holds but definitely a tough grapple. Away from wrestling very easy guy to get on with. Enjoyed chatting over a few pints down the pub. Very much look forward to meeting again soon. Highly recommended.



toetotoe is recommended by Toughsnowflake

Toetotoe is an absolutely amazing bloke to spend time with, I had a wonderful day with him, we gloved up and boxed and did some tests of strength, he has an amazing body, strong and powerful with amazing arms, hard hitting fighter! Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to leave early so we didn’t get to wrestle, but we’ll save that for another day 😎 I definitely recommend him! If you’re looking for a good fun match!



Toughsnowflake is recommended by toetotoe

What can I say about this guy but he is an amazing guy. Had a fantastic time spending the day with him. Had a boxed and many test of strengths. Hard hitting and strong. Had some tough battles.
Sadly didn't get chance to have a wrestle due to circumstances but will definitely but sorting a rematch soon.
Really enjoyed chatting with with sexy guy. Can't recommend him enough. Very much looking forward to round 2.



toetotoe is recommended by Merseywrestle

Met Luke in 2015, I while I know but remember a strong lad with good wrestling skills was a sweaty humdinger of a match he even introduced me to toe wrestling ! Hope to meet him very soon and wrestle him guys you'll enjoy it.



Merseywrestle is recommended by toetotoe

Met this guy quite a few years ago when I first started wrestling. One of the nicest guys I have ever met. Resently got back in touch and had a rematch resently in a resent group meet. As tough and stubborn as I remember. Made me work hard to get any submission out of him.

Very easy to talk with and very intelligent. Can chat with for hours. Look forward to meeting again but definitely sooner.



toetotoe is recommended by tduck716

Had the chance to meet toetotoe a while back, and although we didn't get the full time we hoped we would, I know I still have a great time. He's very strong, incredible stamina, and knows how to handle himself both on and off the mats.

He managed to outclass me helplessly in our test of strength fights, beating me very convincingly and was willing and able to show me a few moves in submission, which I'm grateful for. Our main match was the cockfight which lasted a couple of hours and was an incredible introduction to what is definitely my favourite way to fight.

If you get the chance to meet toetotoe, either on or off the mats, I recommend taking him up on the offer.



tduck716 is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking for awhile but managed to finally meet up. Didn’t get as long as we had planned but still managed to get a couple of hours taking each other on. For a beginner he is very strong and quick. With abit more experience he will be a tough challenge for anyway. Had a few tests of strength but our main match was definitely the cock fight. Sadly we could not settle it but we were definitely well matched.

Off the mats tduck is a really nice guy. Very intelligent and easy to get on with. Hope we get to meet again soon and definitely recommend.



toetotoe is recommended by Broc

Toetotoe is a star, who was very flexible over meeting and made himself available at the last minute despite my changing schedule. It was a hotel room meet, so regret not getting to see what this powerful guy could really deliver in a subs match. However our roll left me in no doubt that his other recommendations are spot on about his skill and strength. A real caring gent who will tailor his output to his opponent's skill level. Much appreciated this guy making all the effort to meet and look forward to locking up properly soon. Though I don't rate my chances!



Broc is recommended by toetotoe

Met Broc in a last minute meet while he was in Birmingham. Heard a lot of good things about this guy and he definitely did not disappoint.
Great body and very strong. Had a role around due to space but could tell he was tough.
Off the mats he was very charming and easy to get on with. Would have been great to have gone for a drink but was greating late by the time we finished the match.
Definitely recommend this guy for a match and would love to have a rematch in the future. Thanks again for a good match.



toetotoe is recommended by rungymrun

This guy was kind enough to come over to mine for a great match. We had a subs match ending with a cockfight. He's extremely strong and more than put me through my paces!

Unfortunately, I wasn't at my best on account of doing a 14 day stretch of work but still like to think I gave it my all! He's a genuine, nice guy off the mats as well. Highly recommended!



rungymrun is recommended by toetotoe

Managed to meet up with guy while I was over in Peterborough. Met him at his for a subs match and cock fight. Very strong guy with great flexibility. Difficult to control or over power. Cock fighting he is a tough battle. Very competitive and sexy.

Off the mats he is a great guy to chat with. Intelligent, interesting and very easy to get on with. Wish we could he chatted for longer.

Can't recommend this guy enough. Look forward to meeting up again when I'm in the area.



toetotoe is recommended by Squashlad

09/09/2017: It was a really good surprise seeing toetotoe at John's Manchester Meet 21 at the Wrestling Factory as I'd been trying to get a match with the young powerhouse for ages. However when we got down to business it was rather less him slipping out of my clutches and rather more me failing to stay out of his, as I was flattened and easily controlled every time. It was a bit like the anonymous guy facing down the tank in Tiananmen Square, although thankfully more successful (I lived)—but also briefer! Given toetotoe's super-powerful physique you could probably have guessed that really, he's built like the Forth Bridge, but what you may not have guessed is that he's not only very strong, he's also very quick. So although through a combination of sweat and bloody mindedness I was somehow able to not concede a sub while he was in the mount for an age, when I did once get a reversal, and therefore relaxed for a moment, expecting him to take his time to regroup, that proved to be the only sub of our matches, as he was around me and clamping on a r.n.c. at a speed that a bantamweight would envy, and I was tapping instantly. Very safely and sanely done though. Off the mats he's a chatty, pleasant, outgoing and funny nice guy, a pleasure to talk to and to go for a post-meet meal and few drinks with, so toetotoe and his muscles are a five-star recommendation from me. I just hope I can get a rematch with him rather more quickly!



Squashlad is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking to his guy for abit. Was hoping to get down to London to meet him. Sadly life got in the way but lucky we both met at the Manchester meet.

Craig is a very defensive wrestler. Very strong and clearly knows what he is doing. Spent a long time trying to find a way through his defences and lucky managed to get a lucky choke on him.
Off the mats Craig is great guy to chat with. Very socialable and a great sense of humour.

Definitely want to meet up again soon. Hopefully have a one on one match for abit longer as well. Look forward to meeting up again soon mate.



toetotoe is recommended by Tanker

This ex rugby player( has the thighs to prove it) is one of the best kept secrets on meetfighters (If your into heavyweight sub matches put him on your wish list)!
Met this afternoon at Pippas at a session organised by Vanman & Subwrestlerfife (who we later thanked by squashing them in a tag match) !
Taller & more powerfully built than his photographs suggest, he is fit , strong & skilled with excellent stamina. We were perfectly matched I.E neither could get the upper hand (Or even a headlock) really enjoyed it.
Luke is a nice friendly guy, who looks out for his opponents is safe & sane. Hope we meet again



Tanker is recommended by toetotoe

Heard about this guy for quite awhile. Finally got to meet him.
Tanker is a powerhouse no doubt with a lot of experience and skill.
Never had a match like it. We had two separate battles and neither of us could get anything on each other. Evening matched both times. Think it was a mixture of equal strength and respect.

Off the mats he was a pleasure to chat with. Very relaxed and easy going. Had a quick tag match with him which sadly for our opponents they got taken apart.

Definitely up for meeting you again mate. Next time hopefully one of us can get a sub off each other.



toetotoe is recommended by Rue91

Great guy to wrestle and have a chat with very reliable to meet up with and grapple on the bed hopefully can have a rematch in the future



Rue91 is recommended by toetotoe

Met a couple of years back. Great wrestle. Strong and fast. Pretty well matched throughout. Really nice guy as well. Had a great laugh with him but was a tough battle when grappling.
Definitely looking forward to sorting round 2 soon!



toetotoe is recommended by busterboy

Awesome guy! Adjusted very well during the match to make it really fun. Very strong and mean scissors too! Glad to meet him during a quick trip to Stone and will definitely keep in touch! Super nice and funny guy to chat too after the match! Definitely recommend this chap!



busterboy is recommended by toetotoe

Met this amazing guy while he was up in Stone. Was a new experience playing jobber but was a lot of fun. He could easily control me and throw me around. Very strong and skilled wrestler. Did get him back after by getting to tap in my scissors. Safe and sane to meet with. Great guy to chat with before and after the match. Would have been great to have had longer but definitely up for meeting again soon. Highly recommend busterboy for a meet.



toetotoe is recommended by Wrestle in london

I totally forgot to recommend this amazing wrestler - he's a beast! We met MANY moons ago but I'm sure he's even better now, watch it! And his recommendation of me was far too nice! 😄



Wrestle in london is recommended by toetotoe

One of nicest guys I have met on this site. Met up a few years back for a match at his place. Was a lot tougher than he looks. Strong and skilled with vice like legs. We fought for about 2 hours. Off the mate really enjoyed chatting with him. A great host and a very tough wrestle. Would definitely be up for round 2 sometime soon.



toetotoe is recommended by arm triangle

Fantastic match with this guy. Strong powerful beefy lad with a great wrestling body. Respects limits and is one tough guy to take on. Really pleasant and friendly to speak to as well and travelled a long way for our match. Looking forward to another match in the future. Highly recommend.



arm triangle is recommended by toetotoe

We had been talking for nearly a year before we had the chance to meet. Was worth the wait. Strong and skilled. Had a good grapple against each other. Sadly didn't have enough time for a long match but would definitely be up for a rematch.



Just had my first meet (outdoor), really easy going lad, showed me some moves as well. Learnt a lot today and had fun.

(Update 17/02/14):

Met up again with Luke earlier today, showed me me some defensive moves this time around. He's a bigger lad than I remember especially with his crushing leg scissors. Was great to meet back up again.


Met up with Luke at my place today. Had a really good fight. He still strong and humiliating but was all taken well. Had a really good and fun time.



Really nice guy. Met him for an outdoor match. We had a good grapple. Learned quickly how avoid holds and is stronger than he looks. Would be great to meet you again.



toetotoe is recommended by wrestlerplace

Toetotoe is a nice and friendly guy. I enjoyed our match. He is very good during the match. He teached me any new holds which were very effectives since his stats are very superior to mine. Out the wrestling, he is very polite.

Anyway, I had a great meeting with him and I hope to meet more times too. Totally recommendable!



wrestlerplace is recommended by toetotoe

Met wrestleplace in manchester after chatting for months about meet. Was not disappointed. Skill and strong wrestler who knews his holds.

Off the mats he one of nicest guys i have met on here. Very friendly and good to chat with.

Hopefully can meet again for a rematch



toetotoe is recommended by bobby barnes

This guy is a great guy to meet, so powerful and strong.A great wrestler and enjoyed it so much. He is excellent at all the holds and i really enjoyed our bout. If you get the chance meet him, you will love it, great guy, great wrestler. Thankyou mate and i hope we can meet again.



toetotoe is recommended by A1Jobberlad

Great match with luke . Very powerful but always respects and plays safe . Great conversations , be great too arrange future meets .



A1Jobberlad is recommended by toetotoe

Great guy. Really enjoyed our match. Stronger than he looks and can take a lot of punishment. Easy to chat with and a really good guy to spent time with. Cant recommend him enough. Look forward to a rematch.



toetotoe is recommended by Lpoolsub

So after a struggle to arrange a good time, toetotoe came up for a visit with the intention... I think I gave him a run for his money - we both certainly broke into a sweat! His legs are extremely powerful and had me tapping a couple of times... you are warned! Great guy, friendly... would meet again!



Lpoolsub is recommended by toetotoe

Great guy. A must meet. Tough jobber to take on. Makes it difficult to get holds on him and can take a lot of punishment. Off the mats a genuinely nice person to spend time with and chat to. Look forward to a rematch. Thanks again for a good match.



toetotoe is recommended by hephaestion2014

Have met again. Would like to say that I won ... but that would be lying :-)

Seemingly he can wrestle at any level, and will wrestle at yours whether you are a relative newbie like me, or a seasoned old pro.

Won't say too many great things about him as that will be repeating what everyone else has said.

But I do agree with them. So wrestle this guy, buy him a pint. Great company as well as knowledgeable about wrestling and a whole range of other topics.



toetotoe is recommended by subberguy89

One of my 1st ever matches and he was kind enough to show me some of the ropes. Only had a couple of matches but he's extremely strong and knows how to use it! Beware his armlocks and scissors!



subberguy89 is recommended by toetotoe

For a guy who has just started wrestling he is very skilled. Strong and determined took me by surprise how good he was. Only had a couple of matches but was good fun. Nice guy to talk to off the mats. Would definitely meet again.



toetotoe is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

Had a tough match with this midlands wrestler! He is very quick for a big lad and very strong out. Altogether a really nice, normal, safe guy who would beat most people! Def recommended



GEOFFESSEX is recommended by toetotoe

Had a great match with this guy. Strong and athletic wuth some nasty holds. Very much enjoyed our match. Also a great host. Very easy to get on with and talk too.

Recommend him to anyone. Hope for a rematch sometime.



toetotoe is recommended by Forester

Luke is great fun and a good guy to Wrestle with and off mats. Taught me a couple of things too which I enjoyed making quick use of. Highly recommend.



Forester is recommended by toetotoe

Had a really enjoyable match with Aaron. A quick learner. With more experience he will be a very tough opponent. Great guy to chat with off the mats. A fun and friendly guy over all. Look forward to a rematch.



toetotoe is recommended by make me suffer

I wrestled this guy for his first time was a really good fighter. He put me through my paces. Very friendly guy who is genuine.



make me suffer is recommended by toetotoe

My first wrestle. A nice guy. Very accommodating. Had a good match. Pretty tough as well.



toetotoe is recommended by Bguy85

Had a great time with him, he's a good opponent for a fight and a nice person to hang around with. It was really worth meeting him! Another match would be welcome!



Bguy85 is recommended by toetotoe

As most people have said this guy is a alot tougher than he looks. Very Strong, skilled and determined. Cant recommend him enough. Really nice guy off the mats as well. Would definatly be up for a rematch.



lutonwrestle is recommended by toetotoe

Met lutonwrestle on the bank holiday wkend. Was definately worth the drive down. Strong, aggressive and difficult to submit. With a few more skills he will be a tough match for anyone.

Also a great guy off the mats. Nice to chat and spend time with. The perfect host. Cant reccommend enough. Look forward to a rematch soon.



toetotoe is recommended by gioroma80

He is much more skilled and tough then I thought :-) We passed a lot of time wrestling and in friendly talks. Really want to meet him again!



gioroma80 is recommended by toetotoe

Met Gioroma while in Brussels by chance but was well worth the meet. Alot stronger than he looks and very skilled. Had a good grapple with him. Equally he was great company off the mats. Enjoyed meeting him and hope we can meet again soon.



toetotoe is recommended by uk indianboi

The first guy I met off this website. He was very skilled and extremely strong. He didn't seem to mind that I had very little experience and was happy to show me holds. I had a great experince. Highly recommended. Really cool guy to chat with too. Hope to meet up again.



uk indianboi is recommended by toetotoe

Really enjoyable match. Met up in a hotel near Heathrow. Stronger than he looks, very flexible and skilled for someone who has just started wrestling. Equally a really nice guy to chat a spend time with. Hope to meet up with again some time.



toetotoe is recommended by blackwrestleruk

Have met up with Luke a couple of times. Finally had a wrestle with him and he's no pushover. Very strong and knows what to do. A nice sensible mature lad and great company. Look forward to meeting him again.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking to Ken for awhile. Managed to meet up in Barnsley. Had a really enjoyable match with him. Strong, skilled and very difficult to get a sub out of. Great to talk with as well. Hope to have a rematch soon.



toetotoe is recommended by Pitbull

Met luke for a hard fought wrestle match luke is strong skilled and i had to work hard for my subs great guy to meet and wrestle with a brill sense of humour hope to have many more battles with him.highly recommended.



Pitbull is recommended by toetotoe

Really enjoyed wrestling this guy. Pretty evenly matched strength and skill wise. Gaz is tough fight and really difficult to get subs out of. Good laugh and will defiantlytake him on again.



toetotoe is recommended by greg1969

Great wrestler strong and skilled - very sweaty horny bout. Certainly recomend him. Nice guy too and very horny!



greg1969 is recommended by toetotoe

Great guy! Very much a last minute meet but glad I got the chance to meet him. Strong and competitive. Had some long grapples and difficult to get a sub out of. Really nice guy to chat with as well. Hoping to have a rematch soon mate!!



toetotoe is recommended by groznij

This is one totally 'good guy', the only thing he lacks (if anything) is being a bit of a 'bad guy', lol. Great time, great match - Luke is not just a strong and competitive wrestler who knows very well his pros and cons and uses them to his advantage, but also a very sociable person - time flies with him both on and off mats. Definately recommended.



groznij is recommended by toetotoe

Met groznij at his place but took him on at the mat room in Barnet. Strong, skilled and very quick. Probably one the closest matches ive had but safe and sane. Equally he was a great guy to chat with and was a great host. Recommend him to anyone. Really enjoyed meeting you mate. Would defiantly be up for a rematch!!



toetotoe is recommended by AyeAye

This match was a long time coming and was definitely worth it! Unfortunately we only had a short time but hopefully we can put that right sometime soon ;) Definitely worth meeting!



AyeAye is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking for about a year. Met him In Brussels while on holiday. Really nice guy on and off the mats. Shame we didn't have longer but enjoyed what time we had. Has a nasty scissors on him. Strong, competitive and safe. Would recommend him to anyone for a meet. Thanks again mate. Definitely up a rematch soon!



toetotoe is recommended by mackemsub

Luke is a very strong wrestler who resisted my attempts to back him around the ring. He hadn't wrestled in the ring before so was taken off guard with my use of the ropes and cornerpost. He makes use of his strong legs and gradually got on top as his stamina told over mine.Stocky lad who gives a good battle and I would definitely like round 2 with him.



mackemsub is recommended by toetotoe

Met Garry at the ring in Rochdale. Strong and skilled with a nasty scissors on him. Enjoyed meeting up him and would definitely meet again. Really nice guy off the mat as well.



toetotoe is recommended by Belgianjudoka

Friendly guy. Unfortunately he already had some heavy wrestling matches before so he was already a little bit tired when we met :-). Nevertheless we had some fun trying to pin eachother. Always in for future rematches dude!



Belgianjudoka is recommended by toetotoe

Skilled wrestler especially at chokes. Very much enjoyed trading holds with him. Great guy on and off the mat. Was a pleasure to meet you the mate and thanks for teaching me a few holds and meeting up. Hopefully we can have a rematch sometime soon.



toetotoe is recommended by coedyuk

Meet luke at the weekend. Had a really good match, really strong and knows his stuff. Really great guy off the mats too. Def meet again soon



coedyuk is recommended by toetotoe

Really nice guy. Strong and quick. Had some long and competitive matches. Would definitely recommend him for a match. Enjoyed taking you on mate. Look forward to taking you on again.



toetotoe is recommended by battlefox

Was really nice guy to meet. He came all the way from the UK to meet and he was a tough guy to battle with. It takes skill, strength and tactics to beat him. One of the best guys i ever meet. Love to battle him again.



toetotoe is recommended by Leglocklover

Met Luke several times now. He is strong and skilled in the art of sub and knows how to apply a mean arm bar and a lethal choke hold. A decent chap off the mats. Meet him if you get the chance.



Leglocklover is recommended by toetotoe

Met Carl a number of times now and he is always a challenge. As his name says he is fantastic at leg locks. Competitive, tough but safe. Always great to meet up with him both to wrestle and chat. Recommend him to anyone!



Not met up for ages - but worth it.
Good guy, good match - def not so long next time mate!



Met a few times now, but not for awhile since today. Really tough match as always. Still has the edge on me but defiantly had a good wrestle. Nice guy on and off the mat and great host. Recommend him to anyone. Hopefully meet again soon mate and not in a years time lol



Glasgow is recommended by toetotoe

Last minute meet but glad we managed it. Really good wrestler. Stronger than he looks. A fantastic host and enjoyed chatting with him as much as wrestling him. Well recommended and i hope to meet up again soon.



toetotoe is recommended by WrestleForFun NL

Luke's a great guy, very laid back attitude and witty, and the perfect host. I really enjoyed the weekend near Manchester with him, I cannot recommend him enough! His wrestling was in another league than mine, but he taught me a lot of moves and counters and we had great fun anyway. He's got some nasty scissors, best stay out of those :D



WrestleForFun NL is recommended by toetotoe

Really nice guy. Met up with him for a couple of days in manchester. What he lacks in technique he makes up in strength and determination. Enjoyed chatting to him as much as wrestling. Recommend him to anyone for a meet. Look forward to see you again mate.



toetotoe is recommended by Mattyboy

Luke is considerate and adaptable to you're match needs. He is willing to experiment and try new types of combat. Well recommended.



Mattyboy is recommended by toetotoe

Fantastic guy. Enjoyed talking to him as much as wrestling with him. It was a pleasure to meet you mate and i hope we can do it again soon. Thanks