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Age 44
Height 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight 179 lbs (81 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
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Gear shirtless
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  1. USA - Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Florida, Arcadia
    (I'm here between 12/09/2022 and 12/11/2022)
    Running the Spartan Beast, plus it's my birthday weekend!
  3. USA - Connecticut, East Windsor
    (I'm here between 12/28/2022 and 12/30/2022)
    New England trip. Will be free at night.

I am willing to travel 200 miles

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling

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Fetishes: Jackoff, Boxing gear, Gut punching, Muscle worship

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Everyone - I need to level with you. This is MeetFighters. We all know that 95%+ of the members on this site are gay and are turned on by fighting or watching fighting. Because this is about sexual attraction, please understand that I am only attracted to muscled young or middle aged men. If you are not in very good shape, please do not contact me. If you are over 50 and not VERY muscled, do not contact me. If you are over 60, no matter what, do not contact me. I will not be attracted to you, I am not interested in communicating with you, and I am not flattered when you hit on me.

Look - I get it - I've worked VERY hard to improve my physique and looks in the past five years. I know I'm not a 10 - perhaps I'm around a 6 or 7. I've contacted many dudes and have been rejected. I get it - I'm not hot enough for some guys, and that's ok. That's what this site is about - finding dudes to whom you are mutually attracted. Therefore, if you are upset when I tell you that I WILL NOT get together with you if you're not in great shape, I'm sorry. We've all got our attractions. Big belly, out of shape, and older are not what I'm attracted to.
Looking for fun and hard-fought wrestling and boxing matches. Mild or wild. Evenly matched or squash. Nothing insane, but sure don't mind feeling the next day like I've been in a fight.

Into sub, pro, fantasy, boxing, and sometimes erotic. I'm fairly strong and can dish it out as well as take it. Really like give and take matches that last for hours. I travel a lot in the summer - love meeting the locals for hotel matches.

I've been hitting the gym and put on some muscle. Hoping to find a guy to go toe to toe with and test out my strength.

New pictures are the result of my first attempt at a bulk.

All forms of tobacco are a major turn off.


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travilicious is recommended by WrestlerBro

If you're into bear hugging you've arrived, look no further. You will not find a more incredible physique to hug. Lean and huge muscles, even his awesome pics don't hold a candle to how well built and ripped his body is! Let alone the person attached to that physique is pretty amazing too! Highly intelligent, and so much fun to chat with! Had an absolute blast trying to squeeze this guy, and man can he take a bearhug! Got him pretty well once or twice. He definitely could return the favor! He even gave me pointers on how to sleeper better, he is definitely better at it than me. Can't say enough good things about him! Would be honored to get to wrestle him again! This match was part of a dream come true for me! Highest recommendation ever!



WrestlerBro is recommended by travilicious

I've had 60+ opponents on this site, and I've just added a new one to my TOP TEN LIST. Jake is a phenomenal opponent. His body is the BEST ON THE SITE. Wait until you see how muscular, vascular, and thick his body is. I don't remember ever wrestling another dude with lats like his - OMG. And he loves being the heel. His bearhug is absolutely unbelievable and boy does he know how to apply it in so many configurations. He loves slowly draining his opponent's strength before totally destroying you. On top of everything - he is just an incredible guy - so intelligent, humble, kind, just a great guy.
Can't say enough good things. Book your tickets, drive, swim - whatever it takes to get down to Florida and take on this dude.



travilicious is recommended by balanceofpower

WOW. he was very good, he was not only exactly what he presented in his profile, but BETTER!
although he was taller and more fit than myself, we had a good relatively even match, he had more experience than me, but i expected that. He was very fit, good looking and very cool to talk to before/after our match.
Although i dont come to MKE often, id love to match again. If you are visiting Milwaukee make sure to Hit him up.



FLWrestle is recommended by travilicious

Just wait until you see this guy's body in person. Thick muscle everywhere. I couldn't keep my hands off his chest. He loves pro fantasy and knows how to sell it. If you like to heel in a fantasy scene, he'll be your dream come true.



travilicious is recommended by mezfight

Travilicious was a great host for our match. He's got a big frame with thick shoulders, wide lats and solid pecs that were all great to grab a hold of while we pinned each other and tested each other's strength. He hoisted me up and squatted me easily. Had an awesome and hot time grinding it out and flexing with this stud.

He's a real gentleman we shared some great convo before and after our battle. Perfect match for a newbie like myself. Can't wait to roll with him again!



mezfight is recommended by travilicious

Another amazing experience with this stud. I mean, could he be HOTTER? He's packed on some muscle and knows how to use it. One of the best bearhuggers out there - seriously, I was seeing stars. Thick everywhere, Hollywood handsome, and just the nicest guy. 10/10 every time.

What a great experience. After chatting for a couple of weeks, mezfight came to my hotel for a match. Right off the bat - THIS GUY IS HOT. He looks like a latin model and he obviously takes the gym seriously. Huge pecs, lats, arms, and shoulders. Although he is not a trained wrestler, he is very strong and feisty - watch out for his headlocks. We had an intense and hot experience together, followed by some intelligent conversation. He's an absolute 10 on this site - you should all be booking flights to the Big Easy to take on this big stud.



travilicious is recommended by Adrian

Travilicious is friendly, kind and easygoing. His body is amazing up close. I can't remember the last time I saw such a tight, fit, ripped body up close. He's like those people that win those "Fittest person" competitions. Big biceps, defined chest and rock hard abs. He is great to roll with and can take a lot of punishment. I completely recommend him and look forward to round 2.



Adrian is recommended by travilicious

If you looked up "beefy" in the dictionary, you'd see this guy's pic. Meaty pecs, arms, and lats. We had a great time experimenting with breath play. Smothered me in his pecs more than a couple times. Easygoing. Really nice guy.



sweaterswapper is recommended by travilicious

A strong dude with a hot body and some natural grappling skills. After chatting for several days, we had a shorter session than planned because of multiple flight delays, but I'm glad we still got a couple of hours together. Very hot, erotic session. A preview of our future hours long match. Great guy. High recommendation.



travilicious is recommended by Jeremy Tyler

Travilicious is a super fun and cool guy. He is hot, in shape and aggressive. I have 20 lbs on him so not a fair match but he held his own and although I controlled the match he did get me to tap out once which was hot. Highly recommend both as an opponent and awesome person to hang out with as we did talk a bit after the match. I look forward to meeting again.



Jeremy Tyler is recommended by travilicious

How can someone so muscular also be so personable? Jeremy is a super sweet guy with a very muscled body. He's strong and knows how to crank holds, but also controlled enough not to injure. Our match was both a good workout and a hell of a sensual experience. Highly recommended.



travilicious is recommended by DrStrange97

Met this guy again today, and wow great physical improvement. Really toned up! His chest flex was very impressive and sexy. He is very lean and his muscles look great when pumped up an flexing. Did some wrestling and punched him around, for a leaner guy he TOOK those blows like a champ. Super nice and smart guy too off the mats. Def throw down with him if you can.



DrStrange97 is recommended by travilicious

Apr 2021 - Second meeting - This guy has gotten bigger and more impressive. His muscles are incredible - he can really do damage in strength holds. Good boxer too - clean and accurate punches. Threw several hot uppercuts to my stomach. Also very attractive personality. Great conversation before and after the fight. Highly recommended.

Dec 2015 - One of the hottest guys on this site. He is huge. Hard muscles everywhere, handsome face, nice personality. He manhandled me good. Great guy.



travilicious is recommended by ocmuscle

After some fun trash talk we met for our match on my mats and boy did we have a great time. I enjoyed putting this tall man into various holds and making him tap, especially my bearhugs :) He has a nice lean build and looks great in his jock. Great personality, smart and friendly, I would recommend him for a fun match any time.



ocmuscle is recommended by travilicious

Wow - what a stud. OC hosted at his home in Santa Ana and it was a great time. This dude is ALL MUSCLE - very built and very strong. I'll admit it - I tapped in his bearhug, and I don't usually do that. Not only is he a good wrestler, but he's a good guy too. Great conversation afterwards and even gave me a lift back to my hotel. High recommendation.



travilicious is recommended by Palaman

This stud is a smooth muscled jock that never regretted a day in his life...... until he met my furry of submissions. My favorite part of our match was the smile and dazed look on his face after he was released from a fig-4 headlock.

The man is a good time and a great guy!!! He is just a fucking rock and he crushed me in arm wrestling



Palaman is recommended by travilicious

I had absolutely no chance against Palaman. He is extremely skilled on the mats. Very knowledgeable of many BJJ-style holds. He was very safe throughout the match to keep it fun for both of us, and was gracious to teach some of the techniques he was using. All around terrific guy, and very attractive. Excellent experience.

I beat him at arm wrestling though. Both arms...



travilicious is recommended by WrestlerJay

Had a great time wrestling with travilicious, he had plenty of strength and endurance, was willing to always get back up again after a tap and keep going. Very friendly and easy to talk to in getting set up for the match, would recommend you meet up with him and hit the mats.



WrestlerJay is recommended by travilicious

Great guy. Good set up in his house. Very strong. He was way too much for me. Totally owned me.



travilicious is recommended by fitchad

Tall, muscled, and strong af. This guys will take your punishment, shrug it off, and dish out his own. Great time with this stud. Cant wait to see him again



fitchad is recommended by travilicious

Why isn't everyone running to central Ohio to take on Chad? He's CRAZY fun! Not only is he an aggressive wrestler, but he is HOT, HOT, HOT. Did I mention he was hot? Thick muscles everywhere - just wait until you see his lats. We were very well-matched opponents and really enjoyed each other's company after. Highly recommended.



travilicious is recommended by BoxingJockDallas

Friendly tall opponent with a long reach. Safe, sane, athletic, and was able to give and take punches. Would definitely box with again.



BoxingJockDallas is recommended by travilicious

Really nice guy with good boxing skills and a thick, muscled body. Can definitely take a good punch. All around solid meet up.



travilicious is recommended by Crendal

This guy is awesome. A real genuine guy. Good rolls. Lots of bear hugs and lifts. He didn't crush me with his weight difference, but rolled with me at my level. A good struggle each bout. Would definitely tangle with him again.



Crendal is recommended by travilicious

Dec 2019 - Second meeting - This guy is such a gracious host. You should all be booking your tickets to Montana to take him on. He graciously brought his puzzle mats to my hotel and after getting schooled for a while on the mats, we ended up spending most of the rest of the day together. Intelligent conversation, nerdy (in a good way), and extremely courteous. If all of us were more like Crendal, we would all have such better experiences on this site. Highest recommendation.

What a great experience. This guy is lean, fit, and ready to hit the mats. He has BJJ training and I do not, yet he kept the match at a competitive level for both of us. His body is muscular and very lean even through he claims he doesn't lift. He was also nice enough to correct some of my holds and teach me a couple of new techniques. If you are trained in grappling or BJJ, I highly recommend a trip to Montana to take on this very attractive stud.



travilicious is recommended by Wrestler4muscle

I had a great time with Travilicious. We met up at his hotel, he was great about communicating when we were lining up the match. Great guy all around with huge arms, chest and shoulders. He is a tough wrestler and knows how to apply some crushing holds. Great guy in and out of the ring. I’m looking forward to a rematch, highly recommend wrestling him if you get a chance.



Wrestler4muscle is recommended by travilicious

What a great time I had with Wrestler4Muscle. We met at my hotel in Michigan, and after just a bit of chit chat we stripped down and wrestled on the bed. He is STRONG - stronger than I expected. Great scissors holds and powerful headlocks. He has beautiful, toned pecs, arms, and shoulders. It wasn't long before our time together got sensual. Highly recommend this hot and strong stud.



travilicious is recommended by dgwrestler

I was really happy to have travilicious travel over here for a match. He was a super fun match we wrestled for a while going back and forth with submissions and holds. Travilicious is fairly tall and strong, he was able to pick me off the ground carry me around, even do squats while holding me. That was a first time experiencing that feeling and I really liked it! Thanks for a good time man.



dgwrestler is recommended by travilicious

Dgwrestler was kind enough to host a match in his very nice condo on the north side of Chicago. He is a strong, aggressive, and skilled wrestler. I had more than 40 pounds on him, and he definitely matched me in strength. He also was able to apply very hot sleeper holds - I lost count how many times I went out. Great guy.



travilicious is recommended by nature muscle

Strong and skilled wrestler with great stamina who doesn’t want to submit; he can definitely take a lot of punishment! He’s experienced and really relishes an aggressive, hot muscle match. He has great biceps. While not quite my equal in terms of sheer muscle power, his skill and experience made it an even match.

Off the mats, a nice and smart guy to talk to. All in all, I had a great time and highly recommend Travilicious!



nature muscle is recommended by travilicious

This guy is a mound of muscle. Thick and hard arms, hot and meaty pecs, and big traps. He is aggressive and loves showing off his strength. He is very good looking - better than his pics. We had a great time.



travilicious is recommended by bones

After about 10yrs. We had our second meeting this dude has definitely gotten bigger

Had s blast & he's definitely picked up some skills as well if y'all get a chance definitely wrestle this guy



bones is recommended by travilicious

I met up with bones about 10 years ago. He's still big and strong. His squeeze holds made me see stars. Very personable and intelligent. Great guy.



travilicious is recommended by Boxmyfacein

Met travilicious for an outdoor wrestling match with body punches. The bout was great & he is very strong. Nice muscles on him too. He definitely dominated the match. I got flipped, submitted, punched; the works. His tall height made it an added challenge. Would love to have multiple bouts with him! He was courteous & respected limits well.



Boxmyfacein is recommended by travilicious

This guy is what this site is all about. He loves any style of fighting he can get. After meeting for dinner, we went to the park and started with boxing gloves and body punches. He is much stronger than you would think for his weight and can definitely throw a punch. After a few minutes, we threw the gloves off and wrestled in the grass. He never quits - I had to really crank some of my holds to get a tap out of him. He has an amazing, muscular body - wait until you see his abs. This kid is as tough as nails and will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. On top of that, he's smart, courteous (definitely "Canada nice"), and respectful of limits. High, high recommendation.



travilicious is recommended by stormwrestle

This guy is strong!!! Had a great time wresting with him! his long, muscular legs are perfect for squeezing and his really strong arms will pin you down and hold you in any position. But he also took the time to teach me and even let me try a few moves on him. Very approachable, friendly, honest and safe man. Highly recommend him if you're looking for a tough match....I know I'm going to be sore for days!



gymrat4 is recommended by travilicious

What a great guy. This guy is much more muscular than his pics suggest. Very hard biceps and lots of cuts in his back. We wrestled on and off for about an hour. This guy is tenacious, feisty, and knows how to grapple. He knows how to apply some good chokes, armlocks, and ankle locks, so beware. I really enjoyed the competition and his strength. After, he's a really nice guy - intelligent and goal-oriented. By the way, did I mention he's hot...

You won't be disappointed fighting this guy, but you'd better bring some strength and skill or he'll hand your ass to you. Highly recommended.



travilicious is recommended by Swenrique

Travilicious is one awesome dude...light as a feather for me to handle but just plain fun and strong! Have met him in Las Vegas, Chicago and Anahiem and each time has been a blast. Not many guys can pick me up and give me a good squeeze but this man could. Great buddy...always look forward to rolling with him!



Swenrique is recommended by travilicious

2/2/2019 - Still as big and strong as ever. Lick his ears. Trust me on this.

This guy is HUGE and an awesome dude to roll with. Wait until you see the size of this guys thighs and experience his scissors. Highly recommended.



miznew201 is recommended by travilicious

What an unexpected evening. For days, miznew201 has been texting me telling me that he wants to be dominated. I think I'm driving down to Indiana to kick some ass. Then he opened his door.

Woah. His pictures do not do him justice. He is a muscular boy. Wait until you see his back.

I got a few taps out of him, but he outmuscled me multiple times. I can usually get a guy in a wishbone, but his legs were way too strong. His full nelson and bodyscissors got me to tap several times.

And then of course, we also spent quite a bit of time making out...

Hot Hot Hot guy, genuine, and a great opponent.


Another good experience with miznew201. He's been bulking up in the gym, and it shows, but ultimately, he was a jobber today. Got him to tap multiple times in multiple ways. Brought the boxing gear but we never got around to it. Next time perhaps.



flexboxer is recommended by travilicious

2018: Second time meeting up with Flexboxer. Once again it was a terrific time. He's put on even more muscle and just like last time has bounds of energy. He keeps the match fun - he can control his boxing to make sure he's sparring at your level, but if he wanted to there's no question he could put you on a ground. This is a guy who is 100% about the sport, so if you love boxing as much as he does, you should absolutely consider taking him on.

2017: Flexboxer was gracious enough to host me for a match during my last trip to Houston. He is the smoothest boxer that I have ever met on these sites, and one of the nicest gentlemen. It's all about the boxing for him. Most other guys either go all out and end the fight quick, or are so careful with an untrained guy like me that they hardly ever throw a punch. I really appreciate that he was able to control his skill and power so that I could last against him, while also throwing some hard punches to remind me that we were in a fight. And he definitely threw some hard punches - just wait until you feel his left hook to the body.

His endurance is incredible - when I asked for more time in between rounds, he started doing pushups on the floor. And I haven't even mentioned his body. You should see his abs.

He probably won't believe this because I boxed so poorly against him, but it was the best sparring experience I've ever had with someone on these sites. I certainly hope to be able to spar with him again the next time I am in Houston.



travilicious is recommended by Galifter84

Travilicious is a great guy to meet and wrestle. Very friendly and easy to talk with off the mats, on the mats he’s got great stamina and takes squeeze holds really well haha, as I like to apply them. Enjoyed squeezing him and getting to know him as a person, he’s a great guy. If you want a good opponent, take him on, you won’t be disappointed.
Second meeting: Once again, I enjoyed getting to meet and squeeze on this guy and I could tell he’s been working out hard in the gym!! He’s really great fun to roll with and it was nice to also catch up in conversation afterwards as he’s very open and smart. I recommend him to all you guys out there!



Galifter84 is recommended by travilicious

Galifter84 is EVERYTHING that this site is about. Handsome, STRONG, tenacious, and most importantly, loves wrestling. His pictures don't do him justice - he is perhaps the most muscular opponent I have taken on since joining MF. Wait until you feel his baseball biceps and the peaks and valleys in his traps. He loves squeezing his opponents, which is right up my alley. Through the course of our match, I'll bet he applied at least 7-8 bearhugs and around a dozen scissors. Most of the taps he garnered from me were because of his legs - solid like tree trunks and as strong as a bull. However, off the mats he is the very definition of a Southern gentleman. Super smart, humble, and funny.

I'm telling you now - plan your next vacation to Savannah and take him on. Instantly he's become one of my all-time favorites on this site.

SECOND MEETING - Once again, GaLifter84 gave me a night to remember. He was just as strong as our last meeting (perhaps more) and had no problem squeezing me in a variety of positions. His strongest hold is still his scissors - when it's combined with a headlock it's pretty devastating. After some wrestling, we talked for a long while. He is so intelligent, courteous, and humble - a true southern gentleman. I honestly don't understand why half of you haven't booked plane tickets to Savannah to take on this muscle stud.



travilicious is recommended by CRedfield

Great guy, made meeting up very easy. Definitely knows how to work over a guy’s back in several holds with smooth transitions. Can’t wait for a rematch!



CRedfield is recommended by travilicious

What a great guy. First of all - HOT and MUSCLED. Very defined body, especially his back muscles. Second - he knows how to put up a good fight. His legs are not only very strong, but the muscle control he has is incredible. We had a great time rolling and talking - exchanging holds and chatting about various things. I highly recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance.



travilicious is recommended by Nakofi

Travilicious is tall, strong, and frighteningly analytical when it comes to using bearhugs, bodyscissors, and full nelsons to wear down his opponents. It was a fun match and I enjoyed hearing him yelp and moan in my bodyscissors while he got me a few times in some very painful bearhug squeezes. He was a very generous host and we chatted for nearly an hour after the match that led to me getting home much later than usual. Great time!!!!!

Rematch 11/23/17

Travilicious is just as amazing as I remembered. I kid, he was even better! Travilicious' body is even more muscular, lean, and solid. Our match was beyond fun and even exceeded the fantastic time we had when we met previously. He and I plan to meet again. Do not pass him up!



Nakofi is recommended by travilicious

Nakofi has one of the strongest body scissors I've ever felt. He made me yelp several times. Like me, he loves bearhug squeezes. If you want to absolutely crush a willing opponent, contact him.

Second meeting:
Nakofi and I met up for a second match a few days ago, and he's still as feisty as ever. Loves a good squeeze, and loves giving them out. He's put on some muscle, so he's stronger than our first encounter. Great guy. Not to be passed up.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by travilicious

This dude is big, strong, muscular, and knows how to wrestle. Hot.



AntwanMcClain is not recommended by travilicious

  • Unreliable / no show



travilicious is recommended by wi23combat

This guy is awesome. Great manners. Takes safety as the biggest priority.
He can take punishment and give it right back.

We started with wrestling we both were sweat covered half way through the beginning. He very knowledgeable in promission wrestling. Still he kept our safety at the highest of importance.

We rested after wrestling. Then from there got a bite to eat. Came back and put the gloves on this guy can hit with practice his boxing would be a force to reckon with.

He is tough he take it and dish it out hes not afraid to turn it up.

I you are contacted by him or see him in the chat room dont pass him up. I highly reccommend Travilicious to anyone.



wi23combat is recommended by travilicious

Frank is a real sincere guy who LOVES to fight. He is a very aggressive boxer - if he wasn't taking it easy on me he definitely could have drawn blood or put me on the ground. However, he wants to make the experience fun for both of you, so we did light sparring.

He is the definition of going either mild or wild, and if you want to go all out, he will fight 100%. He'll even do bare knuckle (which is too crazy for me...)

We also did quite a bit of grappling. With more practice, he could really develop a good ground game.

It's all about aggression and the love of the fight with Frank. That's what this site should be about.



travilicious is recommended by ribcrusher

Recommend this guy He** yea! Cannot find a nicer guy! Do not let his charm fool you, he will push you on the mats. My self I think just one of many things that stand out with him is his communication, anytime you first meet a guy it takes a bit to find out what both enjoy and many times people are shy and will not tell you. But with Travilicious was so open and talking about what he is looking for in a match, man it just made the joy of given him a nice long squeeze such a joy. Just do not let all the sounds he makes as he is getting crushed fool you, he can take it and more!. Have found so very few that can take a good squeeze and love it and also return it. If you miss a chance to get on the mats with this awesome guy, you are the fool. Very safe –sane–and a ton of fun!. Just say guy has some wicked muscled arms and chest that are great to hold on to as he makes you suffer! Anytime he wants another match my doors are open for sure!



ribcrusher is recommended by travilicious

Gentlemen - I give you the GODFATHER of MEETFIGHTERS. Mark is what this site is all about. INCREDIBLY strong and skilled, and loves everything about wrestling. It seems like he has wrestled everyone - he has quite the network of past and potential opponents.

We did three sessions over the course of two days in his mat room at his place. I had no chance at any point. Not only was I out skilled, I was just plain out muscled. His scissors is everything you think it will be and more - it was among the strongest I have ever felt. He also broke my streak of not submitting in bearhugs - I yelped and begged in his crushing grip multiple times.

On top of all of this, Mark is probably the kindest and most genuine guy on these sites. Great conversationalist, very smart, and as giving as you can imagine. It should be mandatory to wrestle him before you are a full-fledged member of this site. Yup, he's that good.



travilicious is recommended by ottawajock

Tall, fun guy. Knows a lot of holds, made me tap out over and over again. Very safety conscious and a lot of fun.



ottawajock is recommended by travilicious

Andrew is such a nice guy. He's a little ball of muscle who loves getting dominated, but he'll fight back. He was able to withstand some nice long holds, especially some strong scissors. Sweet, good looking, and energetic. If you're in Ottawa, look him up.



travilicious is recommended by Skrappy

Travilicious loves to trade holds, especially bearhugs and scissors. If that's your thing, this is your guy. Tall, strong, fun, and nice to talk to. Highly recommended!



Skrappy is recommended by travilicious

Really nice guy. Super hot. Stronger than he looks. His quads are dangerous! He loves giving and taking a good squeeze. High recommendation.



travilicious is recommended by mattz4fun

Was lucky enough to have this strong guy visit my city recently. We had a great muscle match, testing each other's strength and working each other. Nice, fun guy off the mats too.



mattz4fun is recommended by travilicious

Super nice guy. Strong, especially his legs. Versatile.



travilicious is recommended by SlimScrapper

Great guy! Strong and tough to take down. Dirty tactics will bring success and make him melt. Squeezes you hard and can really take it. Tons of fun! Off the mat very easy-going and nice.



SlimScrapper is recommended by travilicious

Tall guy. Hot. Beat him easily but kept coming back for me. Two secret weapons - his scissors (it's strong) and his tongue - hehehe...



tall and strong, tight bearhugs, dont judge his looks because when he hugs, he only stops after you goes limp in his arms. highly recommended for anyone



BIG and HOT. This guy is built like a truck and strong as a bull. His weakness is his nipples... fyi...



Jsubwrestler is recommended by travilicious

Get in the car now and drive to Lincoln, NE to take this guy on. Though I had size on him, he definitely manhandled me with his BJJ skills. His body was incredibly hot - toned chest, meaty back, muscular arms, and defined abs. Great guy and great grappler.



travilicious is recommended by muscleva

Fun match, would definitely take him on again.



We had a great match. He's a lot of fun and I'd recommend him.



Matt is a GREAT guy - smart, strong, and hot. Skilled grappler. Hope we get to meet up again someday.



muscled is recommended by travilicious

Good guy - big and strong. Biceps for days.



COACH is recommended by travilicious

Guys - book your plane tickets now, fly up to Toronto, and wrestle with COACH! Rob is a genuine guy, strong, HOT, and knows the ins and outs of wrestling. He owns his own warehouse with mats and a real ring. He is just as concerned with you having a good time as he is with himself, and just wait until those 18" biceps and strong legs wrap around your body. I was in heaven. Highly recommended.



Mike86 is recommended by travilicious

Everything everyone else says is true - Mike is big, strong, and knows what he's doing. If you like getting dominated (like me) he's what you're looking for.