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  1. Israel, קרית אתא

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


46-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Hebrew


I am a strong submission wrestler wrestling
I am looking for a partner for wrestling. One on one, submission fighting against me. Strength, endurance, creativity and a strong challenge, dynamic sport. If you want to wrestle leave a message. Also, we can start with armwrestling
For example a video



Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Brit pro wrestling, Arm wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

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Last modified: 8/08/2019



tzahik is recommended by darkknight

hosted me alot of times and everytime it's a challenge fighting him
always up for a fight
very intelgent ,kind,mature guy
has a great personalty and a great place
always gives me a good fight



darkknight is recommended by tzahik

A lovely, intelligent, mature guy, we met several times and he manages to challenge me every time. A strong, fast-learning guy with high motivation and trying lots of moves highly recommend the meeting



Blackdiamond is recommended by tzahik

Very strong guy, great personal charm we met in the wrestling battle is very challenging with great background and knowledge and great pleasure and highly recommend



tzahik is recommended by shimix

A great guy! Very nice guy.
Realy experienced and kind.
Very strong man and also profational.
Realy recommended wresler for new and experienced dudes who want to wratsle.
Non the less a great host!



shimix is recommended by tzahik

good man and in his start wrestle no experience but try his best with lot of motivation nice fun to wrestle



tzahik is recommended by Ilanc

More then anything alse, Tzahi is NICE!
As a rookie in the fighting world, I'm glad to have met Tzahi for his approch, tolarence and guidance.
Moreover, great fight - a stong and smart one.
Hope to meet you again soon, Tzahi.



Ilanc is recommended by tzahik

I am glad I met you, a pleasant and charming and so friendly man. However there is a potential for amazing creative wrestling very very powerful and quickly learns the matter is waiting for another opportunity



tzahik is recommended by Eitanr

I meet tzahik a few times. And any time i meet i learn more and more.
Tzahik is a expert wrestler that have a really good techniqe and skills.
Tzahik is a great teacher and a gentle and nice person.
Ill be happy to meet tzhaik again in the future and pleasure to meet you is all mine.
Highly recommended!



tzahik is recommended by yoni1

A very nice guy, he is the first i wrestled with.
He is very strong has a good technique and remarkable stamina
Highly recomended



tzahik is recommended by ComeOn

I have wrestled Tzachi many time and each time feels like the first. We always have a great fight, Tzachi is also a great guy. Cant wait for.our next fight



Some1 is recommended by tzahik

An amazing man, an intelligent high level, the fight was amazing and challenging, lasts a long time, a very strong man, I definitely want a continuation few other times, would recommend



tzahik is recommended by omr24

Although i wrestled with this real man many times before i'm now feel that i owe him a great recommendation that should be written long time ago.Tzahik is a real man with a real fighting spirit, the fight with him range from regular submission to aggressive submission with body shots. The fights with him have always a good vibrant dynamic into it when it's never bores you, he is improvised every time with lots of creativity during the fight and have an athletic build that carries out all of his fighting spirit. off the mat he is a really easy going and pleasant man that you can talk with openly & freely.
I like this guy a lot & recommend him dearly!



omr24 is recommended by tzahik

Talk about real wrestling properly it omri
Talk about the strong real experience focused
If you want to experience with him this battle pmri
Besides this interesting and intelligent person I've met incredible pleasure to be around



tzahik is recommended by imper

A good wrestler with strong muscles, can and knows how wrestling. At a meeting with him will enjoy both the struggle and to communicate.



imper is recommended by tzahik

I want to recommend a very strong dynamic wrestler
We spent an hour wrestling is very intense, I learned a great deal about its strengths
We've added even arm wrestling battle was really, really interesting

Hope for another round



tzahik is recommended by dag

Tzahik is a very fine and friendly person. He knows well some submission technics. He is very elastic. Although he wants his opponent to tap, he never becomes violent or aggressive to put the other person at risk. One can nearly fold him in two and he still will not tap. He also has strong arms for arm wrestling. I enjoyed very much the two times we met.



tzahik is recommended by Navyseal

met tzahi few times before, over the last years. this weekend was the last but not list .
he is always open for a fight,strong and with a good atitude, competitive but also good for sparring and armwrestle , also a great guy out of matts,very recomandad@ hope to meet him again...