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Sane heel into britpro. Currently 89kg, 6ft2

CANNOT HOST WHEN IN LONDON!! Happy to share mat room cost/ travel.

NO HOTEL MEETS - trying to explain to the police why I was dressed in wrestling gear still haunts me....

If I do message you have the decency to at least reply even if it's to say no thanks- it's only polite

And if you say you wanna meet, please make an effort and mean it!! Lol



  1. United Kingdom, Drewsteignton
    Home ish
  2. United Kingdom, London
    Often vacating here
  3. United Kingdom, Exeter
  4. Spain, Olvera
    (I'm here between 12/22/2019 and 1/08/2020)
    2nd casa
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, occ mask and gear

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ukgrappler is recommended by petecooper

Great guy. Very skilled. Always good.



petecooper is recommended by ukgrappler

Meet Pete at this place this week and had a great workout on his mats. His enthusiasm even when placed in an armlock remains. It was a really good bout with a very hospitable opponent. Recommended



ukgrappler is recommended by Squashlad

19/09/2015: Had a great Saturday morning match with ukgrappler at the Grove Park ring. He's a big, strong, experienced guy and well suited to playing the heel, so it was pretty one sided, but also great fun, and he was kind enough to compliment me on it being quite hard work to take those (many) submissions off me, and if that's as close as I get to being competitive against him---oh well, it's better than nothing! Ukgrappler's got the mean streak (and the mask) that you need to be a convincing heel, but is completely safe and sane and respectful of my desire to keep the majority of my limbs attached; he's also a chatty, funny, personable guy, so grab any opportunity that you get to wrestle him---he's very highly recommended.
02/01/2016: Rematch with ukgrappler at the Grove Park ring. I knew my place this time so he was able to show off an even wider range of heeling skills, tying me in all sorts of knots that would earn a Boy Scout a badge, as well as the usual nerve holds, claws and abundant supplies of bad acting and fake sympathy at my suffering. Fabulous guy---love wrestling him!



Squashlad is recommended by ukgrappler

Met Squashlad on 19th September. To be honest I was not entirely sure what to expect as I have suffered quite a few let downs over the past year when visiting London - but this was most certainly not one of them. I was greeted at the station by a genuinely friendly interesting handsome chap - even though he is a town planner :-) Wrestling wise he was a feisty opponent and often the only way to quell him was with a claw to the neck :-). Had a fantastic fantastic time wrestling - the time flew (so many submissions, so little time!) hehehe and I am really looking forward to hopefully wrestling him on a regular basis. In my experience it is rare to find a reliable opponent who you click with in the ring as well as out of it. Squashlad ticks both boxes. Would I recommend him? Definately as long as it means I do not have to wait too long for a rematch!!



ukgrappler is recommended by grappler2112

Brain is a keen and capable wrestler. Especially loves Pro-style with plenty of verbal and banter. Intelligent, thoughtful and good company. Defintely worth taking the time to meet up.



grappler2112 is recommended by ukgrappler

Met Grappler2112 a number of years ago now. Very good wrestler - the judo helped! and very good with pressure points as I recall :-) Thoroughly nice and decent bloke who is worth meeting if you get the opportunity



ukgrappler is recommended by beefyprowrestler

Had great wrestle with Brian today.

10 x 5 min rounds World of Sport style with the masked heel. And what a heel. Tried my very best to get the better of the heel but not a chance. The more I resisted the more punishment came my way - resistance was futile.

But was a great afternoons wrestling - Brain looks great in the gear. Real nice guy off the mats too. No problem recommending this heel.

Rematch definitely on the cards.



beefyprowrestler is recommended by ukgrappler

Met Richard today for a WoS style bout. From the start he was welcoming and friendly although clearly nervous as he offered me a slice of Christmas cake:-)

Wrestling wise he was I would describe as a competitive jobber!! He certainly did not roll over and I had to work hard to get my holds on him- when I did though he was history lol!!

I guess the true test of this recommendation malarkey is would I want a return bout- my answer absolutely. Richard was a great host, great to wrestle - despite me finding his possible Hercules heel - pardon the pun- which I applied when I was in trouble. Lovely guy. Recommended



ukgrappler is recommended by andilupi

Brian is great - a really nice guy who can take on an amazing masked heel persona in pro gear and knows how to apply headscissors, camels, wristlocks, bostons, leglocks etc. safely but with controlled pressure and intensity for a really hot match. Third(?) re-match any time!



andilupi is recommended by ukgrappler

Met Andy after a lapse of a couple of years - was too long! Had a great relaxed wrestle - my thighs were aching this morning with the action that were involved in. Andy was as always a great host - despite running out of tea LOL - and it was great to catch up after the wrestle. Andy comes highly recommended as a lovely decent, friendly bloke - who is 100% reliable



ukgrappler is recommended by hugefan

Having met Brian previously socially for a walk in the park and a drink with the bears it had seemed difficult to imagine how we could wrestle because although he was obviously a good guy his preference for being a heel kind of clashed with mine.

However, being a kind and generous soul i decided on his next visit to offer my services and try out the jobber role. I wasn't quite sure how it worked so he explained - i could try just not very hard.

Well Brian certainly knows how to put on a hold and we spent a couple of hours with him putting me in mean pro holds but in a safe and controlled way and i have to say I did kind of like it. He is a big solid guy with some nice fur so being bent around and sat on was a a good test of whether I can take much pain and the answer is not a lot but Brian was very considerate and varied his attack from arms to legs to back, oh and did i forget neck. As well as the holds he seemed to have an extra arm, both arms would have me tied up and somewhow I would feel something applying pressure in another part of my body.

We won't mention the tickle torture session which was both unbearable and fun but is not to be encouraged for future opponents. As an added bonus Brian did refer to me at one point as a pretty boy, never having been called pretty even when I was a boy this made my day and i didn't refer him to my optician, I will take any compliments going.

So if you like being at the receiving end from a true pro (which I might now, once in a while) and you like a big strong hairy chested guy (anyone not?) then do give Brian a go. Good company too.



hugefan is recommended by ukgrappler

Met Hugefan yesterday for a grapple. Since I was taller I suppose I should more accurately refer to him as Weefan, given his Scottish ancestry and his desire to shout Yes! Yes! when seeking independence from a wrestling hold :-)

He was a very hospitable host, offering me chocolate- clearly as a means to slow me down- and tea. Indeed it is highly unusual I find when in London for people to host so that was another added bonus. He also has a pussy which I constantly stroked after the bout

So to cut to the chase- having failed miserably to write anywhere as near as much as he has about me- would I recommend him? Absolutely. He was the perfect host, we had a great session and yes he is ticklish- that's me letting the cat out of the sporan!- and I would definitely meet again



ukgrappler is recommended by Lomandlad42

Met ukgrappler a while ago in Manchester . Great guy to wrestle and looks the part in pro gear. Fast strong and certainly knows his stuff . Top guy off the mats too sociable and good fun. Would defiantly meet again highly recommended and a must meet :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by ukgrappler

Met this young man just as he had left his wrestling jobber phase. He was and indeed is very skilled, fast, agile and tanned :-) I. He is a nice bloke both in the ring and outside it. Comes highly recommended