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  1. United Kingdom, Lincoln

I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


54-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 184 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks and boots


Enthusiastic pro style wrestler, always on the look out for new contacts, im willing to travel or host for good matches, im five 11 tall, 180lbs and usually wrestle in trunks and boots but have singlets shorts and all sorts of gear including wrestling tights, always open to new ideas for matches and dont mind what size my opponents are as long as there safe and sane and into give and take and not full on competition to the extent someone gets hurt.... also enjoy wrestling outdoors if you have somewhere suitable or discreet , will wrestle anyone between 16 and 99 ..look forward to hearing from you soon
Dont send me challenges from abroad unless your planning a trip to the uk, it wastes my time and yours , and its easy to be a big man challenging someone you know you will never meet !
Have taught many people over the years and ran classes in gyms, so happy to teach and encourage younger guys or anyone wanting to try the sport for the first time .
Chav wrestlers especially welcome



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a heel

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Welsh-dragon is recommended by ukpitbull

I have met and wrestled welsh dragon many times, he is a very keen wrestler and a nice guy, always have a good time with him, will highly recommend him if your into brit pro wrestling



ukpitbull is recommended by dg duffy

First off UKpitpull and I were in constant contact as I travelled from US to England. He showed up on time and looked like his picture. We had a long, drawn-out, give-and-take pro match in my hotel room with each of us punishing each other. UKpitpull knows his holds and we had a terrific time. Looking forward to battling him.



dg duffy is recommended by ukpitbull

had a great meet with a very welcoming guy, had a really enjoyable match and ring master despite being a big guy is more than happy to go at a pace to suit the opponent, would happily meet again and can highly recommend for a meeting



ukpitbull is recommended by Merseywrestle

Pitbull was one of my earliest wrestles a foray into britpro throughly enjoyable with a nice guy who is a great teacher of the style. Highly recommended.



ukpitbull is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great meet with this highly skilled wrestler. He hosted, always responsive in for example finding his house which is in the Bermuda Triangle of Google Maps! Great facilities and so easy to organise the meet with him and our 3rd wrestler, the highly talented Lightning Lowndes. We both love Britpro and had a hard match in which the Pitbull came out on top 2 falls to 1. The better man won but both men had a great wrestle. Highly recommended and look forward to our next meet as soon as possible!

19/02/18 - Another great match with the Pitbull. At the end of a long day of wrestling , he got me 2 subs to 0 in a great Britpro bout. I blame my exhaustion after the previous two matches. Also, I am going to send back my knee protectors since they didn't stop him getting a leg lock submission! Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it.



pinfallwizard is recommended by ukpitbull

A genuine very friendly guy who wrestles well , had a very enjoyable match with him and will definately be meeting him again



ukpitbull is recommended by bigt730

Had the greatest pleasure in wrestling ukpitbull, he is a truly amazing wrestler and a fantastic guy. He certainly knew his stuff and knows how to put this big guy through his paces. His knowLedge of wrestling holds was vast. A truly amazing guy, I cannot recommend him enough!



bigt730 is recommended by ukpitbull

Had an amazing match with this guy, hes a very friendly, genuine guy who loves his wrestling, and has a great personality, would definately meet again and hugely recommend him to anyone who wants a good brit pro match up



ukpitbull is recommended by dadwrestle

Another cracking morning's wrestling on this legend of the wrestling world's mats! Can't recommend him (and his "stable" of wrestlers!) highly enough. Perfect way to spend a morning!!
Great to see this experienced Brit Pro grappler settled in his new home! We met up for a good, hard session on his mats. He's as ever....perfect experience on the mats; welcoming host; tougher than he makes out!! Will be heading out to take him on again SOON!!!
Locked up again with this great guy this week! Hot pro session on his mats! He's a perfect host, sane, safe and tough.A skilled, imaginative wrestler. We are to meet again soon, I hope!



ukpitbull is recommended by Whitby wrestler

New to wrestling, ukpitbull(dean) came to visit to help with some training, was very impressed as he is a true professional & have gained some very valuable experience,i will whole-heartly love to & look forward to joining dean on the mats wrestling again for many times to come,many thanks.



Whitby wrestler is recommended by ukpitbull

Recently met up with simon, he admits he is very much a novice but he is extremely keen to learn and learns fast, hes a very welcoming host and had a great day with him and will definately be visiting again



ukpitbull is recommended by walsallgoodguy

5/11/16 at pippas manchester wrestled dean ( ukpitbull ) at charity day meet.,had singles match with this awesome wrestler a real pro which i lost and again in tag match again lost.the best wrestling day ive ever had.pitbull is a great guy safe,friendly 100% recommend.hope we can wrestle again ripper roger ( walsallgoodguy )



walsallgoodguy is recommended by ukpitbull

i wrestled roger at a charity event, he admits he is not that experienced but he gave me a very enjoyable match and did really well, as we were wrestling for the first time and in front of other people so not easy, but really enjoyed it, hes a very welcoming and friendly guy and would be only to happy to wrestle him again



ukpitbull is recommended by hammersmithuk

Met Dean several times many years ago, Before he became the fearsome pitbull.
Charming guy, nice nature, reliable. great wrestler then sure he is great still.



ukpitbull is recommended by walrus

Met at mine on the hottest day for eight years and had a good natured tussle with some illegal tactics added in as well. Friendly knowledgeable guy and pleased to have met him, hope to meet again soon



ukpitbull is recommended by Biff

Met Dean today for a proper session of britpro, my first in ages. Dean is highly skilled but used his knowledge to make it a good give & take bout trading holds and moves that helped me get a bit more confidence and want to wrestle more. He was also a courteous and friendly host. Also thanks to Tonyo for setting it up and the travel arrangements.



Biff is recommended by ukpitbull

Met biff and had a great brit pro match up, some great holds exchanged and kept at a level for brit pro that enabled us both to lock on holds and take some in a real give and take brit pro style, fantastic fun , highly recommended, be great to meet him again in the future



ukpitbull is recommended by Tonyo

Met ukpitbull for a classic Brit Pro bout today , what a genuinely great guy , met at his place and felt welcome straight away .
Had a give and take Pro bout , and had a great time .
Would highly recommend ukpitbull to any wrestlers who love Brit Pro and WoS style bouts .
Here is to the re-match
Thank you



Tonyo is recommended by ukpitbull

I met tonyo for a brit pro style match, hes a great wrestler and a really nice guy, we had an excellent give and take bout in true brit pro style , loved it and would highly recommend him for anyone who enjoys brit pro, definately want to meet him again



ukpitbull is recommended by Peteuk

I met Dean on my mats for a great afternoon and evening wrestle. This man is trained and knows his way around the mats and is happy to explain all the techniques. We had some good hard submission matches and overall honours were even. He is strong and fit with a great body and looks really good in all his gear. Off the mats his a really friendly and good conversationalist and we had some great laughs. If you get the chance get this man on the mats. Looking forward to round 2
Strongly recommended



Peteuk is recommended by ukpitbull

I drove four hours to meet up with pete and it was worth every second of the journey, a wonderful host and genuinely nice guy , we were evenly matched in size and our bouts were tough and hard but safe and sane and ended up even. Pete is a gym trained guy and very powerful but wont use his power to hurt someone, but is up for a good grapple, really enjoyed my time spent with him and will definately be meeting him again, and would recommend him to anyone
Dean, aka ukpitbull



ukpitbull is recommended by oldscrapperderby

I've known this guy for years, but we seen to only wrestle about every 10! Great guy, very skilled in pro , very enthusiastic and a good host, looks great in gear and an all round nice guy, I would recommend him without hesitation, I just hope I don't have to wait another 10 years for the next match!



asifnew is not recommended by ukpitbull

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ukpitbull is recommended by reslograppler

Met up with Dean this morning for a World of Sport give and take sub match. We have not wrestled each other for over 3 years when Dean regularly kicked my ass. We have both muscled up since then and had a great bout, with me taking it this time. Dean is a great all round wrestler and we had a lot of fun and he is a brilliant host.



reslograppler is recommended by ukpitbull

Recently met up after a three year gap in our matches, had yet another great match and thoroughly enjoyed it, great guy, good strong wrestler and reliable, just how it should be



ukpitbull is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Met Dean about a month ago and had a fun pro lesson. Dean is a real expert on pro wrestling and is a patient and entertaining teacher. I really enjoyed doing some pro for a change and look forward to the next session! Thanks, Dean.



ukpitbull is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Met this experienced, skilled pro style wrestler. Although i prefer a submission make Dean certainly made the match enjoyable. His knowledge of the sport could only deepen the respect i have for him. Will definately meet again, and recommend to anyone who is in pro style wrestling..



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by ukpitbull

Met on 29/4/14 a good enjoyable match, despite giving a way a bit in weight, he made it a great bout with some good holds being used back and forth, geunine wrestling enthusiast and definately worth a meet and ill hopefully be doing so again soon



ukpitbull is recommended by terry

I have met and wrestled Pitbull countless times. He is a great guy and great fun to wrestle. We had several one on ones with Warks Cub and Lightening Loundes earlier this week and the tag bouts were awesome. Dean really is a decent guy and I would recommend him without doubt. Dean, you are a great pro wrestler and a great mate.



terry is recommended by ukpitbull

This is a genuine great guy, good personality and meets when arranged, had a lot of fun bouts with him and would highly recommend him to anyone , ukpitbull



ukpitbull is recommended by Warkscub

Met Dean at his place for a brit-pro session which was really fun. A great wrestler who is very strong and skilled but also totally safe, sane and always willing to teach some of us less skilled a few things. A really fun and friendly guy as well and perfect host! Look forward to meeting up again sometime for round 2. Totally recommended - you'll have a great session with Dean!!



Warkscub is recommended by ukpitbull

Great guy, really into his wrestling and excellent at give and take action, very safe despite being bigger than me he used his weight and size sensibly and i felt thoroughly confident throughout, would definately recommend and meet up again



ukpitbull is recommended by little Tony

Dean is the person that first invited me onto the mats....and have enjoyed wrestling ever since. He's a fantatstic teacher, and very patient. He wrestles to your ability and has a great mat room. Dean's a great guy too. See you soon mate



ukpitbull is recommended by ianparker09

pitbull is highly recommend as good wrestler i have wrestle pitbull in the past and he very reilable person to know and a nice guy as well



ukpitbull is recommended by polo62

I have met and wrestled ukpitbull three times. He is very highly recommended and a really great,reliable and trustworthy guy and a great trainer too...a real star.



ukpitbull is recommended by RedCloudStreet

Pitbull is a really nice,genuine all round guy,a GREAT wrestler who will really put you through your paces.Ill DEFINATELY be re-matching with him very soon I hope,meet this guy and you will NOT be disappointed.



ukpitbull is recommended by mackemsub

great host on his mats, and a good lad as well as a decent wrestle,particularly pro style but also sub bouts - decent stamina on him and we wrestled for quite a while before we needed a break

looks the part too in pro trunks,boots and knee protectors

would recommend him as a good opponent, definitely safe and sane



mackemsub is recommended by ukpitbull

Nice, easy going guy, strong lad and has good knowledge of holds for the short period of time he has been wrestling, dont under estimate him or he may just put you down , would definately meet again, genuine guy who if he says he will meet shows up too