Member since 13.3 years
Age 62
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 198 lbs (90 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Gear optional
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  1. United Kingdom, Totland Bay
    (I'm here from 11/01/2020)
    Totland, Isle of Wight

I am willing to travel 500 miles

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Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches

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into sane but competitive submission wrestlng and give n take. Have pic on request


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Jack555 is recommended by ukscisors

K is a top guy and wrestler. Met a few times and can only highly recommend if you want sane but competitive action.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by ukscisors

Do not underestimate Marcus; even on arm wrestling and enjoyable submission session with subs both ways. highly recommended as great guy too.



ukscisors is recommended by leanmachine BE

I have known Simon for quite a number of years. He was my first match after a long pandemic-induced break from wrestling. As ever, he was a tough but sane wrestler on the mats; off them, he was a gracious host, a perfect gent and a stimulating conversationalist. Highly recommended.



leanmachine BE is recommended by ukscisors

First grapple since before start of first lockdown and thoroughly enjoyable. Hugh just gets stronger and harder to handle or try to each time.

Always a great meet, good wrestler, good physique, great brain



Manc Man is recommended by ukscisors

Dave is one of the UK greats on here; top grappler with top sense of humour. I have wrestled him twice in his sweat box (and we both put pigs to shame in that respect). First time he looked a little like Johnny Saint, slim build with a tattoo or 2, and I largely worked him over comfortably winning the sub count and enjoying getting his head between my thighs (back of head to crotch) after to enjoy my win. Second time many years later, he looked more like Terry Rudge and like a lot of Rudge's opponents I was almost totally mauled; he was all over me forcing sub after sub. I was worked over and dominated and at the end it was a different post-fight humiliation. Would love a deciding 3rd bout many years later now!



ukscisors is recommended by FightFan1970

I met ukscisors for a wrestle, quietly confident I would wrap him up in knots - or at least hold my own. But that was overly optimistic, the man is a wrestling supremo, strong and able to read anything I tried. It’s a while ago, so he could be even slicker now. Great entry in the memory bank.



FightFan1970 is recommended by ukscisors

Wrestled Matt a number of years ago. He was feisty but locked up and put in his place. Return would be good as genuine guy and fighter.



ukscisors is recommended by Virgowrestler

2/25/2019: Another fun match today with ukscisors. Always fun to manhandle and make submit. Always welcome on my mats. Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him if you get the chance.

9/8/2017 : Rematch - another great match with this sexy man. Great guy and fun to wrestle. Again folks, don't miss the opportunity to wrestle this guy. You will not be disappointed.

6/30/2013 : Great guy and fun to wrestle! Don't miss the chance to wrestle him!



Virgowrestler is recommended by ukscisors

the best ive fought

Rematch and the power, speed and technique of the champ is undiminished - simply the best and a great host Sep 17

Another rematch Feb 19 and whilst I feel my power and stamina diminishing with age, Shawn gets stronger and more dominant - I was well and truly owned. The best and a great host and guy.



Ajax2 is recommended by ukscisors

Skilled and hot wrestler who controlled our match (many years ago) - recommended



ukscisors is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

Simon is a tough solid wrestler - when he is on the defensive he is as stubborn as hell. When we met he was injured (thank god) but he put up a good fight. Had he not been injured the outcome of our fight might have been different. A really nice guy - very hospitable. He and I will fight another tome when he is 100% fit



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by ukscisors

Its been a long time coming and what a strong, feisty and competitive little ......
A prior match-sustained injury for me meant we couldn't go at it properly but I know what I face when we do and we will.
Enjoyed the post-match beer or two and chatting about and watching wrestling.
Reliable and Recommened - as he says, :unfinished business".....



ukscisors is recommended by Londonlatino

He's still strong & knows his moves. I was beaten decidedly but had a good time. He'll give you a good match.



Londonlatino is recommended by ukscisors

rematch after many years and Tony is still feisty and strong; an enjoyable meet and recommended



ukscisors is recommended by Luxxor

Had a very fun match with Simon. Excellent blend of competitive sport and fun roughhousing. A very tough opponent and doesn’t go down easily. He’s also strong like an ox ; watch out for his legs - you won’t see them coming and man can they squeeze. Off the mats, a very amicable and great guy. Highly recommended!



Luxxor is recommended by ukscisors

John is a great wrestle meet; superstrong core and body and game for competitive or hold-trade. Unreserved recommendation and hopefully not our last meet!



wrestle81 is recommended by ukscisors

Loved a quick wrestle with this very hot man many years ago and would love to do so again. We chat often as he is very engaging - very recommended!



ukscisors is recommended by fitman321

We had good match and know him years and had lots wrestling fun and always won which made me mad as not in losing.



fitman321 is recommended by ukscisors

always enjoyed my match-ups with franco and would like to again



ukscisors is recommended by readyforit

Ukscisor is a sturdy fighter so it was great he accepted a wrestle with a handicap giving me plenty opportunity to go for and subdue a much bigger guy. I had a great time with a great guy. I think he wasn't too unhappy either.



readyforit is recommended by ukscisors

Due to weight difference agreed a handicapped match with Yves and he took advantage - great fun! top guy



ukscisors is recommended by Friendly Heel

We met some years ago.
On time, keen and eager. Was a pleasure to help start him along the road to wrestling fun! Highly recommend



Friendly Heel is recommended by ukscisors

He was the first guy i wrestled many many years ago and i am not sure i have met a better British wrestler since. He was both encouraging and deadly with his skill and power back then and the perfect first meet. Highly recommended if serious about your wrestling.



britboxer28 is recommended by ukscisors

Top guy in all ways, loves hard boxing and the gear, good teacher too, v strong



ukscisors is recommended by 1try2pinme8

good guy, reliable and strong. met a few times many years ago. definitely recommended



1try2pinme8 is recommended by ukscisors

strong powerful guy, have had success wrestling him but on his day dominated me, recommended



MCRLON30UK is recommended by ukscisors

fought a few years ago, tough and great attitude, i may have had the better of it then but he got one nasty sub on me and suspect there would me more now, recommended



ukscisors is recommended by scotsgrappler

Good,tough heavyweight opponent - no nonsense and recommended



scotsgrappler is recommended by ukscisors

enjoyed the verbal jousting before, the match and would take on again