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Hello, beautiful men of all ages! I’m taking a bit of a break from MeetFighters right now. It’s nothing personal or about anyone, but I’m becoming a bit too busy at this moment and I’d also like to celebrate my birthday in peace. :)
If you see me online, I’m mostly checking my messages and replying to them so that no one feels that I’m ignoring them. You can feel free to message me, but it won’t be a very long conversation.
Thank you ahead of time for being patient and I’ll be a recurring member again within a couple of weeks! <3



  1. USA - North Carolina, Kannapolis
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 18-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: Speedos, jockstraps, compression shorts, or briefs

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Past Opponents

bobster Edge Lionheart Sam Zooman


videostar07 is recommended by Sam

Videostar07 is much more mature, physically and in every way, than his age. We had a great sweaty time rolling around in the Carolina summer. Enthusiastic about wrestling , easy to make arrangements with. A definite recommendation.



Sam is recommended by videostar07

In my most recent match, I had the utmost pleasure of wrestling Sam, a highly talented and highly experienced man who enjoys the competitive back and forth. The match started off rocky, but once things started going, we ended up having an amazing time! A very respectful, respectable, and talented man!



videostar07 is recommended by Luv2Wrestle

Had a great time with this fellow. He’s got some skills that he sneaks into the match just when you think you are winning or in control, so be careful! Very good back-and-forth match with him. I plan to work on some of my moves before any rematch, because he’s quick and really creative with his holds! Off the mat, he was genuine and respectful. He’s a definite recommendation here, so try him out. You won’t be disappointed!



Luv2Wrestle is recommended by videostar07

An excellent wrestler and an excellent person in general! I think he and I really hit it off in the very beginning of meeting each other and we honestly both had the times of our lives! Highly recommended to anyone who wants good competition.



videostar07 is recommended by Edge Lionheart

Had an amazing time with VS07. Great imagination, great jobber, great heel. We had so much fun, and I want to do it again. If you love wrestling, you owe it to yourself to meet up with him.



Edge Lionheart is recommended by videostar07

An entire weekend of wrestling? Can’t beat it. He’s a fantastic guy with a giant heart and a huge imagination and background of just what he wants to do when he wants to do it. I’ll see him again, I’ll make sure of it.



videostar07 is recommended by Zooman

In good shape, tall, thick muscular legs, very flexible and difficult to get him to submit. Very nice person off the mat. Would recommend him to anyone.



Zooman is recommended by videostar07

This man knows his holds, how to put you in them, and how to stretch you out! I told him that I wanted to push myself and see how far I could go before I had to tap. I’m DEFINITELY sore afterwards. He promises to give me a better match (even though he was already fantastic) so I’m looking forward to it!



videostar07 is recommended by bobster

Just had a fantastic match with this young man. He is everything his profile says he is plus being a strong young man.
This being new for him we did keep the pace a little slower but we hope to have more matches and get more aggressive with each match.
If you are coming through this area try to arrange a match with him you will not be disappointed.
Ok update May 7,2018.
Had a rematch with him today and WOW what a difference. Last time I think he took it easy on me. This time he let loose on me. We had a great match and yes his legs are powerful. My hard and ribs can back me up on that claim.
I had areal match on my hands and if you want to have a real match on your hands GIVE him and chance. He has learned some new tricks and isn't afraid to use them. He is very agile and can get out of a lot of holds that trap other wrestlers.



bobster is recommended by videostar07

For my first match ever, I went up against this wonderful (and may I say talented) man here! He was gentle, he showed me some holds, and he kept the match alive when I was too clueless to do anything. XD
I’m so excited to face him again!

UPDATE 5/7/18
After being shown how far my comfort zone can go with Bob, I decided to just let loose and see where it took me! We both became more aggressive and I loved every second of it! He always checks and makes sure you’re okay before continuing and he’s still pretty strong for a man his age (I attempted to say that without calling him old.). Nothing but applause from me to him for being able to wear me out quite a bit before I went to work!