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Hi, I enjoy mild to rough, fantasy to semi-real pro and promission style wrestling/brawling. Typically wear speedos and wrestle barefoot. Not interested in sex, just wrestling fun. One on one, tag team, 2 vs 1 - its all good and fun. Gut/pec punching too is cool as long as there is no injury. I can do heel and jobber roles as I enjoy both sides of giving/receiving wrestling punishment. Size mismatches are also a favorite - I would delight in wrestling someone much bigger than me as well as much smaller than me.

Currently in Washington, DC just returning (June 2016) from living/working in Cambodia I used to travel all over the world quite a lot.

Sykpe: project.manager25

I am an easy-going nice guy, safe and careful not to cause injury. I can put on a mean/nasty persona if that is required.

I love weakening up a guy's midsection in prelude to a bearhug.

I am also on globalfight as well as bearhugger websites.

Recently, since July 2015 (now June 2016) lost 60 lbs mostly from going to the gym every day and eating a bit less. New, slimmer, pics being loaded now.



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington, DC
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers


Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 203 lbs (92 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Thai

Gear: speedos

No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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WrestleJ is recommended by volcano

Wrestlej is highly recommended. Great guy, kind host in his hotel room. Hard body puncher and his legs are deadly if he gets them around your neck. Weak claw hold, though (lol)!

Had a great time with him and would wrestle him again in a heartbeat.



volcano is recommended by atlantawrestles

When Volcano and I wrestled a while back, he was a big guy who was a lot of fun to wrestle...He's lighter now, but I hope he will return to Atlanta.



atlantawrestles is recommended by volcano

I wrestled this guy way back in ancient history and re just reconnected after decades. I remember him to be a very nice guy and fun wrestler. I think he even had his own mats way back then.



volcano is recommended by libertine109

I had a three-way match with volcano and metuck12. Volcano is pretty strong, and he's game for a lot of punishment. I had a really fun match with him, he's a great guy off the mat too, I definitely recommend him.



libertine109 is recommended by volcano

This little guy is amazing! He is both skilled and fun and incredibly strong for his size; his choke holds (and other maneuvers) are deadly - he made me, big guy that I am, tap more than once.

His selection of wrestling footwear and great mats will tell you off the bat that he means business (and more 🤔). Libertine was an excellent and courteous host. He is engaging, intelligent, helpful and fun. It was definitely worth the trip from DC to Toronto. In short (no pun intended), Libertine has my highest recommendation.



volcano is recommended by metuck12

After lots of back and forth messages we were finally in the same city and had a great 3-way match (with Libertine). Volcano clearly conveyed his wants and limits and even submitted to try (I think) some new wrestling "moves". Coming all the way north showed his dedication and his work in the gym showed as he used his endurance to try and resist submitting - as long as he could.

A great conversationalist as well. Hopefully can see him if I get going down the east coast (as planned).



metuck12 is recommended by volcano

Metuck12 turned out, as I thought he would, to be a great guy and was responsible for making our threesome match (with Libertine) possible. He is even stronger that he looks and all of my gym work was not enough to make him submit. Yet it was a great and fun time and I'm happy to have finally gotten together with him. Maybe next time I might be able to gain a submission from him - it's something to work for. High praise to Metuck12 with corresponding recommendation. Maybe we'll meet at the ring in Delaware.



volcano is recommended by Condecon

It was fun getting back into this with him. He was enthusiastic but patient with me. Showed me a few pro style moves. I had a good time. He is looking for people to share a ring, if interested look him up!



Condecon is recommended by volcano

Great guy, especially good at gut punishment. He hadn't wrestled in a while so we did more of a practice session and both had a good time. Got me in a Camel Clutch from which I could not escape Very hospitable and friendly. I recommend him.



Boxer VA is recommended by volcano

I highly recommend Boxer VA for both boxing and wrestling. He is skilled (boxing/wrestling), willing to work with you to make sure you have an enjoyable time, and is a really nice guy.

Still recovering from a catastrophic car accident, Boxer VA was willing to be my first and recent step back into wrestling action after a long period of recovery. He is patient, adjusts the level of intensity to what is appropriate, and willing to adjust styles to what suits the situation. We did some general pro move moves, some body punching, and some practicing of holds.

We met and wrestled once many years ago and he remains a great guy and a great wrestling/punching friend. You can't go wrong with him!