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Looking for other in shape muscle guys for funfights (all kinds), wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, all safe and sane, roleplaying.
Wrestling and wrestling with bodypunches.

Please be realistic and don't challenge me when you live on the other side of the globe.



  1. Belgium, Gent
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (184 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French

Gear: shorts, speedo, any / none

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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No holds barred No holds barred
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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
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wolvejong is recommended by tapout

Jan. 16, 2019: And we did it again. wolvejong's nipples seemed to enjoy the punishment after his losses ...

June 21, 2018: We fought in one of the smallest places I have ever wrestled - maybe that is also why wolvejong's muscled upper body seemed to make quite a lot of pressure. Nice guy who is even happier if he can get one submission ;-) Again with pleasure.



tapout is recommended by wolvejong

About 3,5 m² of wrestlingspace, that was it. But it was 3,5m² of fun. Very skilled and experienced wrestler who knows all the right moves, both in defence and offence, fighting safe and sane.
I don't know how he does it, but he escaped from (almost) every hold.
Very friendly and hospitable host, and I look forward to meeting him again (...and hoop we will have more room to roll around)
Thumbs up!



wolvejong is recommended by poolpartyboy

wolf cub

great opponent Energetic, fast, slim, flexible, strong have also struggled a couple of hours and explained techniques to tackle faster attack
he is a great opponent and certainly advisable and would certainly more often struggle with him and teach him techniques thanks for the fight guy



poolpartyboy is recommended by wolvejong

Although Poolpartyboy quit his formal judo training, his years of active training and experience shine through, from start to finish….so be warned.
Energetic, quick, lean, flexible, strong and detremind but without losing sight of the safe and fun part of the fight.
Our match lasted for about 3 hours with some short breaks in between the rounds. Ideal moments to exchange some tips on holds and how to break free from them.
Poolpartyboy was a joy to wrestle and I look forward to meeting him again.



wolvejong is recommended by brown diamond

I had a fantastic time wrestling this guy. He is agile, strong, fun, and like to roll. We had some competitive submission give and take matches, that made for an awesome workout!
This is a seriously impressively built guy, once he got you with his arms it´s very hard to escape. Also we had a very nice conversation between the matches.

I'm totally up for meeting him again!



brown diamond is recommended by wolvejong

Brown_diamond is a smart and competitive wrestler in amazing shape and is as hard a diamonds too!
A barrel filled with Latin fury and explosive energie, quick, lean, flexible, strong, detremind and unwilling to give up without trying everything possible first. We wrestled for about 2 hours and both came out exhausted (well, I was for sure). In an even match (we weren’t keeping scores) with some long rounds we were both able to give it our best and beyond. Scissors, neckholds, bearhugs, athleticism, strength and the pure will to win, but always safe and sane.
Fair warning to others: stay away from his legs, once he gets you there is no way out!
Off the mats he is a really cool guy and a great host. I enjoyed our talks between rounds and it was a true pleasure getting to know him. Higly recommended.



wolvejong is recommended by kimmetje

What a combattant! Someone who knows how to headlock and keep it on again and again. I thought I had gotten past my issues with headlocks but my friend wolvejong proved me wrong. Wolvejong comes packing with a huge amount of upper body strength that he applies expertly. Once I'd avoid it, the battle was far more level thankfully, but still plenty of work to be done in view of a rematch! Outside of the combat zone, wolvejong was a fun adversary - cultured, fun to chat with about many different topics - a real pleasure to meet such a guy and can't wait to see him again!!



kimmetje is recommended by wolvejong

What more can I say about Kimmetje that has not been said here before?
Meeting him was a delight, his welcoming smile is a smile he keeps during the entire meeting and that smile is the reflection of his personality.
Kind and friendly both during the match, before and after.
About the match itself:
Kimmetje is not the type that taps out easy, no matter how difficult the situation is he will try to get out of it.
Quick and eager, with great stamina and fighting spirit, always keeping it safe and sane.
In short: I highly recommend him and look forward to our next encounter.



wolvejong is recommended by pshawfocus

What to expect from a boxing pianist? A gentle grip but a firm hand perhaps? Either way, I had a very enjoyable afternoon session with W, where he worked my abs over with those hands, propelled by his powerful biceps. His hands didn't get all the fun though no, he brought his elbows into the mix along with the soles of his feet, plus heels, knees and a few blunt instruments we happened to have with us (ok, I brought them with me).

A charming, eloquent and cultural chap - he was fun to talk to during our down time and organising our meet was simplicity itself. Along with his very keen interest in gut punching he is reportedly a good wrestler, so for those who share that interest don't hesitate to get in touch.



pshawfocus is recommended by wolvejong

The words ‘gut punch’ need to be followed by a picture of this guy, no dictionary can give a better definition for Pshawfocus’ stamina and joy when taking hard hits to his abs.
His abs are like a brick wall, no matter how hard you punch he doesn’t even blink an eye.
We spent a couple of hours, trying different poses, positions and even ‘toys’ to test the limits of what his abs can take.
Not only a great taker, but a very nice guy to be with, I had a great time.
I can only hope that other opportunities will arise in the future for another meeting.
Highly recommended.



wolvejong is recommended by fracle2

Wolvejong is a very friendly guy with a good sense of humor. On the mat, he is very strong, with powerful arms and upper body. Had a good time wrestling him, don t miss the opportunity to meet him if u can!



fracle2 is recommended by wolvejong

Fracle2 is a very hospitable and friendly host who made me feel right at home from the minute he opend the door.
We wrestled for an hour and a half, non stop, till exhaustion. He fights safe and sane but gives it all he’s got. Fracle2 has great stamina, is lean, fast and strong and does not stop.
I have to subscribe to the other comments: do stay away from his legs, once he gets you there, there is no escape.
Not olny a great fighter, but a very nice guy to be around with.
Hope we can do another match soon.
Highly recommended!



wolvejong is recommended by Hermes1974

Wolvejong is very eloquent and has a very nice build. His power is explosive. He fights safe and sane and is a joy on and off the mat. We both lack some technical skills, but that didn't spoil the fun.



Hermes1974 is recommended by wolvejong

I had a great time with him, the wrestling was intense and exhausting, and this guy has the physique and stamina to wear you down. If you think that it will be easy to defeat him, think again. He is far stronger and faster than you would expect and does not tap out easily.



wolvejong is recommended by cyberwrestler21

Wolvejong is a smart and competitive wrestler in amazing shape. Although not very experienced he knows a few holds and manages to use his body perfectly to execute them. He always respects your limits and makes sure both wrestlers are having fun. A cool guy off the mats as well. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is into competitive wrestling or just having fun!



cyberwrestler21 is recommended by wolvejong

If you get the chance to go to Sofia and meet up with this guy, take it! Not only a great guy to be with but also a delight to wrestle. Although I had the upperhand with 10 kg extra, he put up a great fight. Stamina and willpower, lean and fast are only a few words that define him. Recommendation with capital R !



wolvejong is recommended by francknord59

Wolvejong est à la fois très sportif, beaucoup plus efficace et souple qu'il ne le pense de lui, qui apprend/réapprend très vite, respectueux, et surtout très sympa et agréable, j'attends avec impatience de faire de nouvelles séances avec lui, vivement recommandé :) - Wolvejong is at the same time perfectly fit, a lot more efficient and flexible than he thinks he is, he learns (sometimes for a new time) really quickly, respectful, and most of all very nice and sympathetic, I am looking forward to having a new session with him, of course I recommend sincerely to everybody to meet him



francknord59 is recommended by wolvejong

Had another encounter with Francknord59, and what can I say more then I did before?
If you are looking for some safe and sane but exciting and exhilarating rounds, then he is your man!
A great teacher, patient and clear in his instructions, he will lift any novice to a higher level in no time.

Once you get the chance to do some rounds with him be warned; he is very VERY fast and agile and quick to spot your weak sides.
His punches and kicks are swift and very precise but perfectly dosed (you'll know he has hit you, but never with the intent to do you harm or hurt you)

On a personal matter: he's fun to be with, very hospitable and makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in.

Highly recommend him to others into boxing, kickboxing etc...



wolvejong is recommended by battlefox

very strong and great guy. his skills are nearly good as his humor. A nice workout with him. Friendly and good in shape.



battlefox is recommended by wolvejong

Great guy to wrestle, lean and fit and most of all fast with deadly leg scissors! (do make sure to keep away from those!)
Very hospitalble, patient, polite and a sporty by nature. Recommended for both experienced and beginning wrestlers.