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  1. United Kingdom, Kidlington
    (I'm here between 5/10/2019 and 12/01/2019)
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Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: Bangla, English, Hindi

Gear: Shorts

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Start of membership: 8/13/2016 12:46 PM

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AshuY BigBen Squashlad uk indianboi ukwrestler



wrestle08 is recommended by ukwrestler

Stocky, skilled, strong and sexy.....Sanjay is only in the UK for a few months and needs to be on the list of anyone who is looking for a tough match.

He has impressive arms, shoulders and thighs which he uses really well in power moves!

We had a 2 hour intense session which was a lot of fun. Hoping it was the first of many!



ukwrestler is recommended by wrestle08

Strong skilled sexy Daddy with very good grips in pro moves..
Good host ...
Hotel match....
2 hours of sweaty session ...
First guy to able to lift me up on shoulder....
Can't wait for Rematch...



wrestle08 is recommended by uk indianboi

I had the pleasure of meeting this great guy. He has a muscular and imposing body.

We had a great match where he showed his huge strength and was able to overpower me completely in all aspects. He has very powerful legs ane trapped me in very tight body scissors - watch out for his legs!!
He also slammed me and lifted me just to show off his power. He has huge biceps with wide shoulders and chest. He soundly defeated me in the match. He knows his stuff.

After the match, he is a great guy to hang out with and I had a great experience spending time with him.

My highest recommendation. If you have an opportunity to meet this handsome hunk - Don't miss out.



wrestle08 is recommended by BigBen

Buff and a very muscular hunk, sexy, strong, skilled in grappling, with those sexy eyes and a smile on that beard to die for.

We had a sweaty submission grappling match in a hotel which lasted non-stop for 2 hours with submissions back and forth with the winner not clearly decided and we couldn't go more at it as he had to get back home. And I appreciate his time which he took out for me even though he had a celebration going on at his home.

We started with the test of strength on the fluffy hotel spring bed where after locking up with each other for a minute or so we grabbed each other and began grappling. We traded an array of holds like headlocks, armbars, pins, bearhugs and scissors and scoring quick submissions both ways. I was often on the top pinning him under me and grinding my manhood in his face. It was a visual treat to seeing him squirm and struggle with his lower body kicking wildly with his moans and desparate attempts for gasping in air out of my crotch. He lied immobilised in the pins and gathered some strength (which I allowed him to breath in) to topple me over and caught me into some brutal body scissors. He is of those very few guys who have made me tap to bodyscissors and bearhugs with those tree trunk muscular legs and arms. His scissors and bearhugs are brutal and once he secures his opponent he doesn't care about the tapping (very safe though) and keeps on pouring in more and more pressure. His bodyscissors and bearhugs scared shuddered me and even after my tapping frantically over and over he didn't release me until he was done and satisfied. Pretty humiliating. I got him in similar headscissors, armbars, kimuras where he tapped instantaneously and didn't even last a fraction of what I endured. I'm told I'm a good masseuse and I enjoyed relishing his muscular structure and feel all those mounds of hard pumped up muscle - he loves being massaged, humped and stroked lol wherein he gets really submissive. He also told me a secret to secure a win quickly and that is biting his nipple HAHAHA (sorry for the spoiler.) And he really gives in once you start it and and can put him in any hold of your choice and then play with the way you want lol.

He's polite, coy and a great guy to hangout with.

A must not miss and highly recommended.