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  1. India, Kolkata
    (I'm here from 11/15/2019)


34-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: Bangla, English, Hindi

Gear: Speedo


Traditional kusti...



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 9/22/2019



wrestle08 is recommended by jacketwolf

Have a tough and sweaty match with wrestle08. The guy was one of the most muscular guys I fought. Full body big muscles. Thanks him for balancing in the bodyweight and continuing keeping safe and sane.
We had practiced wrestling skills together for almost 2 hours. Nice and easy chat off mat. Thoroughly recommended.



jacketwolf is recommended by wrestle08

JacketGuy, d guy with proper technique, knows how to use his strength against heavier opponent.
Had a long sweaty session with the combo of MMA and Indian Kusti style.
Off d mat, had a great conversation..
Highly recommended..



musclemarkuk is not recommended by wrestle08

  • Unreliable / no show



wrestle08 is recommended by DenverWrestler

I was very lucky to be in London at the same time as this very pleasant, very tough, and very muscular wrestler. He's a strong solid guy – big arms, pecs, shoulders, and legs, and some of my submission holds didn't work at all on him. And he has the strength to overpower guys, including me. He's also a very handsome guy! All in all, it was a wonderful fun match, and I highly recommend him – in fact, we're trying to arrange a rematch while we're both still in the UK.



DenverWrestler is recommended by wrestle08

I am lucky to wrestle the most popular guy of MF.
He's very generous to teach me some of the moves, which indeed I had applied on him:)

His techniques are awesome....
Skilled guy.. Must meet, if have not met yet...

Looking for a re-match as well....



wrestle08 is recommended by StrongGrapplerLondon

A really fun meeting with an impressive guy.

Nice food and good fun.

Great recommendation.

He is very strong, just not strong enough....



StrongGrapplerLondon is recommended by wrestle08

After a long chat of 4 months..finally met him for bout..
An Irishnan, technically strong, skillful, master of grappling shown some of his holds on me..
A sweaty 🤼 was going smooth, but not intense in the absence of proper mat..

A must second bout in the matroom to let him feel my strength and to taste his strength.

Apart from wrestling, we had a good dinner, couple of 🍺...and lots of conversation...
A perfect host will make u feel a homely environment...

Ended with a refreshing full body massage with his elbow.....

Highly recommended...



wrestle08 is recommended by Wrestlejosh

Had a great afternoon dismantling this muscled wrestler. Was a close start as his strength was difficult to cope with, but as the match went on it started to swing to my advantage as he tired thanks to the relentless heat...and I took immense pleasure putting him in a series of holds and breaking down those massive arms. An absolute star of a wrestler and a great match, don't miss the opportunity while he's still here!



Wrestlejosh is recommended by wrestle08

Had a great summer afternoon with him..
After a great start from me, he took a couple of bout in his bag due to scorching heat...
But end smile was mine ...
Though he was able to resist to a great extent...
His immense mental strength of not submitting was appreciated...
He is very much recommended... 🔥 🤼



wrestle08 is recommended by Squashlad

23/06/2019: Itʼs great to have the young Indian muscleman with us here in England, and wrestling him was well worth a trip upriver to Oxford. It was a sweaty match in midsummer and he certainly looks the kushti business when heʼs hot and sweaty! Big shoulders, big legs, and massive biceps, the muscles arenʼt just for looks and heʼs got considerable power, crushing two good subs out of me. Still, it couldʼve been a whole lot more, and I was pleased that a combination of sweat, stubbornness and old guy wiles kept me out of too much trouble. Between subs heʼs an interesting and engaging guy to chat with, outgoing and adventurous and keen to try new things, and it was a great pleasure to spend the afternoon with him. A rematch on a trip down to London for him is already in the planning, and Iʼm sure heʼll be looking to make me tap out a lot more. Wrestle08 is a safe and sane nice guy and comes highly recommended. Wrestle him while you can.
24/08/2019: Got my rematch in with the impressive young Indian bull elephant here in London and heʼs even more muscular and confident than before. Always a pleasure to spend time with, including during a walking tour of Central London and over some dinner. He may not be with us in England for much longer, so catch him while you can!



Squashlad is recommended by wrestle08

Travelled a long to meet me up and had a Wrestling session..

His enormous endurance level surprised me.
His never give up attitude made me mad to pin him. It went 2-0. He was liking the pain, which I was giving to him. But thoroughly I enjoyed the session.

Needless to say about his hosting....
Proper human being is scripted for him...
Need to keep in contact with the gentleman...

Highly recommended..



wrestle08 is recommended by geminiwrestler

This is one big guy with strong shoulders and arms. Can lift and carry without too much problem.

Gets you in some great holds that are pretty tough to get out of...and sometimes tapping was the only way..

Good guy off the mats and enjoyed his company.. happy to take him on again



geminiwrestler is recommended by wrestle08

Don't go by his age and picture...
He is much more stronger than you can expect...
A broad shouldered guy with a good technique makes him a must recommended guy ..

Every time he tried his level best to get out of the submission choke/hold.

Out of the mat, he is gentle, humourous, knowledgeable about out of the box topics, a solid host....

Can't wait for Part 2....

Highly Recommended...



wrestle08 is recommended by Zepheshow

Met wrestle o8 in Reading for a couple of days of pro wrestling and lift and carry.

Although this was a different style to his own, he utilised his considerable power to provide fearsome opposition . We had some very enjoyable grappling -to and fro although he was clearly reigning himself in for my benefit. Much to his surprise I did rack him a couple of times, although he ran out a comfortable winner.

Just as important he is a very nice guy, polite and sociable and it was a pleasure to meet. Hope we can meet again. Highly recommended.



Zepheshow is recommended by wrestle08


Wrestled him according to his strength..
Had a lovely lift and carry session...
He was also managed to carry a huge guy like me...
which is also worthy of mentioning....

He tried his level best to survive from tapping...

Apart from mat, the humble gentleman , a prefect host will make u feel comfortable as per Ur comfort zone..
A soothing massage from him will make Ur fatigue into Ur strength.

A must meet guy.. Recommended.



Jase28 is not recommended by wrestle08

  • Unreliable / no show



wrestle08 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Big arms, big pecs, big shoulders, deep chest! Perfect wrestler's physique who picks things up really quickly so much so that when shown a kimura once he applied it straight away as if it was second nature. We had an ace session and finished off refreshing ourselves in the hot tub.
Awesome guy who if you get the chance you really should meet
Highly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by wrestle08

UKSubs is very technically skilled wrestler. He knows bjj and submission moves very well. His prediction of opponent's next movement gives him a bit edge. Very much experience in his bags.
Toughest opponent till now in UK....

We had submission wrestling.. followed by oil wrestling.. followed by great hot tub session..which will give you relaxation and freshness after the exhausting session. He also learnt me 2 submission holds from his experience.

Off the mat, he is very generous.. a great host...
Very friendly...

A never miss wrestler in MF...




wrestle08 is recommended by ukwrestler

Stocky, skilled, strong and sexy.....Sanjay is only in the UK for a few months and needs to be on the list of anyone who is looking for a tough match.

He has impressive arms, shoulders and thighs which he uses really well in power moves!

We had a 2 hour intense session which was a lot of fun. Hoping it was the first of many!



ukwrestler is recommended by wrestle08

Strong skilled sexy Daddy with very good grips in pro moves..
It went an even match between us..
Good host ...
Hotel match....
2 hours of sweaty session ...
First guy to able to lift me up on shoulder....
Can't wait for Rematch...



wrestle08 is recommended by uk indianboi

I had the pleasure of meeting this great guy. He has a muscular and imposing body.

We had a great match where he showed his huge strength and was able to overpower me completely in all aspects. He has very powerful legs ane trapped me in very tight body scissors - watch out for his legs!!
He also slammed me and lifted me just to show off his power. He has huge biceps with wide shoulders and chest. He soundly defeated me in the match. He knows his stuff.

After the match, he is a great guy to hang out with and I had a great experience spending time with him.

My highest recommendation. If you have an opportunity to meet this handsome hunk - Don't miss out.



uk indianboi is recommended by wrestle08

The first guy I met in UK.

In one word perfect Human Being....
Overwhelmed by his hosting....
Starting from picking me up .. till dropping...
Though I managed him to tap for several times...his endurance level was appreciable.
Managed to lift him in pro wrestling style.

Highly recommended ... Hope to meet him soon..



wrestle08 is recommended by BigBen

Buff and a very muscular hunk, sexy, strong, skilled in grappling, with those sexy eyes and a smile on that beard to die for.

We had a sweaty submission grappling match in a hotel which lasted non-stop for 2 hours with submissions back and forth with the winner not clearly decided and we couldn't go more at it as he had to get back home. And I appreciate his time which he took out for me even though he had a celebration going on at his home.

We started with the test of strength on the fluffy hotel spring bed where after locking up with each other for a minute or so we grabbed each other and began grappling. We traded an array of holds like headlocks, armbars, pins, bearhugs and scissors and scoring quick submissions both ways. I was often on the top pinning him under me and grinding my manhood in his face. It was a visual treat to seeing him squirm and struggle with his lower body kicking wildly with his moans and desparate attempts for gasping in air out of my crotch. He lied immobilised in the pins and gathered some strength (which I allowed him to breath in) to topple me over and caught me into some brutal body scissors. He is of those very few guys who have made me tap to bodyscissors and bearhugs with those tree trunk muscular legs and arms. His scissors and bearhugs are brutal and once he secures his opponent he doesn't care about the tapping (very safe though) and keeps on pouring in more and more pressure. His bodyscissors and bearhugs scared shuddered me and even after my tapping frantically over and over he didn't release me until he was done and satisfied. Pretty humiliating. I got him in similar headscissors, armbars, kimuras where he tapped instantaneously and didn't even last a fraction of what I endured. I'm told I'm a good masseuse and I enjoyed relishing his muscular structure and feel all those mounds of hard pumped up muscle - he loves being massaged, humped and stroked lol wherein he gets really submissive. He also told me a secret to secure a win quickly and that is biting his nipple HAHAHA (sorry for the spoiler.) And he really gives in once you start it and and can put him in any hold of your choice and then play with the way you want lol.

He's polite, coy and a great guy to hangout with.

A must not miss and highly recommended.



BigBen is recommended by wrestle08

I met BigBen after 2 years of long chat ...waiting time..
But it's true.. good things come after long wait...
He is very experienced...skillful...powerful guy.I liked his never give up attitude. Though I managed to overpower his endurance level.

Out of the mat .. he is a nice guy... well etiquette...proper gentleman... Respectful host...travelled around 3 hour to meet me..that to in another city. We had a good wrestling session... Food... Booze.. bla bla bla...

Hope to meet u soon....
Highly recommended...