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Love wrestling in full pro gear but happy to wrestle in other types of attire, nothing to serious, can have slow and easy matches or fast paced rougher matches. Can travel, can host at times. Usually a jobber but can stand up for myself and have abit of heel in me! Love watching wrestling dvds to.



  1. United Kingdom, Beenham
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, singlets, thongs, boots

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wrestle73 is recommended by lincolnshireman53

A super great guy who puts up a good fight. I had a great time and am looking forward to taking him down again in a rematch. Highly recommend him



lincolnshireman53 is recommended by wrestle73

Met this guy awhile ago, and had a great match, may be smaller than me but he puts up a good fight. Strong guy too.



wrestle73 is recommended by varsityb

Stewart is a very sociable guy , and we chatted almost as long as we wrestled. We had a lot of fun , whilst avoiding each other's injuries , in a pro style heel v jobber match with various submission holds and pins along with a lot of banter .. he is better than he thinks ( puts up a good fight ) and is good to wrestle . I look forward to a rematch in the future. If you get the chance to wrestle him guys ,you will have fun on the mats and meet a very nice guy.



varsityb is recommended by wrestle73

Met Deano for a match and had a great time, he is strong and put me into so many holds, which he enjoyed doing , I was no match for him. He looks good in his gear and is a great guy off the mats too.
Will happily meet him again when I'm in his neighborhood in the future.



wrestle73 is recommended by jayboy0204

Met up with Stuart after a brief chat. He looked hot in his purple trunks. He tried to be a jobber with attitude but he soon submitted to many holds incl Camel , Boston , Armbar , Over the knee backbreaker , Sharpshooter and Sleeper. . Nice guy



jayboy0204 is recommended by wrestle73

Well I was put through the ringer with this guy. He had me in all types of holds and had me submitting alot! He's very strong and likes to take control and be the heel, I was well and truly the jobber in this match. Nice guy off the mats though.



wrestle73 is recommended by andilupi

Stuart is a generous host and nice person to spend time with. On his new mats he is fast, skillful and has great power in his legs. He looks great in his gear and I would wrestle him again any time!



andilupi is recommended by wrestle73

Met Andy and had a good bout. He has good upper strength and he doesn't give in easily, I had to work hard to get him to submit! Would meet up again.



wrestle73 is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Stuart last week after a few months of trying to liaise our respective commitments, and was certainly NOT disappointed. A genial host; honest, witty, up front and respectful of all aspects of a meet/bout. His energy, determination, enthusiasm were a great incentive which brought out the more aggressive nature of my own wrestling "profile". A worthy opponent, & looks great in classic wrestling gear! A sane, sorted, amusing & friendly guy .... highly recommended.



londonscissorslover is recommended by wrestle73

Firstly I would meet Alan again, he is a great guy On and off the
Mats. He looks great in his Gear and we had an even match, I got
Him in holds and he got me in holds, he's got strong legs and knows how to use them against you!



wrestle73 is recommended by guyaboutuk

Second meet with wrestle73, really nice and generous guy great to chat to before the bout and really good when you get going. Doesn't give up easily and has some vicious headlocks. Looking forward to the next meet, highly recomended



guyaboutuk is recommended by wrestle73

Have met guyaboutuk twice now and both times had a great
Wrestle. He is a strong guy and knows how to
Use pressure point holds on a guy. Looks the part in his
Gear and will meet him again.



wrestle73 is recommended by Tyger

had great time with wrestle73. claims to be a jobber, but is tuff, wiery, and knows his stuff! looks hot too - esp in his green trunks ;)



Tyger is recommended by wrestle73

Meet Tyger and had a really good wrestle, he is a good host and friendly guy. I knew how to keep him in line, but he did surprise at times with his moves.



wrestle73 is recommended by grappleguy66

wrestled stuart in a catch weight match. he took a real good working over, fighting back and taking loads of punishment. very good jobber with a great attitude and sense of fun. recomended for a very entertaining meet



grappleguy66 is recommended by wrestle73

Met Andrew last night and my body now aches all over. I was completely worked over as he is strong and loves to be the heel. It was a long and sweaty match and look forward to meeting up again.



ukpitbull is recommended by wrestle73

Have wrestled Dean for the last 7yrs, about 4 times a year. He is a great guy on and off the mats, he has a great mat room and is very knowledgable about wrestling. He has loads of different wrestling gear and I would highly recommend anyone to wrestle him.



wrestle73 is recommended by southerngrappler

I have met Stuart a few times and he is not only a great wrestle but a lovely guy off the mats too. I would meet him again Steve



southerngrappler is recommended by wrestle73

Have wrestled Steve a few times and have always enjoyed our matches. He is a great guy on and off the mat and he knows his holds.



DANBUSTER is recommended by wrestle73

Great guy, great host and looks good in his gear. He loves his choke holds giving and receivinhg, would wrestle him again.



wrestle73 is recommended by Blitzkrieg

Quite unassuming at first, but what a delightful surprise Wrestle73 was when the gear came out and the wise cracks began. I had a great time with one of the most smart-arsed and highly resistant fighters yet.



Blitzkrieg is recommended by wrestle73

Meet Blitzkrieg and had a great couple of hours wrestling, it was a hot sweaty match, and he knew his moves and he is strong. He made me feel really welcome and is just a great guy, and has a great body to. Would wrestle him again.



wrestle73 is recommended by wrestleguyuk

I had a fantastic couple of hours wrestling with Wrestle73 the other day. He was very friendly and made me feel totally at ease....before he clamped those awesome thighs around me!

He's a better wrestler than me but I still enjoyed the session, especially all his gear...those boots and trunks were even better close up!

Thoroughly recommend Wrestle73 and can't wait til the next time....



wrestleguyuk is recommended by wrestle73

It was nice to meet wrestleguy last week, you can tell he loves wrestling. He may not be experienced but he does have few good moves and is quite strong. Happy to wrestle him again.



wrestle73 is recommended by Oilman

A good, solid and keen competitor. He applies really secure holds- once in his grasp it's not long before tap out time! Looking forward to getting to grips with him again soon.



Oilman is recommended by wrestle73

Oilman is a great host and makes you feel very welcome.
For his size he is surprisingly strong and fast and doesn't give up easily. Well worth another match.