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Smooth swimmer into wrestling and gearplay - have a jobber side especially for guys into verbal and guys stronger and bigger than me. So that's it for now. Anything else that comes to mind later, will update as I go along. Msg me if you like the sound of my profile so far...



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Camden
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Age: 43-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 137 lbs (62 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English, Spanish

Gear: singlets & speedos - otherwise negotiable

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wrestleboyuk is recommended by trent1978

Got the chance to meet with wrestleboyuk while in London. Really nice guy, great body. Will contact again next time I'm back in London!



trent1978 is recommended by wrestleboyuk

Friendly guy, fit body and strength. Loved our 'match' - I air quoted it as I wasnt up for a full on one and he most graciously accommodated me. We both had fun and I look forward to meeting him again next time he visits.



razorfish is recommended by wrestleboyuk

Great guy and a skilled wrestler. I had fun and learnt a lot from him too and so I would definitely recommend meeting and wrestling this fine fighter if you ever get the chance. I certainly hope to meet him and do it again the next time im in HK.



wrestleboyuk is recommended by marconi

I had a match with wrestle boy UK on Friday evening in a London hotel. He jobbed really well for me, selling the moves and holds, especially the sleepers, very convincingly. We were limited by time and a small hotel room, but a had good fun. Top bloke as well, as I discovered when we went for a beer afterwards. Highly recommended.



marconi is recommended by wrestleboyuk

I had fun meeting Marconi and he is a sweet guy while being a good heel on the mat. Love his sleepers and finishers! Off the mat, we had an friendly conversation and it was a bonus that he is good company too. Reliable, sensible and an interesting fella too.



wrestleboyuk is recommended by Broc

Had a great roll with wrestleboyuk. Small but well put together, he can turn on the aggression but also take plenty of punishment. Sadly we had a very limited space into which to wrestle, so never really got the most out of our meeting. Would love to have the opportunity to get this guy on a proper mat.



Broc is recommended by wrestleboyuk

Sexy and friendly guy with a great (heel) attitude. Agreed with Broc that our space (and time) was limited so our match wasn't really a proper one per se but I certainly hope we can explore it a bit more next time.



wrestleboyuk is recommended by Flexforme

Had a great afternoon wrestling with this guy in a three way match up. He had been out of action for a while but was a good wrestler on the mats and a genuine and lovely guy off. I had a great time with him at the matroom and would definitely repeat the experience.



wrestleboyuk is recommended by midblue

feisty guy,don't let his size fool ya,he's no wimp,likes it rough and tough,very fit,skilled,can handle himself well... great guy also,cool attitude and good company,highly recommended...and he can be so sexy,if he wants,too :p



midblue is recommended by wrestleboyuk

On the mat, a wrestler with experience and skills, especially as a strong and hard (and horny) heel. Off the mat, he's actually quite sweet and sociable and can hold a conversation together too. I enjoyed our match and look forward to a rematch soon!