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looking for male or females to wrestle with for fun nothing too serious. Bodythongs, nude, oil,barefoot



  1. USA - Ohio, West Chester Township
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I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: bodythong, nude,barefeet,oil

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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wrestlefun1 is recommended by Kywrestlefun

I had heard a lot of good things about Terry and was finally able to meet him for my first ever oil match. Terry claims he doesn't know how to wrestle (don't believe him) and although I outweighed him by quite a bit, he had me on my back a number of times. Had a great time rolling around with him on the mats, trading holds and getting him in my leg scissors. He was a super nice guy off the mats too and definitely is a hot guy! Wrestle him if you get the chance. Just be prepared to get oiled up!



Kywrestlefun is recommended by wrestlefun1

Met with David for the first time and I have to say it was awesome . David is a very friendly and easy going person. He is awesome to wrestle with and can really clamp on a tight python like leg scissor hold that will have you tapping out for sure. We had a great time with lots of back and forth action working up a good sweat to add to our oiled bodies . I absolutely had a blast and would recommend looking this guy up



wrestlefun1 is recommended by miznew201

Have had two meet ups now. Both times were an oil match. Pre match we warmed up in the shower together and I was caught face first in his ass right from the start in the shower. And that same idea carried into the match. Was a lot of fun, I recommend him.



miznew201 is recommended by wrestlefun1

Have met with Miznew201 a few times for some awesome oil matches. We started out with a pre match shower warming up by washing and feeling each other out which was awesome. The shower was really tight so as we kneeled down to totally wash each other, by it being so close , I found myself clamping on a tight facesit burying his face between my wet ass cheecks. Needless to say those close holds carried onto the mat where we oiled each other and locked into even more awesome holds as we tangled back and forth struggling for positioning. I highly recommend him and look forward to wrestling with him again



wrestlefun1 is recommended by calwrestler

I had been admiring Terry's profile for some time and finally made the trip to Cincinnati to meet and wrestle him. His body is just as stunning as his pics....and a friendly warm engaging personality to match. When he says he doesn't really know how to wrestle...... don't believe it! He suggested we just roll thing I knew he had almost pinned me ! We had some great hot back and forth with lots of groping and frotting, until we we're both spent (if you get my drift). He also claims not to work out.....if so, sign me up! He reminds me of the one thing I miss about Ohio....the genuineness of the men here....
Wish round 2 was on the near horizon; however, Terry assures me he'll visit me......and California!



calwrestler is recommended by wrestlefun1

Terry is very strong and has even sti n gerry legs. He can really clamp on a tight body scissor that will have you tapping. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Had a awesome time rolling with him. If you get the chance he's definitely worth stepping on the mat with



wrestlefun1 is recommended by wht4blk4fun

I had another great oil wrestling match with wrestlefun1. This time we used coconut oil which I think worked much better. There is no more fun then two bodies oiled up and sliding against each other.
If you are looking for a fun oily match then you can't go wrong with wrestlefun1.



wht4blk4fun is recommended by wrestlefun1

Have wrestled with this guy a few times and had a awesome time. Both were oil matches and the last one was a timed rounds match which made it even more awesome. A very friendly guy, I highly recommend him



wrestlefun1 is recommended by wresnipgym

Met wrestlefun1 in 2016 , he was kind enough to host an oil wrestling match. He has an Adonis body and strength to match. We had a very energetic and hot wrestling session. Wrestlefun1 is a very generous host and sexy to wrestle. Easy to communicate with and discrete. Good conversationalist. Highly recommended.



wresnipgym is recommended by wrestlefun1

Meet with wresnipgym for a oil match and had a awesome time wrestling, was a great workout and really worked up a sweat.Highly recomend meeting with him



wrestlefun1 is recommended by shortandstockyOH

A lot of fun on the mats. Small guys rule, and he is no exception, quite strong and quite full of energy...and a good time was had with him on the mats! Look forward to doing it again!



shortandstockyOH is recommended by wrestlefun1

Had a great time on the mats. Very friendly and strong. Was so much fun I wanted to roll all day long with him. I highly recommend him



wrestlefun1 is recommended by Black Titan

Had a blast rassling this guy! Part of a fun tag/ fatal four way/ oil match and what a work out. Was fun and hot to trade blows and grapple with each other on the mats! Can't say enough good things about our meet! Hit this guy up for some action! He's awesome!
MATCH #2!!!!
Met up with this stud again over the memorial day weekend amd had a BLAST! Great host and great space and an awesome match up! Can't wait for our next go round. Glad he's a great guy not afriad to have fun with the big boys. Love rolling with tjia guy in oil. Til next time bud!



Black Titan is recommended by wrestlefun1

A great guy to wrestle with for sure. Had a awesome four way oil match that was definitely a blast



wrestlefun1 is recommended by jimmyterrific

I wrestled wrestlefun1 and it was very exciting.I believe we both had a lot of fun doing it, I would do it again in a heartbeat, they were long bouts, very fun



jimmyterrific is recommended by wrestlefun1

Jimmy is a very good guy . Had a great time wrestling with him and was a very good workout. Jimmy was very friendly and I felt very comfortable. Lots of stamina too



wrestlefun1 is recommended by nu2rasln

Met with Terry for some very good wrestling workouts. He is always on the move and never giving up or tapping. We wrestled with a timer which lead to awesome rounds. If you get the chance to wrestle with Terry dont hesitate, as you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to our rematches.



wrestlefun1 is recommended by SilverFoxFight

I've met Terry on several occasions...he is in GREAT shape and is a fun wrestler...can go for hours! I sure enjoy wrestling with him and so will you...don't pass up an opportunity to tangle with this strong guy!!



wrestlefun1 is recommended by ac64

Had the opportunity to wrestle Terry a few weeks back. Don't let his size fool you. He's Incredibly fit, strong, but respects all limits. Hope to join him again. Had a great experience.



wrestlefun1 is recommended by Wrestlertoo

I had an arm injury when I met Terry, but he was most respectful of this when we met.
We had a very slow and sensuous threesome oil wrestling session.
Although this was at a time of night nornally associated with sleeping, Terry seems at his most athletic and inventive. This guy is a must to meet.
A memorable part of my USA tour........a very hot session, thanks mate!



Wrestlertoo is recommended by wrestlefun1

Glad I finally had a chance to meet Jon. he is a great guy and very pleasant to be around. had a awesome time and would highly recommend him