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Gay male interested in wrestling since childhood. Weren't we all...Loved brit pro of the 70's and 80's and old school american. Limited experience and not into anything serious. Not into getting hurt but enjoy trading holds and submissions.



  1. Ireland, dublin
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Gear: Singlets, speedos, nude

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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wrestlehunt is recommended by Dadfights

Wow! What a fantastic guy both on and off the mats!
We met yesterday and hit the mats about 3pm, before we knew it , it was 6pm!
Traded holds, got each other in some tight positions and worked up a sweat that made it seem like we were oiled. He can give as well as receive which was just great! Hunt is good! Great guy to talk to, after a shower we had dinner and like I said he is just as nice off the mats as on! I recommend him to anyone who wants a great time and workout. Looking forward to more if he comes this way again!



Dadfights is recommended by wrestlehunt

Dadfights is a good man and wrestler. We had almost 4 hours on the mat together in a give a take session. He is a safe and sane wrestler who is able to hold his own in a match. He is good company and has a good sense of humour on the mats. He likes to dominate his opponents and is a slippery character. Watch out for his headlocks.



wrestlehunt is recommended by Crusher Canuck

Wrestlehunt is a great all around guy who enjoys sane wrestling and you will have a fun time
with this well built ,husky guy.He loves pro gear and it was well worth me returning for a second match.He is very reliable and will show up for a match if one is set up....never a no-show.
Thanks Wrestlehunt for great bouts.



Crusher Canuck is recommended by wrestlehunt

I met the Canadian Crusher while he was in Dublin. We had a great evening of wrestling in the Dublin heat. He is a great pro fantasy opponent with a wide range of holds that he can use to great effect. He looks the part in his gear and really gets into his role. We had a great exchange of camels, bostons, scissors, abdominal stretches and figure fours to name a few. He will crush you on the mat but will be very gracious after he kicks your ass. Definitely recommend meeting him. He looks great also in his pro wrestling gear. Waiting for round 2....Ding...Ding...Seconds away...



wrestlehunt is recommended by Mr Wrestling

Just noticed I didn't write a recommendation for you!

Wrestle hunt is great guy to meet looks amazing in the pro gear would highly recommend a meet with this guy!



Mr Wrestling is recommended by wrestlehunt

Jonny is a very reliable guy. He really enjoys his wrestling and is great at getting into the fantasy of a pro match. We had a great 3 way tag match with Thighman who could kick both our butts but we enjoyed every minute of it. LOL. He is good company both on and off the mats. Hope we catch up again.



wrestlehunt is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

This is a tough hot man and a good jobber...he took the left arm punishment well and will be my jobber victim again...just as soon as we find ourselves in the same city. I may have to go to him just to get the honor...

He comes recommended by this nasty heel, to be sure. He's a diamond in the rough in my book.



Lkn4awrestletoy is recommended by wrestlehunt

Great man on and off the mats. Took a stop over in Chicago and we met for the first time. He is a great heel. Loves to work over his jobber and understands the psychology of the exchange. Left arm work is his speciality. He will have you saying I give...SIR...Also a gentleman in all aspects. We will meet again someday for round 2. Can't wait.