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I love playful wrestling matches. Not very competitive; I enjoy the body contact and the tumbling around. I love to be dominated by scissor holds, especially headscissors. I can host.



  1. USA - New York, New York City
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I am willing to travel 10 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts or boxer briefs

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wrestleinastoria is recommended by cuteheadscissors

loved wrestling this guy–great host and fun to roll with...he enjoys headscissors-i dont have the strongest legs but was fun to get him to tap a few times...a really nice guy and a very hot sweaty match of just rolling and exchanging holds-i cant wait to roll with him again!!!!! he is an 11 on a scale of 1-10!



cuteheadscissors is recommended by wrestleinastoria

I wrestled with cuteheadscissors this past weekend. It was one of our many wrestling matches that we have had. He is built and handsome. We tumbled around and took turns pinning each other down. It was great. If you are looking for a good, fun match, look no further than cuteheadscissors.



wrestleinastoria is recommended by tomphila39

I had a great time wrestling and tumbling with wrestleinastoria. He was friendly. He was strong. He taught me some new holds too. I highly recommend him.



tomphila39 is recommended by wrestleinastoria

I had a great time wrestling and tumbling around with tomphila39. He was fun, easy-going and exactly as he stated in his profile. I would recommend anyone to meet him. I hope to meet up with him again when he is in town.



wrestleinastoria is recommended by alpinisto

For my annual visit to Trenton NJ I had planned to wrestle a few guys in the neighborhood, and Anneil aka wrestleinastoria was my first opponent. We met near Times Square in New York and soon jumped on a subway to his place. I have always felt inferior to those younger and faster wrestlers, and Anneil was 16 years younger than me, but this didn't seem to be a problem for any of us. Our match soon developed into a scissor fight. I have always had a liking for good muscular legs, and Anneil had a quite good set of legs - but not as strong as mine, as I got several tapouts from him. I will be happy to wrestle him again next time I am in New York and I can recommend him to anyone looking for an uncomplicated wrestling match with a friendly guy.



wrestleinastoria is recommended by buildr1

A fun, reliable guy. We had a nice,sweaty match. We will test our strength some more in the future.



buildr1 is recommended by wrestleinastoria

I met with Buildr1 today, and it was an awesome time. Not only is he strong, but he's super handsome. We wrestled, and he dominated (but it was exactly what I was looking for). He also dominated me with his feet and got his feet worshipped too. If you are looking for a fun, challenging opponent, look no further than Buildr1.



wrestleinastoria is recommended by NRNWAlex

Had a great time with Wrestle! He was a great host, very friendly and easy to schedule with. On the mat, I overpowered him, but he knew what he was doing and settled into the jobber role easily. Happy to headscisscor him again in the future.



NRNWAlex is recommended by wrestleinastoria

The wrestling match that I had with Alex was super great! He completely dominated me the entire match. He's very skilled, very strong and very easy on the eyes. :-) I am looking forward to our next match!



wrestleinastoria is recommended by Tiger

Great guy who is easy to schedule and meet up for a match. He is easy going and a good beginner wrestler. Good host and over great guy. Highly recomend him as he is an A +++



Tiger is recommended by wrestleinastoria

Tiger was a really nice guy to wrestle. Where some guys don't know their own strength, Tiger is very self-aware and cognizant of his opponent and at what level they are at. We tumbled around, and he dominated me in different holds. We chatted as we took breaks in between holds, and he is a very nice guy to talk to. If you get the chance to wrestle with him, definitely do it. He is sincere, real and fun.



wrestleinastoria is recommended by AllStarPuma54321

I had a fun time! He is good to roll with, and has a lot of energy to go back and forth. Learning the ropes, and very eager. Totally recommended!



AllStarPuma54321 is recommended by wrestleinastoria

I had a great time wrestling with AllStarPuma54321. He was super nice to chat with to set up a match and showed up when he said that he would. He's a tough wrestler, and he definitely dominated me. I would definitely meet up with him again. He was great to wrestle with and great to talk with off the mats. He's very nicely built and very handsome in person. I am looking forward to our next match.



wrestleinastoria is recommended by tycoonboy

He was a kind and gracious host for our match, plus the match was really fun, with a mix of back and forth action, plus some sequences of more competitive sparring for control and dominance! We're both still learning holds and moves, but he was a blast to meet!



wrestleinastoria is recommended by Wrestlg

This guy is new, but anxious to improve!
I enjoy our times together, but i gotta get him to Attack!
Kick my ass!
He loves a good Singlet too!(but who Doesn't)??



Wrestlg is recommended by wrestleinastoria

What a great guy! We met up at my apartment and tumbled around. He's very experienced but went on easy on me since I am more playful in my matches. WrestleG is in very good shape…what a hottie! You should definitely wrestle with him. You will have a great time. He can adapt to whatever wrestling level you are at so that everyone has a good time.