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looking for heel / jobber matches....
Also love to fight in all kinds of fight and wrestle/ crapling

favorite gear is trunks knee/elbow pads .

i only wrestle with people with the age between 18 till 55 years old.
Please respect that
(sometimes I make an exception in terms of age)

always save and sane

favorite moves are low blow , torture rack , chest chops and slaps , boston crab ,atomic drop , pile driver, bearhug, siscors , full nelson, arm / legg bars , lift and carry , woman vs man , man vs man , 2 (or more) vs1
I ll be better with heel to smaler guys
But i am too becarefull always ask them if they allright

Noting erotic styles guys and dont sent nudes
If u do then it's a absolutly NO to meet
And block u

Kik : richardenz
trillian: darkherotex666



  1. Netherlands, Spijkenisse
    (I'm here from 6/17/2019)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 6'6" (198 cm), 236 lbs (107 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English

Gear: Briefs, trunks , knee and elbow pad leg protects

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Judo Judo
Just watching Just watching

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CY-football is recommended by wrestler86

Hey my fellah wrestlers
If u like to wrestle and u can wrestle with cyfootball then not loose that changes
Ive looked out to wrestle him for a long while
And glad i meet him yesterday
Cy football is a open minded and cool guy
Hightly recommended



wrestler86 is recommended by ratboy29

really friendly chill guy, strong and helpful to someone new to wrestling like me. taught me a bunch of moves and we laughed and a had great time, definitely hope to fight him more.



ratboy29 is recommended by wrestler86

I meet him today
He is a amazing guy and like to hang out with him
Also being good with use his tacts
Also nice of the mat hightly recomanded :)
Hope to meet with him much more



Tryme-X is not recommended by wrestler86

  • Incivil / bad manners
  • Fake profile



wrestler86 is recommended by sid

After a period of trying to arrange a fight we finally managed to meet each other for a decent wrestle. We had a very good wrestling bout, Wrestler86 is a strong fighter who is hard to beat. I liked wrestling him and also off the mat he is a nice guy to talk with. Can fully recommend him and hope to wrestle him again soon!!



sid is recommended by wrestler86

We had to wait a long while of time but finely
I had meet up with sid
He's a cool awesome guy to speak and wrestle with
Hightly recommanded
If u can wrestle this guy don't miss it :)



Iron1 is recommended by wrestler86

Nice guy to meet on or off the match
Its fun to wrestle with him and i hope more of this matches with this awesome guy :)



wrestler86 is recommended by wrestlerome

Very strong guy wrestler86 and a very nice person as well.He showed and learned me a lot of moves.He lifted me up like I was a baby. So if you wanna meet a strong nice wrestler he is your man!



wrestlerome is recommended by wrestler86

It was nice to meet this guy
He's strong and a good lad.
A nice guy on and off the mats
Hightly recommanded :)

Hope to meet him again xD



wrestler86 is recommended by kimmetje

Had a great time with wrestler86, we've been talking about this meet for so long so it was nice to be able to make the time to meet him. It was my first bout with a person watching so I was delighted to put on a good shot, and even more delighted when my fitness proved to clinch me a nice win. Needed it for the ego boost! wrestler86 was a good sport, and he respected the stakes - I won't say what it was! Looking forward to wrestling for a much longer period with him!



kimmetje is recommended by wrestler86

i had a meet and match with kimmetje
i loose but it was a nice meet
also i hope to continued
kimmetje is a really nice guy on or off the matts
hightly recommended if u ask me :)



wrestler86 is recommended by Chubbybear

He is a Nice and strong men, and now how to wrestle . We had a lot of fun and hoop to meet him soon again . On and of the mats real Nice Guy ! Try him out !!!



Chubbybear is recommended by wrestler86

Hey evertbody
I had a match with chubbybear
I loved to wrestle him hes a verry awesome guy on and off the mat...
Really nice to met him..
So if you like a good wrestle then i advice to wrestle with him :)



wrestler86 is recommended by Vpower

Had fun times doing some Pro Wrestling moves! Was definitely able to try some moves I haven't done yet as well!



Vpower is recommended by wrestler86

Hello i meet vpower a while ago and hope to see him soon for a rematch :)
It was a nice wrestle with him
Hes a good guy on and off the mat :)

Higtly reancomended :)



wrestler86 is recommended by SJB

Really cool guy, nice and friendly and a great host.
Had a great weekend wrestling him and he showed me quite a few moves. He is an extremly tall and strong guy and he did some amazing holds, pins and lifts on me that I couldn't escape from!
I highly recommend to meet him as he is a really nice guy and a skilled wrestler.
Thanks wrestler86 and I look forward to meeting you again soon :)



SJB is recommended by wrestler86

this man is amazing
it was a honor to host him
he's a realy verry nice guy
you can good speak with him and ofcorse ....
we have a few nice matches

nothing to say then


thanks sjb for a nice weekend :D