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I enjoy wrestling every now and then.
I'm also into gut punching; more on the receiving end. If interested, just send me a message ;-)

Know that while I may not be interested to wrestle everyone, I could still be interested in some gut punching.

Also, I consider myself more of a heel. However, I do not mind going against someone that is way more experienced. Besides, I'm still looking for someone that could make me submit in a bearhug, which is like impossible to achieve. 💪🏽

When messaging me, I expect that texts and photos remain confidential. Seems like guys here really like talking 🙄 (pun intended). If you cannot keep that promise, it is best not to contact me. One way or the other, I will find out.

P.S. I lose interest quickly, so if it's going to be a struggle to meet soon, then it's not going to work for me. And it's difficult to get my interest back.



  1. Netherlands, Amsterdam
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I am willing to travel 30 kilometers


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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AD33C luc25 ukfighter wrestlemate 1


wrestler989 is recommended by AD33C

Wrestler989 is a lovely guy and tough wrestler, he knows what he's doing, he's strong and nimble. He can get a little cocky sometimes, but he isn’t all bark and no bite, when he really gets 'warmed up' he will get you in trouble, couldn’t beat him (yet). And if his moves don’t take you down his dad jokes certainly will. Overall a great sportsman who will kick your ass and a very friendly person, would highly recommend him.



AD33C is recommended by wrestler989

AD33C says he has very little experience, but if you underestimate him, you're screwed. This guy has great strenght and endurance. If you end up in one of his chokes chances are high that it would be game over for you soon.
Besides that, he's a nice, reliable, and very intelligent guy. I also had the pleasure to get a taste of his cooking "yum yum". He's an amazing cook and pastry chef. Overall, I had a nice time. Very recommendable.



wrestler989 is recommended by ukfighter

I had a fantastic session with W989
He travelled from the other side of Holland for our match and it was really worth it!
It is true about his thighs..Incredibly strong, and when he applied pressure it was unbearably painful...
He has one of the most amazing bodies i have ever seen..Quite incredible!
I would HIGHLY recommend him. Nice guy, interesting AND reliable. Looking forward to round 2!!



ukfighter is recommended by wrestler989

I had a nice experience with UKfighter.
He's very skilled and can easily put you in punishing holds with no escaping them; especially his crushing bearhug.
He's also a nice, friendly, respectful man that continually makes sure that you're also having a good time.
Definitely meet him if you have the chance or if you really want to experience what it feels like to be in some punishing holds.



wrestler989 is recommended by luc25

Never had a match planned so little time before the meeting. And an impressive match it was with an amazing opponent! A man of iron, fierce, tireless in action, who refuses to give up and forces me to dig deep into my resources of strength and endurance. His holds are unyielding, his thighs are rock solid and escaping from them is a real challenge. Besides his rock-hard muscles, he has the most catching smile and good mood which makes the encounter unforgettable. Thank you for that terrific match!



luc25 is recommended by wrestler989

Luc25 is a very strong and skilled wrestler. If he gets you in one of his holds it's nearly impossible to get out. It requires a lot of strenght to wrestle him. I had a good long session with him. Definitely recommendable if you want a test of strenght.
He was also very reliable and easy to plan a match with. We met less than 24 hours after having our first chat; we met on the same day.



wrestler989 is recommended by wrestlemate 1

His profile description is totally correct! Please read it carefully! And even with not too much experience he fights better than 80% of all of us here. He's a sport addicted talent with the mission to make his opponent stronger. He's smart, relaxed, reliable, empathetic...
Don't know who won or lost... If there was already any loser in our 3 hrs fight. Most appreciated and most recommended !



wrestlemate 1 is recommended by wrestler989

Wrestlemate_1 is a skilled and very strong wrestler. He was able to host and meet within just a day. I had great long match with him. He was also open to teach me a few holds/skills that I will use for sure in future matches. Besides that, he's a relaxed, respectful, and reliable man. I had a good time with him.