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Friendly strong guy, with reasonable experience in wrestling, would like to find opponents for wrestling/fighting bouts. Any style and gear is acceptable.



  1. Israel, תל אביב-יפו
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  2. Austria, Vienna
    (I'm here between 11/19/2018 and 11/26/2018)
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 192 lbs (87 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Hebrew

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wrestlron is recommended by pndfighter

Got to spend a great later evening with wrestlron. The afterwork wrestling session was very welcome as I've had a lot of built up energy from the day that needed a vent - and he proved to be the perfect guy to soak it all up and even give me back some more!

Strong, agile and with a bit of a "mean" streak if you happen to let him get something on you, but never meaning to hurt anybody, unless you count your diaphragm - because you will most likely spend a good amount of time smiling and even laughing while wrestling this fine man!

Off the mats he's a very sociable and interesting guy - so it was quite a pity that we weren't able to spend more time together over a drink or dinner - but that's something to look forward to for the next meeting!



pndfighter is recommended by wrestlron

After reading all the fantastic recommendations in Pndfighter's profile i was prepared to meet an excellent wrestler. But the meeting with him exceeded all expectations.

Pndfighter is the perfect combination of a great wrestler and a great lovely guy. He is a trustworthy, fun, easy-going and very friendly opponent. Skilled and competent in many fighting styles and always "mean" and tough but in the most kind and gracious way :-)
I was no match to him- he is so effective, resourceful and knowing his way on the mats, that I have found myself tapping many times, but due to the fantastic spirit of match he induced I wanted to go again and again.

Off the mats Pndfighter is incredibly nice, warm, hospitable and gentle person. The minute you meet him he gives you a feeling of a long time friend and dispels any feeling of apprehension that may accompany the first moments of wrestling match. He is patient, full of charm and fun to be with, the conversations with him were interesting and flowing.

Wrestling with PND fighter was the highlight of my trip to Vienna. This sweaty match with with this incredible guy made the trip worthy. No visit to Vienna will be complete without meeting this awesome adorable guy.



wrestlron is recommended by nogen

had a great wrestling evening with Wrestlron: an experienced, very powerful and skilled wrestler. Off the mat he is also a perfect host and a fascinating person to chat with.



nogen is recommended by wrestlron

Writing that wrestling Nogen is a positive experience will be an underestimation. It was an awesome amazing experience.
Nogen is very strong with beautifully shaped muscled body. If he catches you in his scissors, make sure you have a free hand to tap immediately. The match we had was powerful and sweaty. I immensely enjoyed it.

More important, off the mats Nogen is utterly charming and friendly, broad-minded and genuine. He is incredibly intelligent and has an impressive knowledge on many subjects, but he is so gracefully modest that he won't mention it and not brag.

When he went home I was so sorry that our meeting is already over. Both wrestling him and knowing him is wonderful.
I look forward to our next session :-)



wrestlron is recommended by polyethylene33

Amazingly nice guy who has a nice mats setup in central Tel Aviv. Off the mats Very welcoming, on them a real powerhouse that knows how to use his strength and weight. He’s fun to tame and knows how to enjoy his match. Recommended if in tel Aviv



polyethylene33 is recommended by wrestlron

What a marvelous wrestler, a fantastic fighter and a terrific person. If you want to experience a very skillful knowledgeable opponent, a tough powerful wrestling machine and a charming friendly and kind person - Polyethylen33 got it all.
Although our weight differences I was no match to him- he is so effective and knowing his way on the mats, that I found myself begging for mercy many times. Polyethylene33 is a man of 1000 holds. He is familiar with every wrestling hold in the book, and knows how to execute it in a mean proficient way.
Polyethylene was so nice and kind to teach me some stuff and correct my mistakes in the bouts.
Off the mats he is an extremely nice person, graceful, easy going, fun to be with, witty, with a lovely personal charm.
Polyethylene33 is definitely a superior wrestler - I am sure that he is one of the top fighters in this website. Highly recommended!!
Thank you Polyethylene33 for an amazing match and for your amazing attitude. I hope that our ways will cross again :-)



wrestlron is recommended by GreekFighter

He was my very first "challenge" on this site, long long long... long time ago, not to mention yeeeeears ago!

He is super strong, skilled, technical, a fight machine, true warrior. He knows his game very very well and can go from mild to wild. Outside the mats he is super passionate and a super nice guy, a true gentleman.

Everytime we meet is a true pleasure, hope to meet again in the near future :-)

Super highly recommended!!!



GreekFighter is recommended by wrestlron

What can I say about this fantastic marvelous fighting machine that wasn't written here before? GreekFighter is a skilled, tough, strong wrestler with immense knowledge of holds and tactics. He is a master of wrestling full of power, ability and enthusiasm.

I have met GreekFighter several times in the past, and he is the wrestler of my dreams. Actually - of anyone dreams: Every match with him is awesome, he knows how to use his muscled body to apply any hold you can imagine, and when you think that it can't get better - it is getting better.

More important, off the mats he is very friendly, kind hearted and welcoming. The guy is incredibly charming, charismatic, and warm, but so modest he'd never allow you to say it.

I feel lucky and privileged to fight this great fighter. Thank you Greekfighter for brilliant matches of many years and incredible company, thank you for the delight and the amusement, thank you for being a friend



wrestlron is recommended by omr24

Wrestlron is an amazing guy, very friendly with a lot of charm. He is very strong and energetic, like a bull. His grips are tough to break and he uses a lot of strength in his holds. It was very tough to handle with his muscle mass and it was almost impossible to roll him over to a better positions. We additionally tried punching and it was a great fun (Especially for me ;). Besides the fighting I really enjoyed talking with Wrestlron, this guy is really interesting, pleasant and easy going I have no doubt we will meet again. Highly recommended!



omr24 is recommended by wrestlron

When you meet Omr24 you are being caught not only in wrestling holds but also with his impressive personality. This guy is oozing charisma and full of charm.
But don't let his colgate smile and friendly attitude fool you - he is a tough vicious opponent, with tons of energy and a "mean streak". Omr 24 is incredibly strong and experienced and really enjoys to control the match. This lion will attack you with unexpected ferocity, and he is very proficient and energetic.
Our meeting was a delightful enjoyable experience for me. Omr24 is a very good wrestler, and an amazing guy. You shouldn't miss a meeting with him.



wrestlron is recommended by Eitanr

The fight with Wrestlron was a unique exprience for me.
Firstly wrestlron is a really nice and gentle person that host me in his house in a perfect way.
Before i wrestle with him i talked with him few times and after our first talk i understand how much things we have in common.
In a addition to be a good person wrestlron also have a great power and a really good technique and i learn a lot from him.
He have a great fighting spirite that make the fight more fun and more intresting.
In the fight i feel that wrestlron knew any of my steps.
The fight was amazing and i am really happy that i meet this amazing person!
And i must to face him again!



Eitanr is recommended by wrestlron

Eitanr - what a fantastic pleasant surprise!
Sometime, one might think that he is too tired to wrestle or suffers an injury, and a meeting with a marvelous guy like Eitan reminds you how great it can be and makes it all worthwhile.

Although he is not very experienced, he is so talented and creative, so strong and agile - that you feel you are fighting someone with many years of experience. Eitan is tough, aggresive and above all has tons of stamina and endless sources of energy. He has the right fighting spirit and can wrestle for many hours- that is what we did - mainly because it was such a great experience. I didn't want it to end.

Later, when we went for dinner, I have discovered that he is also a charming friendly, warm sweet guy, He is honest, trustworthy, great company and fun to be with.
Thank you Eitan for an amazing experience. Can't wait to meet you again :-)



wrestlron is recommended by tlvalor

Wow, those kind and warm words coming from a guy like wrestlron left me speechless. Where can I start. This is one tough mother f….r. Do not let his baby face fool you. He is an amazingly strong and brave human being in all walks of his life, including on the mat of course. When we met he asked me to have mercy on him, and boy, he was not the one who needed mercy.
I can foresee many more great matches with him. Do not miss the chance to meet wrestlron if you can.



tlvalor is recommended by wrestlron

Tlvalor is a tough powerful fighter with a cast iron body. He is incredibly strong and muscular, and apart from wrestling he is knowledgeable in karate and Muay Thai. You can understand that this guy should be taken very seriously :-)
Our match was very intensive, sweaty and forceful - and mostly fun.

Off the mats he is a perfect gentleman, an interesting impressive person and a friendly intelegent guy, full of kindness and charm.
Highly recommended



wrestlron is recommended by galmuscle

I have met him many times.
He is a very nice guy, with a great wrestling location . he is a superior wrestler, and very strong. Familiar to all linds of wrestling styles, and the most fun to wrestle with.
Most recommended.



galmuscle is recommended by wrestlron

I have wrestled Gal dozens of times during the last 15 years.
He is my wrestling buddy and the guy thats "responsible" for most of my wrestling training.
The guy is tough, incredibly strong, with beautiful muscled body and lots of stamina. Its very difficult to oppose his powerful holds, but he is so nice that he can adjust the level of strength fighting.
Every match with Gal is an intense workout with lots of fun and sweating. He is very versatiule in wrestling styles and we wrestled different kinds of matches with different rules each time.Each and every match was a real pleasure.
Off the mats Gal is friendly, kind and open minded.
I heartly recommend meeting and wrestling him. You will surely enjoy the battle :-)



wrestlron is recommended by cyberwrestler21

Wrestlron is very intelligent, strong, sexy and sensual wrestler. Even though he had the weight advantage, he got down to my level so that we could both have fun. He knows a lot of hot holds (and how to apply them) and I had lots of fun wrestling him. Very strong but always respects your limits. Off the mats he is very kind and polite and overall very pleasant to be around. Would be very happy to wrestle him again in the future.



cyberwrestler21 is recommended by wrestlron

What can I say about this terrific guy that hasn't already been written here… In one word – fantastic!

Cyberwrestler21 is an awesome guy, extremely kind and respectful all the while tough and very powerful. He has very fit body, flexibility, knowledge of many holds and friendly attitude. He is charming and graceful with a lot of passion to wrestling. Off the mats he is a very friendly, kind, warm lovely guy, trustworthy and much fun to be with. I can not praise him enough.

Our meeting was incredible and I deeply enjoyed it. Despite his tight schedule he went out of his way to make it happen, and I'm so grateful for it. Even after hours of wrestling I didn't want our meeting to end. A match with Cyberwrestle21 is highly recommend to any wrestler who visits Sofia . I will definitely like to meet him again (and again, and again :-)



wrestlron is recommended by pouochh

Ron is one powerful gentleman. He is a great host and a great conversation partner; very tough and versatile on the mats and a friendly companion off them. In a competitive match he was almost impossible to submit and gave me a hard time trying. This was a challenge that I enjoyed immensely! Then, being manhandled by him in some back breaking maneuvers was awesome. Sort of a pleasurable hell of hot suffering :)
I most definitely recommend challenging him, meeting him and rolling around on the mats with this very friendly muscleman. I sure hope to be doing it again one day!



pouochh is recommended by wrestlron

This is the best expression that can describe my feeling after the match with Pouochh. He is simply awesome. Don't be fooled by his size - he is very strong, agile, skillful and knowledgable wrestler.
We discovered we share many similar interests in wrestling and Pouochh was so kind to demonstrate and teach me some techniques. During the match he knew how to keep a great fighting atmosphere and good sportsmanship.

Off the mats he is a very friendly, kind, warm lovely guy and much fun to be with. I can not praise him enough. Even after hours of wrestling I didn't want our meeting to end. It was fantastic.

Thank you Pouochh for a wonderful wonderful experience, and hopefully for more to come.



wrestlron is recommended by macuilxochitl

Ron is a really nice guy. He is very powerful, but I wrestled with him in total safety.
Although we didn't have sufficiently large place, but it was an intense match which I really enjoyed.
Off the mat, we had a little talk and I really appreciated his kindness. I would definitely meet him again!

Ron est vraiment un bon gars. Il est puissant, mais respecte tout a fait des limites des autres.
On a du lutter dans une piece pas tres grande, mais on a bien sue et j'ai vraiment aime.
A part cela, j'ai vraiment apprecie sa gentillesse remarquable. Je recommande vivement !



macuilxochitl is recommended by wrestlron

macuilxochitl is such a kind lovely interesting guy, and talking with him is fascinating and delightful. He is full of charm and very friendly, and I am so sorry that we hadn't more time to talk.

On the mats - this guy is much stronger than he looks. Wrestling with him was tough and sweaty, lots of fun and good workout. He is quick, with high stamina, powerful legs and arms, and very hard to submit. Very desirable opponent.

I highly recommend him as a wrestler and as a friend, and I will do all I can to be sure that our roads will cross again



wrestlron is recommended by tapout

+16 kg (actually 88 kg) is a challenge. Gym trained muscled arms - so forget about the American Armlock. However, some nice triangles fell down upon him instead ;-) Watch out his legscissors and his cervical techniques!



tapout is recommended by wrestlron

Tapout is an ideal combination of a great wrestler and great guy.

On the wrestling aspect: He is fast, strong, knowledgeable, having tons of stamina. Very skillful and resourceful on the mats and has great sportsmanship. (Be careful of his devasteting triangles which he can apply in no time :-))

Off the mats Tapout is incredibly nice, warm, hospitable and friendly person. The minute you meet him he gives you a feeling of a long time friend and dispels any feeling of apprehension that may accompany the first moments of wrestling match. Tapout is gracious, patient and fun to be with, and the conversations with him were interesting and flowing.

In summary: All the recommendations in his profile are correct - An awesome guy and an excellent wrestler.
Thank you Tapout for making my stay in Manila worthwhile.



FighterGuyy is recommended by wrestlron

Reading all the recommendations in Fighterboyy profile before I met him, it was sure that I'll meet one of the best and most skillful wrestlers in the business. However, reality exceeded all expectations. The guy is a powerhouse of wrestling. He is knowledgeable, strong, quick, very talented and tough. His technique is great and so his sportsmanship. He is MUCH better wrestler than me.

More important, he was very friendly kind hearted and welcoming. The guy is incredibly intelligent, funny, and warm, but so modest he'd never allow you to say it.

His open-minded and impressive personality coupled with his pleasant warm manner, and excellent wrestling skills, made the meeting with him an unforgettable one. I owe the experience of a great trip to Budapest to this fellow. Thank you Fighterboyy, although I was defeated, it has been a privilege to be an opponent of yours.



wrestlron is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

Pics do lie! I did not expect him to be that big, powerful and strong, and I was no match with him. The couple of times I made him submit were more of weaknesses on his part, rather than something I actively did. He is personable and friendly, such that he even offers his apartment for the use of others. I definitely recommend him.



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by wrestlron

Joey is a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable wrestler. He has high endurance and pain threshold, and doesn't give up easily. Out of the mats he is friendly, genuine and interesting guy. I enjoyed his company a lot, and hopefuly we will be able to meet again sometime.