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I like judo, wrestling, submission matches, etc...



  1. Germany, Hanover
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Age: 29-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 159 lbs (72 kg)

Submission Submission
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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Past Opponents

Dirka GrapplerNL Marcofighter


youngfighter89 is recommended by GrapplerNL

Youngfighter is maybe new into submission fighting but he is very skilled. He is fast and has a great fighting instinct. It felt like I was fighting a guy who has lots of experience.

His body is lean muscled. His legs are insane strong. Watch out for his scissors.

Off the mats he is smart and a great guy to talk too.
Even we met for about 5 hours we still wanted to fight more.

Happy this guy is my 100th opponent!
Hope to see him soon again.

Highly recommended!!!



GrapplerNL is recommended by youngfighter89

GrapplerNL is a very strong and skilled fighter. Even though we have similar weights he clearly dominated the fight. Anyway, he was able to adapt to my level and felt very safe with him all the time. He also taught me some good holds but I still need to learn a lot if I want to be a decent opponent for him.

He is also a great guy off the mats. He is very kind and smart. I really enjoyed the time spent with him.

Never miss the chance to meet this guy. I recommend him 100%!!

I would've loved to have more time to fight. Hopefully we can meet soon again for some more sweaty fun.



youngfighter89 is recommended by Dirka

Youngfighter89 is a huge guy. He is realy strong and has nice abs. He started fighting for two month and will practice his technique but he is very fast. So I think he will beat many other Fighters here.
I am sure we will Fight again.
I can recomend him absolutly.



Dirka is recommended by youngfighter89

It was so much fun to fight with Dirka. He is much stronger than me and he could have dominated me from beginning to end. But he let me submit him sometimes. Due to the size difference, he was able to escape from my holds easily. I recommend him 100% but be careful because this guy is really strong and you'll need to try hard to make him submit. I'm sure we'll fight again in the future



youngfighter89 is recommended by Marcofighter

Youngfighter89 is really a strong and skilled fighter. I enjoyed the time on the mats with him. I felt always safe because he knows to wrestle fair play . His legs are amazing muscular and be careful that you dont end between them.
I am happy to be his first opponent on this site and i totally recommend this guy for all who enjoy wrestling in a competitive and funny way!
I look forward to our rematch! Take care of you and wish you a lot of good experiences with meetfighter users😊



Marcofighter is recommended by youngfighter89

I had my first fight on this site with Marcofighter and I really enjoyed it. He is a very nice guy and, even though he is a much more experienced wrestler than me, he made me feel safe at every moment. He knows what he does and always plays fair. I enjoyed the match a lot. I tried hard to make him submit but in the end he was able to get me where he wanted when he wanted. We will definitely meet again for a second bout. Perhaps next time I can win him!