Member since 7.8 years
Age 69
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 148 lbs (67 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear singlet, denim, leather, trunks, boots, underwear, none
Languages spoken English
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Last update 11/01/2021



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  1. Canada - Ontario, East York
    Place of residence

Past opponents


Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

Match structure: Play wrestling

Specific wrestling styles: Mud/oil wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting

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World's best foreplay...muscles, sweat and bulges. If you like a fun, friendly, hot, horny wrestle then I'm your man! Half speed, fully hard. Play wrestling, fucking, rimming, oral, cock comparisons, bulge-to-bulge, cock fighting, J/O, frot, lycra (singlets!), edging, nipple play


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yyzgwmc2c is recommended by craigtoronto

Met up with this long-time friend this week to armwrestle. Even though I've been impressed with his biceps for ever and a day, I was expecting to walk away the champ given our difference in size. He had other thoughts though, and he can back up those peaks with a strong arm.....we did best 2/3 right and left, and to my surprise i went down 2 straight on both arms....long matches albeit, but he had me inching down from the start. I hope for a rematch soon!



craigtoronto is recommended by yyzgwmc2c

CT is a great arm-wrestler – I'm convinced this big, strong guy let me win! But win or lose, he's always fun. I see more curls in my future to try and equal his size!



yyzgwmc2c is recommended by Sunny DeLeon

I met this very handsome and fit man on Oct 28 during my road to 100 trip in Toronto. He is so much fun to wrestle with. He did get some assistance from our gracious host MadeinCanada during our match just as I was about to submit him and they both punished this Prairie boy to show me Torontonians stick together. Despite their secret alliance I had an incredibly fun time rolling with Yyzgwmc2c and his secret tag partner. Next time I will bring backup.



Sunny DeLeon is recommended by yyzgwmc2c

I had a great time with this very nice guy – strong, skilled, hot. It's a good think I had a tag-team partner (madeincanada) to bail me out, or I'd have been in trouble. I'm already looking forward to his next trip to Toronto!



yyzgwmc2c is recommended by kevwrstlr

He's an experienced cockfighter and can put up a good long fight.



kevwrstlr is recommended by yyzgwmc2c

The best cockfighter I've met – one very tough opponent.



yyzgwmc2c is recommended by Beaker

Travelled to 'yyz's place - SUPER host; Great on the mats and socializing afterwards. 100% recommended to accept his invites to grapple OR to challenge him.



Beaker is recommended by yyzgwmc2c

A great bout with Beaker – fun to roll around with and to get to know afterwards. A strong and accomplished wrestler.



yyzgwmc2c is recommended by JDTP Jobber

Had a chance to meet up with YYZ and I was not disappointed. A great body (he's strong!) and a wonderful host. He made me feel right at ease the second I arrived. We had a nice sweaty session. I look forward to inviting YYZ to my place for another round!



JDTP Jobber is recommended by yyzgwmc2c

Had a great time with JDTP. Absolutely the right match of expectations and outcomes (I love it when that happens!) I'm looking forward to taking him up on his invitation to a match at his place soon.



yyzgwmc2c is recommended by SeattleFight

Had an amazing time in a free-for-all match with this hot lean muscled dude, our host madeincanada, and omr24. It was very fluid and because we were all close in size it was maximum fun. Yyz is a great guy and excellent wrestler and I'd be happy to take him on again any time. A real pleasure to wrestle and visit with.



SeattleFight is recommended by yyzgwmc2c

The worst thing about our great match, along with madeincanada and omr24 , is that he lives so far away! If you were in Toronto, mate, we'd be doing this every week! A strong, skilled, nice guy.