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Hey guys, a nice guy from Ottawa who enjoys submission style wrestlers. Prefer wrestlers from all backgrounds, skill level and size. Shoot me a message if you would like to arrange a meet up :)



  1. Canada - Ontario, Ottawa
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  2. Canada - Quebec, Gatineau
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Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 126 lbs (57 kg)

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zeakmartin is recommended by Scissor Guy

All the other recommendations hit the mark! Zeak pound for pound is probably the strongest wrestler I've met so far. He won't let you get away with anything on the mat! His super fast reactions ensure you pay the price for leaving yourself open :) Great guy to chat to as well, be sure to roll with Zeak if you can!



zeakmartin is recommended by lb200

Great things come in small packages. This sums up Zeak very well: he is a powerhouse! He has excellent wrestling skills, great leg power, unparalleled flexibility and speed, making him one of the fiercest wrestlers i've ever fought.

Definitely don't underestimate him! If you do, you will find yourself under him in less than half a second ;)



zeakmartin is recommended by wrestlingforfun

Very nice man out of the mats, Zeak is really powerful while he's wrestling. As everybody who met him said, don't take his light weight as a definitive advantage because you will have a great surprise ! He's rapid, strong, hard on the man ! Always with fun and respect, he will probably let you very tired after the fight with his great energy !
Don't hesitate to meet him in Ottawa !



wrestlingforfun is recommended by zeakmartin

Solid, friendly guy who is determined to learn even though he is beginner! I had a pleasant experience teaching this guy a lesson! have fun!



zeakmartin is recommended by Bluestar

I was completely dominated hard by this young man skill and force. I tap out multiple times for two hours which made me subject to his dirty moves. If you looking for a challenge and fun then Zeak is your guy!!



Bluestar is recommended by zeakmartin

Solid guy! Knows his limit and knows what he wants! If you are looking for a challenge with a lean tall dude, shoot Bluestar a message! :)



zeakmartin is recommended by andro

I have definitely enjoyed all the matches so far with Zeakmartin! And don’t be fooled by his size! This guy really knows what he is doing and knows his shit! He is also a really nice and pleasant guy. Looking forward for more encounters and would definitely recommend



andro is recommended by zeakmartin

I have had a few matches with gentleman. Incredibly sweet and personable guy! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good friend, wrestler and an open minded buddy to try new moves. I hope to see more of you!



zeakmartin is recommended by eman170

After numerous back and forth messages, got to meet up and wrestling with Zeakmartin!

Wow! He's a real good looking guy and really strong!

He's much stronger than he looks and watch out for those amazing legs of his!



zeakmartin is recommended by Dipper

What even happened. It's been a month but I'm still sort of in shock how badly he beat me, despite being half my size???

All in all though, Zeakmartin is an awesome guy. Wrestling, he knows what he's doing. He's super sweet, even if he tries to heel it still comes off adorkable. Neither of us went in with any expectations and then 4(?) hours later I'd say I've had my second favourite wrestling match ever.

So yeah. Don't underestimate him, and if you get a chance to meet him, don't hesitate. I hope to meet up again sometime and redeem myself.



zeakmartin is recommended by Ivan 1606

I had a great match with zeakmartin. Don't let his size fool you, he's a skilled wrestler with a lot of stamina and should not be underestimated!



Ivan 1606 is recommended by zeakmartin

Sweet young man! Enjoyed my match with him. Intelligent and charismatic personality along with being a dedicated wrestler.



zeakmartin is recommended by Armyman

A really nice guy. Genuine and stronger than he looks. Do not underestimate him! Chat him up. You will have a good time.



Armyman is recommended by zeakmartin

Strong opponent and quite enjoyable to wrestle with. He can be playful and serious! A well rounded individual as well. I would look forward to more action with you! :)



zeakmartin is recommended by canwrestle

Had an awesome and very competitive submission match with Zeak. Don't be fooled by his size, this boy is strong and aggressive with tons of stamina. It was a long match, sweaty, back and forth with lots of punishing holds. I would say I came out on top but it was close and I look forward to earning a more decisive victory in our next lock up. Off the mat Zeak is friendly respectful and easy to set a match up with. I highly recommend him if you wanna good fight.