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hi! i'like sumo wrestling or submission wrestling
i looking for smilar build wrestler or sumo wrestler or boxer

please send me a message!

안녕하세요! 스모나 레슬링(프로) 혹은 복싱 한판 하실 저와 체중이 비슷하시거나 더 높으신분을 찾고있습니다

격한 대전이나 jobber & heel 전 롤플레잉식등 다양하게 좋아하고 플레이 한적이 있습니다

한판 하시고 싶으신 분은 메세지로 연락처 남겨주세요~



  1. South Korea, Seoul
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 223 lbs (101 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Korean

Gear: mawashi,singlets,brief

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Sumo Sumo
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zumo mask is recommended by passermontanus

I had a fun match with this guy.

He is very considerate of his opponent while setting up a match, and tries his best to make the match enjoyable for both of us. I wanted a submission match with some body shots, and he was happy to oblige. But he is into many types of wrestling, so just ask him.

When he stepped onto the mats, I felt like I could win, even with his weight advantage. He proved me wrong. He handled me pretty easily, probably because he is used to wrestling guys heavier than he is. I managed to make him tap once, but I have to admit he beat me this time.

Although the match was short and the place was not ideal, meeting him was a great experience. Hope we could wrestle soon again, preferably much longer!



passermontanus is recommended by zumo mask

I had a fun match with this cool guy

It took us several months to meet, but this time we could meet for one hour so we played a wrestling match

He was very considerate to me and arranged accommodations for me when I was busy

When wrestling with him at Matt, he was immature for not having much wrestling experience, but he had a different tenacity, stamina and guts.
So he left me with another defeat on the mat

He is a good man and a good opponent. If you have a chance to see him, be sure to see him.



zumo mask is recommended by wrestleku

We had a good time together. It was almost first time that I play sumo with proper mawashi on, and it was more fun that I expected. Despite of our difference of body size, we played even fun matches. Highly recommended.



wrestleku is recommended by zumo mask

I was the first time I met my same age wrestler
and i saw One of the strongest wrestlers.
we played sumo wrestling
I played an equal sumo wrestling with him
But I couldn't beat him
I will ask him for revenge match someday
Highly recommendable.



fatboston is recommended by zumo mask

he was powerful and strong

If he did not overlook me I would never have won

and he is a With good manners guy :)

I also want to wrestle with him again



zumo mask is recommended by dragoon

Went to Seoul over the weekend to meet this guy.

Spent the first bit of time exchanging pro/submission holds to warm up. Then we moved on to more competitive submission and rolling around.

He likes competitive matches and got me into a chokehold a couple of times, but he was safe and released the hold as soon as I tapped.

Even off the mats, he is very friendly and is easy to get along with.

There's a bit of a language barrier as he has some difficulties with English, but google translate can help with that somewhat. Definitely a good guy to meet if you're in Korea!



dragoon is recommended by zumo mask

he is a great wrestler!
He was for me a lot kindness to giving was

We are quite a lot of time with spent the period of time fun wrestling enjoyed

We mat back up game to its Tens minutes. Wallow hold tightening a peak achieved when I finally his 'bear hugs' surrender has been

His submissions skill and 'bear hugs' is a very strong

South Korea in the wrestler have him must meet:)