Doing some Abs Workout

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Uploaded on 8/09/2018 by ausrasren123

08.08.2018 abs Workout in the gym...

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Comments (4)

RadnerBearman (0 gold) 8/12/2018 3:45 PM

One of my favorite exercizes. I do three sets of 50 slowly. Sone times weighted. This is one of the best routines yiu can do for a rock hard, punch proof stomach. It is a slow and controled movement If you are in shape you can and should have someone punch you or shove a medicine ball into your gut to harden you even more.


ikf (31 ) 8/10/2018 8:31 PM

Nice deliberate reps, no swinging.

(Maybe try recording from the side next time to show hip action.)


Squashlad (267 platinum) 8/09/2018 11:01 PM

Working out shirtless: definitely the business! 💪👍


Grappler it (19) 8/09/2018 7:27 AM

..but, for accuracy's sake, everybody knows this is NOT abs work, because you are training your Ileo-psoas.. abs just fix you steady ;P