South Coast Brawl 1

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Uploaded on 7/14/2019 by Torrnado

This was supposed to be FightNHB_UK's chance to even the score after being defeated by Torrnado in London last month. It quickly descended into a bad tempered brawl as all rules went out of the window. Torrnado tries to fight of a brutal beating from FightNHB_UK in this first round of two. This has been heavily edited.

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Comments (4)

wanna roll (4 silver) 5 hours ago

Great action, especially when FightNHB UK turns the table on Torrnado with some nice pancake poundings.


Torrnado (146 platinum) 5 hours ago

(In reply to this)

Yeah, I loved being on the receiving end of those ;)


Hardmatch (72 platinum) 1 days ago

More great action. Academy award calibre editing. 😉


Torrnado (146 platinum) 1 days ago

(In reply to this)

Haha! It was a good fight though and I think it shows on the vid.
I'm hoping FightNHB_UK will soon upload the final round. I've edited that also...and it has a surprise ending....