Torture Rack on Lorak

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Uploaded on 5/07/2018 by Hillbilly huge

Racking the ots backbreaking

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Comments (7)

matslam (205 gold) 12 days ago

You make it seem so effortless!


BamaJDon41 (0 gold) 12 days ago

Video Of The Year!!!


slim4thick (2 gold) 13 days ago

Yass! Love watching you toy with little jobbers! Thanks for sharing. I hope this is the start of another video series! ;)


leanaussiemuscle (33 gold) 13 days ago

So much power
So easy for you
Not even trying
Squash next?


jcdf (3 gold) 13 days ago

Lol holding someone there with just one hand makes it even more mean ha ha :)


bearhuggin (4 bronze) 13 days ago

I like how you just casually hold him over the shoulder like a box on moving day. Except it's a person 😅


SidDraco (0 bronze) 13 days ago

Should have squashed him too. Still sexy tho