Tynesider v EastCheshire guy

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Uploaded on 8/12/2018 by Tynesider

Rounds 2, 3 and 4 are on EastCheshireguy's profile.

Thanks to MCRLON for recording this match and to Bailey for editing the video. That has enabled me to upload it at last.

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Comments (13)

JUDOMARS (134 platinum) 22 hours ago

always GREAT with EastCheshire! thank to the both TOPS here!


Wrestlingfan14 (33 gold) 1 days ago

WOW! Amazing round! I had watched the other 3 rounds on EastCheshireguy's profile and I had wondered where the first round was, now I finally watched it! So, thank you very much for sharing it!!! I do LOVE your fights with EastCheshireguy!!! Next time I would love to be the cameraman, when he is completely back to the mats!


UwillTAP (107 platinum) 4 days ago

Truly GREAT wrestling between two very well matched men.
This is what real wrestling is all about.
Congrats to Tynsider on the win, you earned it!


Terryrassler (38 platinum) 4 days ago

Excellent match and wrestling... all 4 videos and rounds are great.


Navyguy (51 gold) 5 days ago

Great fight guys. Well done.


ukscisors (22 silver) 7 days ago

powerful round for Tynesider - ECG owned


Tynesider (76) 7 days ago

(In reply to this)

ECG and me were fairly evenly matched at that time so I was amazed at the result over 4 rounds.

After seeing him in action at his last meet and being impressed at how much he has improved i think the result will be totally reversed the next time we wrestle. It will be great to have ECG back.


ukman65 (8 bronze) 8 days ago

nice match guys, wish one of you had been me!


Ben skull stephens (185) 8 days ago

Great match


Hardmatch (68 platinum) 8 days ago

Great action. Eastcheshireguy is very strong and has good experience but that doesn’t help once Tynesider gets top position and employs his patented patient approach. Virtually impossible to shift Tynesider then. Thanks for posting!


handto 2000 (11) 8 days ago

Good match. Thanks for sharing it.


wrestlerherts (34) 9 days ago

Awesome work fellas


Fistfighter4772a (10) 9 days ago

Nice. Shame wasn’t a fist fight.

I’ll take u both