legwork on the mats

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Uploaded on 5/12/2018 by OttBattle

using my thighs to defeat my opponent...want some?

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Comments (7)

Boots Hartman (4 platinum) 5 days ago

OttBattle kicks ass efficiently and muscularly and earns everyone's respect.


NW UK WRESTLER (30) 5 days ago

Always a pleasure to watch Ott battle.


hellcatedy (38) 10 days ago

Hot wrestling! Would enjoy a match with either or both of you! Love the sweat on you as well.


ukscisors (19 gold) 11 days ago

as hot as ever!


Boots Hartman (4 platinum) 11 days ago

Aw, yeah. Strong video in every respect.


Grakoda (17 gold) 11 days ago

Wow... the way Ott just slams his opponents lifeless body shows his pure power. But then miraculously the other guy comes back with some moves of his own. Impressive!


Slambrotha (2 bronze) 11 days ago

impressive bro. Nice Mat work.