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Main Intro

Mainly enjoy meeting people. I have pro wrestling experience. I worked on the indy scene for 20 years as a referee, manager and ran some shows.

I like the idea of full male body contact. Back and forth to domination, jobber/heel (I enjoy being the heel more and destroy these babyfaces and punish them), all for fun. I prefer around my age to younger. I can show/teach quite a bit. Friends first then take it from there. I can come up with some great heel/jobber scenarios. I use all king of various holds, moves, pins, stretches, cheat tactics, and much more.

I get really turned on with jobbers struggling and being hero like but just coming up short..also good back and forth. I get turned on with guys in their tight gear.

I'm not here for competitive or to hurt anyone and I expect the same! For me it is all about fun and male bonding! Not really into nudity unless chemistry is there.

I am laid back, easy-going, and fun to be around.

My preference is younger guys, enjoy much of the same, easy going, clean and fun to be around!

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