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An MMA fighter is outed, another dies

In my social media feed, I read about one MMA fighter coming out as bi after an oral sex video of him was leaked, while a cryptic post from an MMA organization writes about another from Uzbekistan who died after injuries suffered in "training." With the little information on the latter, which doesn't seem to be on any news sites, I won't say much, but in the comments we all wondered how one can die in training, unless some horrifically unlikely accident happened. The best comment about Muhammad Ali Saidov's death was that training partners are there to help each other, not kill each other. Meanwhile, UFC fighter Jeff Molina came out on his Twitter (@jmolina_125) as bisexual after an intimate video of him and another man was released. It wasn't how he wanted this to happen, he said, and at age 25, he wanted to wait until his MMA career was done to come out so he wouldn't be known as "the gay fighter." Surprisingly, I didn't see too many troll comments on his Twitter, and teammates, who he feared would look down on him, seemed supportive. This one is on CNN and Fox News. He's the first UFC-signed male fighter to come out as anything other than heterosexual, but I have a feeling he isn't alone out there. Hopefully others will, in his footsteps, be able to publicly be themselves one day.

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scotsguy61 (5)

3 days ago

I'm pretty sure Molina isn't the only gay fighter in MMA. Yes face it, how gay is wrestling as a concept anyways. Two big men in tiny Speedos with their hands all over each other. Some clearly aroused by it all.