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Many have got on and looked over my profile. I try to respond back with a thank you to every single person (overseas or not) who looks at my profile as a common courtesy.

You will find that I don’t have a crazy ego. My medical condition, which causes me to be overweight, has humbled me more times than I can count. My condition isn’t one that you can get. I was drugged as a child, the condition I have is a result of the injections I took. There is no way my condition can be transferred to someone else. I don’t just battle fat, I battle fluid retention– massive fluid retention, and a dissolved DVT in my right leg.

I do go to the gym. I try to get in there about five days a week. I have three gym memberships. I work in Washington, Pennsylvania which is about thirty minutes away from Pittsburgh. I am usually free every weekday evening except for Tuesdays. I am usually free after 2:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

I will also send out email doing my best to connect with guys who share a similar interest. If you don’t share an interest in what I have and think I won’t respond, you are wrong. I do respond to everyone who gets into touch with me when I can. Again, I like to be nice to people, not shove them off or be discourteous by ignoring them.

On that note, I don’t like to be surrounded by egotistical people. I am surrounded by those types at the gym and I do my best to ignore them. For me, this is fun time, learning and getting stronger with a bit of cardio. It’s also a good time to mutually get off which is a release of energy for me. Some have asked about favorite holds, I must say I do like the bear hug as my favorite hold. Being new to this thing, I don’t have quite the education some of you guys have so if you are into teaching, I am into learning. Being a big guy, I do like to be gentle and not try to break limbs or even choke someone completely out. There is no need for that kind of thing and I am not going to do that. All of that can be discussed and implemented before the first match.

So if you are into that kind of thing, hit me up. I can’t travel far, but if you are in the area, reach out and I will let you know if we can meet up. I can’t host but there are some adequate hotels around here that we can split the cost and have some fun.

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16stone (2) 8/09/2018 4:22 PM

hello from ireland big man