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A selection of wrestling images by Chris..

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start with my blogwrestlefannl2's blog

Today i had time to be on meetfighters. Was not there for a long time. Must say i liked it because i had much more contact then i ever had before at this site.

I am not an experienced wrestler but i love wrestling guys preferable younger then i am

With this site i hope to find more wrestling fans and perhaps a wrestling mate ;) tourists are welcome and if people specially like a pic of me, just let me know. I like that. Sometimes i open my cam for oversea guys and i will wear what they prefer ;) Big hug for now, greets from William

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Top CountriesMeetFighters Suggestion Box

I really love the statistic infos about this site and its users. The very first top 10 list - the top countries - is the most important register, of course, however it is not too meaningful: It is self-evident that a huge country like the USA supplies the most members. Also the UK, Germany and France are three of the most populous countries in the world. What about compiling a list of the top countries in relation to their populations? Such a list would be much more informative. Think about it. Thanks!

(P.S.: Based on that a list of the highest average donation could be drawn up, too.)

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DonationsMeetFighters Suggestion Box

Hi Admin, Just got your message about donations. The siteis amazing. I love it and enjoy the encounters it allows me to have with other wrestling mad guys. It genuinely enhances my life. I would love to donate some money but as a pathetic technophobe am not on Paypal. Can I send you a cheque instead. Come on, have a heart, say YES!


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Email addressMeetFighters Suggestion Box

You say my email address has bounced you; I say it hasn't and is working fine for me.

What do I do?

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HeartbleedAllFighters News

Heartbleed (aka CVE-2014-0160) is a security vulnerability in some versions of the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library. This news post is disclosure of MeetFighters' vulnerability to this exploit.

MeetFighters had a vulnerable version of OpenSSL at the time when the exploit was publicized. :( We have replaced the vulnerable version of OpenSSL with a fixed version the next day.

Who is affected?
Anyone logging in to MeetFighters with https ( instead of
Was any information stolen?
Unknown, Heartbleed is untraceable. We do not see any suspicious activity, but cannot be sure that no information was stolen.
What do I do?
Change your password if you have been using https to access MeetFighters. Also change your password if you use the same password on another site that was/is vulnerable to Heartbleed.


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Finding My SpotWORLD OF RAWR

The thing is, I don't know how to end that sentence.

Wrestler? I guess, but I don't know enough to even call myself something more than interested in the idea of it. It's fun. I did it a bit when I was a kid, but that was decades - literal decades - ago. I defend okay, but I know zero about offense or even tactics. It's a fun thing to do, but nothing I could even be remotely serious about.

Then there's the people here. There are so many people here and they are all into so many different things and types of things. I'm still learning about what I even like when it comes to this. There's a lot to consider.

  • Erotic stuff: I don't know what I feel about this completely. Sometimes, it's okay and seems like it would be fun. Other times, I am concerned about possibly having to stop someone from taking things too far. So far, boundaries have been very much respected in this. Is this something I want to look for in every match? Probably not, but then again, probably. I don't know. I really don't.
  • Bare-knuckles: I just can't with the reading about people going home with things broken, nearly-broken, or bleeding. Sparring can be fun, but if I'm out to make you bleed, you are my enemy and my goal should be to have you not be able to harm me or any other being... to put it lightly.
  • Boxing: This is fun. I can get into it, but I'd have to re-purchase all of my gear, but that could be done.
  • Gear: Do I want to invest here or not? It would only be a couple of hundred that I wouldn't really miss at most. I'll get into it during the summer, most likely.

I guess it would be easier to figure out what and who I want to grapple/roll/etc with if I knew what niche I wanted to fit into. The other people here seem very specific in what they want to do and I'm really, really generalized.

I'm sure there are a lot of advantages to being so open, but the one thing I have to consider is being competent at things. Especially when you have people that need you to adjust for their level of intensity. I'm probably good for being thrown about and rolled into a ball in terms of wrestling and sometimes, I just flat-out have fun being man-handled.

I don't always want to win. I'm not especially competitive, either.

I'm just here to have fun. Other people here seem to be very serious about the thing they are into. I admire that, but I'm also just as likely to be seen as a waste of effort for that very reason.

Where do I even begin to invest the time to develop the kind of expertise where someone will want to repeat a meetup? I mean, once we meet and become friends, I can relax, but before then, I have a lot to think about.

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  • I'm not especially experienced, but do okay at defense.
  • I think a lot and sometimes, that gets in the way.
  • I'm one to respond rather than react.
  • I never strike first unless playfully and most times not even then.
  • I love banter and I'll even thrown in a little trash talk, but I'm not big on that.
  • I'm durable and don't mind being man-handled a bit, just don't be stupid.
  • I'm comfortable to wrestle in most things. Like boxers. I'm oddly okay with this.
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Travel to SF Aprilzeev's blog

Traveling to SF last week in April and will stay over the weekend. Looking for matches! If you're in the area contact me. Will be staying at a hotel in the Union Square area and can host.

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TEXT BRAD ON 07557047667

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