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Doc, JP & Dave Ruechelle

Uploaded by Virgowrestler
Date: 7/26/2015; Length: 10:22;
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gutpunching action

Uploaded by puncher
Date: 7/23/2015; Length: 4:37;
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gutpunched and trampled hard

Uploaded by gutpunchmehard
Date: 7/21/2015; Length: 4:03;
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Mobile App Update, Interest Group Notifications and More

Hello everyone,

There's been a bunch of changes since the last news post, so it's about time I write a new one.

New Mobile App Version

Today we release the 0.2 alpha version of the Android App for MeetFighters. Lots of bugfixes and new features are available. Please provide feedback in the in-app form, or on this page. If you are using the previous alpha release, please update to the latest. The app supports Android version 4.1 and above.

One new feature of note is "MeetFightR", which shows members in your vicinity.

You can download the app from this location: https://www.meetfighters.com/Content/MeetFighters.apk

Interest Group Notifications

I was becoming concerned that the Interest Groups were not, well, interesting enough. Part of that stems from the fact that it is hard to keep up with stuff that goes on in your groups. Maybe someone posted a new photo yesterday, maybe there's a new forum thread that you might like to read. It's difficult to keep track. Sure, there's some help on the "What's new?" page, but it's not enough. A lot of groups with potential end up being little more than glorified badges on the bottom of your profile page.

To help members keep track of their groups, I have implemented daily notifications. I am very happy with the result: a lot of groups have become a lot more lively, discussions are more active, photos get more comments, etc. Some complained that it is not possible to turn these notifications off. It is true, however: deleting one extra message per day should not be a burden. I should also point out that if you don't care what's going on in your groups then maybe you are not so interested in them after all.

I also took the opportunity to merge some existing groups. These groups had similar names and largely overlapping memberships. Merging them into one made all of them more useful.

Automatic Location Updates

To better aid your ranged searches, MeetFighters will offer to automatically update your location when you log in. This does not work on every browser, and the user can disallow the page access to his location. You can enable or disable this feature on your Site Settings page.

To protect your privacy, your location will not be shown exactly to other members, it is always shifted randomly by up to a kilometer. (I realize this does not help much if you live alone in the desert.)

Better Comment Streams

Forum / blog comments have received a redesign, one that I feel is a big improvement over the previous one. The commenter's thumbnail photo is show, with the comment itself in a speech bubble-like box next to it.

The new design also shows the number of past opponents that the commenter had. I think this is great, after all this site is about meeting fighters.

Speaking of meeting fighters, a few weeks ago I have added a page for The Hundreds Club, a very special club of MeetFighters members who have achieved 100+ past opponents. At the time of writing the club has 57 very special members, 9 of which have over 200 opponents. That's just amazing. I congratulate you all, enjoy the purple star of membership on your profile!

That's all folks!

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