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For those who like to finalize a win with a good old-fashioned (or maybe not-so-old-fashioned) pin!
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Control the Arms and Body Will Follow
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Just a good fight

Uploaded by yim
Date: 7/20/2014; Length: 4:28;
Watched 149 times.
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Gut Punching

Uploaded by Chicago Wrestler
Date: 7/20/2014; Length: 5:22;
Watched 128 times.
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pec play, love it in a match

Uploaded by luvfitfun
Date: 7/17/2014; Length: 0:25;
Watched 87 times.

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New Site Engine

Dear Fighters,

I am happy to announce that the new site engine is now live, and seems to be functioning OK.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta testing for more than 10 minutes. Still, some bugs surely remain, and I am fixing them as they are reported. The good news is that the new engine has a lot of new features:

  • Tracker/2014-02-09: "Searching the database." Going back in the browser history to the search result list will not clear the list.
  • Tracker/2014-01-13: Recommendations are prettier, looking like speech bubbles. This makes it clearer who is recommending whom (or not).
  • Tracker/2013-07-22 2: Profiles are limited to 10 photos (20 for donating members). This helps profiles load faster and saves bandwidth for mobile users. Nothing of value is lost: photos over the limit simply spill over to the gallery, only one click away.
  • Tracker/2013-04-10: "Abuse flags should be more clear about their direction". Recommendations are now color coded for your convenience. (Apologies to the colorblind.)
  • Tracker/2013-04-08 2: "Meetings don't move in calendar". The meeting feature received a few bugfixes and will hopefully be easier to use.
  • Tracker/2013-01-01 4: It is now possible to attach multiple photos to a message. You can upload them or select them from your uploaded photos.
  • Tracker/2012-12-09: The mobile version of the site received a bunch of improvements, including a better layout and menu system.
  • Tracker/2012-12-07: Searching is improved in many ways. There is a "simple" search form for quick queries.
  • Tracker/2012-10-12 3: "Search for keywords". You can enter a keyword to search for, either using the search field on the top of the page, or going to the search page.
  • Easier previews and editing help for profile introductions, comments, blog entries, etc.
  • Text formatting rules are a bit easier.

Internally, the code received a lot of cleanup and polish. Hopefully this huge undertaking will help keep the site fresh and useful for everybody.

In unrelated news, it was reported that our friendly rival site, GlobalFight was victim of a rather severe hack. It is recommended to change your password immediately if you are using the same password here as you do on GF.

Happy wrestling,

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