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Body Scissors

For those who like to give or take crushing leg muscles on the body.
330 members; 105 posts in 21 forums and 10 photos.
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Lisbonwresler and I have a round before the group match in North London, 2013

Uploaded by Norcalfur
Date: 3/23/2015; Length: 3:14;
Watched 254 times.
[4] (13 votes)

El Mistico takes on challenger WrestleBob in a motel brawl

Uploaded by El Mistico
Date: 3/23/2015; Length: 2:11;
Watched 268 times.
[4] (4 votes)

Flexing chest at the gym today

Uploaded by f4leglock
Date: 3/22/2015; Length: 0:13;
Watched 62 times.

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Chrome Error, Mobile App and XXX Votes

Hi everyone,

Chrome Error

In the past few days, members visiting with Google Chrome browser were reporting a site certificate error. My research on the topic (meaning I googled the error code) revealed that this is a bug in the Chrome browser that only manifests on operating systems that were not upgraded recently and cannot handle the ECDSA certificates that are used by CloudFlare, our content delivery network. Unfortunately fixing this is beyond the scope of this site, so for now I have re-enabled insecure http connections.

If you are still experiencing a problem with your Chrome browser, please clear your browser cache. You can do that by going to Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Clear browsing data, select "the beginning of time" from the dropdown menu and check "Cached images and files".

XXX Gallery Votes Are In

Two weeks ago I asked questions regarding XXX galleries. The votes are in, and the results are quite interesting. I read lots of interesting and insightful comments on the topic. Big thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion!

As always, I calculated both the "raw" vote percentages and the "weighted" vote percentages (weighted meaning that votes are multiplied by the number of past opponents a person has).

Would you like to see XXX photos in profile galleries?
Votes % of votes Weighted %
Allow XXX photos in profile galleries 566 53% 33%
Don't allow XXX photos in profile galleries 404 38% 56%
I don't know 88 8% 9%
Would you post your XXX photos in your profile gallery?
Votes % of votes Weighted %
I would post my XXX photos. 201 26% 17%
I would not post my XXX photos. 451 59% 74%
I don't know 108 14% 8%

The twist here is that XXX photos "win" the majority of the votes, but "lose" the majority of the weighted votes.

  • People with fewer past opponents crave XXX photos more.
  • People with more past opponents are less interested in XXX galleries.
  • There are fewer interested in posting their XXX photos than those who would keep their privates... private.

My interpretation of the results is:

  • The results are close enough that there is no consensus on XXX galleries.
  • The picture is further blurred by the fact that there is a basic difference of opinion between "highly active" and "low activity" members. The difference is so pronounced that the weighted result is the exact opposite of the unweighted result.

My decision is: XXX galleries are coming, but they are not going to be a Core Site Feature. This means two things: first, XXX galleries will be configurable: anyone will be able to turn them off in their Site Settings. Second, similar to videos, XXX galleries will be restricted to donors and members with 10 or more past opponents. The intention is not to draw on people who just want some porn and not really interested in Meeting Fighters. Since porn is already in great abundance on the internet, it would follow that such tourists would look for their sugar elsewhere.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will introduce some updates to the Photo Management page that will allow people to select their XXX photos for publishing. Shock photos and copyrighted photos will not be sharable. I am also considering adding gallery folders to the mix. We'll see how it goes.

Mobile App Timeline

I have an update on the timeline for the MeetFighters mobile app.

We'll start with an "alpha release" on the 5th of April in the form of a downloadable Android package. This will be distributed to site members willing to do some testing and giving us useful feedback. Based on your feedback, the first Android release will follow on the 19th of April. An iOS version of the app is in the planning stage with no release schedule yet.

That's all for this week! Feedback is welcome.

Last edited on 3/15/2015 9:23 PM by Admin; 8 comment(s);

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