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Date: 4/21/2014; Length: 2:08
Watched 81 times.

my old boxing video

Date: 4/19/2014; Length: 1:47
Watched 87 times.

guanteando en varela

Date: 4/18/2014; Length: 0:58
Watched 75 times.

heavy bag work

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Wanted: Beta Testers

Hello everyone,

I am working on the next version of the site engine. It's going to be great: faster and more versatile than the present one. It will feature a much improved search engine, it will allow multiple attachments in messages, it will make shoes for orphans! (OK, that last one is not true.)

This is a request to "senior" site members, who know the site inside and out, to try the new site and report any bugs that you find. Apply with management here!

On an unrelated note, Happy Easter!


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