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Doing a quick series of pullups

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End of gp session

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Date: 4/23/2015; Length: 4:45;
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Watch me working on my heavy bag....

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New Photo Management Page, Message Center Beta

Hello everyone,

I have some small updates that, put together, warrant a news post.

First, there is a new Photo Management page that is similar to the old one, but hopefully faster and more intuitive. You can simply drag your photos around to put them in your profile or your gallery. Saving is automatic. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but a big step up from the clumsy old interface.

Second, beta testing of the new Message Center continues. It still lacks a lot of features, including automatic updates and localization, but it is largely functional. Enjoy it. :)

Additionally, I have added a "Report member" button to profile pages. It's for reporting Terms of Service violations, so please don't mistake it for a "teacher billy was mean to me" button. I hope it won't be needed too often!

I've done some other small fixes, speed optimizations and minor enhancements. If you look closely, you might notice. :)

Your humble servant,

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