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44 Male

5'9" (176 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

  1. Italy, Milano
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, londra (I'm here between 1/06/2015 and 1/13/2015)
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Languages spoken:
English, French, Italian

I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers
I am willing to host.


speedos singlet

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling, BoxingBoxing, JudoJudo, Pool wrestlingPool wrestling

Even match, Play wrestling, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Brit pro wrestling, Outdoors fights, Tag team / group fights, I have access to mats, Friendship, Don't want sex, I'm gay, Photo swapping

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i am a fit and mascular man from Italy.I like really much prowrestling and submission not only rough fight but quite too with beginners.
I want to meet guys like the same and enjoy witj them.
I am sure to be a good fighter and i ask to all people to meet me.
There is a video of my prowrestling in frenchprowrestler profile.
I want fond friends all over the world.

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Aaron, Adam, Akis, amateurwrestler, amusclor, anakron, anton2411, Arrow08, asics 11, aussie titan II, bailey, bcgrapple, beefy75016, beefydude, beefyprowrestler, benhard63, bermudasexfight, BRITANNICUS, Bulldogbruiser, BZH H, calwrestler, caveman, centaurus376, Christos, Colossus Fire, Col Rich, Competition, dantheman777, Daveyse21, deckyou2, DenverWrestler, dhb57, DIABOLIKO, dim127, dockbear, docmoose, domin8, eco1, edivad5, eGambler, enesso, Essexsubguy, freedom65jk, freestyle, g6fighter, gari06, Gerryo, gh05t, grapeviner, grappler2112, grappleurd, grapplingguy, hairywrestler, hardboy, hardfitsub, HardWrestleFun, heelwrestler, heralduk, houndmaster2, ikf, Irishfighter, Jay219, jef, JoeWrestle, Jooff08, jrg1199, judofun74, kako, KickOutChamp, KidLeopard, krak85, kurtz, Latamhunk, latinwrestler, ldnse1, leeuwbeest, legendNWUK, letswrestleyvr, LondonBeef, londonBjj31, londonlad80, londonwrestleguy, lottatoreroma, louisfight, lutador, lutte95, luttekombat75, lutteur31, mackemsub, manchesterwrestler, Manc Pete, manngegenmann, MARC94, markicker, marko2305, markuk, mattz4fun, MEGRAPPLE, Meilo1, mikeswuk, muscledhunk, musclegladiator, musclemarkuk, musclewarrior2, muscrob, newstravel, northern bruiser, nymuscguy8, OKWRSTLMARK, Òrphee love, oursonlutteur, Patrik366, PaulPhoenix, pecs44, Perseus, PeterT, Pitbull, Pitt, policeman34, prosub, RedCloudStreet, redquince, resl4top, resurgam, Rick, Ringer 43, RingerCGN, ringerffm, Ringerohr, Ringmuscle, Ringside, rngr, rocco, Sandro, scotsgrappler, Scrapmerchant 1, SE Wrestler, sfbeef, Shane, shuttlexp, silverbulletuk1, sitgesoso, SPWrestler, Steve Shock, Subfighter, submuscle, Sussexskin, team75, the punisher, TheWrestler, thor, TigerWizard, tomfighter, topbrill, toughJobber13, tryharder, UKBruiser, uknorth, UKSubsFighter, umbrowrestler, upshaw, wetspeedos, wrestledadbc, wrestlehunt, wrestler34ath, wrestlerbiker, wrestling coach, wrestlingmicha, WrslMscl, wrstlarturo, Wrstlintyo, Xxxbear, yelp31, young79312

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ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by MIKE WEST (1/26/2015)

Wrestled with this really tough guy last week. Very fit and strong and an excellent fighter. Would really recommend him to guys who want a tough and athletic bout. He is a really pleasant guy too

MIKE WEST is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Really really an incredible wrestler,strong and experienced gteat heel

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by JOHN1953 (1/12/2015)


JOHN1953 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/25/2015)

I met this guy last time at pippa's and enjoyed myself. he is strong and very rough in wrestling. great on and off the matts.Recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by chesterbloke (1/12/2015)

After talking with each other for ages finally had a great match with Ragazzo. A real test of strength and stamina with us both fairly even. Can't wait to meet him again for round two!

chesterbloke is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

He is a surprise. Great man very gentleman and serious.
On the matts he is really strong and very competitive.
i want absolutely meet me him another time

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by resurgam (1/12/2015)

Wrestled Emanuele for the first time at Pippa's yesterday. A good strong wrestler but always considerate of his opponent. I had the good luck to watch him wrestle other more experienced opponents and seeing just how good he really is. Good company off the mats as well. Highly recommended!

resurgam is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Great man,great wrestler and absolutely incredible.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Broc (1/12/2015)

Ragazzoboyitaly is a skilled and determined grappler who is particularly strong in defence. Had a good session with him. He has just the right amount of aggression to make the match fun and challenging without being over the top. I can certainly recommend him and am sure our paths will cross again.

Broc is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Broc is really a fantastic wrestler on the matts.
He is very mascular and strong and in a fight is absolutly a wonderful match.
Our match was rough and agressive and was difficult for me to dominate him infact finished 0 to 0.
He has strong legs and arms but above all a good experience in wrestling.
I want meet him soon as possible for a rematch.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Biff (1/12/2015)

Met Emanuele at Pippas, he is a strong, skilled but safe wrestler who made allowances for my being long out of practice. It was also great of him to contact me and encourage me to join his meet so soon after rejoining the site. A great guy all round.

Biff is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Really a nice guy.Strong and good wrestler. Super on and off the mats

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Zibi (1/12/2015)

I'll just echo what a lot of people have said already. A fun, tough, wrestling match, and a hell of a nice guy before and after!

Zibi is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

I had a pleasure this atrong wrestler and j enjoyed myself

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by skinfightboi (1/11/2015)

Don't hesitate to wrestle this strong Italian wrestler as he has a lot of stamina and a great body! I'm sure you will enjoy the match!

skinfightboi is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Absolutely one of the most strong guy i met in this session.
He was able to dominate in a lot of matches.has good agility and a very incredible experience
Super recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by ImtiazAli (1/11/2015)

Well I finally got to meet the infamous ragazzoboyitaly, who challenges the whole of England! Well, I was a little impatience, but that was more my fault than his! He is a popular man, but I met him at his "Italy vs England" meet.

It was a pleasure to meet this fit, good looking, strong bodied Italian man. We submission wrestled twice. He is very strong and a experienced wrestler, full of so much energy and equipped with Italian-English commentary. He literally changed from pro-gear to submission gear, to pro-gear again. From ring to mats and to the ring again.

I would wrestle him again anytime (eccellente). Till next time... Highly Recommended.

ImtiazAli is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

I have the pleasure to meet this young guy in Manchester at pippa s event and was an honour for me.People say is the best and it is true. He has a great experience in wrestling great agility and great great legs.We had a rough and intensive match on the matts.
this wrestler is SUPERECOMMENDED. I want meet him another time. tks Friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by leofighters (1/11/2015)

Had a great time wrestling with ragazzoboy. Strong n safe wrestler with some good moves. Friendly and easy going . Definitely recommend this guy!
Thanks for a great work out and good time!

leofighters is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Fit guy,strong wrestler,great opponent and very skilled.The fight was very intensive and rough:was a pleasure.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Leglocklover (1/11/2015)

After many years of chatting I finally had the pleasure to meet and wrestle this Italian stallion and what an absolute pleasure it was. We indulged in a couple of pro sessions at the Italy v England group meet and I can only say that it was well worth the years I have waited to wrestle him. He is a mediteranned Adonis and I can't wait to meet again next time he is here for some pro tag action.

Leglocklover is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

After a lot of years i had the possibility to meet this guy at pippas event and was fantastic.
He is incredible in prowrestling and will be surely my new tag team partner.
We were entusiastic in a rings and we have immediately a good feeling.
He is my new tag team partner dont tuch him ok

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Tanker (1/11/2015)

Mamma Mia !! Many moons have past since I last wrestled my favourite Italian. This time we did pro & I had so much fun, but also a good wrestle. Last time it was submission & he is very fit & skilled at that too.
Ragazzo is a lovely friendly guy, today he organised the England v Italy match at Pippa's in Manchester. It was done at short notice, but had a good turnout & being on a Sunday attracted people who can't make the Saturday sessions. Ragazzo was a good host, who made a point of trying to wrestle everybody there. Thank you for a lovely afternoon. Your first event but hopefully not your last. Def recommendation for you & your event

Tanker is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

I had a pleasure to meet him for a second time at pippas event.I couldnt forget his wrestling
We had a great promatch on a ring and was really incredible.
He has a great experience in a ring and i think is one of the best

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Perseus (3/14/2013)

What a fantastic guest to have stay over. Very happy fun guy who constantly makes u laugh and is a very cool handsome fella. Extremely strong he has very good wrestling technique and is a joy to wrestle - so much fun and very resistant. If u ever get a chance to wrestle him, take it he has my full recommendation. I will definitely wrestle him again.

Perseus is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

This man is my favourite wrestler and man. He is strong,nice and a great wrestler.i enjoyed to stay with him all days.i had great matches,I learn a lot of things above all that is true that this wrestler is a kind Oddy person difficult to find.he is one f the most great wrestlers on meetfighters and I hope to have the possibilities to wrestle him at her times.his tecnique is incredible and u can learn a lot of things. Thanks for all my fiend really happy to meet tou

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by duncanuk (1/08/2015)

At last I met this tough guy on the mats for a few rounds of intense submission wrestling. He tended to beat me because he can counter most of my favourite moves with his exceptionally strong arms and he can resist painful holds for ages. Fortunately he does arrange lots of matches so he gets tired eventually.

duncanuk is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

This man is really a great wrestler. We have a long session and we wrestle very rough.
he is very experienced and knows how dominate an opponent.Certainly recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by andy (1/11/2015)

Also had a great wrestle with emmanual today at pippas,hope we get to have another match soon.

andy is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Andy is a good wrestler i enjoyed myself on the matts

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by hardfitsub (1/07/2015)

Met before but only got to wrestle at the start of his latest UK visit. Handsome and fit, his experience won out in our submission rounds despite me probably being a bit stronger. Good company and friendly off the mats, do meet him if you get the chance!

hardfitsub is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

Hardfitsub is a very nice guy.
I was very happy to meet him because with him enjoyed my wrestling.
Even if is not in that site since a lot of time he has a good experience.
We have more rounds rough and very very long.
He is a man he is fantastic off the matts too


MikeUK is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/11/2015)

I met another time this great wrestler at pippas event.
I like his wrestling very much because is quite and control the opponent
I think too is a good trainer and u can learn more about wretling with him
He is not only serious but reialable too
I want meet him another time.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by madridwrestling (1/05/2015)

nice man and good wrestler. good stamina and likes to do his best...
very experienced and knows the game.

madridwrestling is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/03/2014)

madridwrestling is a very great great wrestler. i like him because is a prowrestler too and i enjoyed my time with him.
he is little but strong.strong legs and a very experienced wrestler.
i want to meet him on a ring for a real prowrestling match.
Super iper extra recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by sub-aqua (12/15/2014)

About time I got down to writing this recommendation!

Met ragazzoboy at a mini-group meet down south. Had a short match, but a good match ánd definately shown his strength in such a short time.

Would be up for another match, maybe longer next time!

sub-aqua is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/08/2014)

This boy is young but very strong. the fight was really good and enjoyed myself

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by judokamad (12/08/2014)

luchador muy fuerte y duro, me costo pillarle.
ahora se ha convertido en un amigo
muy recomendable

judokamad is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/03/2014)

After a lot of years on chat i met this incredible wrestler. the fight with him was rough and intense i tried to defense myself in all ways but i was stronger than me and i lost. He has a great aagiliy, big body arms and legs, only a word SUPER.
meetfighter world meet this guy is Extra super mega recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by madridluchador (12/04/2014)

Ragazzoboy is a really strong wrestler and although we had no so much time it was really great. I recommend him to everyone who wants a good wrestling match.

madridluchador is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/03/2014)

Madridluchador ia a good man on and off wrestling. we have a good match.hope meet him again.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by DeportBilbo38 (12/03/2014)

Easy going, and strong guy. Very good match
It was a pleasure to meet him on and off matts!!
Hope we can repeat soon. Highly recommended fighter

DeportBilbo38 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/03/2014)

He was one of the best surprise of Madrid. great match we have but the important thing is that we become immediately Friends. he is nice and great host. tks deportivo for all.
boys do a trip in madrid to meet him.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by alicante49 (12/03/2014)

Great wrestler, good teacher and best person.

alicante49 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/03/2014)

Alicante49 is a nice guy.Great host and good wrestler.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Mad Grappler T (11/30/2014)

Great guy.. very polite and respectul off the mats.. once he's on the mats he turns strong and evil.. he knows how to move and he's stronger than he says he is.
Short match but very nice and amazing time.
Hope we fight again..

Mad Grappler T is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/03/2014)

Mad grappler is a strong guy. Great ability in wrestling, very experienced. I enjoyed my time with him. Strong arms and legs

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by finest (12/02/2014)

After a few attempts I got to meet this super busy wrestler on his last trip to the UK. We had a blast on the mats.
He is muscular and functionally very strong (probably from all the matches he has!)
A very likeable guy too.
Try and get a match with him next time he's in your neck of the woods.

finest is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/27/2014)

finest is a one of the most great wreslter i met on this site. we chatted for a lot of time and we had time to meet.
the fight was very rough.he has a great body and big big wonderful legs.
he is my favourite dont touch him ahaaaha.
i want more than one fight with him
super iper extra recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is not recommended by juan carlos rejona (11/30/2014)

  • Unreliable / no show

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by sid (11/28/2014)

Met this energetic wrestler while we both stayed in London. He's a strong, quick and agile wrestler fighting with high intensity. Really liked our match in morning and evening! Very nice person off the mats as well! Fully recommend him and I am sure w'll wrestle each other again!

sid is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/27/2014)

I was lucky to meet this big hollande wrestler. we met morning and afternoon and our fight was very rough and agressive.he is a great body great arms and legs
i want a rematch with him


grappleruk is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/27/2014)

Great great wrestler.i met him once was really incredible. Has great agility great body and Very experience in fight. we wrestle for a lot very rough.
Iper recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by hugefan (11/25/2014)

After many near misses, finally i managed to meet the Italian beast otherwise known as ragazzoboyitaly. It may have been a brief wrestle but long enough to find out he is very tough, strong and could take anything i could throw at him without tapping, while i on the other hand am back in my wheelchair with my neckbrace on. I am joking of course. He is a very fair and careful guy.

As he pointed out, personality is much more important for a good wrestle than a great body (yes he did say that while looking at mine). So I won't mention his great hairy muscular chest, big arms or handsome face because that would be totally irrelevant and completely shallow.

Hopefully next time we can have longer and I can get revenge!

hugefan is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/27/2014)

great man great host and great wrestler.
very rough match. strong body

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by londonoriental (11/24/2014)

Another wrestler who I've been in contact with for some time, and finally managed to get to meet on the mats... albeit for 3 minutes at a group meet.

He is fun and friendly off the mats, but a good tough wrestler on them. Luckily for me everyone else had exhausted him first before it was my turn!

I have no doubt there'll be a rematch soon.

londonoriental is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/26/2014)

after many years we chatted i had the possibility meet this guy. we have a Short match but very rough and intensive. recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by small gladiator (10/25/2014)

Don't let his size fool you!! He is a good wrestler with plenty of skills, techniques and stamina. We also had lunch together and he has a good sense of humour and great to be with. Well worth a challegne

small gladiator is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

I was veryhappy to meet this guy very experienced and skilled in wrestling. Recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is not recommended by jayboy0204 (10/23/2014)

  • Unreliable / no show

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by louisfight (10/20/2014)

finally some time for a recommandation ..
Very nice guy good wrestler strong ..
can not wait to fight him again in better shape ..
cu soon emanuele ..


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by probootmanuk (10/19/2014)

Had great fun meeting Emanuel at a small group meet at Barnet mat room. He is strong, feisty and has loads of stamina. Be great to meet him on a one to one basis for a longer session.

Emanuel is a very friendly entertaining guy. Highly recommended.

Thanks matey for encouraging me to get my ass down to London. Til next time my friend.


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by LdnGrapple (10/18/2014)

So RBI and I were at a large group meet in London - he had a lot of matches that day.
No time for a match with me, but he was looking for a match the following day.
I offered my place and gave him my address which was quite local to him.

That night I got a message: I can't

Now I am waiting for a message: I can!


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by BRITANNICUS (10/14/2014)

11:10:14 studio 4b, Barnet. A very rare opportunity to meet a group of travelling Italian wrestlers in the company of other UK based guys. All three visitors were an absolute pleasure to meet and to wrestle. This was my second bout with RegazzoboyItaly and just as enjoyable - pretty much solid muscle and I had to work really hard not to give anything away this time. His enthusiasm is matched by his skill and by his charming personality and I look forward to meeting him for round 3 - soon would be good but if it has to be 2015 then it's worth the wait!

10:03:13 I had the very great pleasure of wrestling Ragazzoboyitaly (Emanuel) thanks to his UK host and dispute having just stepped off an aircraft just a few hours earlier took on four different opponents. 24 hours later I witnessed him still going strong. He has seemingly limitless enthusiasm and stamina as well as being skilled and a great wrestle. If you get the opportunity to meet this charming guy don't let it pass.

BRITANNICUS is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

Was a pleasure to meet BritannicuS for the second time. He is very strong,very skill in wrestling and i hope to meet him again.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Peteuk (10/11/2014)

l met ragazzoboy on my mats we had a great match up he is strong fit man. Great fun off and on the mats

We def be meeting this man again

Strongly recommended

Peteuk is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

I met this guy in coclhester. He is very kind in and off wrestling.
Strongly recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by MEGRAPPLE (3/14/2013)

Meet this fine italian stallion this very afternoon. What a match! We both dominated the match. I was on top then in a second he was. Both exchanging strong powerful holds. Neither of us giving and letting the other gain the advanage. Ragazzoboyitaly was well worth a meet, and would highly recommend to everyone!! If this was a eurovision wrestling contest bout, the United Kingdom jury would definately give him "douze points".
Can't wait till rematch already set for the summer!! Meet him.. otherwise your regret it !!

MEGRAPPLE is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

13.10.2014 - I met this guy two times one in London and one in Barnet and i was really excited to meet him. Great arms and legs. RECOMMENDED

Good and strong Wrestler. The fight was very rough and was difficult for me to defense is a man to meet.tks friend hoping meet u another time.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by readyforit (10/14/2014)

On the mats, ragazzoboyitaly faces you with a broad grin and and even broader chest and gets down to business fast. A hard, explosive, determined wrestler who loves grappling and is a challenging opponent. A proud, enthusiastic, power house of a wrestler whom I warmly recommend.

readyforit is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

Really really great guy,even if he is only 56 kg, he is very great in wrestling. He was able to meet wrestler bigger and bigger than him and was very skill. The match was very rough and long.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by bristolskin68 (10/12/2014)

met this great wrestler at barnet 11 th october, 2014,excellent opponent a good fighter, strong , highly recommeded great company on and off the mats, we both worked hard and the work paid off , must admit we did battle two or three times during the meet , but was worth it i can tell you, thanks definately would meet again

bristolskin68 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

Bristolskin is a very skill guy. We had a great match,his agility was great and matches were very ruff.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by aton2001 (8/25/2014)

08-08-2014 happy to meet again after a while this strong and nice guy. The match had no winner but a great fun. Wellcome back ragazzoboyitaly! ...this meeting was the the number 11 - we first meet 10.12.2010 and the last time was 27.02.2013

aton2001 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

27.02.2013. One of my best wrestler in meetfighters. This man has improved his tecnique during the year,he became strong and very difficult to win in a fight. In our last match he controled me alltime without give me the possibility to win. He is a man to wrestle:come on wrestler meet him. Thanks aton for all my best best friends.
08.08.2014. What i have To Say aborto him? People of This site knows That he Is a great man not online in wrestling But also outside. I wrestled him for another time And was a very rude fight. His agility Is supreme, strong legs And strong arms. He Is the best italian wrestler i Met in italy And i advice wrestlers above all italian to meet And respect him.thanks aton u are my Brother. RECOMMENDED
06.09.2014 another fight with this strong guy.was a rough match and Anyone win. SUPER RECOMMENDED
10.10.2014 - 14.10.2014 i am lucky To know a man like aton. Nobody have To touch he is The Best, tks for The wonderful wrestler triplo. I wrestled him another time and was fantastic.
He is The best not only in italy

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Lomandlad42 (10/13/2014)

This guy is at the top of my list to wrestle. Have chatted for a long time and finally got to meet. Aggressive, strong and gets stuck in . We had a couple of full on bouts with neither of us wanting to give! Good looking fella with skills to match, could have gone on longer :-) thanks for an engergetic session mate. I'm sure when we meet again you will even the score. Comes very highly recommended ....great fella :-)

Lomandlad42 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

The Best wrestler i Met on meetfighters..I know was great but in real He is super better. He is skill, with great agility.
The matches were ruff and rough. I Will need to wrestle anytime i Will go to London. I want a tag team with him too. He is a absolutely The top. RECOMMENDED FOR SURE

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by TGA (10/14/2014)

A man of great determination, a strong fighter, a special person and a special meeting! There will be other wonderful matchs! Super recommended!!!!

TGA is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

This great boy is Not a beginner But a very skill Guy. I had a great match with him And i enjoyed myself. Great body, arms and lega. SUPER RECOMMENDED

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Tyger (10/14/2014)

Finally met up with this elusive guy. We had a tough fight, with no clear winner, but it wasn't long enough. Hope I get the chance to meet him again for a full length bout!

Tyger is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/14/2014)

After a lot of years we speaking was great To meet tyger. I had a Very rough match with him. He in skill And great agilità. Next time pro wrestling rematch. Recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Flexforme (10/13/2014)

First he is much better than his pictures. Hosted at his hotel in London and was great to battle with this strong Italian boy. We had very enjoyable match as he is strong and skilled. We will have a rematch some time I hope. Strong recommendation.

Flexforme is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (10/13/2014)

In My trip in london Was a real surprise He is super masculine strong and very rouge. He is skill in wrestling great arms And legs rough fughe. Super iper extra recommmended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by keithobro (10/13/2014)

Great opponent. Agile and fearless.


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by hephaestion2014 (10/12/2014)

Another really good wrestler and enjoyable bout. Italy has produced some great wrestlers. Another must wrestle guy.

Ho apprezzato molto il nostro lottare . Spero che non era troppo facile per voi e spero che in futuro sarò buono come voi e presentare più di una sfida . Siete molto buono


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Crushhhh (10/11/2014)

Had a great match with ragazzoboy. He is a superb opponent and someone I could wrestle every day of the year! We are both equally matched and will be meeting again for sure.


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by toughwrestler (10/09/2014)

Yes it has been a very long time since we have been talking about meeting for wrestling or fighting.
It finally happened and was great
Ragazzoboyitaly has a lot of skills and is very strong !
Be ready for a good match !
I am ready to beat you a next time again !
Highly recommendable

toughwrestler is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/23/2014)

22.09.2014 Tough is a great wrestling. I Met him after a Lot of years we speak And Was a pleasure. The fight was very rough And strong. Good agility,ability and big arma. Recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by FrBoxer (9/27/2014)

I met RBI who wanted to experience a bit of boxing. the ragazzo was actually good throwing some good
punchesand taking a bit of a beating too. We had a good sporty session over some 6 rounds. Rbi is a brave fighter and but also much more: a superfriendly and interesting Guy. Highly recommended.

FrBoxer is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/23/2014)

22.09.2014 Very interesting And rough match White this man. Fr boxer is Very strong And terrible in boxe And i enjoyed Myself.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Lutte75 (9/24/2014)

WoW j'ai passé un excellent moment avec RBI
Nous avons lutté avec beaucoup d'énergie et de mouvements . Bon feeling . RBI aime résister , ses veines se remplissent de puissance dans l'effort , un combattant redoutable . Nous étions à égalité avec un petit avantage pour lui . Nous avons lutté deux fois dans la même journée . Je vous le recommande.

Lutte75 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/23/2014)

22.09.2014 Lutte75 is Very strong And rough un wrestling. The matches were Very Long And difficile. Good agility And ability. Nice too outside wrestling. Tra for all My nel Friend. Recommended

ragazzoboyitaly is not recommended by Ptimekk (9/23/2014)

  • Unreliable / no show

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by manunderstorm (9/23/2014)

After 2 years of sending messages, we finally meet and have a good and rough match. His arms are very strong and you have to avoid it !:)
Very nice guy, on and out of the mat !
Ready for rematch ?:)

manunderstorm is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/23/2014)

23.09.2014 Manu is My manu. I love wrestle with Himalaya. Rough fight all The match. He is my favourite And i want wrestle with Himalaya for all day. I love his arms and lega. SUPEREXTRAMEGAIPERRECOMMENDED


yoplaboom is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/23/2014)

23.09.2014 This day was fantastic for me because i Met That man. He was nice with me on wrestling and off. Web ha a very very rough match. He said He il a beginner but on the contrary is stronger. We become immediately Friend. SUPERRECOMMENDED. I MISS U.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by frenchprowrestler (9/21/2014)

very good jobber you have to meet. He is flexible and have all the pro gear we love ! and a very good body to work on !
A rencontrer absolument ! Mec très sympa et très bon jobber avec un bon corps sur lequel frapper !
Muy bueno luchador ! a encontrar para los a quien le guste la lucha libre ...y a los otros tambien. Buen cuerpo para luchar y difrutar con el !

frenchprowrestler is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/20/2014)

20.09.2014 after a lot of years i had possibility to have a great And rough match with this man. Great herl great body great ability great agility.he is strong and very Nice in and off on ring. I want another match as soon as possible. SUPER ABSOLUTELY IPER EXTRA RECOMMENDED

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by docmoose (9/18/2014)

RBI is a trong opponent with lots of stamina and a genuine passion for fighting. It was nice to roll on the mats with him and for sure we will meet again. Highly recommended for a safe and amusing match.

docmoose is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/18/2014)

I Was Very happy To meet this strong man web ha a rough Match very Long. great agility And ability. SUPERMEGARECOMMENDED
Thanks My Friend i Will challenge u another time

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by shoegaze63 (9/13/2014)

I've known RBI for a long time. We' ve met, as people say, in not suspicious times.
I've seen him to become a skilled athlet.
This last short fight?
Do you wanna know the result?
Eh... You have to pay! :-)

shoegaze63 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/08/2014)

After a loto and a lot of time i met this guy in Rome and was wonderful. Our match was rough and intensive and anyone won. I want to meet him again. RECOMMENDED

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Johan (9/08/2014)

Expert and competitive wrestler, very strong into submission style.
Friendly and very kind person in and out the mat.
Hope meet him again!!

Johan is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/08/2014)

After a lot of time,i was able to wrestle with this guy. He is stronger than me and for this reason i enjoyed myself. Strong legs and arms and wonderful agility and ability. SUPER EXTRA RECOMMENDED


Albert73RE Italy is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/08/2014)

Was very happy To meet him, he Is a beginner But srong

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by scorpionet (9/07/2014)

In un pomeriggio memorabile, con altri lottatori, ho avuto il piacere di avvinghiarmi con RagazzoBoy. Mi sono divertito da matti. Ha le caratteristiche giuste: aggressivo, determinato, forte. Spero di avere molte altre possibilita' di incontralo. Un grande.

scorpionet is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (9/08/2014)

I was very happy to meet this wrestler. He is strong,determinated and with good ability. Hope meet him anotrher time.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by wrestlerMI (8/27/2014)

A nice and friendly wrestler, strong, powerful and fair. Great body and muscles, definitively recommendable!

wrestlerMI is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/26/2014)

One of the Most strong wrestler i Met in italy. We had a rough match. Strong legs And strong arms. He is a fantastic wrestler. Tks my new friend. RECOMMENDED

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Heraclius2 (8/12/2014)

Ragazzoboy is a very skilled and strong wrestler. But he is also a charming and very nice guy. Even if I was beaten I will ask for more. And with his companion in crime, Aton 2001, I had a very great time in Turin.
I hope to meet you again soon !

Heraclius2 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/08/2014)

I waa Very happy To meet Thin gay. I enjoyed myself with him we Will have Good matches. He Is strong, Is Very anke To wrestle good agility And Very strong arms. RECOMMENDED

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by santiago38 (8/09/2014)

It 's true you can find some nice people on meetfighters, RBI is one of these. I am happy to have met him. RBI is a guy with a high combination of technique and strength and he easily adapts to the opponent. A very nice person in and out the ring. R E C O M M E N D E D

santiago38 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/08/2014)

He Is the best surprise of the meeting in Torino. It was a second match on meetfighter and he was Very strong.the fughe was very rude,had a Good agility And a lot of powerful. I enjoyed with him My trip in Torino. RECOMMENDED

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by rioman61 (8/03/2014)

Stiff Tough guy with biceps of steel! Great fun to wrestle strong and handles a lot. Def recommend. looking forward to another round

rioman61 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/01/2014)

This guy is fantastic,i enjoyed myself with him. He is a very nice person,strong and very good in wrtestling. I miss u my best friend. RECOMMENDED.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Fenrir (7/24/2014)

Very kind and strong wrestler ; the kind of guy who does not give up easily ! Recommanded

Fenrir is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (7/24/2014)

Great And strong Guy. We had a Long match.he ha strong armi And Good tecnica holding. Hope meet u another time My ne friend


UKSubsFighter is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (7/16/2014)

How can we stay in conract

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by wrestlebuddy (2/12/2014)

We had limited time but had a great wrestle session. Strong solid guy - more muscled than his pics. No easy take down and tough guy to make submit. Great host & well worth the 4 year wait.

wrestlebuddy is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (2/10/2014)

We spoke for a lot of years and today we had possibility to meet.Great wrestler,nice man,strong legs. We have a great and long match. He is agressive and very experienced. Thanks my new friend hope meet you soon. He is absolutely a wrestler to meet.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Jorgefighter (12/22/2013)

Very strong guy who knows what he is doing. We had a very long fight, rough and aggressive, that went back and fourth all the time. Only four rounds but they felt like a lot more. Rematch when you want.

Rematch some weeks ago. He has improved and seems stronger... keep on trying! Maybe the third time!

Jorgefighter is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/11/2013)

I met this great wrestler for the second time,he is stronger than the first time,he has very big legs and big arms. I spent my time in a great fight. Men meet him he is one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Alex Martini (5/24/2013)

RBI is a Great and strong fighter; good technique and nice play; it was an even match and we didn't care that much the result - it was fun, that's all. He was serious and correct with me. I can't wait to meet him another time.

Alex Martini is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (5/24/2013)

A very Great and hard opponent.he is a strong Wrestler good tecnique fantastici legs was difficult to Wrestle him.we had 3 matches and i was often under his body.He is a man to meet men.Thanks my new friend.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by andrewfight (5/16/2013)

Great battle full of upsets and intense struggle; Ragazzoboyitaly is a strong an loyal fighter inside and outside the ring.
This time we drew but next time will not be so!!
I can not wait to meet him an dominate!!
Highly reccommended!!!!

andrewfight is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (5/16/2013)

This man is very strong,strong legs and strong arms. The match was very hard and difficult no one win.he is Also very rough and is a Wrestler to meet. I good to have another match with him.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by beefyprowrestler (4/13/2013)

Really enjoyed wrestling this Italian. Been chatting for many years so great to get the boots n trunks on at last. He did put up a great fight - good hard wrestle. Can't wait to hit the mats again.


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Jay219 (3/15/2013)

Was very fortunate to get the opportunity to have a group match with Perseus and ragazzoboyitaly this week. Although he see's himself as a beginner of sub wrestling, i would have found it hard to believe. He put up an incredible fight and had me on the run throughout. highly recommend and hope he's back over again soon for another match

Jay219 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/16/2013)

I Was really happy to have the possibility to wrestle with this great man. He is a very technical Wrestler,he controled me all the time and i could only defense myself. I have a great meeting with him and Perseus .thank you my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by mr marcus (3/13/2013)

We've been talking about meeting for years. What a guy. Great fun and great wrestler, great personality. I loved walking into 'Wrestling Central' in Essex last moday afternoon.

mr marcus is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/13/2013)

Was really happy to meet this guy very good opponent.the fight was really hard and interesting.He has a lot of energie and like submission and prowler styling hope meet him another day.Tks Friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by prosub (3/13/2013)

Met this guy, had a great wrestle with him, he's very strong, and a great wrestler, and a brilliant sense of humour, would def recommend if you get the chance too meet him !

prosub is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/13/2013)

I enjoyed myself withnthismguy.i had a nice pro wrestling match in maths.he was very strong wrestler and nice to have a match with him.tks new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by lightwt4subs (3/13/2013)

i was privileged to join the chelmsford wrestlefest revolving around emanuele. he is strong and fast, what a pleasure to grapple with! and he wears a wicked smile when he crushes me.

lightwt4subs is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/13/2013)

Was really happy to meet this guy.he is ice I have a good and strong match with him.he had a old expense and good tecnique. He is a wrestler to meet.tks new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by ceefa99 (3/11/2013)

Just met Ragazzoboyitaly and had a great wrestle with him. I am not sure what number I was for the day, but he just keeps going and going. He can dish out a lot of punishment and also take it. If you get a Challenge from him, take it. Cannot wait until round 2.

ceefa99 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/13/2013)

One of the most tecnical wrestler I met in my life.We wrestle for an hour and half without problem.the fight was very rough and hard.hebhas a great defence and a lot of fantastic holds.he is a man to meet.i want absolutely another match with him.tks for all my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by jack555 (3/12/2013)

Met Emanuele today with SPWrestler and had an excellent wrestling session.
Great guy on and off the mats. It was a pleasure to wrestle him and I look forward to our next meeting.

jack555 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/13/2013)

Grande lotta tire.ho auto con lui in bellissimommatch,e'agile e veloce e it mette sere in diffiolta E motto agile nel defenders I infantilised ho avuto do lui match motto motto lungi

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by tricky (3/12/2013)

Had a great opportunity to be able to wrestle ragazzoboy today. What a fantastic guy! Strong, athletic and great fun as well. Far too strong for me but gave me a good workout. If you get the chance to meet him, do so! Friendly and safe - everything you could want from a meet up! Hope to have another chance one day.

tricky is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/13/2013)

Great guy he had a lot of energy,he is a beginner but he is good to defence themselfes and to lean the holds.WE spend a good time.He will improve his tecnique very fast.tks my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by paul london 150lb (3/12/2013)

Great wrestle with Emanuele today had a lot of trouble with his headlocks will definitely be up for another go. Great guy and great wrestler


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Superfly (3/12/2013)

Finally locked up with this wrestler yesterday at a group meet at Perseus. He was strong and technical and had good stamina. Made me sweat which are my best matches. Nice guy to meet, great to chat to, and great personality. Deffo would meet him again.


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by wrestlerherts (3/11/2013)

Good fit bloke with lots of stamina - enjoyed the meet:-)

wrestlerherts is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/11/2013)

great and very strong wrestler. My match with him was very hard. Was difficult and often not able to control him. Tka for the match my friend u are really really strong

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Essexwrestler (3/11/2013)

I finally got to meet the friendly Italian yesterday after months of chatting and had a fantastic match with him.
Plenty of give and take during our match and is a great and fun guy to wrestle.
I'll be going back for round 2 before he goes home.
Safe, sane, friendly and a good all round bloke on and off the mats.
I was priveledged finally to meet this guy.
Thank you my friend, I'll see you very soon.
Top bloke, highly recommended.

Essexwrestler is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/11/2013)

Very happy to meet this guy. He is really strong,we have a great match and noone won. He has a lot of streinghth,is fit and also try all the time to beat me. Boys meet this wrestler is very nice.Thank you my new friend.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by dadwrestle (3/11/2013)

After many years of chatting we hit the mats (again) last night! It was a privilege to wrestle this guy! He has a great physique, is skilled, fast, strong safe and sane. It was a tough encounter which I really enjoed. I look forward to the next time. hoping that it isnt so long a wait! Accept the challenge if offered!

dadwrestle is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/11/2013)


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by boxermad (12/06/2012)

Very strong man and a great wrestler and person. I have enjoyed very much our fight and I hope to fight with him again in the future. I recommend him

boxermad is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (12/07/2012)

Thsi man is a great and strong wrestler,great body,legs and arms. The fight was very rough but he controled me in every matches.It is a nice person,was happy meet him and good experience in wrestling. I improved also my knoledge in mma.
Certainly he is a man to meet,I recomend him. Tks my friend hoping meet u soon.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by frank70 (11/26/2012)

RagazzoboyItaly is a very strong wrestler, well trained and experienced, and has a very good resistance during the match. His muscled chest and arms work like a press against his opponent and his resistence allows him to win when his opponent is exhausted. It was a difficult match but in the same time one of the best I had ever had. He is a very nice person and it was a pleasure to meet him for a safe, loyal, hard and intensive wrestling match

frank70 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/23/2012)

I had With this man a very hard match he is very very strongs able to defense themself With many holds i tried to win all Was but Was difficult.westlers meet this man because u Will have a very incredible match.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Steve Shock (11/14/2012)

Met Emmanuel at Pippas 14/11/2012
lovely guy !! what a body !!
this Hunky hairy chested wrestler is a pleasure to wrestle
great Pro match in the ring this wrestler made me work for the whole match can't wait to lock up with him again

Steve Shock is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/23/2012)

This man is incredible very strong and With Great experience in pro wrestling we had a very hard match in a ring more them 30 minutes i tried to defense myself against his attacks but Was impossible he dominated me all the match i Was completely in his hands soon Will be available the videos on youtube tks my friend want wrestle u another time wrestlers meet this man

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by bailey (11/14/2012)

Lovely lad, strong, fit, and totally committed to wrestling. Reliable, safe, sane. Enthusiastic, good company, good fun. 100% recommended.

bailey is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/23/2012)

Great and strong man.we had a very hard match,strong legs strong body hope wrestle against him ad soon as possible.never i met a kind man like him i enjoyed myself tks my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by dave king (11/18/2012)

I kicked his ass. Nice guy though.

dave king is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/20/2012)

After a long time i Was able to wrestle against this strong and Great wrestler. The match Was very difficult for me he had a Lot esperience and give me a bad lesson. He didnt give me the possibility to degenze myself because he had a Great body and strong legs.tks for all mAn hoping to meet u another time.wrestlers meet this mAn absolutely .

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by waltyfight (8/03/2012)

I'm really glad and honoured to have beeen today another "victim"of this tough wrestler.In Rome,in this period,it's really hot.And it's difficult for anyone also to try to have a match.You really risk an heart attack.But the occasion to meet him after a long time of chat and contact couldn't be lost.We fought in his bed and breakfast's room this morning and,after five minutes we melt.Our three matches didn't last more than five,ten minutes I think with three pauses for any of them.Ragazzoboyitaly is as strong as a bull.His biceps circumference was double than mine.Anyway I tried with all the strenght I had to submit him.Almost impossible.I would have liked to fight with him more but it was too hot.He's a very experienced and talented man for wrestling and all his holds were the result not only of his force but alsop of his intelligence.I recommend hinm to anyone even though I don't think he need this.I have been today one of his regardable number of opponents which has been defeated.We became friends as well and it's my desire to meet him again and again in better weather circumstances to try,with my growing experience,not certainly to beat him, but to make him suffer a little bit more...What else I could say?Ragazzoboyitaly:one of the bests!

waltyfight is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/05/2012)

Strong man,he is ready to improve his wrestling. Very nice person. It was very good wrestle against him


72acm is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/05/2012)

Competitive man,strong fighter,strong leg. He is a very pleasant man and fantastic boy to wrestle.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Lutteur79 (8/05/2012)

excellent wrestler, technical and powerful and very good and nice man ! we had an excellent time : the competition was real and tough, and so did the holds ! Definitely want to challenge you again !

Lutteur79 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/05/2012)

strong man strong leg the fight was very competitive. He is a great wrestler and i enjoy my self with him. Tks my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by speedosweat (11/23/2011)

ragazoboy is very strong and getting better at wrestling all the time.


leeuwbeest is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/11/2011)

It was a very intense match with a guy very strong and experienced technical and I really enjoyed myself at the end I was exhausted but it was worth it and was a real pleasure and I hope to fight with him again advise everyone to meet him because he is a true wrestler

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by spider (10/23/2010)

Ho affrontato questo lottatore a Londra. Persona incredibile e wrestler d'altri tempi. Sono uno dei migliori lottatori in circolazione me la sua potenza e la sua forza sono indomabili. I miei addominali ed il mio fisico allenato ha resistito parecchio. Difficile riuscire a scambare alla sua forbice effettuata con le gambe ... Semplicemente ti stritola i muscoli.
Onore a questo ragazzo straordinario.
Un piacere averti affrontato.

spider is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/03/2011)

great and strong man the fight was very rough men meet him


silverbulletuk1 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (7/14/2011)

I wrestled wifi that man in 2010 he was very strong and agressive very great fight meet him boys

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by tomfighter (3/29/2011)

Ragaitaly is an unleashed bull on the carpet! first laughs and jokes, but when he picks you up and smothers with his powerful arms and grabs you with a scissors with his tree trunks legs, you have no way out and is useless try to grabb his bull neck, nothing to do .... you are under

tomfighter is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/10/2011)

Experienced very strong and aggressive fighter. It was a good fight match... Thank you Tom

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by joman74 (3/11/2011)

Very nice fight! He's a really tough and skilled grappler! It's a very difficult task to force him to give up. Highly recommended! I want a rematch as soon as possible!

joman74 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/10/2011)

It was a very intense match with a guy very strong and experienced technical and I really enjoyed myself at the end I was exhausted but it was worth it and was a real pleasure and I hope to fight with him again advise everyone to meet him because he is a true wrestler

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by wrestling82 (3/04/2011)

We had an amazing time on and off the mats.Very friendly and communicative.Loves wrestling and will accept any challenge, even 2 hours before an air flight ;-) If this is not a proof then check the amount of his past opponents.Truly a must meet fighter.
If you have time get out for a beer with him, sure you will enjoy it.

wrestling82 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (2/24/2011)

good and styrng wrestler,we have a really rough and agressive match,he know a lot of holds he is really great... boys meet him! hope to meet you soon for a new match.........

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Muscle67 (2/22/2011)

A really great guy to fight. Strong, tough and can take a hard match and come back for more. Very good upper body strength that wore me down. A really top guy off the mats as well.

Muscle67 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (2/24/2011)

great body,strong and really great wrestler,rough and agressive man.... i learn a lot of him. You are great my new friend and i hope meet yoo soon.... you are sure a relly great man

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by surfboard (2/21/2011)

We had a long bout in London. He did not give up easily despite having an injury and not being 100% fit. Top man and dedicated wrestler. I enjoyed meeting him and hope to meet again.

surfboard is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (2/21/2011)

great man...great wrestler we have a long match... i was bigger than him but he was able to win... is great..and he is my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by jarreb (2/18/2011)

nice guy, strong and fit - pity injury stopped the match - but look forward to the next match - great to beat a cocky italian!!!

jarreb is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (2/21/2011)

wonderful man.... nice and strong man...... the match was very fantastic but at the end i loose against him.... come on wrestlers meet him ... tks my new friend..
21.02.2011- we had another match more agressive than the others and he was very long... great wrestler great lovely.and my first and best friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by mikeswuk (2/21/2011)

excellent opponent - skillful, strong and flexible - had a great session - nice guy too


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by fightmuscle (2/18/2011)

We had a blast together in the flat and not sure where the time went! Great wrestler and fun guy to meet. Definitely recommended for a meet and a great workout and more!!
My new friend from Italia!!

fightmuscle is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (2/18/2011)

the match was very long and fantastic... great man ....great wrestler.... he knows a lot of differetnt styles .... tks my new friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by GrapplingHB (1/31/2011)

Lele is a very nice and funny guy, I like to wrestle him. He provokes a lot in a funny way and he is really strong.

GrapplingHB is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/16/2011)

very good,nice and serious man..... i enjoyed my time i learn some techical and i want after having met him became a mma fighter.... thank you far all my best friend

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by aggroproll (1/16/2011)

Very nice and serious guy. Liked to fight with him. We had a lot of fun together.

aggroproll is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/16/2011)

great man good fighter........ i enjoyed my time with him........ meet him is very good and serious man .......... the fight was very good .....

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by biwrest (1/06/2011)

great man, strong, improves his technique day after day, try to fight with him will not be disappointed

biwrest is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (1/05/2011)

he is a very strong and able man.I enjoyed my self wrestle against him ..... the fight was very rough... i have more experience now... boys let meet him

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by dim127 (11/13/2010)

very good wrestler....
very strong...
i hope to meet him soon.... for the rematch...

dim127 is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (11/14/2010)

a very good wrestler little but strong.................

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by UKBruiser (10/11/2010)

Met this guy while he was in London, had a great match, safe, sane and tough, but didnt stop him going down in flames..but to be fair he had wrestled a load before we met...definately meet again when we can...but reckon be ssame outcome ;-)


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by Manc Pete (10/09/2010)

I wrestled this guy today .............great fun .......great guy


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