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65 Male

5'5" (165 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

  1. USA - California, San Francisco
    Home; Mostly
  2. USA - New York, Manhattan, New York, NY
    Work Location; Once a month
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Languages spoken:
English, German

I am willing to travel 3000 miles
I am willing to host.

singlets, sqcuts, ASICS, UFCfingerlessGloves, Jocks, mouthguard

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission

Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing holds, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, Folkstyle, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Going to matches, Looking for coach, Looking to coach, Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Not interested in cyber, I'm a heel, I'm straight, I'm bisexual, I'm gay, Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Muscle worship

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Short thick cocky nasty alpha.
Experienced FreeStyle/GRECO.
Retired Coach.
Powerful Aggressive Dominant.
Seeks other short cocky alpha studs with feisty bad attitude who can still get into the 'zone' and roll.
Tests of strength & endurance.
Sweat nips balls gear JO edgn fight-fuck porn.
Hypermasculine power exchanges & training.
6.5"x6"c smooth.
Travel US and EU a lot.
YahooIM dermodynamics
In NNJ NYC once a month.
January 19-21 LasVegas
February 14-17 SanDiego
March 1-9 SydneyAU
March 18-22 Atlanta GA
March 22-26 NYC
May 17-22 NYC
May 30- June 6 Manchester UK
June 14-17 Portland OR
July 2-10 NYC
August 29- September 3 Victoria BC

Past Opponents (63):

ajaxwrestler, ALEATHERGUYBE, alexanderfighter, alfredolima, alvarez, Argvet, asicsinglet, badbillofvt, badladuk, BBANATOR, bg wrestler, Bill Tampabay, BJJgrappler, BobL1957, bocachico, Bogidar, boxer1, Brawlbrad, BruteBrawn, calilee, calwrestler, chameleon, ChiWrestler, chocoindian, ClevelandWrestler, CLIFF90, Corvette65, Crazysportler, cyclone, Dadfights, Dav8, Dave Squeezemaster, DazzFighter, dcbearwrestler, dcgrappler, Dennis, dragonuk, drpdaz, ferdybear, fighterd, Fighter Matt, FIGHTINGLEATHERNECK, FightinLeatherNeck, fr judoka, g6fighter, grapeviner, grappler2112, GrapplingHB, grapplyves, ham, hashbock, hobbitbear, hugues80000, iowawrestler, JACARE, James, JamesSC, JCF, jolivar, jonesy908, Judo4fun, lance jeffers, lb200, littleforbigg, Little John, Luca, luchadorlleida, lusowrestler, LUTA DE SUNGA, lutteurlg, massage66, matguyKY, matman, mattz4fun, mature jobber, Mees, mikeswuk, mjj, Mongo, musclebear2b, musclemarkuk, muscstud, nassaumark, nickfight, Nicko, NickZ, NYwrestlerman, ozboxer, Oz Brit, patwrestlejames, pecs44, pouochh, purrits, ragazzoboyitaly, RasslerFTL, raulc, RedCloudStreet, redlandguy, rioman61, robertvogt, Rom07gt, Roughmatch, rufffight1979, RuffFightChallenge, sfbeef, six2fivebb, skinscrapper, slim4tuf, Smallbutstrong1981, smallguyvh, solar, someguy21, spahnium, squash me flat, SqueezeNW, supremecock, szabi, TANKE, Terryrassler, the123champ, TheBrawler, TopCA, toprunnermk, tote, unclejack, Username, vtwrestler, Want2fight, wjdawg65, wrest69sex, wrestle4kicks, wrestledad, wrestledadbc, wrestleme2uk, wrestlepgh, wrestlerrm, Wrestlg, xmenalejo

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wrestling coach is recommended by Argvet (6/30/2014)

Had the honor to wrestle Gene in Mr. S. Leather pride wrestling demonstration. Can't believe he can have this power and strength at this age. I think he can throw me easily if we were wrestling by the freestyle rules. But this time we were doing submission. We sort of wrestled into a draw. And it was full of sweat and fun. So hot. Totally recommendation. Would be a blast for anyone who want a competitive but sane match.

Argvet is recommended by wrestling coach (7/01/2014)

I had the honor to wrestle Bruce at the Mr. S. Leather PRIDE party. I have always wanted to challenge him, since he does train with our GGWC/WarrioBros contingent at SF's EV Reccenter. But alas I felt I was too old (more than twice his age!), and he was shy. Our mutual friends pushed the public match up, and it was so awesome.. He definitely is stronger and knows how to use that damn half guard to his advantage.... we were even in BJJ. But on our feet FreeStyle I threw him to his back into my side mount. As I prepare for GayGames 9 Cleveland, I will definitely be training a lot harder with Argvet. He is a real sweetheart of a guy, intelligent, cute, great body (legs!), assets, and has the heart of a warrior. I wish I were 30 years younger! Do not underestimate him... When he releases his demons, he is very sexy and powerful.

wrestling coach is recommended by Cowboyangel (2/17/2014)

Gene is not only an excellent wrestler, coach, fine human being and all the rest; he has probably done more than any other single individual I'm aware of to bring gay/alternative wrestling to where it is today. I for one want to say thank you.


jiadar is recommended by wrestling coach (11/15/2013)

Jiadar is probably the most talented wrestler I have ever meet/coached/rolled with in my 50 year wrestling career. His competitive & coaching success in CA are something legendary that any serious wrestler would aspire to.. His ability to deconstruct drill and execute technique are amazing even to me.. It goes with being another nerdy techie.. Ross is one of my best friends. He is very athletic, very focused, and sets very high standards for his wrestlers and his friends.

wrestling coach is recommended by grappleguy66 (6/11/2013)

we meet breifly at the nottinham grapevine meeting. great friendly guy. gve me a short coaching session , that has really made a differance to my game. thanks very much indeed , hope you make it back to the uk soon.

recomended , best wishes andrew


wrestling coach is recommended by jonesy908 (5/20/2013)

Tough, unbeatable and a top-notch teacher.
Guy should charge for imparting expertise.
The Yoda of these sites, only regret was not learning his mind tricks.


lb200 is recommended by wrestling coach (2/23/2013)

WOW has he improved since OKIE Rumble a few years ago!...
I am stronger, and consequently got a lot of taps... but he still got my tap with his killer leg scissors.. A great guy, smart, personable, and FUN... Don't pass over him if you really like it rough -and- sane..


Ruff4older is recommended by wrestling coach (11/08/2012)

We got pretty rough and wild on his floorWe and had to tone it down. I definitely want a rematch in a larger mat area.. A tough rough rival I want to fight again.. definitely a good fighter to connect with in Chicago.


Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by wrestling coach (9/20/2012)

Considering the years of challenges and taunts, we finally met in SF and while we did not get a ring or mats, we did the best we could. Alan is a -lot- stronger than I thought, and his thick neck/delts make him hard to choke. We kept it sane and controlled in the small space, and definitely want to ratchet it up in the future. We are very well matched physically and the scrap will then be about stamina, skill, and thresholds. We actually warmed to each other (warily) after an intense roll. IMHO, he is one of the toughest I have encountered for his stature. If you think you can handle it rough and physical, then Alan is your stud. I am very motivated to fight him in a ring where we can go all out and not hold back.

wrestling coach is recommended by pecs44 (7/31/2012)

Wish I'd known Gino when I was a kid, but glad to know him now. As someone who's a latecomer to wrestling (age 50), I have learned so much from Gino in just a couple of sessions: the perfect combination of demanding and encouraging. And, as we say in Boston, wicked smaht, too. Thanks, buddy.

pecs44 is recommended by wrestling coach (8/01/2012)

Pecs44 is a very strong determined competitor. He raises my testoserone level, pushes my limits, and brings out my fighter instincts. He is stronger than me, I can only beat him on technique. This advantage will not last long, and I expect he will be beating me by Christmas if we continue to train.

wrestling coach is recommended by nassaumark (1/06/2012)

Gino is a great guy to wrestle. Nicest guy around but tough. tough . tough on the mats. He may be much shorter than me but he was able to show me that size does not matter. Had a blast with him and waiting for our rematch.

nassaumark is recommended by wrestling coach (12/09/2011)

Mark is tough, determined, and relentless to conquer. I had my hands full and almost lost it a few times because of his superior leverage. A perfect gentleman until he senses weakness. Be prepared for a major workout.. Nice body too.


musclegladiator is recommended by wrestling coach (11/23/2011)

A very strong formidable opponent. Alas the Barcelo is too small and not safe enough to go balls2wall fighting. We needed a mat or ring. He is definitely the most powerful of all the =<5'7"/200# dudes I have faced. He has many varied fighting skills as well. I eagerly look forward to matching up with him again soon. He is a perfect gentleman, and does carry himself humbly like the real no-nonsense gladiator he is. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to roll with him for a short period.

wrestling coach is recommended by md match (11/18/2011)

Gino defines wrestling rivalry, toughness and bonding for me. The match was tuff, even, sweaty, and if you want an aggressive opponent that keeps coming, and is tuff to tap, masculine, fun, intense, respectful, Gino is your man. I look forward to testing his additional training the next time we face off.

md match is recommended by wrestling coach (11/17/2011)

Mario is my rival, my nemesis.
We were pretty even, and the fight was very physical.
He tapped me with his better BJJ skills, but that was years ago, and that won't happen now.
He is a gentleman, and treated me to a hamburger afterwards.
If you want a very physical match, Mario is your dude.
I focus on Mario when I train because he motivates me to push myself so I can tap him out next time... my goal.
Mario is the kind of fighter to have as rival & friend.


toughwrestler is recommended by wrestling coach (11/17/2011)

Yann is very wirey & tough. We had to fight in my small hotel, standing mostly.. pretty even niether getting advantage... We need a big mat to continue the fight to the ground. It will be a very rough fight as I can tell from his style. A perfect gentleman as well..

wrestling coach is recommended by JUDOMARS (11/12/2011)

GRRR, this is a real wrestler! in greco-roman style, and believe me, he keeps in a FANTASTIC fit for his age. Is hard, when you get him face to face, to believe he is 63, but is true... we roll and roll, muscle vs muscle.. His legs are fucking powerful... and he is kind and fun out of mat, we had great moment. MY FULL RECOMMANDATION!

JUDOMARS is recommended by wrestling coach (11/09/2011)

Wow... defintely better than his pics and reputation. solid grappler worthy of a Lance Jeffers, Alex Aquino, Viper, and Evan Redland. Strong, careful, playful, and can turn it up on queue. I was able to defend his BJJ attacks because of the small space. I want a rematch on a large match with standing. He should be on Naked Kombat, defintely hunkier and more skilled with a real primal edge. All I can say is that fighting him was the best birthday present I ever gave myself.

wrestling coach is recommended by filipolutte (11/12/2011)

yes he won ,but it is allways fun to wrestle a skilled fighter like Gino , big and beefy and ameliored my poor english after the fight !
but i m sure i can immobilized him ...while i draw his portrait .

filipolutte is recommended by wrestling coach (11/11/2011)

I finally got to fight Philippe! Shredded, strong, skilled, and very aggressive. His flexibility is key to his success.. he feels NO PAIN! He never surrenders... I had to cheat and use my size advantage to squeak out 2 tapouts. A perfect gentleman, as have been all the Montpellier guys! I have found another grapple friend for life!


hashbock is recommended by wrestling coach (8/13/2011)

Wrestled him a few times how over the years, Hillside, SanFrancisco, and Hillside again this year. It has been pretty even back and forth. His Judo definitely works in stopping my GRECO takedowns that work on most. We are still at a draw now, and I look forward to yet another round soon.. Definitely a real wrestler, nice guy, and very tough!


wrest69sex is recommended by wrestling coach (7/29/2011)

What a very pleasant surprise.... handsome, strong, muscular, intelligent, better than his pictures. His hand was still recovering from surgery, so there was no full out fighting, and we had to constantly catch ourselves slipping over the nasty competitive edge. I had to get him to use the BJJ 'TAP' because I did not understand the Spanish for 'STOP'. But just what we were able to do motivates me to challenge him again soon. He is definitely a mano e mano warrior type with lots of added attributes that make him one of the hottest packages I have ever met. His smile alone will melt you.


lance jeffers is recommended by wrestling coach (7/16/2011)

I have known Turtle off and on for over 16 years, and I have recently reconnected. He is very skilled BJJ/MMA, an excellent coach, and a very grounded sincere man to have as a friend. I am honored that he bothers to train and coach me.

wrestling coach is recommended by RasslerFTL (6/04/2011)

He is a fantastic wrestler in many styles. Kicks my butt, but with skill and care. Never pass on opportunity to wrestle him.


judokamad is recommended by wrestling coach (1/17/2011)

He dispatched me easily within 2 minutes with his Judo LegSweep at GayGames Koeln this past summer. My own fault for giving him the arm and walking into it before I could hit my signature under arm spin. I never wrestled anyone so close to my height and so built like myself. So it was an 'education' fighting someone with similar strategic GRECO-Judo like attacks. He is impressively strong and moves very well. I would like to challenge him again and learn how I can stop his Judo and see if he really is stronger than me. He is a real sportsman too. I wish I spoke decent Spanish to thank him and get to know him more.

wrestling coach is recommended by rioman61 (1/15/2011)

This is a one tough, technical, skilled and absolutely terrific opponent. Meeting him for the the first time was so pleasurable that it led to a few other rematches. All very intense. The age just wasn't there. He totaly keeps the match up, incredible, a must wrestle guy.

rioman61 is recommended by wrestling coach (12/28/2010)

I have had wonderful opportunity of rolling with Alex now 4 times, and have found it -very- challenging, exhilarating, safe, and fun. I learn BJJ, he learns GRECO throws. He has a great personality, and is someone worth pursuing if you really want sane competition. I am lucky I am in NYC every month.


muscstud is recommended by wrestling coach (1/01/2011)

Pretty even fight, caught me in a guillotine. But he will never get a tapout again on me. Next time a bigger space. Cool dude.


bbncc is recommended by wrestling coach (1/01/2011)

Kicked my butt, but I want a rematch in a safer venue. Cool dude, his pictures do not do him justice.


viper is recommended by wrestling coach (12/24/2010)

One of the most accomplished fighters on all levels.. technical, psychological, and physical. I like when he closes his eyes and just 'senses' your attacks. I learned from him how to finally beat and even reverse those MMA guillotines that I was always getting caught in. Now I strategically use it as bait. Do not pass up the chance to learn from the best. He is also the nicest most unassuming guys you would ever meet. He is the reason I go to OKIE.

wrestling coach is recommended by g6fighter (3/08/2009)

wrestling coach is a real coach of wrestling, very strong, technical great but very hot and fair too. He had tried to teach me about wrestling :-) but I'm not a technical wrestler. Great to have met you for long time.

g6fighter is recommended by wrestling coach (4/02/2009)

Great guy... Very hot, and had a great time... makes my trips to DE fun.

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