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“I really, really, really want to make you feel extra good (you deserve it). So here goes.

A chance wrestle last year at the Eagle pub in London with a wrestler who praised your site got me interested in finding out about it. Even as a technophobic luddite and much to my surprise I found your site extremely easy to use. Downloading pictures was also very simple. The fact that it is run by someone passionate about wrestling and is FREE and not just an anonymous money making business is astonishing (I am getting a Paypal account Just for you). Clueless as I am about technology I am amazed and thrilled by the brilliance of the site and the ease with which one can navigate it and make various connections.

I especially love its inclusiveness: open to all who love wrestling in all its various forms. Male, female, gay, straight, bi, young, old, novices,old hands, wrestling escorts etc, all are welcome to join in and revel in our shared passion.

Yes, your site truly brings me ,not just great pleasure meeting and wrestling with lots of guys, but actual joy .

A truly life enhancing site.

Thank you.

readyforit, Saturday, January 26th, 2013