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Gb1234 is recommended by nypython (1/19/2018)

Great host and a very fun guy to wrestle with. Ready to do it again!


Daniele77 is recommended by erminio (1/19/2018)

Daniele mi ha fatto conoscere il GP: è stato un maestro molto paziente. Tecnicamente e fisicamente molto preparato ha messo tutta la sua superiorità a mia disposizione per insegnarmi come colpire e come incassare i colpi. Persona molto interessante anche dal lato umano. Grazie e alla prossima.


zultac is recommended by Slater Jackson (1/19/2018)

Awesome opponent at Clash Of The Titans! Powerful and fun in the ring. Great guy outta the ring. Def looking forward to squaring off against him soon!


bikermanrr is recommended by ladron fr (1/19/2018)

La bagarre promettait d'etre acharnée, la réputation de bikermanrr le plaçait parmi les légendes.
La bagarre a eu lieu, j'ai tenu le garçon au respect, mais nous nous sommes bien battus.
Mec, je t'attends pour ta revanche lorsque tu auras affuté tes armes en club.
Fonce !


Bil is recommended by Rumblefish (1/19/2018)

Had a great match with Bil. Super easy to arrange, great communication. Bil is a tough opponent who tries his hardest. Also a fun guy to talk to. I Iook forward to our next match.


wrestle fun is recommended by Playfight64 (1/19/2018)

Met John yesterday. Real pleasant guy good to talk to and a very strong wrestler who definitely knows his stuff. He had me as his jobber for the morning but was also willing to show and teach better technique for holds. Hope to meet again and perhaps be a little more competitive.


Playfight64 is recommended by wrestle fun (1/19/2018)

I met up with Playfight64 in London for a friendly wrestle, he is a really nice guy and friendly both on and off the mats. Whilst he isn't that experienced as a technical wrestler, what he lacks in experience he makes up for in determination and does not give in or submit easily or straight away. If you give Playfight64 the opportunity he will look for a way out and escape from your hold if he can. He is happy to learn new holds and practice them. Great guy, I hope we can and do wrestle again sometime in the future.


musclemarkuk is recommended by Fistfighter4772a (1/19/2018)

Let’s do it!! Be a pleasure to hurt u


bikermanrr is recommended by mwrestling (1/19/2018)

Excellent lutteur de catch, motivé et puissant... Plusieurs combats il y a plus de 10 ans maintenant !


mililutte is recommended by Bamm-Bamm (1/19/2018)

I could write a book about this meet. Super friendly, perfect host, little bit timid even... all which made me agree on a fight without grappling holds. Stupid of me.
This rather shy guy, on the mats, all of a sudden transformed into a sadistic wrestling heel which had me discover new levels in my tolerance for pain and asphyxiation.
All safe and sane. This bastard knows what he’s doing. And granted, I provoked him and I was too alpha to ask him to be softer on me.
Once we established an understanding of “yeah, bring it on, let’s see where this goes”, there was no mercy: no exploratory soft punches, no sweet and steady choking. Instead there were instant full-power pec and gut punches. Chokes were well executed and at full efficiency.
He’s strong like a bear. As soon as he clinches it’s like being being secured in a rollercoaster you can’t get out of. Upper body power is incredible on this guy. And then there’s his knowledge of painful pressure points. I’d call it cheating, but it’s highly efficient.
I found my nemesis with mililutte: a torturer who punishes me for all the guys I’ve abused so far. And in exactly the same way I’d do it on others.
Next time, soon hopefully, I’ll do full out grappling with him. Maybe I stand a better chance. Not sure though and retaliation will be brutal.
High recommendations for mililutte. Try him. And be clear on how much pain you can take 😁

54964 recommendations