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ringmaster is recommended by The Enigma (1/17/2018)

A pleasure to spend just over an hour on the mats wrestling this big strong fella. When he side headlocked and bearhugged me early on I thought I was in for a pasting but managed to get him down and got a one handed choker on him which weakened him gradually, almost thought I had him out but he managed to wrap those big strong legs round my head and kept me there until a power wank finish. Good contest. Never been thigh choked for that long before, shot loads


LutteurBlois is recommended by Bamm-Bamm (1/17/2018)

What an unexpected pleasure! The meet was set up quite last minute: easy, open and straightforward communication. Taking the train to go 10’ outside of Paris has been a very welcome break out of the business of the city. Huge thank you to LutteurBlois for hosting me on his mats. He’s a very warm and nice person to be with.
On the mats he’s a strong jobber who isn’t afraid to challenge his heel. Face sitting, choking, ... It’s been huge fun playing with his naturally toned body. He’s an attractive guy and very modest about it.
If you’re into heel/jobber fights, or if like me you want to give it a try, I strongly recommend him.
Hope to meet you again, man.


Nakofi is recommended by st7 (1/17/2018)

Nakofi is not a man, he is a mountain. Beware of those huge legs, getting out of them is quite hand and they are beyond strong. We were both exhausted but still managed to have a nice wrestle. I need to meet him again both of us on our top game. Nice guy, reasonable and reliable. And one hell of a challenge


Pitt is recommended by Gloeo (1/17/2018)

Très bonne rencontre avec Pitt qui est très motivé dans la lutte même s'il n'a pas l'avantage ; c'est un garçon super accueillant et très sympa ; que je reverrai avec plaisir ;)


AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by Smiler (1/17/2018)

I met up with African Warrior at Walthamstow Mat Room which he kindly arranged. Despite his love of promission he agreed to try submission and i’d try some promission. A really interesting bout ensued, with my first experience in a proper ring which was of course enjoyable when in such good company! There was some back and forth holds traded but obviously his youthful energy started to triumph towards the end. Still can highly recommend a bout with this good looking and friendly guy. He’s determined to make a name in the wrestling world and he’s well on his way to doing that! Cheers mate!


sumostud is recommended by sfbeef (1/17/2018)

I used to wrestle Sumostud years ago and it's great to have him back in the Bay Area for more battles. Sexy man, and he can take a lot of punishment.


GrapplingDummy is recommended by SeattleFight (1/17/2018)

This big strong dude was great fun to roll with and get all hot and sweaty. I took him down even before he could strip to his singlet and it was on! He can take some punishment, that's for sure, and it was a truly enjoyable and exciting experience. Super nice guy and good communicator too. Thanks for coming up - looking forward to round 2!


Monkas Garcia is recommended by Barriobruiser (1/17/2018)

Monkas Garcia is an up and coming pro style wrestler! Tough and aggresive yet respects limits and intensity. Outstanding gear and gets the whole pro mentality, you don't want to miss an opportunity to wrestle this guy who just keeps getting better.
I look forward to stepping back through the ropes and into my ring with this new talent!


SeattleFight is recommended by GrapplingDummy (1/17/2018)

I drove up for a match with SeattleFight yesterday, and he was a blast!. I love to job, and we talked about having him work me over. Man did he deliver! I'm still savoring the moment when he took my back, snaked his arm around my neck, and demonstrated just how rock hard his biceps are. He's got leg scissors that literally took my breath away - I had to tap.

I can't wait for the next match!


jobbermaker is recommended by GrapplingDummy (1/17/2018)

I LOVE wrestling with this man. We've met a couple of times over the years from that other site, and he's still top of my list of favorite opponents.

I'm a tough guy, and I really enjoy seeing how much I can take. It took him literally about 2 seconds to have me begging...and that's how it went the whole match. He's freakishly strong, knows his moves, and man does he love to use it. You'll definitely want to set your limits in advance - perhaps even with a safe word - as he will make you yell for mercy - over and over again.

If you're looking for a mean heel with the strength, skill, and desire to find out just how much suffering you can handle, this is the guy!

54969 recommendations