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ChubbyJobber00 is recommended by AfricanWarrior007 (11/18/2018)

Brought this mouthy lad into the world of wrestling with a hard dose of reality and taught him a very valuable lesson ..... Don’t fuck with The King.

He was pretty tough at first and pretty strong for his age but he had no chance with my forearms, DDT’s, even pulled out my very own leg lock submission, ‘The Coronation’ and general punishment. Knocked him out a couple times too and had him begging for mercy by the end. Now, I own him.

A lot of attitude with a potentially bright future so I highly recommend to anyone that can show him the ropes or that just wants to pick up where I left off!

Next time we’ll have videos so make sure you follow my insta: NicholasStoneWrestles and fb: Stone King to catch all that kinda stuff and get in touch if you want a match! Got the first overseas challenger coming this week and I’m gunna show him and his comrades what I’m truly capable of in MY KINGDOM.

WhatsApp: +447949877469

Long Live The King 🤴🏿✊🏿


Wannawrestle is recommended by Netto (11/18/2018)

Hello wrestlers,

I met wannawrestle to test our strength💪 I can tell he is very good at wrestling. He gave me a great battle, we sweat a lot and had fun with different wrestle holdings. He applied a few locks on me and I did the same on him using my legs around his neck couple of times. Also, this friend has a great personality, easy to get along with and definitely someone to have a great time. Very strong and he enjoys boxing and some punching in a safe and sane environment. Don't miss to wrestling him.


jdj2 is recommended by ausrasren123 (11/18/2018)

Met this well built guy during his stay in berlin.
The match was quite competitive and in the end He gave everything to beat me up. Beside my nose was a little tortured i guess i was a bit stronger than this tough guy. D be nice to wrestle with him again soon!.


wrestlingdad is recommended by Jskofield (11/18/2018)

Met wrestlingdad a few months ago, was very accommodating and easy to arrange a meet with. Nice guy off the mats too! This was my first meet and he put me at ease and took things slowly, very safe and sane. I had a great time even though I was pinned almost immediately at the start of each round (I was no match for such a strong, experienced guy!) and would thoroughly recommend.


hertsdog is recommended by Catalan Boxer (11/18/2018)

What can I say to do him justice? This guy is amazing! He can take a real beating and he can dish it out too. I had a fantastic time with hertsdog on and off the ring. He's great company and a very skilled opponent. I can't wait to meet him again.


cdnwrstlr is recommended by Verem (11/18/2018)

Had an awesome time with cdnwrstlr! He's got a lot of strength and technique which made for a fun and tiring competitive match. Looking forward to future rounds.


suig is recommended by Npdubai (11/18/2018)

I had a great time wrestling Suig, one of the best matches I've had so far. He is a strong and skilled wrestler and knows very well how to use his long limbs and his toned body to his advantage. I had a great time wrestling him and can't wait to wrestle this handsome man again. He is a genuinely nice person and was a fantastic host. Do not miss the chance of wrestling him.

Match 2: my second match with Suig was in oil and probably the one of hottest matches that I've had till date. Suig is a gorgeous man and his body looked even hotter with the oil. Can't wait for our next match.


Framateur is recommended by Damly (11/18/2018)

Framateur est un garçon sympathique et fiable.
Son petit gabarit recèle dans la lutte ou le GP plus de ressources que l on ne pourrait imaginer.
Sa compagnie est agréable et intéressante.


Glasgow Crusher is recommended by Gwizzle (11/18/2018)

Not only is he a tough opponent who clearly enjoys a good match, he’s a really easy-to-talk-to guy anr very down to earth.
Had good fun during our match. He’s pretty skilled and knows how to break a hold and apply a lot of his own.
Would highly recommend.


ausrasren123 is recommended by jdj2 (11/18/2018)

Amazing guy! I don’t usually lose this badly, but I couldn’t get a single submission on him. Not even one. It wasn’t even close.

Very fun match, he’s very skilled, very strong and really hot. He’s also super funny and nice off the mats. Very highly recommended.

63972 recommendations