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Wrestlfun is recommended by Wrestswim2 (7/26/2021)

Nous nous étions contactés il y a quelques semaines et promis que nous tenterions de nous rencontrer à l'occasion de mes vacances dans le Var.
Promesse tenue au matin du dernier jour de mes vacances varoises, pour éviter la grosse chaleur.
Il s'agissait de la reprise des combats pour Wrestfun après plusieurs mois d'arrêt aussi avons nous lutté en souplesse sans pousser trop sur les prises.
Hé bien la reprise fut concluante, Wrestfun à de bonnes attitudes, une envie de se battre et de progresser et il offre déjà une belle résistance.
La forme revenant il pourra aller plus loin dans les combats.
En dehors des assauts, nous avons eu une discussion agréable et profité de la vue sur la baie de Cavalaire.
A refaire quand je reviendrai, promis.


BlondViking is recommended by tuviaz (7/26/2021)

I meet this guy today and enjoy every second with him he strong reliable and very friendly we swaet a lot and have great fun dont miss him if u visit here thank u my freind u make my visit at sweden great hope to meet u again some day


Cymrofight is recommended by Manc Man (7/26/2021)

Have met several times over the last couple of decades. He is one of those wrestlers who knows my weaknesses and exploits them fully to his advantage. We've had straight matches but this is a wrestler who knows what he wants and he takes it, and does he give it to a wrestler like a wrestler should. One time he had me all over Rochdale mat room and let me have it in several positions. Hearing him grunt while he works the hold and having him sweating all over me is what we do best.


poseidon is recommended by dadwrestle (7/26/2021)

I have been trying to think of a word to describe this wrestler, and it's FIREPLUG! This is one of the strongest guys I have ever encountered on the mats. He might not be tall but he makes up for it in raw power! This was a last minute arrangement after months if not years, of chatting. He's a gracious host and it was easy to arrange things. Our battle was fast and furious, and I have to own that he took more subs than me. Safe, sane, tough and a perfect opponent. I enjoyed every minute of our meet, which i hope will be the first of many. 110% PLATINUM Recommendation!


Manc Man is recommended by Cymrofight (7/26/2021)

Dave and I have met several times over the years, and I'm happy that he's OK with having me as a regular opponent. Those who know him will know just what a living bunch of wrestling skills he is - instinctive, technically fluent and now with additional power to go with or substitute for his impossible speed of old. He's also not averse to the gear and gets the vibe of a pro match, although he wrestles freestyle, olympic and other codes (and has his oil pool of doom, pace recent photos). He also gets how skin to skin proper grappling between men can also be a turn-on, and is good at turning to the erotic side after a good hard contest. I'm delighted he lets me top him after a good tough sweat - when we fuck we fuck hard; he's got a decent cock on him and he milks me like a proper man. That final pin is always the best one.


manchesterwrestler is recommended by Manc Man (7/26/2021)

A tough wiry wrestler, delivers a mean leg lock and back hammer torture, also likes to single leg boston me and bring me off, always gets me juicing in submission.


Manc Man is recommended by manchesterwrestler (7/26/2021)

Met D a few times over many years. A key figure on the wrestling scene with the skills to explore and give anyone a good match in various styles. Making him chew the mast in some tough holds is always good :)


EnglishOak is recommended by Orion (7/26/2021)

Had an epic time with this chap. Friendly reliable and got right into it. Highly recommended


Orion is recommended by EnglishOak (7/26/2021)

Easy to arrange a meet with Orion when he was previously on here. A really nice and genuine guy who knows his stuff - knows how to dominate in a safe and sane way. Had a brilliant meet with him and looking forward to the next time!
Hearty recommendation from me.


Kubaw466 is recommended by MusculaDos (7/26/2021)

They are a formidable pair of fighters. Muscular and strong, great fighters and above all they teach you everything they know. Very friendly people

78362 recommendations