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SimplyDapper is recommended by sbr (3/22/2019)

Met Simply Dapper for a friendly competitive submission wrestling 5’6 135 lbs he is a tough opponent with a great attitude toward wrestling and muscular upper body & thighs for multiple tight holds...even just starting out he is quite knowledgeable & competent with different holds/moves & only will get better with experience...we both tapped a number of times & had fun considering we wrestled a long time with numerous water breaks & intermittent conversations about wrestling techniques & interests...Definitely would recommend for a match & looking forward to another tangle!


durham45789 is recommended by chzwz (3/22/2019)

INTENSE! Holy shit this guy is feisty. Easy to set up a last minute match and the dude who showed up was WAYYY stronger & more aggressive and trash talking and strong than anything I was expecting from our messages back and forth. That was a nice surprise. He dishes out a lot more than I thought I'd get. Was a good battle, seemed like a fair but sweaty match on my mats. Once he gets more matches and experience, WATCH OUT. His specialty is fast hands with short bursts of energy.
Especially when he's trying to throw you off being on top. Bring your best if you wrestle him because he certainly will be bringing his.


acrious is recommended by stormwrestler (3/22/2019)

Nice guy to hang with, fun give-and-take match. Wish he was sticking around these parts so we could go it again. Even showed me a couple of new holds.


jason is recommended by Leanmuscle (3/22/2019)

I had an enjoyable time with Jason. In our second match. He knows his way around the mats and is adaptable to style. A very good guy both on and off the mats.


Asics is recommended by juan sebastian (3/22/2019)

Asics es un hombre muy fuerte, además su cuerpo Insita a luchar y dejar toda la energía para poder derrotarlo.
Tuvimos una lucha intensa, me costó trabajo hacerlo rendir.
Es una gran persona y fácil cuadrar una lucha con él.
Lo recomiendo 100% 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


crispy262 is recommended by Dgardner19 (3/22/2019)

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am so glad that our paths crossed. We got a chance to talk about random things in our lives before getting to any wrestling and I really appreciated that. Wrestling wise he is incredible at getting the upper hand and working submissions. I had a hard time keeping up, but I’m sure I gave him a run for his money. Looking forward to our next encounter.


jonny innocent is recommended by BlueWrestler21 (3/22/2019)

I met with this lovely guy during his visit to Gran Canaria, he was nice enough to reschedule our meeting under an unforseen event at my job that changed my plans.

He is a very skilled Pro Wrestler, and I really mean boy he is a P R O wrestler. He knows the moves and he can pull off a big variety of holds. Very considerste with making the match enjoyable for both parties. He kicked my ass most of the time, and I actually enjoyed it!

He is always smiling, willing to make you feel at home and can’t recommend him enough. Ot was a great time that I hope to one day be able to repetean when I visit the UK too :)


Leanmuscle is recommended by jason (3/22/2019)

Was so delighted to meet up with Leanmuscle again in Florida. Such a wonderful individual. This was our second time and as always a fun time. Thanks again!!!


atlantawrestles is recommended by smoothfitatl (3/21/2019)

atlantawrestles is a great guy and strong wrestler. He is very experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled.
I was outclassed, but he was helpful in teaching me some holds, giving me insights, and showing me how to improve. He also was clear, up front, with limitations.
For me as a novice wrestler, it was a fun first match. He is an outstanding opponent.


Jimmy Elijah is recommended by LuchadorFLA (3/21/2019)

If you love classic pro this is good buddy for you!! He has great taste in pro wrestling, very nice guy, respects all limits on the mats, and a lot of fun to be around. Very good looking guy too! Had a terrific pro fantasy style match in our singlets and was glad to finally meet him in person!!

67402 recommendations