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Broc is recommended by Jow (12/08/2019)

Very happy to have met this beautiful and very nice guy !
He as been very nice with me when wrestling ! And it's a great challenge to make him submit !
He is also keen on providing advices ( and he does that so well ), and that is very nice !
I do hope to meet him again in a one vs one session..


ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Jow (12/08/2019)

I had a great time with ArmwrestleAndMore trying unsuccessfully to submit him !
He is a very good wrestler, resistant and technic.
I also enjoyed a lot to be his jobber on the second part...
Thank you, nice and handsome guy to have accepted to meet me.
Do hope a rematch..


Aust10wrstlr is recommended by fig4man (12/08/2019)

Very easy to set a match with and very very fun to wrestle. Looks great in a singlet/boots. Handsome man . Can take abuse and dish it right back out in pro..we had a really fun sweaty match. I would wrestle Aust10 100 percent again


Morrosko is recommended by Punchmen (12/08/2019)

Un hombre rudo, fuerte y confiado.
Tuvimos un partido entretenido pese a la diferencia de estaturas. Me enseño muchas cosas, todas muy buenas, jeje. Espero volver a luchar con el.


sagittaron2 is recommended by scrappyone (12/08/2019)

Saggitaron is full of tenacity and explosive strength, making him hard to control. The match was demanding on both sides. He is a great host and has a very nice setting at his place. Afterwards we had some conversation with beer, closing a good wrestling evening. Until the next time :)


wrestlefight is recommended by submisionss (12/08/2019)

It had been said before but worth repeating - the man has a strong punch. Second meeting and he went harder. I never had a chance. I almost got one submission in - almost.

He is calm collected and rough. Even though I believe I was referred to as “rabid wolverine” at one point he knows how to control his opponent and keep them coming back.


Sekah is recommended by westox (12/08/2019)

It was very easy to fix a match with Sekah and he travelled a long way to meet. Sekah is strong and determined and does not give up easily. He has good wrestling skills and his bearhugs are amazing! Absolutely charming and intelligent guy who was a delight to meet and wrestle. I fully recommend him if you visit South Korea.

12/08/19 Met again with Sekah and had a great match. He gets stronger each time and has a great physique. We had a long match with plenty of holds and submissions. Look forward to meeting again.


LottaPalermo is recommended by boine (12/08/2019)

Laidback, relaxed and nice guy into boxing and gear!
Did some light rounds of boxing, give and take, clinching, gut and facepunching!
Totally safe and sane.
Just like myself a total gearhead and Agonophilia ( Google it! )
If you travel through Palermo, pack your gloves! :)


JoManini is recommended by nycguy86 (12/08/2019)

He fights to win! Given the space and time constraints, we couldn't go too intense, but it was a fun and challenging match nonetheless!


Mat74 is recommended by nycguy86 (12/08/2019)

A very skilled, fit, and fun wrestler! I enjoyed both the match and the conversation. Thanks!

76367 recommendations