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lottatoregentile is recommended by Andys80 (10/26/2020)

Lottatoregentile rispecchia proprio il suo nome. Gentile nei modi, Ma te le da di santa ragione nella lotta. Non tecnico, non forte, non cattivo, ma ti mette davvero alle strette. La differenza di esperienza e peso ha favorito il suo avversario ma col tempo può migliorare decisamente. Una vera esperienza con lui.


Angel is recommended by NACHETON (10/26/2020)

Luchador aguerrido con ganas de progresar y aprender. En un futuro va a ser un rival difícil. Muy resistente y no teme a desafíos de gente más grande que el. Muy buena persona para hablar fuera del ring.
Brave wrestler eager to learn and progress. In the future he ll became a hard opponent. He s not afraid of overweighted opponents and very friendly out of the mat. Recommended


Wirus is recommended by max88 (10/26/2020)

Depuis le temps (plusieurs années) on a enfin réussi à se rencontrer sur Paris. Bonne session lutte et catch. Mes ciseaux m'ont pas réussis à le faire taper, mais je me suis vengé avec toutes les autres prises.
On n'a pas pu se mettre d'accord sur un point : pour moi il ne sait pas faire de bearhug, selon lui je suis mal foutu et donc je résiste bien.
Quand tu veux pour une deuxième raclée lol


MKC111 is recommended by SCISSORHEAD (10/26/2020)

Tough, strong and fun wrestler.
Over the years I’ve met mkc111 many times.
He is strong as a bull, has great instincts and is a great friend, Very recommend!


Kickara is recommended by hansanyan (10/26/2020)

Kickara is a nice guy , and very intelligent, a little dominant on the mat in a good way, we try many novelty and interesting fighting mode , he is very experienced , it’s special funny to me , I loved the back and forth fun in this match. If you are looking for easy and amusing wrestling , don't miss opportunity with him for a match !


throw is recommended by Delrayguy (10/26/2020)

Throw and I went at it right away. He's a very strong wrestler, maybe even the strongest guy I have ever wrestled. I managed to get some good holds on him in our bouts here and there but he countered with his ability and strength to overcome me and I had to submit several times! He loves to submit you from behind in a choke hold so watch out! We had several good bouts and I just could not manage to submit him. Besides being a really good wrestler he is the nicest guy to talk to as well. I would love to wrestle him again in round two someday. If you have the chance to wrestle him he will give you your money's worth!


BR2Tampa is recommended by rabbitt651 (10/26/2020)

Wow, had a great time with BR2Tampa. After messaging some, we met and he hosted at local hotel. We had a pro fantasy match with give and take. WE both learned from the experience. Our conversation before and after was just as enjoyable. I would most definitely meet up with this friendly, great, super guy again!


gingerwrestler is recommended by lutadoromano (10/26/2020)

Um cara com porte parecido com o meu é um top fetiche que tenho. Quando vi o Ginger, quis por a gente a prova e foi bom. Ele tem técnica (as pegadas dele revelam), porém a melhor parte foi quando a gente foi na força bruta, músculo contra músculo e eu escutava a pancada dos tórax se batendo. Super recomendo.


lutadoromano is recommended by MachoSungaRJ (10/26/2020)

Essa luta tava pra acontecer há muito tempo e parecia que nunca ia sair, mas dessa vez finalmente foi.

Pessoalmente é um cara muito gente boa. Educado, inteligente e agradável. Mas esse "bom mocismo" some todo quando a luta começa.

Forte (muito) e determinado, a luta foi um desafio enorme. Eu não tive nem chance (e já sabia disso), mas achei que fosse dar mais trabalho pra ele. A luta foi tudo que eu esperava e mais um pouco. Pegada, suada, com muita força (da parte de ambos) e técnica (só da parte dele).

Espero repeti-la assim que for possível. Talvez com as outras variações que conversamos.


rabbitt651 is recommended by BR2Tampa (10/26/2020)

What a nice gentleman!! This was a pro-fantasy match and I was not sure how to do this. Rabbit651 was very clear In explaining what he wanted and we had a great time. We had much give and take but ultimately the heel that he is took the match. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed our conversations before and after just as much! Super guy!!

77513 recommendations