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manclad531 is recommended by IKBER (7/01/2022)

Manclad531 is a great opponent. He's super friendly outside of matches and knows his stuff, but during a match, he is one tough, hot bulldog. He has very powerful arms and legs, he has many ways to make a guy submit. Highly recommend him if you ever come to Manchester.


Karadim is recommended by ukfighter (7/01/2022)

I had a fantastic time with Karadim in Thessaloniki.
A hard fought sweaty match (it is more than 30 degrees C outside!)

A really lovely man off the mats too!
I have NO hesitation to recommend this charming young man!

He is well worth meeting!
Highly recommended!
Would love a rematch!!


Rhino68 is recommended by a matthew (7/01/2022)

Rhino in name and in fact. Very broad theoretical knowledge, he can applies theory to practice in a short time after a few tests.
I learned some tricks, thanks to him.
Out of the fight very pleasant and serious person, Good meeting!


wrestlerintokyo is recommended by BearBoarMore (7/01/2022)

He’s super strong and has good moves! I was on the mat the whole time. Hope to catch with him again on my next visit!😎



SalzPeter is recommended by Billboi (7/01/2022)

Saltpeter is a genuine nice guy. Arranged to meet him at his hotel. He is very welcoming and a great host!
Friendly, fun, interesting and enjoyable.
Would highly recommend if you get a chance to meet him.


fghtr is recommended by Nature boy (7/01/2022)

What a great fighter. He is a skilled grabbler and boxer. He knows what he is doing, safe, sane and very reliable.
Off the mat he is a very nice man and energetic in offering opportunities for fighttrainings. Highly recommanded for fighters who seriously want to learn more and have a great time fighting.
Hope to meet you again very soon.


lotus888 is recommended by Natwing (7/01/2022)

I didn’t quite know what to expect in a match with Lotus. We had communicated enough in advance that I was well aware of his extensive martial arts training. I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of his legs and his stamina.

It seemed only appropriate to lift him into a bearhug to start the match. A good back and forth exchange of holds followed between two guys shaped differently but both with the intention of delivering messages.

Messages effectively delivered both ways, followed by dinner and equally good conversation. A really excellent several hours. We have agreed to a rematch to settle the score.


adluchador is recommended by pidgeot123 (7/01/2022)

After years of chatting and planning, I finally got to meet adluchador for a match, and what a match it was! He takes punishment well, doesn't give up easily, suffers beautifully, and is generally an excellent jobber. I had a blast teaching him a lesson about which LA school was better (😝). I'm happy to be his first recommendation here and I'm sure he'll have lots of excellent matches in the future with me and the rest of the community!


Natwing is recommended by lotus888 (7/01/2022)

Natwing delightfully surprises in many ways. From the onset I expected a formal handshake as the initial greeting. When he pulled me into a bearhug instead, it was game on.
The match was more a test of skill and strength rather than seeing who could secure the quickest submission. I was especially interested in testing the resiliency and power of his marathoner’s legs against mine strengthened from years of martial arts training and cycling.
He did not disappoint.
The match evolved into an alternating set of long held holds as each of us vied for control creating an exhilaration in the tension of the grasp and grappling, the control and the yielding.
A pleasant conversation punctuated the match and carried well into dinner afterwards - a wonderful exchange of humor and wit, a moveable feast of words and ideas.
While Natwing certainly brings to mind the expression “a tall drink of water,” an encounter certainly leaves you refreshed and thirsting for more.


CaGrpl is recommended by Anthon1 (7/01/2022)

What more can I say, the guy knows how to wrestle! Hot catchweight bout 135 lbs vs 160 lbs, CaGrpl put up a damned good fight. Found myself caught in plenty of body and head scissors, full nelsons, mounts and pins. I was able to get in my fair share of holds too, but this guy seriously surprised me with how he was able to make up for the 25 lb weight discrepancy. Definitely up for a rematch!

83558 recommendations