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Londonlatino is recommended by irish123 (5/29/2017)

Nice guy very good as people says .met a couple of but fair to say I beat him will rematch when he wants


WrestlerGoias is recommended by hdlock (5/29/2017)

Nice guy. lots of fun


ninos is recommended by extralarge (5/29/2017)

Ninos is a good wrestler and a great guy! His impressive physique, strength and stamina allow him to fight hard and resist most submission attempts. It’s not easy at all to make him tap. Sure, he needs some improvement with his technique. But he is a fast learner and he can instantly apply on you what he has just learned in the previous rounds! His endurance is incredible: We wrestled non-stop for almost two hours and he was still able to go for a lot more! Off the mats, he is a very polite and easy going person. I think his grappling future is bright and I hope we will wrestle again soon. Totally recommended!


KidLeopard is recommended by submisionss (5/29/2017)

Not that this amazing wrestler need my recommendation but he sure as hell gets it. My meeting with him was one of the most intense and memorable work overs I have ever had. The man is a beast and know how to make a jobber tap and quiver in anticipation and enjoyment. If you love getting worked over and especially getting choked you will be in heaven. Hope we can meet again


USMarineCA is recommended by Ohgymguy (5/29/2017)

USMarineCA is an awesome guy. Looks even better in person and is skilled and strong. Anyone serious about submission wrestling will not be disappointed.


pshawfocus is recommended by BRITWRESTLER86 (5/29/2017)

Having finally met pshawfocus I'm happy to confirm he didn't disappoint. He was patient, polite and very strong. He was generous enough to share his vast experience with me and I hope to meet again in the future!


MEGRAPPLE is recommended by GrappleFun (5/29/2017)

What a guy!
Had a great sweaty give and take wrestle with this strong and skilled guy. He knows his stuff and had me submitting a few times, but is generous enough to share his knowledge of holds and let me get a couple of taps from him!
He looks the business in his singlet too (his pictures don't do him justice!).
Very pleasant and easy to chat to to boot, a real gent and the time flew by.
Highly recommended - definitely meet this guy if you get the chance - and I very much look forward to our next encounter!


Black Titan is recommended by bones (5/29/2017)

This dude is a beast & all around great guy

He was my first match back from being injured

What a great sweaty workout. Definitely want the rematch


The Enigma is recommended by wrestlingdad (5/29/2017)

Another opportunity to get to grips with The_Enigma. We have wrestled a number of time over the years and it has always been great fun. Much less competitive now and The_Enigma respects that. Our session was very hot and horny with a very enjoyable ending. An icon in the wrestling world. If you get the chance to meet up with him take it, you will have a great time.


Tino is recommended by swiss75 (5/29/2017)

Cool hat sich Tino trotz Sommerhitze, langem Arbeitstag und relativ wenig Platz zum fighten Zeit genommen. Ausserhalb des Kampfplatzes ein humorvoller liebenswerter Kerl, mit dem man entspannt quatschen kann. Beim fighten bekommt man seine gesamte Muskelpower zu spüren. Die Muskeln sind definitiv nicht nur Show... Man schenkte sich nichts auf der Matte und Punkt um Punkt musste von beiden hart erarbeitet werden ( ok von mir etwas mehr lol) Trotz powervollem fighten stets um die Sicherheit bemüht. Definitiv ein cooler Kerl, den man gerne wieder treffen will für weitere fights. Beim nächsten Mal bin ich hoffentlich besser in Form und er wird noch mehr powern müssen um zu gewinnen ;)

47037 recommendations

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