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Carybears is recommended by bushchub (2/18/2020)

Totally hot bear wrestler.
We had a hotel roll around. His chokeholds are impossible to escape from.
Looks amazing in singlet or trunks.
I can’t wait until we lock up again.
100% recommendation.


ChiBox is recommended by sundown (2/18/2020)

We have boxed several times over the years, in the ring, in the open on the farm. He is an excellent fighter with super skills and great conditioning...hit him up for a match or for an introduction to a terrific sport



DeportBilbo38 is recommended by NYleanmuscle (2/18/2020)

Overall a spark plug here....full of energy and strength! He has a nasty headlock with additional measures to make you feel the pain. He had some injuries recently but still kept the intensity. He is a fired up soccer player with leg strength to remember. Terrific guy to meet and wrestle. Nice surprise.


Novice888 is recommended by sundown (2/18/2020)

was good to meet this him...we enjoyed some boxing and sparring, talked and worked on form...threw lots of punches...he is a good sport and a genuinely nice guy


mehmetandme is recommended by BerlinSportFit (2/18/2020)

The little one is well trained, great body, lots of strength. Despite my limitation, he lay more and knocked, so it was clear who was the winner... 💪


hertsdog is recommended by diegoba1908 (2/18/2020)

Visited Ade for a wrestling and punching (mainly me punching this super strong lad) session. Super friendly guy! And again, he can take loads of punches to his abs. Thumbs up! Don't miss your chance


melb1988 is recommended by Melbournian (2/18/2020)

Melb1988 and I meet for a Heel v Jobber Pro Match. He was Heel and I was Jobber.
M-88 is a very knowledgeable Heel, before and during the match he gave some really good instruction. M-88 knows how to treat a Jobber!!
Thanks Melb1988!!


keystonepa is recommended by ManyNames (2/18/2020)

Great man to wrestle. I enjoy every match we have had so far. Recommend him greatly


Wrestling Ace is recommended by vaxrte (2/18/2020)

Jeune lutteur qui ne s'en laisse pas compter. Il apprend vite, est costaud et volontaire. Très agréable sur le tapis comme en dehors. Merci pour cette belle rencontre. A refaire absolument!!!


FreestyleWrestler is recommended by UKSubsFighter (2/18/2020)

We first met years ago and had a memorable wrestle on the beach. Since then a strong friendship has developed and many more matches too. A truly lovely guy and remarkable character as well as a strong knowledgeable wrestler.
My highest recommendation to a great guy!!

77824 recommendations