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SmallIgu is recommended by Eduardo (8/19/2017)

Virado no Gyraya nível II.

Essa fera tem muita vontade e disposição para uma luta
Não desiste fácil, sempre pronto para um fight
Um verdadeiro desbravador do combate


scotpal is recommended by headlockmehard (8/19/2017)

Had a great time with Scotpal. Great strength and agility. Headscissors and chokes were long held and hard, though I had fun sometimes overwhelming him with my holds that squeezed. Great time and look forward to another match. This guy is strong, mild mannered off the mat but on the mat watch out, he doesn't give in easily.


Groundcontrol is recommended by ZlightWrestler (8/18/2017)

That was a very nice afternoon with a very nice guy from England called Groundcontrol. At first we had a little competitive test of strength what was a lot of fun and after that i fulfill his wish and dominate him in some submission-scissor-holds what we both enjoyed really. From time to time he put some holds on me so we wrestled over 2 hours and it was also a good training for me. Groundcontrol is absolutely recommendable for a fun-wrestling-afternoon and also a very pleasant discussion partner.


Geminorum is recommended by gutpunchmehard (8/18/2017)

lo conocí en Montevideo hace unos años. Boxeamos y me dio duro. La pasamos muy bien. Ojalá podamos encontrarnos nuevamente. Juega duro y es muy morboso. Pero es fundamentalmente confiable y un tipo con quien se puede charlar antes y despues de "acabado" el match: muy recomendable


Ogait is recommended by gingerwrestler (8/18/2017)

Lutador muito gente boa e extremamente habilidoso. Fez uma visita às terras paulistanas e não fez feio, muito pelo contrário. Luta muito bem submission o que fez o combate ficar muito acirrado. Levou vantagem em vários momentos e soube se impor, com bastante garra e respeito. Se você for ao Rio não deixe de marcar seu combate com esse cara! É garantia de luta boa na certa!


rookie408 is recommended by Jiminy (8/18/2017)

Don't let him fool you!


He will HEEL you and submit you with precision and speed! We tried chokes and a HOJO JUTSU! Finally a JJ that knows what he's doing !

Sweaty and strong! I'd roll with him ANYTIME!

(Next time, I'm gonna submit you!)


Jefary is recommended by Jiminy (8/18/2017)

This dude is Flexible and Fast!!! So watch out other muscle dudes? He can heel or jobber!


hfy901106 is recommended by Jiminy (8/18/2017)

My first Recommendation and definitely a guy with a talent! He catered to our small space and rolled a few submissions with ease.

Next time I'd Love to experience him full force! With actual Tatami!

What do you say stud?


lutte95 is recommended by vinceco (8/18/2017)

Merci à toi d'être venue
C'était une après midi très agréable
Tu fait preuve de respect
Et partage ta passion avec plaisir
Merci à toi


wrestlerm is recommended by ready to rassle (8/18/2017)

Wrestlerm and I have met several times and today's match was probably our best as we were two masked heels going at it. We ended in 1-1 split decision so the "feud" will continue as we live to fight another day. He looks like a real pro from the classic days of rasslin and wrestles like one because he knows his holds/moves and how to sell each and every move whether he's giving or receiving punishment. Great guy on and off the mats. Don't pass up the opportunity to meet him.

49490 recommendations

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