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londonwrestleguy is recommended by Horsearound (9/23/2019)

Met with londonwrestleguy for a very fun match. Indeed, it took a while for us to meet in person including my last minute cancellation but he’s a very understanding about the situation. We have been chatting quite a bit with different scenes and types of matches so it’s great when we got into action. He’s a strong guy and know his wrestling moves we went through a few rounds. And can’t wait for next time. So glad to meet someone who also share superhero fantasies! So much fun. Highly recommended.


bearlotta is recommended by clamp (9/23/2019)

Tuve una buena pelea con este hombre fuerte, muy duro y muy amigable, y un caballero y muy buena persona, espero pelear con él más seguido, excelente


chicagopiledriver is recommended by sfBruce (9/23/2019)

Scott is a big guy. I think he probably can destroy me easily. However, instead of an one-sided match, he adjusted his level to mine and we had a back and forth match instead. No matter what, it was super fun, and sweaty and hot as well. And don't get scared by his big size, Scott is very safe and controlled.


scrappyone is recommended by wrestlingkit (9/23/2019)

Great fighter to wrestle with!!!!!
Fit, strong, competitive. He.s gonna give u a great battle on the mats for sure.
Great match and lot of fun....ready here to repeat!!!!
Off mats a real nice guy.
100% reccom.


Jobber415 is recommended by beginner92 (9/23/2019)

Wow. What a great fight. I met Sam last week during his stay in Vienna and we had a long and intense fight. After a little talk we started and kinda forgot about the time as both sides did not want to finish yet. He is an easy-going, good-looking and sympathic person off and on the mat. I did enjoy the fight a lot and looking forward to fight with you again. Thanks for the nice Sunday. Safe and sound travel back to the uk.


MJ1500 is recommended by MKell (9/23/2019)

MJ1500 is a powerhouse for his size. His scissors are dangerous. It was a fun match and as he gets more experience and technique to combine with his strength and athleticism, he will be even more formidable. He is a great guy and easy to chat with between rounds. Look forward to round 2.


Navyguy is recommended by OlderWrestler (9/23/2019)

I met up with Navyguy yesterday and had a great time on the mats with him and had a great sweaty roll really nice guy highly reccommend anyone to meet and wrestle with him


doublearn is recommended by gut punch heeljobber (9/23/2019)

It took us awhile to finally meet do to my scheduling mishap. But we did finally meet and it was one of the hottest I've ever had. His pictures do not do this mans face, body or devils smile Justice and he could throw a punch like no one's business. He is also alot of fun and a great guy,hopefully we will be able to connect again it was just too good to only happen once.


Npaul is recommended by icejohn2 (9/23/2019)

Npaul and I have been chatted for a while and we finally got a chance to meet and wrestle. Like his pictures show, he has massive barrel chest and powerful legs.

We wrestled a couple of rounds and practiced different holds. He is incredibly strong and built like a rock. Due to my hand injury, he did not go all out on me but we did get in quite some fun sweaty back and forth, give n take actions.

In addition to be a fierce wrestler on the mats, Npaul is a super nice guy outside the wrestling matches. We had great conversation about football, baseball and wrestling. A truly great guy to hang out with and call him as a friend.

Cannot wait to take on Npaul again for another round of wrestling!


Tom 87 is recommended by kasada (9/23/2019)

I had the chance to meet Tom in Düsseldorf in August.
He is a skilled and strong wrestler but also a nice and intelligent guy to have fun with.
Looking forward to meeting him again.
Highly recommended!!

73912 recommendations