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BRYAN is recommended by Extremefight (7/21/2018)

Encore une fois un adversaire que j'avais affronté lorsque j'étais inscrit sur le site il y a quelques années, que dire .. Hormis que je pense que mes combats avec bryan font partis des meilleurs que j'ai pu faire, un adversaire fort, technique et trés sympa .


ff ssa is recommended by Combattant (7/21/2018)

Como se diz aqui na Bahia, o ff ssa é "sangue bom"!

Sou iniciante nesta prática e ele prontamente me orientou como proceder. Antes de nossa luta conversamos bastante tanto em meio virtual quanto quando nos encontrarmos para luta.

Foi gentil (exceto durante a luta, está sim foi dura, grande oponente, cheio de marra, mesmo eu sendo um mero iniciante, ele não facilitou, e de grande relevância agiu dentro das regras que definimos) paciente e excelente oponente!

Todas as melhores recomendações!
Gostaria de voltar a realizar novas lutas contigo e também poder assistir algumas de suas lutas.

Parabéns e sucesso!


Dogfighter5 is recommended by wrestle4pins (7/21/2018)

If you have a chance to wrestle this renowned wrestler, do it. You won't be disappointed.


Antheus is recommended by ukwrestler (7/21/2018)

Took a while to get the logistics in place but pleased we persevered! He's aiming to increase his bulk and he'll be quite a handful when he reaches his target weight. In the meantime we had a fun sweaty match and he was respectful of limits. Hope we get to meet up again.


Flo1972 is recommended by London Wrestler (7/21/2018)

I met Flo1972 and we had a really good match. He knows his moves and holds and he has stamina for long bouts, he does not submit easily and he fights back to bring his opponent to a difficult position. He is a nice person off the mats too. Very reliable in arranging to meet. Looking forward to round two.
Highly recommended!


Archfighter is recommended by Jayboy (7/21/2018)

Met Arxh for a quick grapple this week. Top bloke. Easy straight up lad to talk to and arrange. And a great body. Big lad. Awesome arms and shoulders.strong and a good fight. Looking forward to many proper hard fights to come


ukwrestler is recommended by Antheus (7/21/2018)

We finally met at last for a hotel match in Brum which turned out to be quite sweaty, we've tried a variety of holds on each other and discussed bodybuilding programs. 10 out of 10, roll on bout #2!


ghostblinks is recommended by imthere (7/21/2018)

Strong and fast guy even though small than me 😁

We almost were not able to meet up and luckily had someone able to assist us for meet. His friendly off the mats 🤙🏽


pwn pnw is recommended by einzelkämpfer (7/21/2018)

This very good looking „party animal“ I met in Berlin. I did not expect that this handsome and lovely American would speak German so well. Learning German is absolutely crazy!
Conclusion 1: nice, very intelligent guy!
We spent a week together in Berlin. Shopping, Concerts, Partys, Dinners, „blind Dates“, Beach and more...
Conclusion 2: he‘s a party animal! Wahnsinn!
He is always ready for a new, exciting experiment and new experiences. Wrestling is a lot of fun for him. You can get him as a jobber or heel. Maybe he is not so experienced or strong yet, but he loves all the hot holds and moves.
Conclusion 3: so much fun to roll with him on the mats.
Of the mats a kind, funny, enterprising, entertaining, charming 😁 „Twink“ 😜
Meet him, you will love him and spend a great time !


militaire is recommended by bikermanrr (7/21/2018)

Ayant un niveau diffèrent en lutte , après le combat on a incorporé à notre sceance des épreuves sportives. J ai eu à excecuter Lift and carry avec squatt et résistance sportive . Se battre c est vraiment bon , mais un bon entraînement avec jeux de force et challenge m a bien plu aussi .

61026 recommendations