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munichsubfight is recommended by Juan7593 (6/03/2023)

Très bon lutteur avec qui j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à lutter.
Nous sommes resté deux heures à nous affronter et je tiens à remercier Boris pour son fair-play, sa gentillesse et sa durabilité. 😉
Je ne me rappelle plus depuis combien de temps j'ai lutter aussi longtemps, mais c'était il y a quelques années ! 😀👍

Évidemment, les bonnes choses ont une fin, et nous avons du nous séparer, mais avec l'espoir de mon côté de le revoir prochainement dans un espace plus vaste que mes 4 mètres carrés de tapis.
A bientôt mon ami.


Antton64 is recommended by Twosleepers (6/03/2023)

Un mec très sympathique, il est très puissant et fort en lutte, mais on a bien passé un bon moment.


Nonofight is recommended by Juan7593 (6/03/2023)

Super rencontre avec ce lutteur aguerri qui s'entraîne plusieurs fois par semaine.
Ce serait intéressant de le recroiser sur un espace de lutte plus grand que mes 4 mètres carrés.
Merci pour ton passage chez moi.
J'espère qu'on aura l'occasion de relutter de nouveau. A bientôt donc.


markk is recommended by Juan7593 (6/03/2023)

Markk est un lutteur très fort autant sur la technique que sur sa force physique.
C'est un lutteur sympathique et intéressant avec qui j'ai échanger amicalement après notre lutte.
Notre rencontre qui date de quelques semaines déjà m'incite aujourd'hui à être plus soucieux de mon entretien physique et de ma régularité.
Markk, je te remercie pour ton déplacement chez moi et tes enseignements.
Tu reviens quand tu veux.
A bientôt mon ami.


Bristolfun is recommended by Bitxo (6/03/2023)

Tras algún imprevisto por mi parte, al final he podido quedar con Bristolfun.
Lucha intensa y divertida hasta el final.
Fuera de la lucha, es alguien divertido y amable. Ha sido un placer conocerlo.


ruffnhard is recommended by Rickr (6/03/2023)

Ruffnhard contacted me about 1 month before he came to Thailand and asked me if I want to meet. Of course I agreed, how I can miss the guy with such cool experience and shape!
And I'm not disappointed at all! He is an awesome guy in friendly conversation and really beast at fighting. Of course better at grappling but he knows some good for stand-up fighting also!
It is hard to get him in grappling but anyway I don't like to lose so...I did a lot also.
This fighter doesn't need recommendations at all but...still recommended by me! Definitely gonna meet with him again!


MDWisawesome is recommended by Fighter31 (6/03/2023)

Through our pre-meet chatting, my initial wrestling name for MDW was “Tigerboy” but the longer we were together and wrestled his name morphed into “Demonboy” as his wrestling style drove me wild. Despite being heavier and more experienced, he knew how to tame this Dad. I taught him how to properly lock in a rear naked choke and he effectively submitted me using it. Way to go Demonboy! 😉


Fighter31 is recommended by MDWisawesome (6/03/2023)

I'm ecstatic to have met this really handsome, strong and fast wrestler. It had been a few months in the making, and he blew through my already high expectations by controlling me, targeting all my weak spots(man he knows how to use his tongue and hands ;) ) and overall making me stick to him like a magnet. I threw my best moves on him and he got out pretty easily, and also showed me a few things! Highly recommend this canadian muscle daddy, cause this was the hottest match I've had, and I hated leaving him.

PS. he might also try to gently convert you into vegetarianism, haha, but don't submit!! ;)


CroMan is recommended by Wresjohn (6/03/2023)

I had a highly competitive and fun evening wrestling with CroMan. He is very determined with great stamina. It was an even match with each of us achieving multiple submissions. Don’t get caught in his leg scissors or you will tap.

At the beginning, he was very respectful. As I brought out my trash talk, his respect for me turned into trash talk back which he could back up with his wrestling skills. That transition was fun to see.

On a personal level, he is a terrifically nice and interesting and overall really good young man. I highly recommend him to anyone traveling to Zagreb.


Kochap is recommended by MuscleGear18 (6/03/2023)

Awasome match we had, almost didn’t make it, don’t let his size trick you, he’s very strong and flexible. Very good opponent to fight and roll with and after the match good friend to talk to, glad to meet him. I want the rematch 💪🏾

90751 recommendations