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chi bxr is recommended by Donovantaylor2019 (10/16/2021)

Took a day trip to Chicago last Monday and was able to meet with this stud. Not only was he friendly and considerate, but he doesn't back down. His punching power riled me up and made me want to hit him even more. It also does'nt hurt that he's a bit of a trash talker and that just made the match all the better. I definitely recommend him for anyone who wants to mix it up with him.


wrestlerintokyo is recommended by Open Guard (10/16/2021)

Pictures don’t do this man justice. He’s strong and a great wrestler. I had no idea how much training he’s had. Our match was very hard and aggressive—I was thoroughly spent afterward—so the after-match food and beer went down fast haha. This dude is truly a man of the world and smart as hell. Conversation was easy and interesting. He’s definitely going to be a regular stop in Tokyo from now on.


JoãoPedroSP is recommended by Negrolutador (10/16/2021)

JP foi minha surpresa boa aqui do site! Pense num cara forte e com uma baita intensidade , vem com tudo na luta feito um touro, rolamos pelo quarto e ficamos cobertos de suor, ele tem um corpo firme, liso e bem trabalhado. Foi uma das melhores lutas que tive esse ano e espero que tenha sido apenas o começo. Fora da Luta ele é super gente boa, passamos a semana conversando e parecia já conhecer há tempos! Na foto já era bom, pessoalmente é ainda melhor ;). Vale muito a pena encontrá-lo e tá mais que recomendado.


sparte is recommended by rog1992 (10/16/2021)

Very nice fighter. We had a great session. Recommended.


CelticFire is recommended by neck428 (10/16/2021)

Had a great time with him. I liked ramming my fists into his belly, working him over, taunting him to fight. He came at me at times, which was good, but I got off on pounding him.
Was a great afternoon of fight!! I highly recommend and would like another go at him.

Just had the opportunity to fight celticfire a second time. I got off ramming my fists into his gut, his pecs, his belly, striking forearm smashes against his back and sides, and putting him in headlocks and scissors. He can take a lot!! And more important to me, he’s a really nice guy.


Txwresl is recommended by texas1107 (10/16/2021)

I enjoyed meeting TxWres and highly recommend him. He possess numerous matches and I was concerned his skill level would limit the enjoyment of the match. He willingly demonstrated skills and let me execute them on him. I look forward to my next match with him. TxWres is an intelligent, generous and thoughtful man who is a true competitor and gentleman.


neck428 is recommended by CelticFire (10/16/2021)

Just realized I never left a recommendation.

This guy was my first ever gp meet up. Definitely knew how to throw a punch and what to hit. Definitely would recommend 💪

Second meet: am proud to say I lasted a lot longer than last time. And very pleased to say I got the chance to meet up with this guy again. 100% better than the first time and he proves you can't count a old dog out. He can hit and hit hard.


wrestlinaddict is recommended by kimmetje (10/16/2021)

He was my 100th adversary according to the site, and he was a fantastic person to embody all that the site means to me. A really friendly guy, caring and attentive off the mats. We exchanged long holds, and whilst I may have had a skills advantage over him, he was a committed and spirited fighter throughout and certainly scored some well deserved submissions of his own. He looks absolutely amazing in a singlet and even better with less so I hope that he gets his own singlet soon cause his body is well suited to it! A guy to watch, and a guy to certainly add to your adversary list!


FightFan1970 is recommended by Hotbrawl (10/16/2021)

I met Matt for several bouts at the old matroom in Long Eaton. Always a good fight and would recommend to anyone for a good all-in scrap.


kimmetje is recommended by wrestlinaddict (10/16/2021)

We've been talking for quite some months and I couldn't wait to finally meet this sexy guy. And today we did.

I finally had the chance to fight an opponent around my size, although he was still stronger and more experienced, so he managed to make me submit lots of times in very hot and tight scissors, nelsons, leg splits and whatever holds he could put after a long struggle between us both with lots of stalemates where none could submit one another.
He seems to enjoy leg splits a lot, because I spent a great deal of the match trying not to get caught in them and still failed many times.
At times, he did make it a bit easier and I absolutely took the chance to make him submit in my scissors and triangle chokes, but I had to really close tight because he wouldn't want to give...

All in all we had a wonderful time both in and outside the mats, talking, wrestling, squeezing each other's ribs, necks, grabbing each other's arms... It was a fun struggle overall but my neck, arms and ribs are a bit sore :P

Don't miss out this amazing sexy wrestler, he's one of a kind :) His legs give awesome and tight scissors and he's a good fighter too!

79781 recommendations