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Ringerohr is recommended by Jefary (9/29/2022)

Met Ringerohr at his awesome place and I can honestly say it’s one of the best fight set up I’ve ever seen.
He was also really fit and strong and a great fighter. We had a few rounds of rough boxing and hours of deep discussion over beer. He’s also very kind to host me at this place in a guest bedroom.
Highly recommended!


taz taz 10 is recommended by WrestlerBro (9/29/2022)

I can say with 100% confidence you cannot find a more personable, fun, big, strong, and smart dude to wrestle than Taz. Honored to be one of the first few guys he's wrestled on MF!

Walking in, he's massive and quite the looker too. And when his shirt comes off he somehow looks even bigger! And those muscles aren't just for show. His bearhugs and body scissors are crazy tight. Thankfully, I let my experience kick in and chose to try to tire him out, rather than try to match his strength. This usually never works out for me, but I got lucky as he was already pre-exhausted, in a manner of speaking, from the weekend. So once I got him to tire a bit, I got a few subs out of him and then a few more, and before we knew it, it'd been a good while, haha! He never got me to tap this time, but as he gets more matches under his belt he'll be even more of a beast!

If you're lucky enough to get the chance to wrestle him, definitely go for it! I'm hoping I get to have several rematches with him!


legflexxxer is recommended by Gymguy 222 (9/29/2022)

Had a meet with legflexxxer his pics don’t do him justice, he’s far better in real life. He has awesome power and muscle in his legs, I can vouch for that. We had some great mutual muscle worship and exchange of holds. Thoroughly enjoyed the meet and recommend him 100%


Tanker is recommended by IzzyRIzzinty (9/29/2022)

I had a great match with Tanker. He was absaloutely lovely outside of the ring. A nicer guy you couldn't meet. And a real beast inside of the ring. A tougher guy you couldn't meet lol. Can't wait to train up and give him a tougher match next time!


Chiccojoe is recommended by Lottachubby (9/29/2022)

and were a good challenge between 2 steers match ended in a draw at the next chi grain


darkwin369 is recommended by dg duffy (9/29/2022)

I wrestled darkwin369 at my hotel. Everything that others have said about this fellow is true: He is big and very strong. But most importantly he does not seek to prove these facts but we had a great time. On my next trip to Vienna (a great city) I am sure to meet up with him again. Highly recommended if you are serious about wrestling.


wrestlron is recommended by IllWIll II (9/29/2022)

Had the chance to roll with Ron recently and cannot recommend him enough. Very easy to plan with and an accommodating host, as well as a skilled and tough wrestler. Knows how to give and take the pain equally well. Would absolutely go for a rematch if given the opportunity!


dg duffy is recommended by darkwin369 (9/29/2022)

On his trip to Vienna dg_duffy invited me for a just 4 fun wrestling match in his hotel room.
At first I was a little skeptical because of the difference in weight and age (I don't want to hurt anyone) but I thought, let's give it a try. So we met and it was - just awesome. Dg_duffy is fit, strong and looks really great! He is at a great technical level, but always safe and sane. So I really got in trouble when he was in a good position.

Beside wrestling we talked a bit about our life and his story is absolutely incredible and worth listening to.
I hope we can meet next year again.

If you get the chance to meet dg_duffy - just take it!

So thank you so much for this incredible evening!!!


Scots Wrestler is recommended by oldscrapperderby (9/29/2022)

This must be a record for the time it took to meet following first chatting, about 20 years!!
Rob is a nice guy and looks good in gear, in his own words he lacks fitness and stamina but we had a good wrestle in limited space and I'd love to wrestle him again in a proper ring. He is an entertaining guy who was good company afterwards.


Techno93 is recommended by Darkmaul (9/29/2022)

La rencontre avec Techno93 a été vraiment sympa et j'ai sincèrement hâte de me battre à nouveau avec lui. Déjà physiquement, il en impose. Peu de combat mais déjà pas mal d'envie, de "technique" et de jeu de corps. Quelques étranglements sympas. Franchement, bonne surprise. Je me suis fait avoir quelque fois j'avoue.
Sans ça, un gars très sympa, facile d'accès et avec qui on a envie de boire un verre.

A bientot ;)

85541 recommendations