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Champion is recommended by Ricotewrestler (1/27/2021)

Champion is a very special wrestler to me . He is among the very first wrestlers I wrestled with, way back then, before Meetfighters. He got in recently, so we reconnected . He was a great skilled wrestler and taught me many things then . He is skilled, fast and very strong . Lots of fun , and definitely one to seek if you want to have a great wrestling experience . A mentor to me, can’t wait to reconnect with him again, to keep on our tradition of great wrestling . He must not be missed if given the opportunity to meet .


Wrestling Banker is recommended by thighguy (1/27/2021)

Had the opportunity to meet with Wrestling_Banker, and it was a treat! We had a great talk beforehand, talked through our boundaries, and had a great match. No doubt he can put some real pressure on his holds, but he was respectful and fun!


Orlandoscissors is recommended by moto60 (1/27/2021)

Orlandoscissors is a fine wrestler and a great guy. Really enjoyed rolling with him, it felt like we were fairly evenly matched with some nice back and forth with plenty of tapouts for everybody. His scissors and grapevines were punishing so watch out. Looking forward to a rematch in a couple of months.


Galifter84 is recommended by Wrestle007 (1/27/2021)

GALifter was a blast to wrestle! Very easy to coordinate with and a great guy to talk to. Had a lot of fun trading holds and putting the squeeze on eachother. He's got a great build, looks awesome in gear and is a nice handsome guy overall. Looking forward to another match in the future!


OceanWrestler is recommended by Ricardo50 (1/27/2021)

My Buddy Ocean was a fierce opponent, all arms and legs and he
knows how to use them. I'm 6'2" and he made me feel short so
at first he's pretty intimidating. His legs are long and he uses his
muscular thighs to really put the squeeze to you. I may have had
an upper body advantage, which leveled the playing field somewhat.
We rolled for hours, lots of give and take, exhausting and satisfying all
in one. Had some beers afterwards, he's well read and engaging, he and I
are on the same page on many issues. Looking forward to next time.


Rhino1982 is recommended by moto60 (1/27/2021)

Finally got to wrestle this stud. He's strong as an ox and can work you over. We rolled for a bit with both of us working too hard. Looking forward to a rematch on a return visit.


Ricotewrestler is recommended by Champion (1/27/2021)

P is a strong, stocky, seasoned wrestler who has a great personality and is a barrel of fun.
He is a real asset in the wrestling world...and, judging from his list of past opponents, the entire wrestling world probably already knows it!! If there is anyone out there who has not had the experience - step up - what are you waiting for ??


newstravel is recommended by Negrolutador (1/27/2021)

Newstravel é um oponente excelente, tem a fúria de lutador e não cansa em nenhum momento, vai com toda garra e ímpeto para te destruir. Infelizmente ficamos em um quarto pequeno o que nos limitou um pouco
Mas saímos bem cansados e suados. Se ele estiver em sua cidade, não perca a oportunidade de encontrar esse cara.


Flexking is recommended by rick5050 (1/26/2021)

I've been lucky enough to meet Flexking a few times before he arrived on this site. Our first meeting was at his apartment. He opened the door and i gulpped as i saw those biceps and thighs squeezed into a tight tee shirt and jeans. He was a pleasure to chat with and delighted in stripping down and showing off his alpha male body which was lucky as i doubt the tee shirt could have survived much more bicep popping poses.
Flexking is a perfect nickname as he is muscle royalty and his pictures don't do justice to how firm his body is, how big his pecs are and how perfect his arse is.
When it comes to wrestling he is new but he is strong. A pleasure to experience his power and he enjoys flexing over his opponent and showing off his prepared to worship the king!
Looking forward to many more meets and very happy to see him on here and ready to explore his wrestling persona.


Pepepepe is recommended by mlevitr (1/26/2021)

Pepe is very competitive and always gives it 100%. If you meet this beautiful and powerful young man expect a sweaty, tough marathon.

76630 recommendations