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wrestle guy is recommended by SBWrestler (9/26/2018)

What pure JOY to finally get to meet Wrestle Guy.
He is definitely a force to be reckoned with...We wrestled for hours and I definitely needed to bring my A game to keep up with his youth, energy and"never give up" persistence... If you ever are in LA, please make sure to meet up with this wrestler.


WrslMscl is recommended by Roughmatch (9/26/2018)

Here is a wrestler that is 100% muscle. And he uses his wrestling skills very well. We wrestled at Hillside. He and I were no match muscle wise; however, he easily adapted to my level and we had an awesome time. He will be a tough opponent but will match his strength with that of his opponent.


SleeperLover is recommended by BearhugmanMIA (9/26/2018)

I had an absolute blast with SleeperLover. We wrestled for a few hours and had a great time. He's a cool, fun, attractive, and reliable guy. He's athletic, lean and surprisingly strong for his size. He put up a good fight but ultimately my size advantage wore him down. Highly recommended and I look forward to a rematch when I'm back in the Bay area.


CasualWrestler is recommended by IRLguy (9/26/2018)

I got to take on one of my all-time dream opponents in CasualWrestler, and to say I wasn’t disappointed would be putting it mildly. He was everything I hoped he would be and more.

As others have pointed out, he had picked up a slight injury (if a pulled intercostal can be considered “slight”), so the intensity of our match was dialled down considerably. Now, I’m always reasonably confident in my ability to scrap my way to a win, but his injury may have been a blessing in disguise because this guy is a wall of muscle. His physique is beyond compare, and he even happened to mention that he’s not even in shape right now! I hate him, slightly!!

Even with the intensity dialled back, I could tell how dominant and powerful he is, but at the same time, I could tell he appreciated my being careful of his rib, so the enjoyment and fun was in no way diminished. I would go so far as to say I haven’t had a more enjoyable wrestle.

Without any submissions of merit, I think it was still fair to say that CW came out on top. His demeanour and Just raw power would have made for a fairly dominating victory, so although I wouldn’t say either of us won the match, I would happily award a points victory to this absolute beast of a competitor.

We both managed to show our appreciation for the encounter, and I will happily fight anyone who is further up the line, in order to get a second bite at the cherry...a rematch is a certainty.

All in all, he is beyond comparison. There is no more impressive wrestler, and I’m incredibly honoured to chalk him up as an opponent as well as a new friend.

If you are ever fortunate enough to arrange a match with this King amongst men, you are in for the best experience of your life. I can’t recommend him highly enough!


CasualWrestler is recommended by Jay219 (9/26/2018)

Oh man, this guy was a complete pleasure to have a match with!

The one thing I have to say is that this guy is hench! I had a great idea of what to expect from his pics but that was blown out of the water in person. I was instantly jealous of how great he looks.

I had such a great time rolling with CasualWrestler. He has great strength and some good skill and I definitely want to take him on again at full health and on some good mats.

I have to agree with arrow in his recommendation, it feels unfair that he’s here for only a short amount of time and wish he was here longer for rematch.

I hope we do get to have that rematch sometime, a genuinely great guy here, handsome, strong, sexy and one hell of a great personality and a great guy to talk to. 10/10


Blitzkrieg is recommended by Ben skull stephens (9/26/2018)

I met this fit young wrestler in london few years ago a true heel who knows his holds an excellent wrestler one you should meet if you get the chance HIGHLY RECOMMENDED a great guy safe and safe off the mats


goodlookingwrester is recommended by Jay219 (9/26/2018)

Had an awesome match with this guy! Had to make a make shift wrestling mat out of bin bags but was an incredible match, great laugh and this guy looks awesome covered in oil, Highly recommended


hephaestion2014 is recommended by sub aqua (9/26/2018)

Past opportunities were rare but thanks to another member on this site who kindly hosted (and joined in for a swap-in-swap-out style multi-match) we finally managed to get a match in!

Definitely has some determination in him, very tricky to get him to submit and always seems to be steps ahead and caught me off-guard loads of times. Great match overall!

Certainly a good friend off the mats too, looking forwards to the next - just need to control that gob of yours haha!


ironranger is recommended by michaelwood (9/26/2018)

What a great guy on and off the mats...He is for real....we arm wrestled...test of strength...along with a hot man to man sub fight....was competitive in every way...his strength felt great....if you should get a chance to take him on ....DO IT! look forward to getting him back on the mats asap


DenverWrestler is recommended by RingerBRB (9/25/2018)

Ein wirklich netter und gebildeter Mensch und Gegner.
Super Treffen und heisser wilder Kampf mit wechselnder Dominanz, wobei es nicht bierernst dabei zuging. Ausserdem hatte ich das Gefühl, dass er mich immer mal "mitspielen" liess.
Er hat meine volle Empfehlung und freue mich auf eine Wiederholung

62830 recommendations