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frenchwrestler is recommended by beefyprowrestler (5/24/2019)

So glad we hooked up in Paris. What a great opponent- looks every bit the wrestler and puts up a great fight. He is a skilled wrestler who can take anything you bring his way.
Great wrestlers physique and wears his assorted gear so well. Perfect gent off the mats too. Of course there will be a rematch- can’t wait. One hot wrestler.


dim127 is recommended by frenchwrestler (5/24/2019)

The guy is a very strong wrestler! Skills in submission and willing to help you learn. Down to earth and very easy to talk to! Understanding of all skill levels. Likes to throw some pro moves in there as well and make his opponents suffer beautifully. Take care of his scissors and headlocks! Looks great in his trunks and even better when he makes his opponents suffer ;-). Hoping to give him a better run for his money next time! Highly recommended.


wrestlefag75 is recommended by battlefieldxo (5/24/2019)

Thanks for being my heel. Friendly guy, strong punching. It feels great to be dominated by him. Look forward to wrestle with him again.


herve1390 is recommended by Tom 87 (5/24/2019)

Herve was kind enough to arrange a training/meeting at his place. He is an excellent host and a very pleasant person to hang out with and he has a great facility to wrestle. As a fighter he is strong, skilled and knows quite some techniques which he uses wisely, definitely worth meeting again!


markk is recommended by ATONMAN (5/24/2019)

2019-05 - WOW! MARKK is a real challenge opponent. Perfect physique and hard as stone, strong and prepared. We did a sweat that seemed to fight at the end in the pool. Absolutely to be challenged if you cross roads and amiable person even outside the mat. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


fitguy2 is recommended by Rubdown (5/24/2019)

Whilst fitguy2 was spending a few busy days wrestling in Manchester, he popped round for a muscle-relaxing massage on my table.
It was a pleasure working on his body (fitguy indeed).
Great to chat to too, and a good bit of banter.
Will be my pleasure to host him for another rubdown next time he's in town.


Rubdown is recommended by fitguy2 (5/24/2019)

Happened by chance upon Rubdown's profile, but what a lucky find! After short exchange of messages he very kindly offered a massage after a busy day I had wrestling. What a treat! He creates a tranquil enviornment and he really does have "magic hands" that gently relaxes the whole body. Can't wait to do it again. Thank you for great experience


v vv v is recommended by davey123 (5/24/2019)

It had been quite a while between our initial contact and managing to actually get together for a match....mainly because we were both so busy plus mat room problems.
But it was great to finally get on the mats for the battle!! This man is well built, and clearly goes to the gym! Strong upper body especially, but good legs too. His defence is skilled and very stubborn too! I had to use some hard brute strength for the first period to persuade him to tap from my attacks and holds. Perhaps I was being a bit mean! I guess I should confess that this seems to happen when I’ve not had the chance to wrestle for a while.....!! But he fought back hard and in some holds I was really amazed at how much he endured before submitting.
We wrestled for probably a couple hours, and after I’d been fairly evil for a while of course he began to tire so that gave me an opportunities to slap on some good pro holds in addition to the BJJ stuff. Rode him hard in a very nice camel fur multiple subs and hugely enjoyed it when he did the same to me! Not so sure if he ‘enjoyed’ being rammed into my single leg Boston and I think three times I turned him into the double-leg full Crab. I am quite heavy - and that is one of my favourite holds = instant submission heh heh.
Overall he was great fun to wrestle....very positive personality and easy to chat to, also good cardio....he was ready to restart immediately after each tapout. We had a meal together afterwards and after that I decided maybe he would like to re-experience some more friendly scissors holds ( and others).
I very much hope we can meet again soon. Maybe practice our BJJ skills more next time! Very highly recommended. A fit, handsome man with a very sunny character!


beefyprowrestler is recommended by frenchwrestler (5/24/2019)

Beefyprowrestler has great skills, incredible strong body, lots of fun to roll around with. This time we wrestled heel and jobber and both enjoyed. Very horny match. A lake of sweat. Take care of his thights (deathful weapon)
This guy is easy to chat to online and in person, an absolutely amazing physique and a great wrestler too. Big and beefy recommandation! .


manunderstorm is recommended by Parisfighter (5/24/2019)

MAJ Mai 2019:

Quelques mois après notre première combat la vivacité, la technique et la puissance de manu sont toujours au rendez vous. Il s'adapte en toutes circonstances et sera vous poussez au meilleur de votre lutte.
Technique, physique et pleins de ressources je ne peux que vous recommandez manu pour des bonnes luttes musclées !

Très bon combat avec manu! Des prises puissantes et très bien maîtrisé vous donne envie de combattre des heures ! Un corps entretenu et puissant sera vous coincer dans des prises en pleine puissance.

Très bon esprit au combat, manu sait s'adapter parfaitement au niveau et envie de son partenaire de lutte.

Quelqu'un de super en dehors du tapis je ne peux que vous le recommander! Lutter avec lui et donnez tout !!!

Qu'une envie c'est de le rencontrer à nouveau ! A très vite !

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