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January 2018!Greekprofantasy's blog

So two things are happening at the same time!

On New Years Eve I had a right shoulder injury. It's kind of funny since I have competed for more than 20 years (no, not from this site only!) and I never even suffered I minor injury (scrapes and bruises are not included) and then this happen out of thin air. Oh well! This will keep me off the mats for a couple months I guess BUT they have the technology to make me better, faster, stronger!

Also diet plan goes smooth. I have already dropped a couple kgr and will remove several more. Hell I have plenty of clothes I can't wear right now!

Don't be shy, say hello:)

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Action Today? Didn't HappenSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Could stand to do a bit of light wrestling today here in my Arlington VA matroom; before some surgery tomorrow sidelines me for 2-3 weeks.. Nothing came of that request. In the meantime, too many men are not looking at me as a serious contender. WITF don't they merely read the recommendations (match reports)?

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Trash talker KING!funwrestling123's blog

If you think you can out trash talk me send me a message I am always good at trash talking I bet I can make you guys hate me! haha I have so many guys who hate me for trash talking them. I know how to dish it out as well! so I am not talking just to talk :) I can also beat most guys after they meet me after I trash talk :) nobody can out trash talk me :) if you think you can send me a message haha :) losers.

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Johnny SaintRoleplayer's blog

Whilst Bob Kirkwood is my no.1 wrestling heartthrob, Johnny Saint gets my vote as my favourite wrestler. I never tire of watching his beautiful wrestling. I personally find him hugely attractive, and he has a gorgeous body and a lovely smile. To me, he is at his sexiest in the following video:

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2018 NYC trip cancelledmidwestheel's blog

Well, guys, as much as I hate to do this, my planned trip to NYC for May of this year has been cancelled. We had a $4,000 plumbing repair bill happen, plus my hours at work are being cut, so I can't make it. I apologize to anybody I had made plans with, but this stuff happens. And regrettably, I don't know when I will be returning to NYC.

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Trash talker vs Me #1funwrestling123's blog

Guy: First you have to win . Looser is the winners bitch so you have to win first boy.

Me: i will win stupid bitch :)

Guy: your just a young fat bitch i will destroy you and fuck you hard after and make you my crying foot licking fuck boy bitch

Me: you skinny white bitch with no muscle! you will LOSE EASILY by me and you can't even get on top of me :) I will easily be on top of you with all my weight winning you every round.

Guy: haha no way i will crush you. i bet you are just a fatty with a small micro cock who is a weak wuzz

Me: NOPE I am way bigger than you skinny bitch! and you will be licking my feet and every toe you will be MY FOOT slave and my bitch for the whole night. :D

Guy: Ok then your cock is bigger then mine but your feet smaller lol anyway im gona beat your fat ass and fuck you up real good your just a young fatty wuzz of a cry bitch who will beg me for mercy at the end haha

Me: Haha you are trash bitch you will be another easy win for me so come and fight me bitch bet you will lose! just like every other loser I wrestled with!

UPDATE: I beat him and I made this skinny boy repeat everything back to me haha how sad and humiliating for him haha but I am unstoppable nobody can beat me.

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Pat O'ConnorRoleplayer's blog

I love watching those old black-and-white wrestling videos from the USA. Pat O'Connor is one of my favourites (even though he actually came from New Zealand); his wrestling is always a joy to watch. I just can't stand the current wrestling scene; it's nothing like the old days.

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2018-01-18youngboxer's blog

So... I messaged this guy to ask if he would like to cam box.

Here's where it gets weird.

He tells me yes, but then he blocks me. I don't go on this site until the evening due to school, but really? Do people here usually give such contradicting answers?

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Mack vs The Thugs......A Fight StoryBamaJDon41's blog

Mack is well known and highly respected among those who follow Internet wrestlers. He runs about 5'10" and 260. Though his photos always show the face of an intimidating man, his opponents know him to be a real gentle man...until it's time to wrestle.

There was nothing going on this Tuesday night so the recently retired Mack turned in early. But just after 2 AM, he awoke to a noise coming from his living room. Someone was definitely in his house. Two voices were whispering loudly. "I told you I could get you in." "Keep it down, let's just get the electronics and get out." "Relax, the guy that lives here is just some fat old dude. What's he gonna do? If he shows up I'll scare the shit out of him and if he gives us any trouble I'll make sure he never talks to the cops!"

Wearing only blue briefs, Mack is in the hall listening intently. The two thieves have been looking around with flashlights. "Hey, I'm gonna turn the light on in this room." Just before he hits the switch, the shorter thief gets hit hard with a fist to the side of his face which is followed by two more blows sending the young thief down and out. The other thief swings his flashlight in the direction of the scuffle and sees a nearly naked hulk of a man rushing toward him. The burglar's hands start shaking and he drops the flashlight. As he reaches down to retrieve it two big arms encircle his back. Mack grabs the crook up, swings him on to his shoulder and slams him down hard on to the floor. As the thief struggles to get to his feet, he's met with a wicked uppercut that puts him flat on his back.

Mack turns on the light to survey the damage. His living room looks alright, but the two thieves are out cold. Satisfied with his handling of the two young toughs, he thinks to call the cops and have these jerks hauled away. But another thought occurs to him. Mack breaks into a smile and with a glint in his eye he plans on having some fun with these two.

15 minutes later one of the young thugs comes to, tied to a chair in the basement of the house with a large wrestling mat in front of them. "Wha...what the fuck? Joey, wake up! Where are we? Joey!" "Son of bitch! What just happened" the younger and shorter thief comes to. "Cole, you ASSHOLE! I thought you said this guy was some fat old dude? SO HOW COME WE'RE THE ONES TIED UP?"

"Okay,men. It's almost 3 in the morning so let's get this show on the road." A stout man in his early 60's steps into the room, wearing a black wrestling singlet that shows off his powerful chest. Salt and pepper hair covers his head and torso. "So you thought you'd let yourselves into my house and help yourself to my possessions. How 'bout if we do something else." As Mack does some stretching he explains, "I'm a wrestler and pretty good at it. If either or both of you can beat me by pin, submission, or knockout, I'll let you take what you want and walk on out of here. But if I beat you, then I take what I want...or I can just call the cops right now."

"We'll do it." "Cole, are you crazy? Look at him!" "Shut up Joey, I wrestled in high school and I've seen you knock a man out so we're doin' this!" Mack happily nods his head, "Now I realize that I weigh almost as much as the two of you combined, but I'm also at least twice as old as either one of you. So I think it all evens out," Mack says with a half-smile. "I'll take you on one at a time. Then, if you're still able, I'll take you both on at the same time. Who's up first?"

"I got this, old man." Mack unties Cole's hands. Cole, all of 5'10" and 170 lbs, gets up. His High School experience only lasted a couple of years but he did win a few matches for his team. Cole strips down to his briefs and limbers up. "You're gonna regret this, freak!" The young man approaches Mack who immediately grabs Cole's left arm and twists it behind his back. Then the big man sits down while applying a grapevine to the startled young thief. AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH-
As the younger man screams his response to Mack's crushing hold, he manages to get out "I GIVE I GIVE." "Hold that thought. I haven't asked you yet." Mack rolls him on to his stomach, puts his feet in the back of Cole's knees and then rolls back, lifting him in an upside down surf-board. As the big man pushes up with his feet he pulls down on Cole's extended arms. AAAAGGGHHHHH

"You give?" "I GIVE." "Fine. Now let's get you back in your chair. There....okay, Joey is it? Let's go." After putting the exhausted Cole back in restraints, Mack unties Joey from the chair. Joey, about 5' 7" and 165 lbs soaking wet, nervously rises for his match. And after seeing what happened to Cole, Joey is, in fact, covered in sweat. Joey strips off his shirt and jeans. "Alright, young man, come at me!" Cole cheers him on, "Come on Joey, knock the fat bastard out!" Big Mack and little Joey circle each other. "So, you want a fist fight? Is that it?" Mack says as he sees Joey put up his fists. "Let's see what you've got, little man." Joey throws a right that brushes Mack's left cheek and follows with a left that hits Mack square in the chest. With the palm of his right hand Mack smacks Joey's forehead and then hits him in the chest, shoving the young man back 4 feet. Still on his feet, Joey comes back determined to land a knock-out punch. Joey swings wildly with a right that Mack catches in his big left hand, and then a left that is also caught. In a flash, Mack catches Joey up in a bearhug, crushing the young man into his massive chest. A loud wheezing sound is heard as the air is squeezed out of Joey. Then Mack loads Joey on to his shoulders for a torture rack. AAAARRRRGGHHHHhhhhuuh FUUCKK! STOP!

Dropping Joey face down onto the mat, Mack lands on the young thief's back and gets him in an armbar. Joey grimacing in pain, pounds on the mat with his free arm. "Okay, young man, let me hear the words." "I give, I give, aaagghhhhh." "That's just fine. Now I'll give you and your fellow thief a few minutes to get it together. Then I'll take you both on. Maybe that way you two can make a better show of it." Mack goes and splashes some cold water on his face and chest. This time of night he'd normally be sound asleep. Then he goes over to his punching bag and smacks his fists into it several times as if he's getting ready to knock someone through a wall. "Joey! Get up! Come untie my hands!" Cole whispers. But Joey, still recovering from the arm bar is too slow. Mack comes over, "Yes Joey, untie Cole's hands. It's time we finish our little contest!"

The two young thieves circle around Mack. Cole chimes up,"There's no way you can beat us both, you fat fuck!" Joey gets behind Mack and jumps on his back while Cole tries grabbing on to Mack's hands. Cole drives his knee into Mack's balls, and then the big man goes down. As Joey continues trying to apply a strangle hold, Cole goes to kicking Mack's ribs. "YEAH! YEAH! HOW YOU LIKE SOME OF THAT! CHOKE HIM JOEY!" Finding himself at last in a real fight, Mack drives his foot into Cole's right knee and then drives a hard elbow into Joey's side. As Mack sits up he catches a fist to his right ear from Joey. Then Cole jumps into the pile as the three men are a tangle of arms and legs.

Mack then connects with a hard stunning left to Cole's face. Flat on his back the big man then grabs Joey in a reverse bearhug and uses him as a shield against Cole's kicks and punches. "Kick his arms, you dumb fuck!" Joey shouts. With Mack constantly moving Joey from side to side, Cole piles on top of Joey with Mack still holding on to Joey in the reverse bearhug. As soon as Cole gets on top, Mack rolls them both over and gets on top with Cole facing Joey beneath him. With his left arm wrapped around Joey's neck, Mack starts punching the shit out of Cole. 3 hard rights to the face and Cole's eyes start to glaze over. Mack starts applying a sleeper hold to Joey, but just as the young thief begins to weaken he lets go of the hold.

Mack gets to his feet, grabs up Joey and bodyslams the young man across Cole's belly. With both young men nearly out, Mack repeats the move and slams Joey on top of Cole two more times. "I think you boys are done!" Mack feels like winning his 2 on 1 fight requires a victory pose, so he lifts Joey onto his shoulders, presses the young man over his head and then puts his bare right foot on top of Cole's chest. "YEAH! How's the view from up there young man? And you on the floor, how 'bout you?"

Mack drops Joey beside Cole and proceeds to put a knee onto each of the punk's bellies. He then leans forward and with his left hand holding Joey's chin and his right hand holding Cole's Mack asks the young man on his right, "YOU GIVE?" "...yeah." "YEAH, WHAT?" "yes sir." "WHAT ABOUT YOU?" "yes sir." Satisfied, Mack flexes his big hairy pecs over the two beaten young thugs.

"You came into my house to take what you want, now I'll take what I want. Both of you on your knees." As Cole and Joey do so, Mack starts to take off his singlet. "As you young fellas can see, this fight's got me pretty worked up. And I've got 8 hard inches here that needs to be satisfied." The young men seem unsure. "Or if you guys want to continue this mismatch..." Big Mack flexes his big beefy arms over the thieves. The punks get ready to comply. "You'll take turns sucking my dick. Open wide, boys!"

The face fuck continues until Mack has shot a load down each of the thugs' throats. "Not bad, boys, not grab your clothes and get the fuck out of my house! DO NOT let me see either one of you again!" Joey and Cole wipe the cum off their mouths, grab their gear and run for the door just as the first morning light signals the end of this long night. Mack goes to take a much needed shower.

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BOXER'S RANT IX: Basketball Boxing TrunksBoxer_Daddy's blog

Okay fellas what’s the deal? I mean, WTF? When did basketball length trunks invade boxing? I believe it was late 1990’s early 2000’s, but still what is this incessant need to wear trunks so long that they nearly impede your leg movement in the ring? Wet silk / satin get’s clingy. If you’re a fleet footed fighter then you know what I’m talking about. And don’t get me started on the idiots I’ve seen wearing Capri pants in the ring. Fashion statement maybe? I say Fashion – IDIOCRACY!

I don’t know about the rest of you… but I grew up watching boxing in the 70’s and 80’s, even then boxers still were faithful to the half naked pugilist code of wearing bootie hugging shorts that practically revealed it all. Okay… so there is no half naked boxer’s code, but many times audiences were not tuning in to see two half naked men box for dominance. They were getting cheap thrills watching the supremely muscled warriors battle in attire similar to that seen at the beach or pool. I’m certain many a gay boxer has the images of fighters long gone battling effortlessly in trunks that didn’t remotely hinder their movements, while allowing the audiences to oogle their uber-masculine physiques as they darted to and fro in an elevated squared circle.

Thankfully current day boxers in the lighter weight classes still pay homage to boxers of the past by wearing classic length shorts when they fight. I’m certain they understand the importance of being able to swiftly move about the canvas as they show their craft. Look at UFC trunks… when they first started there where nothing more than square cut swim trunks. There was a movement to the longer pants but more of the swift maneuver fighters still prefer the traditional shorts. I have to admit getting my cheap thrills watching them.

Obviously you as the reader/boxer or something in between will do as you please. But look at the history of the sport and you will gain a better appreciation for why trunks of such length were chosen in the first place.

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