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Donation Update

I'm happy to announce a long-awaited request: credit card payments for donations.

If you enjoy and you haven't done it already, you can donate to our site now with new payment options:

Accepted payment methods:

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American express
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Local payment options
    • EPS, iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, GiroPay, Przelewy24, SEPA Direct Debit
  • As well as the good, old-fashioned Wire Transfer / direct bank transfer
    • Transfers can take a few days, but no payment provider is involved. MeetFighters gets 100% of your donation.

Sadly this comes with a tradeoff. We are no longer able to accept PayPal donations. But I think the new options are more than making up for it.

The good news is the price stays the same:

  • Starting with BRONZE level at 14GBP/ 15EUR/ 20USD
  • Up to PLATINUM level for 44GBP/ 50EUR/ 60USD

All these perks last for a year. You get the same benefits regardless of how much you donate (BRONZE, GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM). The only difference is how much you love us and the color of your medal. You can view the status and expiration date of your donation near the top of the Settings page.

You can also gift a donation to a friend of yours: simply visit his profile, click on 'More,' and then on 'Gift.'

Your donations help pay the cost of running MeetFighters, and enable us to launch side projects like, and our latest site,, which is planned to launch later this year.

If you are an individual content creator, looking for sponsors, or if you run your own video portal website, you can get in touch with us for future cooperation. Send a mail to: [email protected] or contact us on the Help and Support page.

Big thanks to all current donors! If you aren't one of them yet, click here to make a donation!

Stay safe and fit!

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Announcing WatchFighters

Hello Fighters,

It's been over a year since the WHO officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. While some of us already got the jab or acquired immunity the hard way, many are still in lockdown waiting for better times to come. We wish everyone patience and perseverance.

In our continued effort to keep our members safe, we implemented a voluntary "I am vaccinated" badge. This idea was suggested by members of the community.

In addition, we have added a checkbox under Match Requests to indicate that the poster has been vaccinated against COVID-19. And we are now giving Event organizers the option to indicate that they require all participants to present proof of vaccination. In no way should this badge encourage people to meet without further consideration. For more information have a look at our COVID-19 vaccine info page.

Site Cleanup and Updated "What's New?" page

We have spent lockdown doing a bit of spring cleaning on MeetFighters. The most visible changes would be the "information panel" on the right side of private conversations in the chat and a redesigned "New stuff" page.

Many other things have changed under the hood and, as always, if you notice any errors, please let us know. We always strive to make the best site the community deserves. Big thanks to everyone who participated in beta testing and reported issues!

Hello, WatchFighters!

The MeetFighters team would like to take this opportunity to announce a new project. will be a brother site to and, giving content creators, wrestling production companies, individuals, fighters, escorts, bodybuilders, actors and fans a place to mingle.

So we were long aware that we needed to block many videos (some of them high quality and hot!) as they fell in a “high risk” (erotic) category, or were considered advertising. Regrettably, both were against our Terms of Service, as MeetFighters is first and foremost for private meetings of amateurs and hobby wrestlers. That’s why we decided to create a brother site to give all this good stuff a new home.

Please click on the link above if you wish to learn more about the new project. A closed beta of the site will start soon, you can register for our Newsletter too.

If you are an individual content creator, looking for sponsors, or if you run your own video portal website, you can get in touch with us for future cooperation. Send a mail to: [email protected] or contact us on the Help and Support page.

We are also curious about the MeetFighters community's feedback about the new project. Some of you joined the very early times on ChatFighters, and should remember that we embedded a lot of feedback in the site, we plan to do the same with WatchFighters. Let us know what you think!

Stay safe and fit!

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Merry Christmas and happy new year

Dear Fighters,


As most of us could not meet fighters this year, we thought it might be nice to send virtual good wishes.
So we decided to provide entirely for free for all members of MeetFighters unlimited E-Cards with different designs to send to your (wrestling) friends.
The receiver can see your E-Card in his E-Mail or browser. No account required.

–> Choose a card, add a nice line, and send it to your friend.

ChatFighters: Need some fun during the holiday season? ChatFighter launches his next Cyber-Fight-Tournament organized by the community. If you stay at home during the holiday season - like most of us - we happily invite you to have a look at it yourself and maybe consider joining.

2020 is almost over. Stay safe, be careful, and enjoy the Holidays.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year,


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Chat update

Hello Fighters,

tl;dr: Major Chat update went live: The chat supports offline messages now.

Chat update

  • You can reopen any conversation even if the member is currently offline. (refer to the new "Recent conversations" button in the chat interface)
  • You can send chat messages if the receiver is offline – (if you had a conversation in the past 7 days with that person).
  • If you received a chat message while you were offline, the tab will automatically open on your next Chat-login.
  • You can access your private chat conversations for the last 7 days.
    • You can sort for days and message lines in your recent conversations.
  • You can 'pin' conversations by leaving them open in a tab. It will now follow you when you switch devices.


Extended chat history

History of chat rooms and private conversations are now stored for seven days (previously 24h). (the main room #meetfighters got extended to 2h instead of 1h)

Free donor status

Our free donation status for verified members is still ongoing until the end of November.
Verify now to receive free donation status until the end of the month.

Stay safe – best regards,

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12th Birthday - Update


Today we launch some smaller improvements across some parts of the site: Donations, Chat, Messages. opened on 26th November 2008. Our 12th birthday is rapidly approaching. To get everyone in a happy celebrating mood (quite a challenge in 2020...), we gift every verified member 30 days donation status — starting Now. If you verify during November, you receive the 30 days too. (As always, members with an already active donation (and verification) will receive 30 days on top of their existing one.)
Click here to start your verification, and get one month donor status.

Donation Update:
As of today, we extended our payment options for donations.

Additional to PayPal, we now accept bank transfer, and in the next days, we will add even more payment options. This was quite a regular request from the community, and I'm happy to provide it now.

The price for donations does not change (same price since years!):
20USD (15EUR or 14GBP) (+VAT) For a full year, no automatic renew.
All our benefits can be found on the donation page

Chat Update:
Apart from some background improvements in the chat, you can now play Rock paper scissors!
Type: "!rockpaperscissors @MemberName" in the chat.
(or in short: "!rps @MemberName" to start the game.) Happy battling!

Notification Update:
Thank you for all your critic and ideas for our new Mail system. During the last weeks, we added many of your suggestions and other improvements to the Message system. Today we activate a new feature: "Offline Notifications" If you turn it on in your browser and OS, you will receive a notification of new messages even when is closed. (It does work on MAC, Windows, Android. It is not available on iPhone/iPad.)
On your settings page, turn on "Enable offline notifications"

The US election: PLEASE VOTE
In the coming week, the US election takes place. Because of COVID-19 the dates got adjusted to accommodate social distance. For your convenience, here are the updated dates:
Voting for Joe Biden Tuesday, 3rd November 2020
Voting for Donald Trump Wednesday, 4th November 2020.
Source: (1) (2)
I'm aware I'm breaking my own rules when it comes to political discussions. But that's the advantage of being the owner. Please VOTE.

Please stay polite and respectful in the comments.

Best Regards and stay safe,

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