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Chat 2.0

After the previous chat update in 2020 today our chat gets a major update, pushing it to version 2.0.

The most noticeable change is moving the conversations from the top to the left, for more efficient use of screen space. The conversation list will be hidden automatically on mobile devices to give the chat the whole screen space. While this sounds like a drastic change, the beta test on confirmed that we reached our goal, and chatting on mobile does no longer feels cramped.

Even if you are not on a smartphone, the updated chat comes with over 10 brand new features and additions such as: Editing your send the messages, Quote/reply messages, Pinning conversations, Individually mute chats, and much more!

And don't forget to check your new sound preferences in the chat menu if you receive too many or too few notifications for your taste.

Full changelog:

  • Massive overhaul of the mobile layout
  • Overhaul of the general chat layout
  • Updated room list
  • Option to mute individual rooms
  • Option to mute individual private chats
  • Option to change the sound effect
  • Individually choose the sound effects for different types of events
  • Edit sent messages
  • Respond to messages with emoji
  • Quote messages
  • Multi-line input
  • Icon for characters who joined on a mobile device
  • Pin a conversations to the top of the list
  • Ton of bug fixes and minor improvements.

If you notice any bugs, please open a ticket or drop a comment below.

If you could find the generosity in your heart to spare us the knee-jerk "it's changed so I hate now" reactions, we would highly appreciate it. Give it a chance for a few days.

Best Regards,

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SpaceFighters is coming

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  • 4/01/2022
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We live the twenty-first century
So astronaut training's mandatory
     To return to Earth
     Show us your good mirth
And write a limerick in commentary

Thanks for joining April's fool!
The limerics you sent simply rule!
     And all those who grumbled
     Angry or disgruntled
Helped us in contrast look cool

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  • 2/26/2022
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🇺🇦 Українці, надсилайте своє ім'я та реквізити банківської карти для отримання фінансової допомоги 🇺🇦

Dear all,

With shock, we follow the news and the evolving situation in Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at president Putin's command puts all Ukrainian citizens in great danger.

For our Ukrainian members on MeetFighters, we expand FightersAid, and offer a direct cash transfer to a bank account of your choice - no questions asked. To receive the money, get in contact with us directly.

To finance that, MeetFighters and ChatFighters, will use 100% of the January and February donations and assign them to FightersAid. In addition, all revenue created by WatchFighters in January and February will be added to FightersAid too.

Money left in FightersAid after helping our Ukrainian members will be transferred to official emergency funds. Such as Nothilfe Ukraine or Caritas International.

We are the world.

Update: on the donation:
In short:
  • Click here to donate - regardless of your current donation status.
  • Or make a gift donation to one of your friends, on the profile click on More->Gift
  • You can also donate directly to one of the many funds supporting Ukraine out there.

Long version:
Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback and everyone who donated in the past hours.
I received a few questions 'How to contribute'.
Our three websites' incomes will be dedicated to Ukraine/FightersAid.

We are not an officially listed charity organization; we are a private website, and we decided to send our income to Ukraine.

Suppose you have an active donation on our site. Normally you cannot donate again until your donations expire. Because of the current situation, we disabled this check. Meaning you can donate to us even if you have an active donation. You will not lose any days. Your donation gets extended by +365 days. Feel free to use the tip function on the donation to spend even more.
100% of your donation (and revenue created by WatchFighters) between 1st of January and 6th of March will be assigned to FightersAid/Ukraine.

4th of March Update:
Thank you all for your donations! Over 11.000EUR got already sent out to Ukrainian members of our community.

Until the 6th of March, all our income (MeetFighters, WatchFighters, ChatFighters) will still be assigned to FightersAid.

Ukrainian members can request help even after the 6th of March. Everything not requested from our members will be transferred to charities helping Ukrainians over the following days.

Thank You!

Слава Україні

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Hello Fighters,

Today we continue our summer motivation video series with bodybuilder 'Big Alpha', focusing on outdoor Arm workouts.
As before, you can watch the workout on MeetFighters. For the flexing show, switch to WatchFighters. All videos are made available free for the MeetFighters and WatchFighters community.

Arm flexing show:

Direct link - No registration needed, you can log in with your MeetFighters account.
Now it is your turn! Stay hydrated and stay safe!

Let us know what you think in the comments down below. Also, if you have other ideas for short video series or if you want to create one yourself, contact us.

Happy training!

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Hello Fighters,

To motivate you to enjoy the summer of 2021 and maybe get some fresh air, we start today a workout series on MeetFighters. If you are interested in the flexing show after each workout, you can watch that All of these videos are for free.

We are starting off with our bodybuilder 'Big Alpha' who shows his favorite outdoor chest workout routine.
On WatchFighters, you can view a flexing show before and after he trained. - For free.
Chest flexing show:

Direct link - registration needed
Now it is your turn! Stay hydrated and stay safe!

Let us know what you think in the comments down below. Also, if you have other ideas for short video series or if you want to create one yourself, contact us.

Happy training!

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Disclaimer: We are aware of how important a proper diet and professional guided training are. Take these videos as motivation and entertainment. If you feel sharp pain during the training, visit your doctor. If you feel pain the next day, congratulations, you have a muscle ache. Enjoy the pain!
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