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Hello MeetFighters!

We are happy to announce that the Chat feature on MeetFighters has been updated!
Watch the video below we created for you, showing how to get the most out of it!

The new chat was tested over on ChatFighters and in our MeetFighters App for a few weeks.

What's New in the Chat?

We're thrilled to introduce the latest version of the Chat on MeetFighters with these features:

  • User and Room Filters: Efficiently search for users and rooms with enhanced filters.
  • Drafts: Highlight unsent text as drafts.
  • Avatar Icons: Personalized conversation list with avatar icons.
  • Extended Context and Edit Time: 2000 characters and 5 minutes for editing.

Customizing Your Chat Experience

  • Themas: Chose a color theme of your liking.
  • Settings: Customize text size, channel layout, and panel size. - Reset your zoom level back to 100%.
  • Start: Use the Quick Start and Useful Hints in settings.

Any issues? Let us know over a ticket or comment down below; in the meantime, you can connect to the old chat here (will be turned off soon).

Unified Experience Across Platforms:
The new chat offers a seamless experience on both web and mobile, incorporating modern best practices while staying true to the original design.

Join the MeetKink Open Beta

MeetKink is in open beta with the new chat implemented! Join MeetKink here.

Reminder: Safety Check-In Feature

Ensure your safety during meetups with our Safety Check-In feature. Set an emergency contact, enable it for your date, and stay safe.

Have fun, stay safe, and happy chatting!

Best Regards,


Video Tutorial

Let us know if you like these kinds of video tutorials, and if yes, what other topics you would like to see covered. We are experimenting here, so your feedback is more than welcome!

[2024-07-09] Chat update: Light Mode, Enhanced Text Sizes, and New Themes

We do read your constructive feedback! Based on your suggestions, we've made some updates:

  • Enhanced Text Sizes: Choose freely from sizes 9px to 40px; doubling the max size.
  • New Light Mode: Enjoy a bright, clean look with our new Light Mode in the chat.
  • Additional Themes: Explore more than a dozen fresh themes in both Light and Dark Modes.
  • Bug Fix: The mute button in room works again as intended.
All of these updates are found in the settings section (cog icon) and are saved automatically once you leave the settings panel.

We're glad, and we know based on internal statistics and usage data, that most of you appreciate the need for change in the fast-paced world of internet technology.
We also understand that change can be challenging for some. With over 20,000 members, we know we can't please everyone. That's why we planned customization options from the beginning in this new chat to offer features like themes, font sizes, and panel sizes, which were not available in the old chat. Hence, we also created the visual tutorial video to make the change to the new chat easier and highlight the customization options.

Enjoy the new customization options, and keep the feedback coming!

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Dear Fighters,

We have some exciting news! We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new (optional) feature for MeetFighters. Plus, MeetKink is now open! Join Today!

After a successful closed beta, we're thrilled to launch it into public beta! To celebrate, we’ve created a short video introducing MeetKink, and we hope many of you will join us there. Safety Check-In feature

BDSM dates and wrestling matches, like any online meetups, come with certain risks. Even with best practices—like meeting in public places—there's always a chance of unexpected situations, especially for subs who may agree to restraints.

While we have recommendations and past opponent counters in place, you can never be too safe. That’s where our new Safety Check-In feature comes in!

Set up an emergency contact and share as many details as you wish. Each time you have a new meetup, enable the feature for the duration of your date. You can add personal info if you'd like. For example, if you expect to be back online tomorrow, set the system to notify your contact then.

A convenient timer at the top of the page will remind you that the system is active. If you don’t disable it before the timer reaches zero, your emergency contact will be notified automatically.

While the intention is to ensure your safety and well-being, you can also use this feature to ask a friend to call you when they receive the email. This “sudden call” can be a perfect excuse to leave if the meeting isn't going as expected. Alternatively, you can let them know you’re having the time of your life and will be back soon. Communication with your emergency contact is key!

Once enabled, you can preview the message that will be sent, ensuring it contains all the necessary details.

Originally designed for MeetKink, we heard our MeetFighters community wanted this feature too, so we brought it over! This addition is completely free and doesn't require a contributor status.

See you on the other side!

Best Regards,

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Hey Fighters,

MeetFighters Mobile App 2.0
We're excited to announce that the latest MeetFighters App for iOS and Android is now available in app stores.

Version 2.0 introduces our Chat feature directly to the app. We've also added localization in an earlier update, making the app more accessible for non-English-speaking fighters.

Our new Chat system works seamlessly across mobile, tablet, and desktop, even if you are not using the app. You can switch between the current chat and our new chat versions as you like.

If you encounter any issues or have feedback, please let us know.

MeetKink closed beta

In our last message, we asked for your input on naming our new website. The clear favorite was MeetKink. Some of you have already signed up for the closed beta through our newsletter or messages. Over the next few weeks, we'll be working hard to finalize MeetKink and move it into open beta, aiming for an official launch in a few months.

Check out the main page at MeetKink to get an introduction to the new platform. If you enjoy MeetFighters, we believe you'll find MeetKink just as engaging, with a focus on sex, BDSM, and various fetishes and kinks for all genders and identifications.



If you don't want to wait, you can join the closed beta using the invitation code meetkink. Remember, closed beta means we're looking for your active feedback and bug reports. Expect some rough edges as we polish the site. If you are unsure about joining, we recommend waiting for our final release to get the best experience possible. But if you want to see and influence our development, don't hesitate and join us today.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

Stay safe,

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Hello Fighters,

We pushed updates to our legal documentation and messaging system.

Legal and Policy Enhancements:

We've refreshed our legal pages and Terms of Service, and introduced a new Legal and Policy landing page to make these documents more accessible and easier to navigate. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the new regulations. Rest assured, while no substantive changes have been made, we have updated our policies to reflect the latest regulations and compliance decisions. We have distilled the essence of our guidelines into the Community Guidance and House Rules, leaving the detailed legal jargon to the newly structured Terms of Service page.

Messaging Page Updates:

In response to your valuable feedback, we've also updated our messaging feature. The new messenger now opens with a simple text box for ease of use. For those who need more advanced options, the full editor can be toggled on as needed.
The new messenger is now the default, but you can switch to the old one.
However, our old messaging page will be phased out slowly, as it no longer supports the upcoming features.

We also pushed some smaller bug fixes and improvements to our Future Opponents.

Update: 2024-04-13:
  • Mobile and Desktop layout:
    • Changed how the sender/receiver is presented
    • Increased the contrast on light mode
    • Updated the toggle editor button with a new icon and moved it next to the textbox
    • Added missing translations
    • Added link to settings to the Notification indicator
  • Mobile layout:
    • Textbox stays at the bottom
    • Changed the 'enter' key behavior
    • The 'back' button is larger
  • Desktop layout:
    • Max width added

Best Regards,

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Dear Feline Fighters and Friends,

Now that the company formerly known as MeetFighters Inc. is formally merged with Tazty Treatz, the producer of the well-known and highly acclaimed line of Meow Munchy cat foods, we are instituting a re-branding and re-imagining of the venerable MeetFighters brand. The new site, 🐱, will be the new home for all of our members, and we are excited to bring you along for the ride!

(A small look behind the scenes: we kicked the idea of "" around the office for a while before settling on the new name!)

As the merger was done with a "SPAC" (Special Purrrpose Acquisition Company), we are now publicly traded and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the ticker symbol "CATZ". Our IPO has been most successful and our stock is trending up!

This is obviously an exciting time, and to make thing even more engaging, we are offering members of the new site, 🐱, a chance to get their very own stock options. To earn your stock options, write a short poem about cats in a comment to this blog post!


Disclaimer: Risk is fundamental to the investment process. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount you invested. 🐱CatFighters is not responsible for loss of capital, heartworm, rabies or acute hairballs.

In the upcoming days we will be introducing new features to the site, such as the ability to post pictures of your cats, and a new "😻Catnip" feature that will allow you to send virtual 😻catnip to other members. We are also working on a new "🐱CatFighters" app for your phone, which will allow you to keep in touch with your fellow 🐱CatFighters on the go.

Until then, please observe the rules of 🐱catfighting:

  1. 🙀 No declawing
  2. 😺 Biting is encouraged
  3. 😼 Hissing is mandatory
  4. 😽 No catnip before a fight
  5. 😾 No dogs allowed
  6. 😹 No litter box talk

Yours truly,
The CatFighters Team

P.S. Don't forget to submit your cat-themed poems in the comments section to earn your stock options! We can't wait to read your creative and purr-fectly crafted verses.

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