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Anything related to wrestling or fighting is on-topic here.
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Adult Forums and Stories

Share your stories, fantasies and XXX-rated videos here.
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Sharing Video and Photo Links

This is where links to your favorite wrestling videos belong.
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Classifieds and Personals

Have small personal items for sale or looking to buy?
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A blog about what is happening on our site.


Boxing Corner
Last reply: 1 hours ago; 80 photos
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Submission Holds Discussions

Discussions about submission wrestling holds
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NHB street/alley brawls
Last reply: 17 hours ago; 16 photos
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Competitive Fighters

Are you the real thing? Welcome!
Last reply: 1 days ago; 9 photos
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Aussie/New Zealand Wrestling

Wrestle down under!
Last reply: 8 hours ago; 3 photos
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SoCal Wrestlefest

For wrestlers from Los Angeles to San Diego.
Last reply: 17 hours ago; 15 photos
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Spanish Speakers Wrestlers o luchadores de habla hispana

Si hablas español queremos saber de ti
Last reply: 17 hours ago; 6 photos
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Yorkshire fighters

Any guys who love fighting,any style who are in Yorkshire area
Last reply: 2 days ago; 1 photos
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Pin lovers

For those who like to finalize a win with a good old-fashioned (or maybe not-so-old-fashioned) pin!
Last reply: 3 hours ago; 318 photos
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Gutpunching give/take/trade

Gutpunching - dishing and/or receiving.
Last reply: 5 hours ago; 572 photos
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Mean Headscissors
Last reply: 19 hours ago; 547 photos
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Body Scissors

For those who like to give or take crushing leg muscles on the body.
Last reply: 20 hours ago; 224 photos
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One sided boxing

Guys into taking or giving a one sided boxing match
Last reply: 2 hours ago; 38 photos
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stiffening and hard on wrestling

questions, experience about stffening and hard-ons (and perhaps even cumming) during wrestling or fighting
Last reply: 3 hours ago; 262 photos
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Feet Wrestling

Wrestlers with Foot Fetish
Last reply: 6 hours ago; 94 photos
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Male Catfights

This is a group for guys into watching or having male catfights
Last reply: 7 hours ago; 24 photos
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Wrestling Videos on the Net

Write where we can see free Wrestling videos on the net
Last reply: 3 hours ago; 7 photos
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World Of Sport style

For anyone that love the old W O S wrestling
Last reply: 8 hours ago; 25 photos
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Wrestlers over age 50

wrestling ..over 50
Last reply: 10 hours ago; 132 photos
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„2 guys wrestle for a girl, winner gets her“
Last reply: 3 days ago; 26 photos
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