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Pro Wrestling Cyber match

For people who enjoys pro wrestling style cyber match!
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miznew201 1 days ago

Just some wrestling fun

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ProTrunks 2 days ago

Bodyweight workout in green pro wrestling trunks

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enthusiast vs rasslinBB

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  • 27th May
    If I have to travle 3 hours for a match and u can't tell me that u over booked your time till 12 hours before u suck and u are a loser and to make it
  • 26th May
    Hey there, I finally decided to post something online. If you like this kind of story, please send me a message. It might give me an idea or two
  • 25th May
    Es stand in vielen Zeitungen, ein Professor - David Carrier - von der Universität von Utah hat herausgefunden, dass der Mensch im Gegensatz zum Affen
  • 24th May
    My first really HARDCORE ab-busting session was with two guys I met at the D.C. Eagle who invited me back to their house one hot, summer night. It
  • 24th May
    The first time I donned EVERLAST lace up 8 oz. boxing gloves at age 8 I got sex- cited ! Since that time I have had a even stronger fetish for all
  • 24th May
    The procedure of May 10 has been reviewed and reported on by the specialist yesterday May 23 and he is very happy with the outcome. I expect to be
  • 23rd May
    WORLD WRESTLING DAY 2017 世界レスリングの日2017 On May 23, 1904, the first World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship was held in Vienna, Austria. More than a
  • 23rd May
    Not going into politics or anything like that but Manchester for me is the wrestling capital of the country. If I get on a train on the way to
  • 23rd May
    Because of the nature of this site and the fact a lot of us do this in secret, friends come and go and sometimes you never find out why. So when
  • 21st May
    Or at least quite habituating. Used to think once every couple weeks or so was a decent amount; but lately with some action almost every week, even
  • 18th May
    When I started working out in November, I had a fire to get going but very little direction. I knew the basics of a combined strength training/fat
  • 17th May
    I have made the decision to call it a day with wrestling. It has been an important part of my life for the last few years but I am now moving on to
  • 17th May
    Today started out crappy, but now I feel better because my punching bag is coming by to get wrecked for 3 rounds. First I am going to work his head
  • 17th May
    I had the procedure May 10 and will know the outcome May 23. If it is OK I hope to resume wrestling sometime in June or early July. My travel plans



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The Votes Are In - MeetFighters Is Now DateFighters!

A lot of members have asked us: Why doesn't MeetFighters become a proper dating site?

We were unsure at first, so in our last poll we asked you, and the votes are in:

Do you think MeetFighters should become a dating website, DateFighters? Votes % of votes Weighted %
Yes, I think this is a great idea. 1164 83% 85%
No, let's stay MeetFighters. 239 17% 15%

We are thrilled to report that we have listened! MeetFighters is dead, long live DateFighters!

How is DateFighters different?

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Update 2nd April: Yes, this was a joke. Thank you everyone who commented. You were fun, great to be running the site for you guys :)
Everything is back to normal, but the DateFighters page will live on for your enjoyment.

– Admin

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