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Gutpunching give/take/trade

Gutpunching - dishing and/or receiving.
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LiamThompson 1 days ago

A little clip of me in tag team action

Watched 178 times.
[5] (11 votes)
boxermad 1 days ago

punching the bag

Watched 85 times.
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BGWrestler 2 days ago

The two of us took turns this time.

Watched 250 times.

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  • 13th December
    Hui..grade entdeckt dass man hier bloggen kann :) Na dann werde ich das mal ab und an nutzen. Hmm..wo anfangen..naja, die Basic seht ihr ja in meinem
  • 13th December
    As a guy who has been wrestling for well over half my life, I’m not one to snub my nose any form of wrestling. While I prefer freestyle or submission
  • 12th December
    Every year, things slow down from late November thru Early January. Nothing concrete lined for at least the next month; and it can drive me crazy
  • 12th December
    I love uppercuts under my big tits that almost knock them in my face or off my chest. I wonder what it would feel like to get punched hard in the
  • 10th December
    Here are my Top Ten WoS heartthrobs: 1) Bob Kirkwood 2) Johnny Saint 3) Eddie Capelli 4) Peter Rann 5) Wayne Bridges 6) Billy Joe Beck 7) Peter Rann
  • 10th December
    Got to find a way to convince the guys here in the DC, MD, VA area (more than 300 members) that I am a viable opponent. I would think that being at
  • 9th December
    Which years in life are people happiest with their money, their looks, and their lives? Business Insider ran a very short article summarizing the
  • 9th December
    I am not into competitive wrestling. I like doing safe and pretend wrestling, acting out scenarios of 'WoS' brit pro wrestling. My opponent and I
  • 9th December
    One of the happiest times in my adult life happened in my 20s. One of my best friends and I took a road trip to see Ring of Honor in Massachusetts.
  • 7th December
    * 이 이야기는 앞에서 마무리된 "My Second Match"와는 전혀 다른 이야기로 별도의 시작을 하고 있습니다. 후에 "My First Match"와 "My Second Match"에서 다루었던 내용들이 한데 엮어질 예정입니다. "여기 선수 입장입니다!!
  • 7th December
    "어이쿠" 썬더는 저돌적이었다. 대놓고 드롭킥을 날리는 그의 무모함에, 해머는 몸을 가볍게 돌려 피했다. 쿵 소리를 내며 바닥이 가볍게 흔들렸고, 드롭킥에 실패한 썬더는 링 바닥을 굴렀다. 해머는 지체없이 바닥에 드러누은 썬더의 등을 발로 한차례 세게 밟았다. "눈
  • 7th December
    Started flexing and couldn't stop, lol The result: New pics! Try to keep it current and real Maybe TOO real for some No La La Land here 100% reality
  • 6th December
    Per the main section of this profile, am trying to branch out into all styles of wrestling and other fight sport. I think pro / promission would be a



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15000 Members, Mobile Design Work

Hello everyone,

This blog post is to announce that MeetFighters has passed 15,000 active members! This is the "raw", uninflated number of members who have logged in at least once in the past month. We never inflated our numbers, not when we were the smallest, and not now that MeetFighters is the largest wrestling personals site.

Let's celebrate, and what better way to do that than to show you the upcoming new site design for mobile devices. Please note that these designs are just "wireframes", which means that they represent structure and layout, but not style such as fonts, colors or sizes. I'm happy with the existing two color schemes of the site and not planning on changing them.

So without further ado, here's what the mobile site will look like on a handheld device (smart phone):


The user menu, which has links to your profile, settings and related stuff is on the right. The burger button is now on the upper left.


Tapping the burger button slides a sidebar in from the left, showing links to the most frequently used pages.


Tapping the user button gives access to your profile and settings.

For tablet users and small laptop screens, we also show the member ticker (horizontal scrollable list of random profiles), and a search field in the navigation bar.


For yet wider screens (normally desktop computers with decent sized screens), the burger button is hidden and the sidebar is automatically expanded:


Some other changes to expect:

  • The "What's new?" page will be renamed to "Content" or something similar, and will directly link to the latest stuff such as photos, videos and blog posts.
  • Continued work on improving layout for smaller screens.
  • Don't forget to vote for member-submitted ideas!

This is the plan so far! Feedback is, as always, appreciated. Thank you all for making this the most popular and fun site.

– Admin

Last edited on 12/05/2017 2:19 PM by Admin; 33 comment(s);

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