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For people who enjoys pro wrestling style cyber match!
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imthere 19 hours ago

Low kick, jab and blocks

Watched 19 times.
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joewrestler 1 days ago

Syrwrestler gets his revenge on me with a slow punishing arm lock

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FighterGuyy 3 days ago

Can I do fifty dips? Let's see!

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Poll: FitFighters (Workout Journal Feature)?

I am thinking about adding a new feature to the site: an online workout journal. What is a workout journal, you might ask? Check out this page for a quick introduction with pictures: http://jamesclear.com/workout-journal

The idea is to let you record and share your workout journal with your friends on MeetFighters, keep track of your progress, etc. I am calling this feature "FitFighters", but that might change the moment I come up with something less corny. Basically the idea would be to let you quickly collect and save a summary of your workout either while you are doing it, or after, in a web and mobile friendly feature.

My question to you is simple:

Do you think a Workout Journal feature would be useful?

  • Yes, I like it and would use it
  • No, I wouldn't use it
  • No, because I don't exercise
This poll was started on 8/17/2016.
You need to log in to vote.

On a related note, I am thinking about killing two existing site features simply because they are not quite as useful as they should be to warrant having them around. Removing useless features will help keep the site interface clean and less confusing for new members. Please don't forget to press the Vote button for each poll individually!

Do you think the "Meetings" feature can be removed?

The "Meetings" feature is not getting much love. Originally it was intended for the organization of meets that involved more than one person, but it turns out that such meetings are either not happening very frequently or are organized with regular messages.

  • Remove the Meetings. I don't use them.
  • Keep the Meetings, I like them as they are.
  • Keep the Meetings, I have ideas of how to make them better (comment below).
This poll was started on 8/17/2016.
You need to log in to vote.

Do you think the "Match Requests" feature can be removed?

Similar to Meetings, the "Match request" feature is not getting much use. Perhaps it is time to retire it.

  • Remove the Match Requests. I don't use them.
  • Keep the Match Requests, I like them as they are.
  • Keep the Match Requests, I have ideas of how to make them better (comment below).
This poll was started on 8/17/2016.
You need to log in to vote.

Thank you for your participation in the polls!

Update 21th Aug: I hacked up a quick mock-up of what the "FitFighters" feature might end up looking like:


Last edited on 8/21/2016 11:47 AM by Admin; 37 comment(s);

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