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Gutpunching give/take/trade

Gutpunching - dishing and/or receiving.
869 members; 3244 posts in 276 forums and 237 photos.

Pro Wrestling Cyber match

For people who enjoys pro wrestling style cyber match!
247 members; 512 posts in 131 forums and 5 photos.

bare knuckle fist fighters

a place for bare knuckle fist fighters to find each other.
257 members; 356 posts in 74 forums and 3 photos.
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Steve Shock 18 hours ago


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wrestleinsocks 1 days ago

Met up with a Rasslin Bodybuilder in Austin. This jobber can take a lot of abuse. Here is a small snap shot of the fun we had.

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Punishment In The Ring 2

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13,000 Members!

Hello everyone,

MeetFighters, the world's (by our not entirely arbitrary metric) largest wrestling personals site, has passed 13,000 members]! And we have just turned 8 years old!

For those who care, the "active membership", that is, members who have logged in in the past 30 days, is 11693. This means that in terms of active membership, MeetFighters is now bigger than the second and third biggest wrestling sites combined! (And this is on a site that actively discourages practices that would artificially inflate our membership numbers, e.g. prohibiting one person from operating multiple profiles.) We are still a site for the community and run by the community, without a corporate owner or commercial interest. We are sustained by the generosity of our members, and continue growing and giving you new stuff.

Some more numbers because I just love them so much:

In other news, we have a brand spanking new SSD, partly because it is faster than the old one, and partly because the old one crashed, causing a few hours of downtime a few Fridays back. Thankfully our backups worked well and we only lost a small amount of data and half a percent of monthly uptime.

Behind the scenes, we have been busy in the past few months bringing many stability and performance improvements to the site code. Perhaps the most visible change of late was the rearranging of the profile pages. Let me offer some background on the underlying thought process.

The mission of this site, as codified in the name itself, is to facilitate meets. Therefore the most important metric with which I measure the site's success is the number of past opponents each member accumulates over time. The quality of meets is also of concern, hence the importance of recommendations. These two key metrics are measured over the time a person has been using the site. So, days, opponents, recommendations. By picking and focusing these three metrics, I am hoping to nudge some members who are reluctant to meet to do it more frequently.

To counteract the "wasted" screen space that these boxes use up, other parts of the profile have been broken into two columns, giving quicker access to the introduction and interests of a member. (Granted, "waste" is not the right term for something that is in ultimately infinite supply.) I ask everyone to give the new design some time to grow on you. I am still making revisions to it and your input is valuable, but please understand that it is not possible to come up with a design that appeals to all 13000+ active members.

As always, your input is valuable.

And for those who ask each time and then ignore the answer: yes it is possible to see join/part notifications in the browser chat. Just click on the gears icon on the top right of the screen.

– Admin out

Last edited on 11/28/2016 9:57 PM by Admin; 38 comment(s);

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