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[1_5] (12 votes)
fitfighter 13 hours ago

Getting back into. Chest days

Watched 83 times.
[4_5] (14 votes)
FinnNorbert 1 days ago

Submission Wrestling 2

Watched 351 times.
[3_5] (16 votes)
canwrestle 1 days ago

Doing a set of push ups inbetween regular chest day excerises in my backyard corona gym.

Watched 1975 times.
[4_5] (68 votes)
bowolverine 3 days ago

Getting my ass kick 😳💪🏼😈

Watched 1846 times.
[4_5] (41 votes)
slpt 3 days ago

ChokeHoldBear vs. slpt

Watched 2071 times.
[5] (37 votes)
SileX 4 days ago

I do a few pushups after a swim

Watched 505 times.
Biology Grappler 5 days ago

Partner arm bar drill, with a break if your opponent were to lock up

Watched 448 times.
[5] (29 votes)
f4leglock 6 days ago

Submission match

Watched 1021 times.
[4_5] (49 votes)
Iwreslinca 6 days ago

Long held holds with Wrstlrfan

Watched 1287 times.

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Meetups are back


Today's news post will be the last one regarding our COVID-19 actions for a while. I hope you all made it well trough the past couple of months, enjoyed our free videos, and our new forum design.

But you all were waiting to fight again, I got the messages, and in the past days, the voices got louder to open up Meetups (events and match requests) again. So let's start with the good news, and we will also end with good news!

Meetups are open

The new Meetups page combines the old "event" page and "match request" pages into one. It has a fresh and modern design that works even better on mobile devices. Both have COVID-19 sections that you can fill out or leave it empty as you wish. This information is provided on a voluntary basis. If someone leaves it blank, draw your conclusions. Disclaimer: MeetFighters does not verify the volunteered information.)

Sadly due to time pressure, we could not complete the new Meetups page 100%. A planned feature that will be released later will present all Meetups on a world map to make it easier to plan your travel. As well as some additional filter options. Stay tuned!

Free donations

We extend the free donation from 30 to 45 days. Everyone can enjoy for two more weeks of free donation status. If you had an existing donation, it also got extended.

The donations are open again: if you enjoyed your donor status, feel free to donate.

Be sensible about how often you meet strangers during a global pandemic.
Happy fighting. Stay safe, think twice!

Best Regards,
The MeetFighters Team

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