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[4] (5 votes)
PJBoxxxer1 14 hours ago

Geared up for barefoot boxing!

Watched 38 times.
[4] (6 votes)
RhodyRaybo 13 hours ago

Submission Wrestling between bros

Watched 102 times.
Marcwrestler 22 hours ago

MarcWrestler vs Nerdy Wrestler in a Pro ring !

Watched 627 times.
[4_5] (44 votes)
Nerdy wrestler 2 days ago

Double suplexes from marcwrestler

Watched 618 times.
[2_5] (11 votes)
BlackFighter27 3 days ago

want to show how fast and strong my kicks are.

Watched 116 times.
[4_5] (63 votes)
Lookintowrestle 5 days ago

RocRassler turns the tables on me and dishes out some punishment

Watched 1519 times.
[2] (12 votes)
Jimmy Elijah 5 days ago

Starter Boxing Workout / Training

Watched 96 times.
[3_5] (17 votes)
BoxinSub 9 days ago

PoV Boxing

Watched 454 times.
[5] (13 votes)
Lucho 9 days ago

Best cardio exercise

Watched 208 times.

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Update on Events and Videos

Here’s an update about some work that has been going on behind the scenes.

  • We’re accepting Events again for our Events listings. All Events are reviewed by our Support Team before they’re listed (or rejected, as the case may be.)
  • We’ve revised our video reviewing process. If the content in question is deemed suitable, newly uploaded videos should be visible within hours rather than days (as used to be the case.)
  • On top of that, you can now embed YouTube videos in your profile – provided you own the copyright of the YouTube video in question. Embedded videos will also be reviewed by our Support Team.The same rules that apply to videos uploaded to the site directly apply to embedded YouTube videos. Copyright ownership will be verified as part of the process.
  • There's a helpful new Admin page full of useful links.

Watch this space for more announcements coming soon.

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