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any interest in working the back or getting the back worked
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[2_5] (8 votes)
Solomon 79 14 hours ago

Answering Gymrat's 35 dips

Watched 168 times.
[2_5] (13 votes)
gymrat 1 days ago

Documents my second try at the dip challenge - answering Solomon 79's submission

Watched 312 times.
[2_5] (8 votes)
AussieBoxer 2 days ago

more heavy bag work today

Watched 83 times.
[5] (24 votes)
arniebaby 2 days ago

Ringkampf mit Boxerwob-Runde 2

Watched 516 times.
[4] (10 votes)
Wrestle Nell 2 days ago

Taking on Wrestlenaz

Watched 382 times.
[4] (38 votes)
Squeezeking 3 days ago

I lock a pretty boy jobber into a boston crab

Watched 841 times.
[5] (24 votes)
BoxerWOB 3 days ago

Freistilringen mit arniebaby

Watched 1072 times.
[2_5] (15 votes)
Ereignis 4 days ago

My current chin-up training for challenge

Watched 140 times.
[3_5] (17 votes)
PaulGRinger 4 days ago

Me in the gym pumping up my guns 💪🏼

Watched 253 times.

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New project: FightersAid

Hi Fighters,

In our first news about COVID-19 we talked about forwarding 50% of all donations to WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. A few weeks later, the transaction is done. It was a great way to help quickly. Today we start something new: 50% of all donations from the middle of April until the middle of June will be donated for our new project: FightersAid.

FightersAid meant to help small fighting-related communities or individuals. These can apply to the form and ask for direct financial help. Like this forum post demonstrates, I feel they are a lot of smaller clubs who currently struggle hard because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you know any local fighting or training related club or a small local gym that needs help, you can forward them to us:

Disclaimer: For personal reasons, I won’t aid: Video production companies or escorts, please respect these decisions. Local clubs that also support the young generation of the next fighters are slightly preferred.
In case some money is left, it will go to the WHO COVID-19 fund again.

Please spread the word if you know someone who can use this aid.

Small site adjustments to follow up on FightersAid:
We allow any kind of advertising in our dedicated sub-forum. Same disclaimer, no video-production companies, and escorts. Sharing links is allowed, no spamming.

Other site improvements

New Chat function went online to handle our chat what got busier in the past weeks and raised the reports coming out of it. To counteract them, for a few days chat room owners are online now to help the self-regulation of our chat rooms.

And as always,
Stay healthy and try to stay fit!

Last edited on 5/23/2020 8:37 PM by Admin; 20 comment(s);

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