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bare knuckle fist fighters

a place for bare knuckle fist fighters to find each other.
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[4.5] (18 votes)

A testament that age, weight, and height do not matter.

Uploaded by El Mistico
Date: 2/28/2015; Length: 2:00;
Watched 310 times.
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make me suffer!

Uploaded by sleepmeout
Date: 2/27/2015; Length: 0:18;
Watched 62 times.
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kick + kick

Uploaded by Piano
Date: 2/27/2015; Length: 0:04;
Watched 114 times.

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FightPedia, Mobile App and More

It's been a while since the last site news. Let's see what's been happening!


I am looking for FightPedia editors! FightPedia is a "wiki" for MeetFighters, concentrating on topics related to combat sports and the site itself. I consider it an experiment in collaborative editing. Let's see how it goes! For now, it is completely empty except for some placeholder pages. It's up to YOU (as in, every member of this site) to make it something great.

If you want to contribute and shape FightPedia, please drop a comment below. Do explain what it is that you want to add or change.

FightPedia is available for preview here.

Mobile App

Work has began on a MeetFighters Mobile App targeting the Android and iOS platforms. The app itself is in very early stages of development, largely in a pre-alpha, proof-of-concept state. I expect to see a first release sometime around mid-April. More information will be coming early April.

We are not yet ready for an alpha test, but post a comment if you have ideas for mobile app features.

New Messaging Page

I am working on a new messaging code, something cleaner and more streamlined than what we have now. There is a beta version for the adventurous here. It has most basic features in place, but lacks that certain spit and polish.

Check it out if you dare! :)

XXX Gallery

I am considering the option of posting photos that are not family friendly in profile galleries. There is obviously some demand for this sort of attraction. On the other hand, there is a risk that too much sugar could attract folk who are not interested in fighting.

Before I commit to this, I want to ask Your opinion on the matter!

Would you like to see XXX photos in profile galleries?

  • Allow XXX photos in profile galleries
  • Don't allow XXX photos in profile galleries
  • I don't know
This poll was started on 3/01/2015.
You need to log in to vote.

Would you post your XXX photos in your profile gallery?

  • I would post my XXX photos.
  • I would not post my XXX photos.
  • I don't know
This poll was started on 3/01/2015.
You need to log in to vote.
Please don't forget to click on each "Vote!" button.


Behind the scenes, a lot of improvements went into the site code:

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