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[2_5] (6 votes)
Pwers1103 12 hours ago

Adding Weights to My Punches to tuffen My Gut

Watched 86 times.
[4_5] (21 votes)
Chuy94 2 days ago

Humillando al jobber (yo)

Watched 477 times.
[4_5] (26 votes)
shortfireplug 2 days ago

Rackin the hell outta this guy

Watched 546 times.
[4_5] (10 votes)
Pettocontropetto 2 days ago

Muscles general

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[5] (4 votes)
Wrestler 59 2 days ago

Headlock vica versa

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[5] (19 votes)
Wrestling Beast 3 days ago

Squash job from another Angle

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[4] (19 votes)
DexBoxing 3 days ago

Checking the back and arms.

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[4] (15 votes)
USMarineCA 4 days ago


Watched 283 times.
[4] (13 votes)
PJBoxxxer1 5 days ago

PJBoxxxer1 giving Gut-Punching to ctrwash!

Watched 304 times.

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New Chat is out of Beta!

Hello Fighters,

After 30 days, the new chat is out of the beta! Thanks for all your testing and feedback.

As a side note, we have far more members in the new chat then the old one has ever had (on average). Even through idle members get disconnected after 2 hours (the old chat allowed you to stay idle as long as your connection would last).

The chat could not have had a better start and better acceptance. I knew change is hard to push, but I wanted to say thanks for your constructive feedback! It helped to develop the chat further!

Since a few days, a poll is running to decide the next features of the chat. Add your votes, the poll will stay open for another 7 days, then the roadmap for the next site update will be finalized. As small gift for today and finishing the beta, the currently most voted feature was implemented: Site notifications about new messages are now pushed to the chat as well.

Happy typing (and fighting!),

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