Terms of Service

House Rules

Please read the following rules:

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account.
  2. Hate speech and racism are strictly forbidden, in private as well as public conversations.
  3. You may have only one profile. Using multiple profiles is forbidden.
  4. The information and photos in your profile have to be of you.
  5. Be civil! This might be a fighting site, but off the mats we need you to be civil to our members. Do not provoke public hostility or exchanges of insults and do not engage in them either. This includes what you post in forums, on your blog and on your profile. The only exception to this rule is setting "abuse flags". This article covers: personal attacks, threats, naming and shaming, online bullying, etc. This article does not apply to private messages and private communication on chat. It does, however, apply to support requests.
  6. MeetFighters is not an advertising medium.Advertising on our pages is forbidden without the express permission of the site administrators.
    1. It is forbidden to place advertisement for goods or services in any of the public areas of the site, including but not limited to:Your blog, your profile text, recommendations, forums, match requests and the public chat area.
    2. Bulk unsolicited offers of goods and services by private messages is forbidden.
    3. Members are permitted to post offers to buy or sell small personal items on the "Classifieds" forum.
    4. It is forbidden to promote or advertise any sort of event or meeting with an entry fee outside the designated Fighting Events page.
  7. Marking people you have not had a real life match with as "past opponents", or writing recommendations for them is forbidden.
  8. Combat sports are inherently dangerous.MeetFighters disclaims responsibility for any injuries, damage to property or other liability that might arise. What happens between members is the sole responsibility of the members involved. Please review our safety awareness section.
  9. By uploading your photo, you claim that you own the copyright and give us license to display it on your profile. It is forbidden to upload random photos from the net, or any other material for which you are not the copyright owner.
  10. We do not allow profile names that include or allude to any sexual orientation. Profile names that include or allude to eroticism, fetishism, escort service or illegal activity are not allowed. If your name is found not to match this guideline, your profile will be suspended and you will be asked to change it.
  11. You must respect the privacy of other members and never disclose their personal information or correspondence without their express consent.
  12. MeetFighters is for private and personal use only. You may not use the site for the purpose of collection or aggregation of data for any reason, be it commercial or non-commercial.

We hope these rules will help you and others make the best use of our site. Enjoy your stay, and happy wrestling! :)