Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. is not in the business of monetizing your personal data. We are a site run by enthusiast and supported by contributions from our members. We do not sell your personal data to anyone else.

How do we use your personal data? is a social network and personals site. Your personal data is collected and processed for the purposes of:

  • providing you and other members or visitors with the functions of public forums, social networking and a personals service;
  • administering and maintaining the smooth functioning of the site. contacts you by email to provide you with important information about the site, or notifications relating to your account. uses cookies to remember your preferences, customise pages as you use the site and to keep you logged in.

Like many other Web sites, also makes use of log files to administer the site, track users movement around the site, gather demographics and analyse trends.

What data does collect and process?
To post content or contact other members on, you must become a member by creating an account. To create an account you must provide some personal data such as:

  • Your profile name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Body stats (height, weight)
  • Location
  • A personal introduction statement
  • An indication of some of your personal interests

Your email address and date of birth are never shared with anyone else.

You can optionally add additional information to your profile. This can include:

  • information about your sexual orientation, interests and preferences.
  • your current location

You may also post content that becomes associated with your profile on the site, including:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Calendar entries
  • Blog, forum and interest group posts
  • Match requests
  • Events
  • Recommendations of other members, and by other members of you
  • Private messages exchanged between you and other members
  • Postings on support tickets

Your activity on will generate data that is visible to you and other members, including:

  • Your past opponents
  • Membership of interest groups
  • Intention to attend events
  • Whether and when you have looked at their profile
  • When you most recently logged in, and whether you are online now
  • How long you have been a member for
  • Other members that you say you are a “fan” of logs and cookies collect data including: internet protocol ( IP ) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and number of clicks. provides a chat service. Messages in the public chat rooms logged for a period of no more than 5 days. Private chats are not recorded. provides an optional e-mail alias service. Messages sent to your alias are stored only until they are forwarded to your own private e-mail.

Who can see my personal data?
All members of Meetfighters can see your profile details and most of the content you post on Meetfighters. Some of that content (in forums, interest groups and match requests) is publicly visible to anyone on the internet. Some content (photos, videos, etc.) can also be private. Your private messages are private.

Be aware that any information that is public can be seen by anyone without needing to register an account. Always think carefully about what information you want to make public and what you prefer to keep private.

You can choose whether your profile details (including sexual orientation, preferences and interests) are public or restricted to be visible to members of the site only.

Your email address, date of birth and data collected through logging are not shared with anyone. However your age will be shared as part of your profile details but it is limited in accuracy to within a few weeks of your true age (in order to not disclose your exact date of birth).

You also choose whether photos, videos and calendar entries can be public, restricted to members, or private to you and other members that you choose to share them with.

Whether you have fought someone and any recommendation you write for each other forms a part of both your profiles. It be visible on both yours and your opponents profile. If their profile is public then this information will be public.

Posts to the match-requests area, forums and interest groups are publicly visible.

Support tickets are only shared with members of the site supporters so that they can assist you.

Your publicly visible content will be shown along with your username, even if your profile is restricted to members only. No other details from your profile will be shown publicly.

Who does share data with?
Your privacy is important to us. We share your data with others for the purposes of providing the service as described above. However we do not sell or share your personal data with anyone else.

How does protect your data?
Access to the data stored by servers is restricted only to the site administrator. All data is stored encrypted, including backups. Physical and electronic access to servers is strictly limited. uses SSL to secure the exchange of data between your computer or personal mobile device and the server. avoids storing your password directly for your security. However it is your responsibility to ensure that your credentials are kept secure and to engage in good practice such as avoiding using the same password for accounts elsewhere.

How long is your data kept for?
Logs are kept for no longer than 1 year.

Depending on your account status, messages may be kept indefinitely or deleted after 3 months. All other data is kept as long as your account exists.

If you delete your account then everything is deleted, except:

  • your username,
  • private messages that you have sent to other users,
  • public posts.

Accessing or deleting your personal data
When you are logged in, you can view or edit your personal data in your account. You can also change your privacy settings at any time. You can also delete your entire account.

You can also contact by raising a support ticket or at privacy AT for any other queries or requests regarding your personal data.

Additional data related to contributions

The following data is only collected on the Website version of MeetFighters, not on the mobile App.

If you decide to make a contribution to us, we collect the following data during the payment process

  • Your name
  • Your address

We require this data to comply with local tax code and for calculating value added tax. You find the full details of what we keep on file on your invoice that gets sent to your MeetFighters e-mail address after making a successful contribution.

Depending on the payment method you select, this data needs to be shared with the payment provider. If you don’t want to share this information with the payment provider, please choose ‘wire transaction’ for a simple direct money transfer to our bank accounts.

To comply with tax laws, we are required to keep the invoice data, as listed above, for seven years. This data can not be requested to be deleted earlier.