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Rabid agonophiliac.

Note that I am NOT a wrestler/grappler but open to trying MMA styles of combat.

I may consider those 40 and under if psychologically mature. I do NOT tolerate ageist language or thinking; 1 strike and you're out. If you have a body shaming language in your profile you might want to consider working on your own limitating attitude.

I will definitely do intense and brutal gupunching scenes with fists and knees, it doesn't have to be "boxing".

No Cyber. Do not ask me to give you a beatdown, I'm not looking for subs.

My tumblrblog:

I prefer opponents 185 and under lbs/83 kg

Let my age fool you. prefer guys around my size, But not written in stone,age doesn’t matter.

Bodyboxing works – if neither possibly some kind of full contact. All levels of intensity respected, mild to wild. For me, the harder the bodyboxing, the better. If genuinely interested, contact me and we can discuss a match.
Erotic fighting possible; want to explore Naked Kombat type action w/mma gloves, but without all the "point system nonsense."
I have gloves for 2, different oz. boxing and mma.
I have access to a private wrestling room in a local bdsm dungeon.

Strong and aggressive here with good stamina, expect the same .in my opponent.

My turnoffs are drugs, smoking.
Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this!



  1. USA - New York, New York
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Age: 62-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: boxing trunks, jox, squares, boxing boots, shirtless

Boxing Boxing

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Start of membership: 1/06/2009 2:42 AM

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Animal KingDom is recommended by realboxer

Despite my knee injury I wanted to fight him.
We had a good hard rough body boxing session, al lot of rounds. After 12 rounds with boxing gloves we changed the gloves for mma gloves. Great fighting and a good body, a pleasure to hit (hard).
His stamina and bodycondition is better than a lot of much younger men!
Next time NY: another fight!



realboxer is recommended by Animal KingDom

Unexpectedly, in spite of a light injury, this fighter decided at the spur of the moment to meet up and engage in unlimited rounds of heavy bodyboxing, also some foray into MMA. Over an hour of combat proved we both have excellent strength and stamina, and it was an honor to experience his superior fight training - he's in highly excellent shape and neither of us could wind the other. Looking forward to more rounds in the future.



Animal KingDom is recommended by Boxeur puncheur

A very good rematch with a boxer who does not fear to cash strong punches! A lot of respect for Biff_Kerpow he does not give up and he is in a real real good shape, and very respectful guy too !!! Do not underestimate him he is strong as determined !!! Hope to fight you a third time dude : you offered me a real, strong, rought, and good fight !!!
I highly recommend him !!!



Boxeur puncheur is recommended by Animal KingDom

26 July 2018 - Met up for a rematch with this seasoned boxer for a long and hard fight. I'd say we both delivered the goods, and I know I'm gonna be nice and sore for a while !

Excellent boxeur, not to be trifled with! Respectful of all standards, while also fierce and determined. If you want a real fight, hard punching, here is the real deal. In great shape; highly recommended.



Animal KingDom is recommended by SFFight

Tough, skilled, very trustworthy. He fights hard, but safe. I had gotten into punching during grappling matches, but never gloved up and boxed. Biff was the perfect guy to try it with. While he came after me, and kicked my ass pretty soundly, it was a hot experience that just makes me want to improve my skills and try him again.

Not only is he hot, but as others have said, the space we used was hot too. A small padded fight room in the city.

If you are skilled, go for it against him. If you are not skilled, or just want to try boxing, go for if against him. Although he is very tough and skilled, he is safe and sane. A quality fighter but more important, a quality guy.



SFFight is recommended by Animal KingDom

Truly awesome fighter, does not back down; he denies any boxing training, so he must be a natural. Very hot body, even hotter in boxing gear. Brings everything he has to a match, don't hesitate to take him on, he can take it. Looking forward to the next match.



Animal KingDom is recommended by ring action

Biff is a great opponent. He is a tough fighter that can give and take lots of punches. He is very competitive but also respectful of each other's limits. It was a lot of fun to fight with him. A nice guy inside and outside the mats



ring action is recommended by Animal KingDom

This guy is a natural at boxing and turns into a tiger when he gets the gloves on; has a perfect body for punching and looks very hot in the gear. He's also not bad at grappling and was patient with my own short-comings at it.

We met for our 2nd match and although he says he's not been training, his boxing skills seemed even better. He also looks really hot in kickboxing shorts and his new boxing robe. Looking forward to more!



Animal KingDom is not recommended by Lv2wrestle

  • Unreliable / no show



Animal KingDom is recommended by tkdman

Biff gave me a hot fight. He arranged everything like he said and he went above and beyond to make sure it was all set ready to go for the limited time I had to meet. He has great stamina and undeterred by the hard punches I dished out to him. He took it and dished it out equally as well. Two bulls going at it. A short but memorable duel. Look forward to another shot at him.



tkdman is recommended by Animal KingDom

A hard puncher, perfect for a serious bodyboxing match, plus a hot and hard body, ideal for the fight we had.



Animal KingDom is recommended by dantiandf

Biff really showed me the ropes. He was super patient with a rookie like me, but also ready to push me. We worked up a good sweat for 15 rounds or so landing nice solid body shots, and I learned a lot. The space was great, too –
padded wrestling room in a local "dungeon" (though it was just a fight space for us). Can't wait to fight him again!



dantiandf is recommended by Animal KingDom

Dantiandf is one of the rare ones with lots of natural boxing talent and handled himself as if he's been doing it awhile. He also has amazing stamina and sweated it out in his first ever bodyboxing match and never backed down. Competitive and aggressive, very strong and agile, once we got warmed up he did not want to stop. He has a very strong punch and can take as well as give. Plus he has an impressive body and looks amazingly hot in the gear. Can't wait to get him alone again and get even more intense. Don't pass up any opportunity to meet up with him. NOT to be underestimated!



Animal KingDom is recommended by Mature NYC

Accurate profile... stats, pic, etc. Met quite a few times, each time we set up a match. Always had a great time body punch boxing and trading gut punches. Tough, strong, sane...would definitely meet up again for some more body punch boxing.

April 6th 2017...met Biff for another body punching trade match in mm gloves, followed by a body punching boxing match in 6oz. boxing gloves...all timed rounds with one minute rest periods... another tough match with this tough contender ...knows what he's doing, can take punches like a champ, and throws powerful, sane, serious two fisted body punching a real no nonsense workout. Recommend Biff for a tough, gloved, two fisted, body punch boxing match.



Mature NYC is recommended by Animal KingDom

Accurate profile, stats, pics, etc, safe and sane but aggressive, competitive and doesn't give up!

April 6 - rematch Fight #1 trading bodypunches in MMA and boxing gloves for a lot of rounds, then moved on to #2 bodyboxing match with 6 oz gloves. Mature NYC built like a muscular bull and great stamina, a sure thing for a tough fight! Both wearing spike-studded cockrings made it even hotter.



Animal KingDom is recommended by michaelwood

Had one hell of a good time with this man to man fight....gloved up and went right to it....he could easily come down to my level of boxing...showed me how to punch....the rest of the time was used to beat on each other until we couldn't....exchanged punches to mid section and chest...i want to fight you again bud...had a GREAT time



michaelwood is recommended by Animal KingDom

Awesome guy and great fighter with a very solid, hot body; He was ready to go into action at a moment's notice. If you take him on, do not underestimate the power of his body punches or how much he can take. Ultimate fighting pleasure experience with both of us sore and bruised after many gloved rounds.



Animal KingDom is recommended by tonyfigur

Biff and I went toe to toe in a brutal body boxing match. It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. I highly recommend him. I look forward to a rematch.



tonyfigur is recommended by Animal KingDom

Excellent brutal bodyboxing match of 15 Rounds, this guy doesn't quit. I look forward to our next meetup. Highly recommended.



Animal KingDom is recommended by atwoodfred

Want a real tough match? Get together with Manboxer. He loves to fight. Find a soft place on the "canvas" to land.



atwoodfred is recommended by Animal KingDom

I have boxed Fred twice, excellent experience - he's aggressive, strong, lots of stamina and natural skill, will take him on anytime.



Animal KingDom is recommended by FrBoxer

A skilled and tough fighter, we had a good, long fight.
Definitely would go at it again !



FrBoxer is recommended by Animal KingDom

Aggressive and competitive with some good boxing skills, I would box him again any time.