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Asian Heel in Los Angeles/So. California seeks jobber (fight back or submissive). I am mostly smooth with no facial hair or tattoos. I have mats (9'x 8') and a place to wrestle. My availability is best on weekends but, with some advance notice, I can be available on a weekday. My favorite submission holds: ab claw, Boston crab, bow & arrow, camel clutch, cradle, crucifix, figure 4 leg lock, Indian death lock, knee crank, knee lock, leg nelson, nerve holds, nipple torture, over-the-knee back breaker, over-the-shoulder back breaker, pec claw, roll-up pin, short arm scissors, sickle, surfboard. I am 100% reliable. You should be likewise. Contact any of my past opponents for a reference, if needed. I am willing to meet or message/voice chat before setting up a match. FAKES, FLAKES, NO-SHOWS & TIME WASTERS NEED NOT REPLY OR RESPOND. Limits are established and respected. Matches are always safe & sane. I can accommodate jobbers into light BDSM. I answer all messages. CHALLENGES OR MESSAGES FROM MEMBERS WITH NO PROFILE PICTURE WILL BE IGNORED. A reply to messages, even if not interested, would be appreciated. I have no interest in cyber or phone matches. I have traveled in the past for matches. I am willing to travel and share or split travel expenses with the right guy. I am also open to dating and a LTR. Thanks for checking out my profile! To all Kiwis–Kia Ora!

Note: If you are serious about meeting to wrestle, you must have an alternative means of communication outside MeetFighters. If we are planning to wrestle, we need a reliable form of communication, i. e. no e-mail. Be open either to texting or apps such as Skype, Kik, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Trillian.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles/W. Hollywood
  2. New Zealand, Auckland
    (I'm here between 11/14/2019 and 11/26/2019)
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I am willing to travel 500 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Latin

Gear: black Speedo, square cut trunks, boxer briefs, not into singlets

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AsianHeelLA is recommended by jobberasian

AsianHeelLA was the main motivation for my across the globe trip to LA. We chatted online extensively in the prior year, getting to know each other, developing a nice friendship. He is exclusively a heel looking for a competitive or submissive jobber. I made the plunge to visit him around the globe as he seemed genuine and also willing to take me for tourist activities. Interesting fact: I am not even the first jobber to visit him from around the globe.

Finally I arrived in LA and I found him to be exactly what I expected. He is a generous host and took time off work to accommodate me. We shared many wonderful experiences including Disneyland and fine dining! For those interested, he is an extremely efficient Disneyland host knowing the ins and outs of the fastpass system as well as a wealth of knowledge on Disneyland history, enabling me to fulfill my childhood dream of visiting this wonderful park. He also knows where the great fine dining in LA is, and being a food lover, this was a dream for me. I am sure I gained a few sizes already on this trip... although he is too polite to mention it!

Regarding his wrestling style – he is a jobber’s dream as he leads naturally from hold to hold. He has an extensive arsenal of devastating holds, and also was able to improvise new holds during our multiple sessions! This was my first experience wrestling as a submissive jobber – a style that is not accommodated by many. He is respectful of limits and was also open to doing my favourite holds on request. I also experienced my first semi-KO with him (or was it a KO, I was out of it so was not really sure haha). He also has a large mat space at his house.

All in all, AsianHeelLA is an honest, upfront, no-nonsense heel. If you are a jobber at heart, you should consider challenging this quality heel.



AsianHeelLA is recommended by Feather

David and I chatted online several times before we met in Los Angeles. I was very glad that we shared the same interests and loved heel vs jobber match. Since I am lack of experience, David taught me much about wrestling. I always enjoy chatting to him.

We finally met in Los Angeles. He is an amazing and very skillful wrestler. When we wrestled on his mattress, he played an incredible role as a mean heel. He put different kinds of holds on me over and over again, back breaker, body scissors, camel cluntch, Boston crab, full nelson, sleeper.... I could not stop screaming and moaning, but enjoyed it very much at the same time.

Off the mat, he is one of the most charming man I’ve known. He is funny, intelligent, kind and helpful. He brought me to explore the city in a way which I enjoyed myself very much. The trip in LA must be in my memory forever.

If there is an opportunity to visit LA and want to experience the holds from an good heel, please contact David. And to David, I definitely want to meet you again!



AsianHeelLA is recommended by cyber box

Had an amazing place to wrestle with a very large space for mats! This guy new A LOT of holds and was able to be extremely creative throughout our match. He was very strong and determined to prove that he was the dominant one and put me through quite a bit of pain. Was also extremely nice guy off the mats and it was very enjoyable to chat with him.



AsianHeelLA is recommended by The Face

I finally had the opportunity to wrestle AsianHeelLA a couple of months ago, after wanting to do so for over a year, subsequent some very exciting conversations.  During our conversations, AsianHeelLA was open, honorable, direct, enthusiastic and utterly honest and he invited the same from me, allowing for some highly personal exchanges  wherein we explored and shared our wrestling fantasies, desires, likes and dislikes.  He is a man of integrity and a truly great host, with a nice set-up that includes mats adjacent to floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which afforded him the sadistic pleasure of watching me suffer head-on while forcing me to do the same.  The man was even gracious enough to provide this face with a form-fitting white speedo to wrestle in. 

Most of all, I enjoyed the arsenal of holds he put me through and the degree to which he derived pleasure from the pain, suffering, and humiliation he inflicted on me.  During our wrestling session, which ended with me hogtied with leather restraints and gagged, there was not a single moment in which I did not fully trust him. He was entirely respectful of my boundaries and he was invested in my having a wonderful time.  I look forward to wrestling him again and to more fantastical experimentation.



The Face is recommended by AsianHeelLA

The Face and I spent a substantial amount of time talking and chatting before meeting to wrestle, both here and on Yahoo Messenger. In my experience, the more time one spends talking and chatting with a wrestling partner before meeting, the better the wrestling match or experience will be. In this instance, that turned out to be very true. The Face and I were able to discuss what aspects of a heel-jobber match each of us liked, disliked, turned us on, and turned us off. By the time we met to wrestle, each of us had a very clear idea of what we wanted in our heel-jobber match. In addition to gaining a better understanding of what The Face wanted & expected in our match, it became clear that he had a complete understanding of the heel-jobber relationship and how that relationship should play out in the ring or on the mats. We also had a clear understanding of the things we could do to make the heel-jobber wrestling experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for both of us. For example, he advised me that he wanted to put be placed in the front of the mirrors, placed in a punishing submission hold, forced to watch his own suffering & humiliation, and also see my sadistic pleasure. When we did meet, we were able to do this, making the heel-jobber experience so much more pleasurable for both of us. The Face also expressed an interest in experimenting with light bondage. My goal, prior to meeting, was to make him feel both comfortable and safe doing so. Ultimately, he came to trust that such an experiment would be safe and sane. It was, much to his pleasure and enjoyment.

As a heel, I enjoy using a wide variety of pro submission holds. It was such a pleasure to dominate and punish him with many different submission holds. During the match, I always made certain that The Face knew how much pleasure I was deriving from his submission hold pain & punishment. Of course, I respected his limits scrupulously. The pictures in his profile do not do him and his amazing body justice. He is one of the hottest, sexiest jobbers I have ever wrestled. I too am looking forward to seeing & wrestling him again when our schedules permit. Needless to say, no one should pass up an opportunity to meet & wrestle The Face.



Farelessfighter is not recommended by AsianHeelLA

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AsianHeelLA is recommended by Coolasianjobber

AsianHeelLA really accommodates my crazy schedule. We had an awesome early morning match. His place is really great for a wrestling match. Our match was really amazing. He did TONS of wrestling holds on me and made me submit many many times. He dominates and take control and punished my helpless body until I give over and over. I'm really looking forward to another match with this amazing heel!!



Coolasianjobber is recommended by AsianHeelLA

Coolasianjobber is one of the best jobbers I have ever met & wrestled. We have met on three occasions to wrestle. Each match was simply amazing! Coolasianjobber is much cuter and sexier than his profile pictures would suggest. He loves pro submission hold domination & punishment and suffers beautifully. Coolasianjobber enjoys a wide variety of submission holds and is willing to work with his heel opponent to make the match as exciting, sexy, and enjoyable as possible for both. Off the mat, he is sweet, kind, and considerate. Setting up a match with him is never a problem. He always maintains contact and responds promptly to messages & e-mails. I look forward to meeting & wrestling him again soon!



AsianHeelLA is recommended by jobber boy

He is a very experienced heel and exactly knows how to treat a jobber. He has a good knowledge of wrestling holds and is very skilled on the mats. I had an excellent time jobbing for him and it was a safe,sane and fun wrestling session. He worked me over for long in some agonising painful holds and took me to the limit and even beyond at times. He truly enjoys working over a jobber sadistically. He is a very reliable and genuine guy and i had the best time jobbing for him. I am eagerly awaiting our next heel-jobber wrestling meets when he visits here next



jobber boy is recommended by AsianHeelLA

jobber boy is the BEST jobber I have wrestled. He worked with me to ensure the best possible heel-jobber match & wrestling experience. He is also reliable & dependable, always showing up for matches. Contacting him and keeping in touch, whether online or by phone, was never a problem. My two heel-jobber matches with jobber boy were the BEST wrestling experiences. jobber boy is an experienced jobber, who enjoys punishing submission holds and heel-jobber domination. He actively seeks to expand his limits by being taken right up to his limits and perhaps a bit beyond but in a safe & sane fashion. He is also much hotter than this profile pictures would suggest. jobber boy is the BEST jobber I have wrestled.