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Previously boxed for several years, but preference is submission wrestling.

Willing to hook up with guys who are interested in a good solid match, no matter if a lot bigger or smaller. Matches can go mild to hard . Always bring a good hard fight, with limits respected.

Interested in competitive matches, any level.

I'm also into weights (have complete home gym) and cycling.

Real happy go lucky/easy going type of guy that can talk about anything and everything.



  1. Australia, Brisbane
  2. USA - California, San Francisco
    (I'm here between 11/14/2015 and 11/16/2015)
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I am willing to travel 500 kilometers


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

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Aussboxa is recommended by aussieguy93

Had a good match with Aussboxa, he showed me a few new moves and is a top bloke on and off the mats. I am definitely looking forward to a rematch with him in the future.



aussieguy93 is recommended by Aussboxa

This dude is young fit and plenty of energy. Eager to develop some skill and once I showed him a few moves he was able to use to his advantage.

Was a pleasure hosting this guy for the night. We will catch up again in the future for more action.



Aussboxa is recommended by beartoy

Met this guy a while ago through another Meetfighters opponent and have been looking forward to rolling with him and he did not let me down, a lot more skill than me and strong and fit, I was very lucky he had a sore rib lol
Staying with him at the moment so I'm looking forward to more rolling. Also a great guy off the matts and a very gracious host who I am very happy to call a friend now.
Highly recommended.



beartoy is recommended by Aussboxa

Finally got to roll with this fit strong dude after knowing him for quite some time.

Plenty of sweat and aggression with more fun to be had over next few days. Off the mats a friggen great guy.

Add him to your rollers list. Good times!!!



Aussboxa is recommended by A Wrstle-bear

I had a great wrestle with Aussboxa. He had an injured rib, so I was a bit tentative with him, and he got to use that to his advantage. He is a skilled wrestler who has some training and experience behind him. He is strong and tenacious and keeps working to get the upper hand.

He is a great guy on and off the mats. A very personable guy that I'd like to wrestle again if I were to get to Australia.



A Wrstle-bear is recommended by Aussboxa

Had the privilege of rolling with this guy during a short visit to role with jcripe03.

A_wrestle-bear is strong and our wrestle was one sweaty battle. Took some time and skill to get any control over this guy.

He's the real deal and worth catching up with.

Hope he gets to visit Australia some time for another roll.



Aussboxa is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Aussboxa and a friend were in Chicago and I was lucky enough to get to roll with them. He is a lot of fun on the mats and was a pleasure to hang out with off the mats. He was not 100% when we got to wrestle as he had already been in some wars before he got to Chicago. I hope our paths cross again. He is very easy to talk to and the banter was enjoyable.



wrestleinsocks is recommended by Aussboxa

Geewrestler and I have been traveling through USA and rolled with several great guys.

We caught up with wrestleinsocks during our short stay in Chicago. He's a big unit with plenty of strength and skill and sure showed us his ability.

Hope to catch up with this big champ again next time when in USA or if he visits Australia.



Aussboxa is recommended by jcripe03

Had the privilege of hosting Aussboxa and geewrestler during their travels to the United States and it was an absolute blast. Both are very skilled, nice and very funny guys. On the mats, I learned quite a bit and we all worked up a good sweat and had a lot of fun. Cannot recommend these guys enough. They are still in the states as we speak. If they are coming your way, take the opportunity to wrestle them.



jcripe03 is recommended by Aussboxa

Geewrestler and I planned to catch up with Justin on our way to Chicago and it was well worth the trip.

Justin's fast, strong and a damn worthy opponent on the mats, his flexibility was definitely his advantage. Plenty of sweat and muscle work.

Hope he comes to Australia some time soon so we can role again.

Justin's genuine and a great host. Add him to your list if your in his area.



Aussboxa is recommended by slowsubs

Big and strong and just another example of a tuff Aussi. It must be all the Roo they eat cause nothing stops an Aussi. Boxa was sporting a broken rib and sore back but nothing kept him from rolling everyday for 5 days str8 and managed to apply bone crushing holds that Ill be sore from for the next few days for sure. Our meet was planned for over a year and it was so worth the wait. Great guy on and off the mats.



slowsubs is recommended by Aussboxa

I've spent 5 days with this wrestling machine. Slowsubs brings endless strength and energy and we had a crazy good time on the mats. I was lucky enough to put him in a few killer holds only for him to turn tables and lock me up with no escape.

Off the mats a fantastic host. Won't forget the great times (and the bruises)

Hope to return for more fun times again soon.



Aussboxa is recommended by BBM

Wow! A fun nice guy big thick build. Strong and skilled and really wants to have fun and make sure you do too. David is first class gentleman and wrestler. Big strong legs I managed to keep out of so look out!



BBM is recommended by Aussboxa

Was lucky enough to role with BBM when in Phoenix.

Big, strong with plenty of energy, was a great role.

Hope to catch up with this unit again sometime.



Aussboxa is recommended by qweqweqwe

David is a great guy.
He's been very patient showing an inexperienced guy like myself few holds and helped me practicing. We had few fights over 2 days and it just kept getting more and more entertaining.
I hardly won any round (this guy is a beast!) but at least I managed to get him sore ;)
Off the mats he's really cool and easy to talk to about anything. Super recommended both for experienced and newbies. Hope meet again soon.



qweqweqwe is recommended by Aussboxa

Fede contacted me for some wrestling and ended up crashing at my place for the weekend.

Despite being inexperienced his good strength, confidence and ability to learn fast made up for it.

Had several good long matches which was a lot of fun.

A very friendly genuine guy and a great cook. Worth connecting with.

Hope to catch up with him again.



wrestlemask is recommended by Aussboxa

Wrestlemask invited me down for an Introduction to pro style. Hadn't tried it before and was recovering from a few injuries after an accident.

He showed me some awesome moves whilst respecting my physical limits.

Had a few beers and it all made for a great afternoon

Don't miss a chance to hook up with him. Great guy off and on mats.



qldbeef is recommended by Aussboxa

We met several times before we actually got to roll and I knew this was going to be a big rollen session. Sure enough when the day arrived, it was bloody hot and even with air con operating we hit the mats like two bulls raring to kill..... The sweat and testosterone flooded the mats from start to finish.

This dude is big and strong and brings it if your after a real battle to the end. We wrestled for a few hours before a break to get fuel and then got back into it.

Can't recommend this guy enough, not just to wrestle but a well educated dude who's real easy to talk to.

Had a great day and can't wait til next session, with lots more snipper attacks :)



Aussboxa is recommended by geewrestler

He is a Contender, not a Pretender.He is strong and respective. very reliable and has become a great mate through the many battles we have had; and many many more to come!This guy is my equal ,Hense ;we have had the most even and hardest of matches.Yes he can talk about ever thing and anything off the mat.One of the best all round guys you could hope to know!He is a must if your in the Brisbane area.PS If he ever says no; I want to know! two can play your game dave!LOL LOL



geewrestler is recommended by Aussboxa

This guy is a legend!!!!!!!!!
We have gone from email/phone chat mates to best wrestling bros.
Whenever we catch up (which is way more often then we ever expected) we know its going to be a mixture of good times, great laughs and some full on matches.
This guy is 100% genuine, great hearted and willing to mix it as required, from sedate to full on warfare. You won't leave the mat disappointed.
Contact me if you want to know how to upset him and really get him fired up :) (sorry Pete)