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Tall, strong, athletic man, loves sub wrestling, with younger jocks.



  1. USA - Florida, Miami Beach
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Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

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Boxingruff SleeperLover Toughsnowflake



SleeperLover is recommended by BearhugmanMIA

I had an absolute blast with SleeperLover. We wrestled for a few hours and had a great time. He's a cool, fun, attractive, and reliable guy. He's athletic, lean and surprisingly strong for his size. He put up a good fight but ultimately my size advantage wore him down. Highly recommended and I look forward to a rematch when I'm back in the Bay area.



BearhugmanMIA is recommended by Toughsnowflake

This man is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he’s a really sound bloke both in and out of holds, I had such a fun time not only going at it with him and feeling his well built body against mine, but conversation flowed smoothely as well, i had such an enjoyable evening with him, if you want a really enjoyable time with a muscular man, meet him, I cannot wait for round two, this time it was my territory of London, next time will be his turf in America!



Toughsnowflake is recommended by BearhugmanMIA

I had such a fun time with Toughsnowflake. Pay attention to his name because he is tougher and stronger than his profile would lead you to believe. He's also very flexible and quite difficult to to tap out. We made the best our situation (very small hotel room, my own recovery from injury earlier this year) and had a lot of fun. Off the mats, he's charming, funny and mature beyond his years. Highly recommended, can't wait for the rematch!



BearhugmanMIA is recommended by Boxingruff

This hot daddy was a blast to roleplay with! We went at it for hours and all night long! This big guy really knows how to get into character and set the mood for a fight! Definitely good to get along with outside the boxing or rough housing around and I would highly recommend him if you get the chance to swing by him! I'm sure we will have another chance at it again!



Boxingruff is recommended by BearhugmanMIA

Had an awesome time with Boxingruff when we met. We boxed, we wrestled, we role played. He is a fun, sexy, tough little stud, don't let his size full you. He's aggressive and tireless and what he lacked in experience and size, he made up for in attitude and determination. He was reliable and showed up on time and we went at it all night. Highly recommended and hope we meet again soon.