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Always on the lookout for guys to wrestle. Since I am not a big person, size difference will determine what level of match we can successfully have together. I’m not fazed by age or weight, however if you are close to 200 lbs, please also be close to 6’.

Happy in speedos or whatever. Not looking for sex, but I find wrestling can be very erotic with the right person. That is something we can discuss.

Have mats and only 25 min south from London Waterloo. Please let me know if you are interested in a meet.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Muscle worship


  1. United Kingdom, Epsom
  2. United Kingdom, Dymchurch (I'm here between 6/16/2017 and 6/23/2017)
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I am willing to host.


Age: 58-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, nude

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Churd is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL

I met churd about 2 years ago at his flat , a good match with a fine wrestler, charming host great company , HIGHLY RECOMMENDED round two is very soon as discussed



Churd is recommended by dadwrestle

After far too long we made contact again! What a great host! I was part of a four way group meeting. This is one long standing, fun, experienced wrestler, who knows how to make a bout work. His mats were down quickly and we had a great evening's wrestling. Off the mats, he has a wonderful sense of humour and couldn't do more to make his guests feel relaxed and welcome. 100% recommendation. A real star of the UK wrestling scene.



black attack is recommended by Churd

Just had a very friendly wrestle with black_attack. Very friendly and interesting guy. Am very much looking forward to our next encounter. He's the first person in my 38 years of wrestling that had a glass of port, or two, after our match! He's a fit strong guy with a good sense of fun. I can recommend him unreservedly.



Churd is recommended by MONSTA

One of my closest friends I have met from wrestling a lifetime ago....a great wrestle and fun too. Have awesome memories of taking on this wiry guy who gives and food as he receives. Will always hold him highly in the wrestling world. If your starting out and looking for your first match I'd recommend and if your looking for an opponent to wrestle he is highly recommended too.....



Churd is recommended by Essex

What a lovely guy to meet and wrestle.
Easy to set up a date and meet and is an excellent host.
A great, fun guy to wrestle with a great personality.
Chatty, witty, funny, but the jokes do need some working on ;)
Fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon and really looking forward to meeting him again.
Even taught him a few "Essex" words that i'm sure he'll remember in the future.
I have no hesitation in recommending him and if you get the chance to meet him...grab it with both hands.
Diamond geeza.



Essex is recommended by Churd

Wow! What a great guy. It was one of the best matches that I have ever had and is well up there in the all-time top ten. He a fun, friendly and chatty person. Good conversation, fantastic wrestling and a fun sense of humour. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you ever have the chance to meet him, take it. I am very happy to recommend him without reservation. As I type this, I am already looking forward to our next encounter.



Churd is recommended by speedowrestle

I had been a fan of Churd and the SPFWC for many years, so it was an honour to finally meet the legend himself... It will come as no surprise to know that there is a considerable size difference between the "small-but-perfectly-formed" Churd and the lardy bastard that faced him, but he had many years of experience to his advantage, so we were both able to work up a sweat in a friendly rollaround. Churd is a great host, providing strong builder's tea, numerous anecdotes of previous encounters, and plenty of jokes (some better than others...). Well worth the journey. Thank you.



speedowrestle is recommended by Churd

It was with fear and trepidation that I agreed to meet ‘speedowrestle’. Or as I will now always call him ‘lardy bastard’. A term that is not true. Yes, he is bigger than me. 90% of this site are! It was great to exchange stories and to recount the people that we have both met over the years. I had a fantastic time, and he was kind enough to laugh at my jokes! Sadly not all of them!! He’s a good wrestler and like most of us eager to learn more. We even managed to wear matching speedos! He’s a great guy both on and off the mats and I can easily recommend him to you without reservation. I am eagerly awaiting our next encounter.



in genuine is recommended by Churd

28-03-2015 - This weekend I had a further opportunity to meet with Ron. This time for much longer than before. The wrestling was great fun and he is greatly improved from the last time we met. He's getting very good at this! Sadly Ron is not in the UK as often as I would like but it is always a pleasure to spend time with him and I thank him for the F & CF. I am already looking forward to his next visit.

06/01/2014 - Spend a very enjoyable evening with Ron (in genuine) and Nick (britannicus). Great 1-on-1 3-way matches. It was good to meet a couple of guys my size for a change! As a rule I tend to do only 1-on-1 or larger group meets, but the three of us worked well together! Both are confident wrestlers who are still very keen to learn more. Should you have the chance to meet up with either of them, take it! I am already looking forward to my next encounter with either of them.



Churd is recommended by hardboy

Went to Churds today. What a very welcoming and friendly guy he is. Felt at ease as soon as I met him. Had lovely conversations with him. Had some great wrestling as well. Very flexible and can take a lot of punishment. Highly recommend meeting him. Looking forward to next meet.



hardboy is recommended by Churd

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon being bent and twisted by Hardboy. I never realised that I was so supple! After being subjected to a considerable number of back stretching holds I am looking forward to how my back will feel in the morning! If being worked over is your thing then you have to meet this guy. He’s fun and friendly and a very safe pair of hands. I am already looking forward to our next encounter.



Churd is recommended by YORKIE

Churd is a great guy. Having been let down by another wrestler on here and with a £125 rail ticket otherwise going to waste, this great guy invited me to his home and arranged for two other Surrey/London wrestlers to join us. We had a great tussle together, he is as skilled and strong as I expected and his hospitality is legendary, his warm welcome and homely wrestling environment is eclipsed only by his delicious sandwiches. For me, as for many, this one of the very best guys on Meetfighters.
I look forward to a longer session at the hands of this excellent guy.
Simon Yorkie, 16/8/14



YORKIE is recommended by Churd

I was contacted by Simon who explained that he had been badly let down by another wrestler in this site. Not going to mention a name but I’m sure that you know who you are! Simon asked me what he should do. I told Simon that he would be very welcome to come down here so as not to waste an already paid for railway ticket.

I was also able to contact a couple of other guys so that there would be four of us that afternoon. We all had a fun afternoon wrestling and I was able to feed the group with a simple afternoon tea.

I very much appreciated having the chance to chat with Simon before the others arrived. Simon is a very friendly and approachable person and we both had the chance to share some of our wrestling experiences and some fun anecdotes.

Sadly I was limited on time as I had something arranged in the evening, non-wrestling!! Next time there will be more time as I would very much have liked to wrestle with Simon for longer.

I hope that Simon enjoyed his time here in North Surrey and being able to wrestle surrounded by the red walls of SPFWC HQ. If you have the change to meet Simon please do so. I for one will be more than happy to meet him again and am very happy to recommend him unreservedly.

Churd 16/08/14



Churd is recommended by hugefan

3rd meet 12/07/14
So after a couple of dry weeks on the wrestling front I was pleased to hear from the churd. he doesn't appreciate my long winded recommendations so I will keep it short. Good fun afternoon. How is that!

2nd meet 15/0614
Once more lured into the lair of the churd, a fairly small furry creature that makes you laugh, provides alcohol and then lets you indulge your sadistic side. What's not to like. He may have the mouth of a carry-on script and not like overly long recommendations but he is great fun and despite a big weight difference he still managed to make me sweat like an orc and really tired me out. Great way to spend a sunday afternoon.

First meet -There are a few members on the site who are legends both in terms of pure numbers of meets and longevity. Churd may not quite have started like some members with Noah but he certainly has a few decades of experience on a beginner like me and perhaps that is why I had delayed asking him for a meet. But I shouldn't have worried, Rich greeted me at the high street to nowhere known as Stoneleigh which was quite an achievement considering I had forgotten to send him a face picture. Luckily he didn't duck behind a bin when he saw my smiling mug and we made our way to his flat, the venue for years of group meets - follow the link on his page for some nice pics of men in speedos.

Rich is a very warm and funny guy and I am not just saying that because he plied me with alcohol while we chatted about his past exploits before getting down to action. He was kind enough to let me play the heel for most of our encounter and he does look great in a hold, particularly over my knee, great rug and top ten things on his chest which will never be mentioned. Occasionally he reminded me he was being co-operative by sneaking a painful hold on me but generally he let me indulge my sadistic side and work up a good sweat. I may not have been quite as frisky as he would have liked but i think he enjoyed it.

And afterwards he was kind enough to feed me so for the other Scots out there, free wrestle, free feed, a good laugh what's not to like.

So don't worry about meeting a legend just get on down there and enjoy the hospitality.



hugefan is recommended by Churd

As I waited on the platform at Stoneleigh Station, it struck me! I was here to meet Hugefan but I had not seen a face shot. How would I recognise him? I had no need to worry. The train pulled in and the people got off and all started walking towards the station exit. As I scanned their faces I noticed Hugefan, looking seven foot tall he rose above the crowd, a mighty monolith of a man with a grin like the Cheshire cat.

After the opening small talk we got down to business! I had a fantastic wrestle with Hugefan, loved to play the heel. I did have to remind him a couple of times that it was not going to be all one way traffic.

I was further impressed that Hugefan could not only hold a conversation but also a knife and fork. Most people I have met can do both but there are some who cannot do both at the same time and often stab themselves in the face with the fork.

I am very pleased that I have had the pleasure of meeting Hugefan and I look forward to our next encounter (made it soon). I am very happy to recommend him to you.



Churd is recommended by BRITANNICUS

06:01:14 Finally got to meet Richard (Churd) in an enjoyable alternating three way match with "In Genuine" who was visiting London. Richard is another of those wonderful guys who's been around for a while and is not only willing to meet less experienced opponents but also give them some helpful tuition at the same time. An excellent and attentive host as well so things can't get much better. I hope that we will get the chance to match up again in the not too distant future. Highly recommended.



BRITANNICUS is recommended by Churd

06/01/2014 - Spend a very enjoyable evening with Ron (in genuine) and Nick (britannicus). Great 1-on-1 3-way matches. It was good to meet a couple of guys my size for a change! As a rule I tend to do only 1-on-1 or larger group meets, but the three of us worked well together! Both are confident wrestlers who are still very keen to learn more. Should you have the chance to meet up with either of them, take it! I am already looking forward to my next encounter with either of them.



Churd is recommended by Zibi

How much fun I had meeting with Churd recently. A good competitor -
thought I would have an easy time with him, but he has stamina and does not give up. Need a workout? He is your man!
Look forward to our next meet.



Zibi is recommended by Churd

Spent a lovely afternoon with Zibi. He’s a very charming and friendly person. Great company both on and off the mats. Highly recommended. I am looking forward to our next encounter.



Churd is recommended by figure4u

Churd is deservedly an icon in the world of wrestling. An hospitable host he is always welcoming and willing to share his knowledge with other guys. A great guy to be friends with.



figure4u is recommended by Churd

We have met many times. Always a great wrestle.



Churd is recommended by boston kid

Churd is a great guy - welcoming and fun - and he knows his stuff.... somehow I forgot to add a recommendation before so apologies for that - meet him and enjoy!!



boston kid is recommended by Churd

What a fun afternoon wrestling. Loads of give and take action. Loved working each other's back, and a great figure-4 head scissors. I loved it. More please.



Churd is recommended by readyforit

Churd is a strong wrestler who gives as much as he get and adapts generously to his opponent's style. A great host with a wicked sense of humour.



readyforit is recommended by Churd

24/10/12 - Met Yves this evening for a wrestle. Had a very good time. Good wrestling and great conversation. I am very much looking forward to our next encounter. If you get the chance to meet him, take it! Churd



Churd is recommended by grappleian

7/10/12 - Attended Open House, managed to wrestle with Churd, thought it was my first time but it wasnt! A skilled submission wrestler who knows his stuff, not a pushover can dish out the moves as well as take it.

It is pleasure to attend the Open House - Churd is the perfect host, always welcoming friendly sociable - the SPFWC events are a credit to the wrestling community!

Attended the SPFWC Open House - an excellent event! I'd recommend it to others. Have to agree with previous recommendations - Richard is a real nice guy....



Jow is recommended by Churd

Had the great pleasure of meeting JOW this past weekend (6-7/10/12). He's a very friendly guy both on and off the wrestling mats. Very strong and very able.

It was a pleasure to wrestle him both for pins and for submissions. He is always welcome here.

Richard (Churd)



Churd is recommended by wazzer32

Met Churd as my first opponent on Thursday. Was a little nervous, did not know what to expect or do. Richard so put me at ease and showed me a few moves and how to get out of them. Will I remember it all only time will tell.

Great guy to talk to and wrestle really puts you at ease and it was fun to get started on the mats.

Will defo be a rematch to learn more moves and skills.



wazzer32 is recommended by Churd

Our meet was his first time. He was a little shy but this was expected. Showed him a few moves. I'm sure that he will remember them. Had a friendly back and forth wrestle. If you want to meet someone who is very keen to learn more then this is the guy. I am very much looking forward to our next encounter.



Churd is recommended by Ted Chackry

About Churd ; We will be back for more and more !!!!



lightwt4subs is recommended by Churd

I had a fantastic time with David. He is a strong and determined guy. He knows some good moves and very keen to learn more. A great sense of humour and a fun person to spend time with. I am very much looking forward to our next encounter. If you have the chance to meet him, take it!



Churd is recommended by small gladiator

I managed to wrestle Churd on Sunday. It was a good light hearted fun session with both of us learning something.
Hope he will remember the importance of the illac fossa and how to get out of body scissors. It was very good fun and a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



Churd is recommended by wrestling4fun

What a great guy Richard is. Not only was he one of the best introductions I could have asked for into this area, but he's also a fun, generous guy. And just when you think he's a pushover, he'll surprise you with a technical move or his strong arms...



wrestling4fun is recommended by Churd

I can recommend this guy unreservedly. A great wrestler who is skilled and adventurous. Always a good experience wrestling with him. Some of my best and most memorable meets have been with this guy. Happy to take him on again whenever he wants!

Update - 25th July 2010 - I was more than happy to meet Richard again at his place. Had the chance to find out what can happen in the oil pit there! Looking forward, even more, to out next encounter.



Churd is recommended by musclemarkuk

Met Churd a couple years ago, had a great match up , real nice guy .



musclemarkuk is recommended by Churd

We met a few years ago. A good encounter and I look forward to the next one. A good reliableob guy. I also have a job and a life and so sometimes the wrestling has to take 2nd place. I await our next encounter.



Churd is recommended by Mark uk

What can i say. Richard was my very first match when i was a virgin wrestler (well after a 20 year break). I goota say I had a great time and he made me feel very comfortable. Will def meet him again and maybe oneday they have an open house for us hunks over 160lbs. Cheers Mark



Churd is recommended by paul london 150lb

Great wrestle with a great guy, definitely be back for round 2



paul london 150lb is recommended by Churd

I can not wait to meet this guy again! The encounter was great. Loads of action from start to finish. I am looking forward to more of the same next time.



Churd is recommended by GrappleFun

Churd is a really great guy! A very skilled and deceptively strong wrestler who knows his stuff, but can easily wrestle to any skill level, and most importantly wants to make it an enjoyable experience for both wrestlers. A good friend off the mats too!



GrappleFun is recommended by Churd

What a fun guy to be able to call a friend! I never get to see as much of him as I would like as he is a very busy person. Of the times we have met, I have always found the encounter full of fun and friendship.

I love wrestling bigger guys and he is a guy who I will always want to meet again and again and again!

He is a great person and a very good friend.


PS - Now can we arrange another meet?



Qrius is recommended by Churd

I've met this guy many times. Always very friendly and fun. Loves to play but is a tough little bugger! Always a good time together. I'm looking forward to out next encounter ;-)



spud999 is recommended by Churd

I have wrestled this guy. Great fun, strong and fit. Whilst new to this he is getting better and better with each meet. He is well worth meeting.

Richard (Churd)



Churd is recommended by Tyger

one of the hottest wrestlers i've ever met! also a really nice guy - very helpful indeed.



Tyger is recommended by Churd

I have met this guy. It's me taking the punishment in the pics! Great guy and great fun to wrestle with.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by Churd

I have met this guy more times than I care to mention. Great guy great to wrestle. Also a very good friend.



lutte95 is recommended by Churd

I have met this guy. Loved wrestling with him. Would very much like to wrestle with him again.



Churd is recommended by londonwrestleguy

Met up with Churd some years ago and had a great time with him and a couple of other guys.
Really need to hook up with him again for a 1 on 1!



londonwrestleguy is recommended by Churd

We met up a couple of years ago with two other guys. Great fun to wrestle with. I would very much like to meet him again.



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