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Hi guys thanks for taking time to read this.

Have a regular wrestling mate and have been practicing a few moves. By no means an expert and a long long way to go yet as still fairly new to it all.

Have chatted to a lot of great guys on here and would like to meet more of you. Difficult for me to host but can help pay toward a local hotel if ever anyone is in the Essex area.

Am in for a fun roll around / moves / sub and a some erotic too! Stakes / limits agreed before hand.

Would love to try a Naked Kombat style meet and see how that goes.... but not set in stone

Looking to expand my wrestling circle and have a good time.

Thanks for reading and hope to chat soon.



  1. United Kingdom, Colchester
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Gear: Underwear, naked, speedos

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ColchesterLad is recommended by Funlad89

Had a really nice roll around with ColchesterLad today; he is a strong guy who managed to trap me in a variety of holds which I couldn't escape from. Nice guy who made sure I was having a good time too. Hope for another session in the future.



Funlad89 is recommended by ColchesterLad

Great roll around this afternoon. Had been chatting for a while and was certainly worth the wait. Great lad and loves doing a variety of things that made the afternoon great fun. Friendly and welcoming, would love round 2 soon!



RedUK is recommended by ColchesterLad

After chatting for a while was great to finally meet up with Red again. Didn’t have too much time but had a pro and sub match and teached me a few moves. He was very patient with me as I’m not that experienced. Looks good in his gear and I had a good time. Can recommend him.



ColchesterLad is recommended by northstaffs pitbull terrior

A good lad to meet hasn't had too much wrestling experience but sure that Will come with future meets.
All in all a good meet and we could meet again if and when I show up in Colchester again.



northstaffs pitbull terrior is recommended by ColchesterLad

Last minute meet (literally) as he was in the area and didn’t want to pass up the chance to meet. Really nice lad who put me at ease and respected my limits of not having done too much wrestling. Had a good hour and hope to catch him again when he’s passing by.



ColchesterLad is recommended by ajstyles clash

Met ColchesterLad a couple of weeks ago and we had a great wrestle. He's a lot tougher than he thinks and has the skills to become even better. Very respectful of limits and will definitely meet up again.



ajstyles clash is recommended by ColchesterLad

Great guy to meet. Put me totally at ease being a newcomer. Wrestled and had a good time. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Met AJmany times now and consider him a mate. Each meet we have a great time. Wrestling within each others limits. Hope for many more meets in the future±