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Hey guys...looking for pro fantasy matches in the Mid Atlantic and could travel for the right setup (ring match a major bonus but not required). Not into major pain, just selling the moves and having fun in pro wrestling gear. Want to learn from more experienced partners and open to instruction (and teaching) during our matches.

As you can see from my favorites, I'm looking for opponents into classic pro gear (trunks, boots, pads) and into the heel/jobber psychology of a pro match. Is this you? Then let's put on our trunks and boots and go at it!



  1. USA - Maryland, College Park
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: Pro wrestling gear - trunks, boots, and pads; speedos, singlets, most anything spandex

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Cosmo17 is recommended by PArecprowrestler

Wrestling Cosmo17 was a real pleasure. A very down-to-earth wrestler who keeps it safe, sane, fun, and is always looking for more ways to add fun to a match. He's not afraid to do the theatrics of pro-wrestling and he'll only get better the more he practices.



PArecprowrestler is recommended by Cosmo17

If you're looking for a good time pro fantasy match, this guy keeps it moving and keeps it fun. He's got a solid grounding in the basics and gets creative from there. Taught me some new moves I will definitely add to my arsenal. He plays both heel and jobber and sells like a champ! He keeps it safe and sane but certainly not boring. Super friendly guy outside the ring as well. Definitely looking forward to our next match up!



Cosmo17 is recommended by mustangcowboy

Cosmos is a great guy and an excellent tag team partner. We have formed the tag team called the outlaws. He knows his holds and understands the concept of pro. We also did some single matches against each other. He put me in some punishing holds and I had to tap. Outside the mats he is a great guy who is polite considerate and easy to talk to. Look forward to future matches against him.



mustangcowboy is recommended by Cosmo17

Mustang sets the tone for a great pro fantasy match even before you meet. He really gets into his pro character and takes you along for the ride! Great technician and very willing to share his knowledge with those still learning the ropes. Quickly adjusts to the vibe of his opponent and makes it easy to both give and take. Hope to lock up or tag team with him again soon. Outlaws for life!!



Cosmo17 is recommended by profantasywrestler

Cosmo aka Red Diamond will deliver the classic tv pro you may have grown up watching. He's into the gear, the look and attitude that helps bring the fantasy to life! He carries no inhibitions getting into character in the ring and is a quick study. Eager to learn and deliver so all expectations of pro are met. Let's just say, we've found a Diamond in the rough. An awesome new addition for you true pro lovers that really get it.



profantasywrestler is recommended by Cosmo17

The reviews are true. It's very simple, really. If you are looking for total pro fantasy, look no further. This guy is a true pro in the ring (and very fun to chill with out of the ring too!). He has the looks, the moves, the charisma, and the creativity to pull it all together. He doesn't just pound out the moves, he takes care and creates the atmosphere for both of you to get into the mindset and the feeling that you're in a real pro match with a partner you can trust.
Thank you for turning my longtime fantasy into reality! You know the charming pro babyface you rooted for growing up and dreamed of locking up with in the ring? This is him and he's ready for some fun. Ding ding!