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  1. United Kingdom, Porthmadog
    (I'm here between 1/01/2018 and 12/31/2026)

I am willing to travel 40 miles


67-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos, Naked, Barefoot


I’m in North West Wales and looking for likeminded guys to wrestle. Already met some great guys on here and gaining more experience but still a novice so any coaching/instruction* would be gratefully received!
Prefer guys no heavier than 12.5st...but nothing is written in stone (sorry about the pun!) Prefer give & take bouts; definitely nothing heavy or getting thrown; not looking for anything to competitive. Definitely NOT interested in Cyber or Boxing.
Just to note that I have met 5 retired wrestlers whose number is not recorded in the current past opponent figure...

Regret cannot host but can travel any reasonable distance. I now have 9 x 1 metre square interlocking practice mats, so if you have the space I can bring them along; if you are interested look forward to hearing from you…



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a heel
Fetishes: Want sex, Naked wrestling, Gut punching

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DraigGoch is recommended by wrestlinguy

(6/6/2018) After chatting with DraigGoch for months we finally met for a match at Bangor Matroom.He didn't disappoint....We had a great submission match on the mats.He is very strong and when he pins you it is very hard to escape.
Watch out for his sneaky gut punches....took my breath away with a couple lol.
I can thoroughly recommend him to anybody.
Enjoyed round 2 with this great grappler in the Bangor matroom.
A great couple of hours of wrestling fun and give and take gut punching.Draigoch looks fantastic in his pro gear and boots.. thanks for a fantastic afternoon. Will be having round 3 soon hopefully. Highly recommended.
Had my third meeting with DraigGoch in the new gym near Colwyn Bay.Had issues with the gym but had an enjoyable time as always with this true gent.
Looking forward to round 4 soon with this great guy.



wrestlinguy is recommended by DraigGoch

(06/06/18) Been chatting since he joined MF but finally got to meet at the mat room in Bangor, North Wales.
He says he is a shy person but he is certainly not shy on the mats and I had to use my weight advantage to subdue him! But it wasn't all one-sided - watch out for his headlock!
So, if you get the chance I strongly recommend that you don't miss out on meeting this great guy...
(27/03/19) Can’t believe it has taken 9 months to get around to ROUND 2! But it has been worth the wait as we met up at the matroom in Bangor. Had a great tussle on the mats and helped me ‘perfect’ my figure four head scissors…thanks!
Friendly guy off the mats and again I recommend you take him on if you get the chance…
(27/09/19) Round 3: Good to meet up again, tried a new gym near Colwyn Bay and it was great to be able to wrestle in a ring; however the venue overall had issues! Looks good in his gear and it goes without saying that I will look forward to Round 4.



DraigGoch is recommended by Gazbat0807

Met Andrew at pippas got ready an was in the ring in no time we were soon in holds an getting some pics for our profiles we had a good 2hr session in the ring he is one strong guy an it was difficult to get him to tap we got back to miy house had a drink then hit the mats a great fun wrestle with a great guy after a meal we hit the mats again this time an oil match we slipped an slides about trying to get a grip on each other it was great fun an we had a good laugh can't wait for our next wrestle



Gazbat0807 is recommended by DraigGoch

(20/07/19) When I joined this great site 5 years ago, shortly after meeting guys I wondered what it would be like to wrestle a guy in a ring. Well, today Pippa’s was the venue and Gaz was my opponent which turned out to be the perfect combination. Gaz is very easy to get on with and patient with me with my long wish list!
On the mats he is agile and strong and made me work hard (good cardiovascular) and had me tapping out on quite a few occasions…I was thrill to get a submission, the opportunity arose and I grab him with both hands! A great two hours that I would love to repeat.

I took advantage of his offer of B&B and after a welcome mug of tea, found ourselves back in speedos and on his mat for another round…this was more of a fun wrestle as there was limited space and I was tired out from the ring!
He cooked a great supper! Then back to his mats, but this time a tarpaulin was down and we oiled up…another first for me…I had trouble getting hold of him in the ring, now it was almost impossible but extremely enjoyable!
All I can say is that Gaz is a great guy and thoroughly recommended…as they say ‘Round 2’…?



DraigGoch is recommended by Apartmentwrestler64

Had a great hotel meet with this guy whilst visiting North Wales for work. Andrew is a safe wrestler who is easy going and very reliable.
We took some hot pics of the match and exchanged quite a few holds.
I would like a rematch with this gent and have no hesitation in recommending him.



Apartmentwrestler64 is recommended by DraigGoch

(17/06/19) Great meet at a local chain hotel. Enjoyable couple of hours wrestling and exchanging holds; explained and demonstrated a couple of new holds which I later practiced on him – however further practice might be necessary on my next opponent! He is a true jobber and in any rematch I might not hold back…but beware he is quite fit and strong! Friendly and had good conversations during and after our match…here’s to our next meet!



DraigGoch is recommended by latestarter

When a trip to North Wales coincided with DraigGoch posting a request we chatted for a couple of days and agreed format. On the day he met me at the station and we made our way to the venue. After taking a few posed pictures we rolled into round one. Over a few rounds I may have had the upper hand but should have watched out for those surprise gut-punches and claws. A friendly, chatty guy in between rounds. If I needed an excuse to return to N Wales I think I have found him. Looking forward to it.
Ps – the mat room is a great space if you are ever in the area



latestarter is recommended by DraigGoch

(14/11/18) Met up with Latestarter when he was on a visit to this part of North Wales at the mat room in Bangor. A great guy to chat too and we had an enjoyable couple of hours in several ‘give & take’ bouts on the mats…I say ‘give & take’ but it was more ‘give’ from him & ‘take’ from me! He is skilled, strong and really gives his all! Yes, want to meet up with him again especially if he is covered in oil!! Here’s to next time!



DraigGoch is recommended by Jakedales79

Enjoyed an excellent introduction to the Bangor mat room from DraigGoch. Friendly and welcoming but with a strong side to him, he showed me a few holds which as a relative novice was ace. Then moved on to some floor work grappling. He kept working right until the tap and certainly isn’t a pushover.
He also took the time to take some pics for which I’m very grateful. Am sure we will have a rematch before long.



Jakedales79 is recommended by DraigGoch

(12/09/18) Well, what can I say…met Jakedale at the mat room in Bangor, N Wales; he is nearly half my age, fit, strong and works out…so you can guess the outcome! Having said that, I had a great time and gave myself a good workout verified by the aches the following day. Thoroughly recommended so give him a go (let me know how you get on!)…like to meet again for a ‘light’ session (ha ha!) very soon…



DraigGoch is recommended by Big Ape

Had a great fun wrestle with Andrew who is a very strong wrestlers with some good moves/ holds
He is a most amenable guy who is most interesting
and is an excellent sport
Enjoyed a meal with him after a really sweaty 2hour bout
Recommend him most highly and look forward to our next grapple



Big Ape is recommended by DraigGoch

(08/09/18) Contacted Big Ape after he had posted a meet request. After some messaging the date was set and I finally turned up at his place at the agreed date and time. After refreshments and an interesting chat we went upstairs and prepared to wrestle! Large area with 9sq metres of mats where we first practiced some holds and then down to some non-competitive wrestling, both having agreed limits.
Great fun afternoon with plenty of sweaty grunting and groaning!
Great hospitality after with a meal and drinks at a local restaurant before returning to his for some added extras. Thoroughly recommended and if the opportunity arise will certainly like to get to grips with him again! Just make sure he introduces you to Egor!



DraigGoch is recommended by geordie

I met Andrew In Manchester. After quite a few weeks of messages back and forward. He is a very strong man with some tremendous holds and a devastating gut punch. We had a great match but Andrew won out. Away
from the mats he is a great bloke to talk to very friendly. If you love steam trains Andrew is a fountain of knowledge. I can't wait for round 2. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew very highly



geordie is recommended by DraigGoch

(09/09/17) Pippa’s Wrestling Factory, Manchester. Met up with Geordie at Pippa’s; it is his nagging that was the reason I found myself, with some trepidation, climbing the stairs to the event. But once there was made to feel very welcome, all the guys were very friendly and I hope I have made some new friends.
Despite his disability Geordie is a very good wrestler and has been taught to use his legs so stay away from his scissors! The 3-way tag with Steeleyes wasn’t planned but was good fun and I admit I may have used my weight advantage and ‘supposed’ extra strength but only when ‘attacked’ by both of them!
I would recommend Geordie to anyone; he has a good outlook on life and this reflects in his wrestling…so if the opportunity arises take him on!
I now call Geordie a friend…and look forward to next time on the mats!

(29/11/17) Met up again with Geordie when he travelled to my part of Wales...he said he was going to give me a thrashing...I don't think so...better luck next time...!



matworker is recommended by DraigGoch

(09/09/17) Pippa’s Wrestling Factory, Manchester. Met Dave for a very brief match on the mats...well, in between the name calling and the giggling it was a lot of fun! Great guy to chat too off the mats and most definitely a guy I want to meet for a longer match. Here's to next time...!



DraigGoch is recommended by Dzuk1

This guy was fun and very safe, a good mixture of punches soft/hard all over my gut which was needed after a long lay off since my last session.

if you want to have fun I recommend DraigGoch he is a nice guy & made the meet very easy & relaxing.

looking forward to round 2:)



Dzuk1 is recommended by DraigGoch

(18/04/17) After much correspondence finally got to meet 'D'...he is a great guy, safe & sane and easy to get on with...he is into gutpunching and I was happy to oblige!
So guys, if you want a punch bag this is the guy to meet...!



DraigGoch is recommended by wetspeedos

It was nice to meet someone who lived relatively close to me and in so doing I had a fun time. This guy is genuine and accordingly, we are planning to wrestle again in the near future :)



wetspeedos is recommended by DraigGoch

(26/01/17) Its all been said before by other guys, but had a great meet especially the time spent on the mats and the great cup of Welsh tea after!
A pleasure to have finally met up and looking forward to Round 2 very, very soon...
(07/02/17) Round 2 - An enjoyable and instructive afternoon spent on and off the mats...the tea was good again...thanks...
(14/03/17) Round 3 - Shorter meet this time...but good exercise and again enjoyable...
(30/03/17) Round 4



DraigGoch is recommended by marmoi

Waited months until we could finally to meet, but certainly wasn't disappointed, DraigGoch throws himself into the bout and gives as good as he gets, a return match is definitely on the books with some more gut punching!



marmoi is recommended by DraigGoch

Having originally introduced Marmoi to this site it has taken awhile to finally meet up…but with an advantage in height, an advantage in weight, an advantage in age it wasn’t going to be easy…and it wasn’t! However I thoroughly enjoyed the tussle and look forward to a second meet! He is a great guy both on and off the mats and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone! So if you get the chance don’t pass him by…



DraigGoch is recommended by Southcoast Guy

Met this guy after a long time chatting online nice guy made the effort too come to meet and wrestle.
Sells himself short on his profile .
definitely worth meeting if you can do so
Top Guy Thanks



Southcoast Guy is recommended by DraigGoch

I have been chatting to Southcoast Guy for a while now but because of the distance between us thought a meet would be very unlikely.
However, when he said he was taking a break in this beautiful part of Wales the opportunity to meet couldn’t be missed.
Although I was a bit apprehensive, I found him to be friendly and understand, and a really genuine guy. As has been said before he looks good in his speedos and is very fit! Had a great time on the mat and hope I learnt from the experience…next I hope for some tuition…
Thanks again, until next time...!


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